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Start: Begin by speaking to Radimus Erkle in a small shack in the Legends Guild.
Skills: You must have at least level 53-56 Magic (you can use a Wizard's Mind 
Bomb), 51-52 Mining(you can use a Dwarven Stout), 50 Agility, 50 Crafting, 49-50 
Smithing (you can use a Dwarven Stout), 50 Strength, 50 Thieving, 50 Woodcutting, 
44-45 Herblore (you can use a Greenman's Ale) and 42 Prayer.
Quests: You must have at least 107 Quest Points, and you must have already 
completed the Heroes, Family Crest, Underground Pass, Waterfall and Shilo Village 
What You Need: A Machete, Rune Hatchet, Papyrus, Charcoal, Hammer, Gold Bars (2 per 
shot, can fail), Lockpick, Good Armor, food and Prayer Potions, Radimus Map, Runes 
for a Charge Orb spell, Uncharged Orb, Snake Weed and Ardrigal (Jungle Potion 
herbs), Water-Filled Vial, Rope and some Coins. An Amulet of Glory is also helpful.
Smell Runes: These are for opening the door, and must be placed in the following 
order: 1 Soul, 1 Mind, 1 Earth and 2 Law.
Gems: You'll also need 1 of each type of gem: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, 
Opal, Jade and Red Topaz. 


Getting Started

First off, talk to Radimus Erkle in the small shack beyond the Legends Guild gate. 
He will give you 3 tasks:

Map the Kharazi Jungle. 
Befriend the Natives. 
Bring back a symbol of the Natives. 
Mapping Kharazi 

You'll receive some Radimus Notes, which you must keep at all times during the 
quest. Take a piece or 3 of Papyrus, some Charcoal, and a Machete from his office, 
and head to the Kharazi Jungle south of Shilo Village on Karamja Island. For a 
complete map of the Kharazi Jungle, check out Bboyjyoung's Map of Kharazi . Head 
south of Shilo Village and speak to a Jungle Forester. He will give you a special 
Object if you show him something impressive.

Enter the jungle by cutting your way through with your Machete and Hatchet. The 
jungle is divided into 3 sections: West, Central, and East. Map those 3 parts until 
all 3 sections have been completed, and then bring the map to the Jungle Forester.


The Forester will give you a Bull Roarer, which attracts creatures such as Oomlie 
Birds and Jungle Wolves when you swing it around. It is mostly used to call forth 
natives--try it out and call Gujuo, and then speak to him.

Try to be friendly to him, and he says that he needs help with 1 of his friends, 
Ungadulu the Shaman. Look for the 3 rocks on your map, and then go to them. Search 
the rock that looks like you can mine it, and try to squeeze in. You'll be inside 
of a cave with a Fire Octagon inside, and in the middle will be Ungadulu.

Search the room for various writings to learn what happened to him. Investigate the 
wall and then speak to Ungadulu, who will tell you that only Holy Water will 
extinguish the flames. Leave the cave and call Gujuo with your Bull Roarer again.

The Holy Water 

He says that only a bowl, made from the Metal of the Sun will hold the Holy Water 
and he will give you a sketch of the bowl. Go to an Anvil with 2-6 Gold Bars and 
smith a Golden Bowl. Return to the Kharazi Jungle and call for Gujuo again who will 
now bless your bowl. 

Go to the bank and get your: Lockpick, Pickaxe, SMELL Runes and the 7 Gems, 
explained above. Don't forget your Machete, Axe, Map and Food! Now go to the Holy 
Water Pool, located in the central section of the Kharazi Jungle. There are Tall 
Reeds near the pool, so use your Machete on them to get a Hollow Reed, and use this 
reed on the pool to fill your bowl. Each time you do this, the reed will be 
Note: If you try leaving the jungle with the water, it will evaporate!

Go back into the cave with flames, and splash them with your Holy Water. Pick up 
the Shaman Tome on the table to read more about Ungadulu. After speaking to him, 
you'll notice that he doesn't seem quite right. It appears that he has been 
possessed by Evil and he will throw you out of the Fire Ring.

Helping Ungadulu 

Look for a Bookcase with a hole behind it on the northern wall and search it. Go 
through the hole and you should see a large gate. Use your Picklock on it and 
eventually you'll unlock it. Smash all 3 boulders with your Pickaxe and you'll see 
a black gate. You'll have to use your Strength to push it open.

Run south past the level 83 Deathwings and you should find a Jagged Wall. Jump over 
it and continue along the passage until you find a Marked Wall. Search it to find a 
riddle, which says that you must place the SMELL Runes in the correct order, which 
happens to be: Soul, Mind, Earth, Law, Law. This only needs to be done once.

Once inside, you'll see some water pools and stalagmites in them. Place your gems 
on them until they are correct, and you'll be lifted to the center of the cave. You 
will also get a Book of Binding. With this book you'll learn how to defeat demons 
and how to make Holy Water Vials. On the last page is the word "Activus," and 
clicking on that will enchant your Holy Water Vials. Once they are properly blessed 
you can leave the jungle with them and they will be effective versus demons. 

Now prepare for the first fight! Make all of the vials you'll need. Note: After 
this fight, the Holy Water Pool will be contaminated until you fight the demon for 
a second time later in the quest. Make sure you have enough vials! Bring Prayer 
Potions, Food, decent armor and weapons, and your vials.

Go into Ungadulu's cave, use some Holy Water on the flames, and carefully use the 
Book of Binding on Ungadulu. He will transform into Nezikchened, a level 182 Black 
Demon. He'll drain your Prayer so quickly drink a Prayer Potion and use your 
Protect From Melee Prayer. When he dies, you may take some damage.

