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                      The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
                                 Fagorn Forest

Name & email:  Trevor [email protected]

Last updated:  January 20, 2003

This is my first FAQ, so please bare with me.  I am making this guide for one of the 
toughest levels in The Two Towers, for those that are having trouble with the 
level.  I am probably just wasting my time with this forword, because, well, heck, 
no one reads these.  Oh, well.

First of all, you need to pick a character.  The first time I played it, I did it 
with Legolas.  After playing through it once I went back and did it with Aragorn.  I 
am pretty sure it was easier.  I haven't done it with Gimili yet, but I'm planing to 

 Second pick a difficulty.  I'd go with easy first, to learn the ropes.  If you're 
really really good at the game, do normal.  Don't even try expert until you know 
what you're doing and you've memorized where enemies are and you've gotten perfect 
on everything.

Third, the level itself.

You start the level off in a safe plain.  After a little while, you get to a log.  
Use a quick or fierce attack to destroy it.  Get ready for a small fight.  You reach 
a dead end.  Just wait a few seconds, then... boom!  Orcs and goblins come out.  
Kill them quickly without taking much dammage.  Walk down the new path until an orc 
or Urak-Hi with a spear drops down.  Take him out quickly with arrows.  TRY NOT TO 
GET HURT! If he gets close to you parry his attacks fierce/quick attack him until 
he's dead.  Destroy the log and keep moving until a CG occurs.  Keep walking forward 
until a troll comes into view.  DO NOT FIRE ARROWS AT HIM!  It's a waste.  Only 
fierce attacks can hurt him.  You will need to parry the logs he throws and then run 
and firece attack him.  If you're lucky you'll be able to get up and downswing.  
Repeat until he's dead.  Destory the wood gate.  After the CG target an orc with a 
shield and kill him.  Take out the rest of the enemies.  After you take them out 
destroy the case near the new path to find a green potion.  Keep moving.  A shielded 
orc and two archers will meet you.  Take out the shielded one first, then move on to 
the archers.  TRY NOT TO TAKE DAMMAGE.  Move on in the water until a couple of orcs 
attack you.  Do your best to get a perfect ratting in this spot.  Keep killing until 
no more come.  DO NOT RUN FROM THEM.  Walk into the cave until a CG occurs and a 
troll comes out.  Kill it with the same stradegy above.  Destroy the gate & the vines
(no, not the band).  Another spear guy will fight you.  These guys are probably the 
most annoying enemies in the game.  Use the same stradegy as above.  Keep walking 
until an orc attacks you.  Kill it and it's friends.  Look out for the archer.  
Destroy the log and keep moving.  A lot of orcs jump down from above you.  Kill them 
& try not to get hurt too badly.  Destroy the log and keep moving until a CG 
occurs.  Destory the vines to the right of you but don't destroy the crate unless 
you really need health.  Kill the trolls to the best of your ability.  If you didn't 
use the health before, you can be a little reckless.  After they're dead, destroy 
the final chest to get some exp.  

Now, for an afterword.  I have written this FAQ as if Aragorn was the character 
used.  I think that what I have written will help out many people with the game who 
are having trouble with this hard level.  I wish luck to all of you gamers out 
there.  Long Live J.R.R. Tolkien!

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