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                       The Legendaries
  You can get Groudon/Kryogre after beating the Elite Four and going to the Weather 
Institute. They tell you which route you can find him on. Once you get on that route 
you'll know because the whole background turns bright/rainy just like it did on the 
previous games [pokemon ruby and sapphire ]. 


                      Catching Groudon/Kryogre
   Groudon/Kryogre is at level 70. There's an easy way to catch him and there's a 
hard way. The hard way is to train your pokemon up to at least level 50 and get alot 
of Ultra Balls, Full Restores and Revives. If you lose, then don't be discouraged 
you have one of two options: If you saved before you fought Groudon/Kryogre [which 
you should just in case] then press a, b, start and select to restart the game. Or 
you can white out , go to the pokemon center cut your lsses and try again. Because 
no matter how many times you try, as long as you don't kill Groudon/Kryogre [i.e run 
or lose] then he will come back but in a different spot. Just go back to the Weather 
Institute to find out where.
     Your second choice is to do what I did but only if you have the following:
     A Pokemon Ruby and/or Sapphire Game Boy Advance Game Pak
     Two Gameboy advances or Gameboy advance sp's 
     And A Gameboy Advance Link Cable

 If you have beaten the game on one of the two games I have just mentioned then 
trade Groudon/Kyrogre and A Rayquaza to Emerald.Put Groudon/Kryogre in your party 
and kick butt with your Rayquaza and use a Repeat Ball to catch Groudon/Kryogre. Not 
to brag but I caught them on my first try!


                         Finding Rayquaza
   He is accessed the same way here as he was on Ruby and Sapphire. The old beat the 
Elite Four, Find Pacifidlog Town, go to Sky Pillar, avoid cracks and pokemon gig. 
Although there is anew twist to make him easier to catch. If you were smart enough 
to visit the pokemon center during the part of the game where you have to find 
Rayquaza,then just fly to Pacifidlog and do whatcha did before.


                        Catching Rayquaza
    Like I said before if did the easy, well, you have to do the hard. It makes it 
easier with a Rayquaza while catching one. You may want to use a master ball on him 
to save you the trouble. If not then, get him down to 1hp and go crazy!

    Coming Soon Latios and Latias!


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