Into the Caves... 

Now speak to Ungadulu again. He will thank you and you'll get some Yommi Tree 
Seeds. Exit the cave and try getting some more Holy Water from the pool. It's now 
contaminated, so call for Gojuo. He says that you must go directly to the water 
source, and that you'll need a Bravery Potion before being able to go any deeper. 
Get some Snake Weed and Ardrigal (from the Jungle Potion Quest) and mix them into a 
vial to make a Bravery Potion--don't drink it yet!

Prepare to go deeper into the caves. Bring armor, weapons, potions, rope, food, an 
Uncharged Orb and some Runes for casting any Charge Orb Spell, Rope, a Pickaxe, 
Lockpick, Hatchet, Machete and Map. Be sure you're ready to take damage and fight 
high level monsters!

Go inside the cave again, back to where you got the Book of Binding. In that cave, 
look for another ancient gate and search it for a riddle. Cast a Charge Orb spell 
on it. Remember, each time you pass this gate you'll need to cast that spell on it. 

You'll now be in an area with a Winch and some barrels. You can destroy the barrels 
to get some Rope, but some will spawn monsters or even explode! Use your Rope on 
the Winch, drink your Braver Potion and go down. the Rope will remain for future 
use, and you only need to drink the potion once. You may fall down and take damage.

The Fallen Heroes 

Try taking the Hat and a ghost called Viyeldi will speak to you. Proceed down the 
cliff, climbing over the rocks which may cause damage, or you may fall and get hit 

Once you're down, the 3 Fallen Heroes, San Tojalon (level 106), Irvig Senay (level 
100) and Ranalph Devere (level 92) will each need to be killed once. Each will drop 
a Crystal Piece, and once you have all 3 pieces go northeast to the furnace and use 
each piece on it. Afterwards, search the Mossy Rock (it's slightly paler than the 
rest and when examined it reads "This looks manufactured") in the center to obtain 
a Glowing Crystal Heart. 

Now go south to the Force Wall and look for the small slot on it. Use your crystal 
on it and you'll be able to pass the barrier. Run west past the Lesser Demons, and 
you'll see some Large boulders. 

Try pushing them but a ghost, Echned Zekin will appear and stop you. He tells you 
to help him kill Viyeldi, and you'll receive a nifty Dark Dagger from him (if you 
want your very own, drop it and speak to him again). Go back to the Hat, try taking 
it and then use the dagger on Viyeldi to make it glow. Now go back to Ungadulu and 
show him the dagger. He'll give you a Holy Spell.

The Second Fight 

Instead of going back to Echned right away, go to the bank and restock your potions 
and food, as you'll need to fight Nezikchened again. Bring more Charge Orb Runes, 
your Golden Bowl and the usual items to help you through the caves. Head all the 
way back to the boulders, use your potions and cast the Holy Spell. 

Nezikchened will appear and drain your Prayer. He can now cast Magic spells, so 
have your food ready! He may also throw a Dark Dagger at you to cause a lot of 
damage. Once he's defeated, push the boulder so that you can see the water source. 
You may need to try different angles, and get some water from it. Now that the veil 
is cleared from here, you can get water from the surface now.

The Yommi Tree 

Swing your Bull Roarer to call Gujuo again, and now it's time to plant your Yommi 
Tree. Germinate the seeds by using some Holy Water on them, and then look for 
Fertile Soil. Before planting, make sure you have some Holy Water in your bowl, 
along with your Hatchet. 

Plant the tree and it will be a Young Tree at first. To make it grow faster, use 
some more Holy Water on it. After it's grown, quickly use your Hatchet on it 
several times before it rots. You'll end up with a Totem Pole.

The Final Battle 

Now prepare for the final fight-- get out any potions and food you'll need (along 
with your Totem Pole), as you will have to fight the 3 ghosts of and Nezikchened 
once again. Find a Totem spot on the jungle and use your totem with the Dark Totem. 
Nezikchened will spawn the 3 Heroes to fight you, 1 at a time. Defeat all 3 and 
you'll face Nezikchened for the 3rd and final time! 

Once he is defeated he will once again ramble about being defeated by a mortal, and 
your character will say his own words of victory. Use your Totem on the Dark Totem 
again, and then Bull-Roar for Gujuo. He saw the fight from afar and will offer you 
a Golden Totem as a token of friendship from the Natives, and he will take any 
remaining Yommi Seeds you happen to have.

Completing the Quest

Now report back to Radimus Erkle. Bring him your completed Notes and the Golden 
Totem, which he will take and tell you to meet him in the Main Hall of the Legends 

Choose the 4 skills that you'd like to gain 7,650 experience in (any combination of 
skills; you could even use all 4 choices on a single skill, earning 30,600 xp in 
that skill!), and your quest will be complete! Congratulations, you've completed 
the Legends Quest!


Bull Roarer, Book of Binding and the Dark Dagger, if you got a second. 
7,650 experience in the 4 skills of your choice. 
Access to the Legends Guild. 
Access to the Kharazi Jungle without a map. 
Access to the Legends Guild Store, where you can buy Mithril Seeds, the Right Half 
of the Dragon Shield, various Keys and other items. 
Ability to get your own Oomlie Wraps. 
Ability to smith Gold Bowls and make Holy Water Vials. 
Ability to buy a white Legends Cape from the Legends Guild and wear it. 
Ability to buy the Right Half of the Dragon Shield. 
Ability to wield the Dragon Shield. 
4 Quest Points 

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