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                 The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers OFFICIAL Guide

Name: Philip Weisbrod
Phone: Please E-mail me for hints if you want the phone line please call between 
12:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. Thank you
E-Mail:[email protected]

                              READ ALL!!!!!

 Ok this guide has everything with out cheats!!! Now use this guide right NO copys 
with out my permission!!!!!You may print and share though. Please E-mail me for 
hints or call in the hours listed. Thank you


Part 1: Characters
Part 2: Places
Part 3: The Guide
Part 4: Cool Stuff

                         Part 1

                    Ok all the Characters are profiled here......

                    Aragorn: Aragorn is a great guy to play as because of his 
upgrades play as him if you are a begginer.
                    Legolas: Ok play as him if you are experienced as Aragorn I 
reccommend Him if you like bow and arrow.
                    Gimli: is a great guy to play as use him second.

                         Part 2

                     These are places that I like throughout Middle Earth. Why dont 
you E-mail me yours??? :) There will be given special hints to the people whos 
places or place that matches the Secret Place of the year or month depending the 
secret place will be somewhere on the page ;)

                            Ok My favorites.........
                         1. Moria
                         2. Lothlorien
                         3. Gondor
                         4. The Lonely Mountain
                         5. Mirkwood
                         6. Rivendell
                         7. Isengard                         
                         8. The Shire
                         9. The Old Forest
                        10. Mordor
                          P.S. the reason I like mordor is because of the way it is 
stratigically placed.      Thanx from Philip

                         Part 3

              Ok heres the guide.........

       Mount Doom: On this level you will be Isildur with his army. the Mission is 
to kill all the orcs thats about it just watch your health in the top left corner.

       Weathertop: on this level you are Aragorn. the mission is to keep Frodo alive
( His health bar is in the top right corner ) Just fierce attack the Ringraiths by 
pushing the /\ (Triangle)button and blocking by pushing [](Square) when they swing 
at you. Then just do that until you win. to get your torch burning again after it 
goes out just run up to the fire and Fierce attack.

       Entrance to Moria: Ok on this level you can play as Legolas,Aragorn, or 
Gimli. The mission is to get to the gates of Moria so go scout with Gimli (Aragorn 
if your Gimli) just kill the orcs that attack you basicly.
              The Boss on The Entrance to Moria:Ok the boss is easy just slash the 
tentacals after you block them with [] (square) Then shoot his head with     
arrows/axes depending on who you are until he is      to shoot ranged weapons hold 
L1 and push X.

       Balin's Tomb: Ok same character list. The Mission is to kill orcs like Crazy 
until the Cave Troll comes.
                 The Boss of Balins Tomb: The Cave Troll is kinda HARD so all you 
do at first is use the broken tomb, orcs, and your friends as shield while doing 
that shoot him with arrows while evading his club. Then he will pull off his chain 
in a movie you will go up to a narrow edge there is a refill of arrows on the right 
edge. well kill all orcs that attack hide behind poles or pillars and shoot the 
cave troll from an angle until the pillar breaks then switch pillars keep doing 
until he is     .

       Amon-Hen: Same Characters. The Mission is to basicly kill 75 Uruk-Hai before 
Frodo dies. Well  kill all the Uruk-Hai in the clearing. Then run past all others 
until you reach Legolas and Gimli at a bridge. Dont run through fire!!! then just 
kill all the Bridge Uruk-Hai run and finish all the rest then run over the bridge 
and go to the log at the bottom.

               The Boss of Amon-Hen: Lurtz is SO HARD: First hide behind statues at 
an angle and shoot him         the Uruk-Hai who attack you then when he grabs a 
sword run behind statues and make his sword get stuck then tap /\ (Triangle) until 
he is free then repeat until he is      . Awsome if you beat him.

        Fangorn Forest: Same Characters. The Mission is to get through. Ok you 
start in there now go forward until a log blocks your way when it is there fierce 
attack it and it will break. Then walk forward on your gard cause up ahead some 
orcs wil ambush you!!! Ok beat them then go on until a BIG uruk-hai jumps down 
behind you beat him. then continue on until you see 2 orcs come flying in 
front of you and behind you then continue until.......... AHHH!!!!! theres a Forest 
Troll to beat him just run up tap /\ then run back repeat until He is      . then 
the barrier and continue all orcs on way until theres a movie of shield 
orcs pushing a Moria orc in a pit. then sneak up and start pushing them until they 
are      . Then continue a forest troll comes out in the cave after the water that 
orcs come from. Repeat as before on the forest troll. then continue to face orcs 
and such until you et to 2 more forest trolls then repeat steps again then continue
until the end of the level. You beat it!!!!!

               The Village of Rohan:                                    Place:Moria
                 Same Characters as always. The mission is to save the People of 
Rohan before to many die.

Ok you start with Gandalf just kill the two uruk-Hai that run up by double 
tapping   /\ 2 times then finishing them with Finishing blow (R2). Good you did it 
now run into the village and basically               and run through saving people 
as you go. at one point there is a blockade  of wood on fire Shoot the barrels of 
water and slash the wall then continue. Once you have beat the level You watch a 
movie. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

                Village of Rohan "Part 2"

             ok Characters are the same. The mission is to run through blowing up 
guys with Dynamite on there backs with your arrows.

           You have a Soldier helping you just basically run through         as you 
go and blowing up guys with Dynamite on there backs with your arrows.
   At the finish make it look neat by running up and          the dynamite barrals 
on the carts by          them from a fare distance away.

                Boss level of Rohan:

                 Same characters. The mission is to kill the warg riders.

           After that run through the clear path stay in the water at first. shoot 
the gouy warg boss from there run out slash him a couple of times and run back. 
Repeat until hes     .

                        Helms deep wall:

                        Same characters. The mission is to keep orcs at a low level.
                          Pay attention to your bar I always thought you just had 
to knock down all the ladders but thats not true. Run around knocking down ladders 
every once and awhile kill all orcs you can . Just do this until Re-enforcements 

                         Helms Deep:The Breached wall.

                    Same Charcters. The mission is to defend the door.

               Ok this level I cant do much for you other than tell you to use your 
skills I have helped you with so far.
              The catapult near the end is easy kill the orcs and such then beat it 
up till its gone Beat the parts to the left, Right, and Center.

                            Helms Deep : Hornburg Courtyard

                Characters: Same choices. The mission is to defend the wall so its 
health doesnt run out. 

           Ok so all you have to do is kill the orcs and keep them from hitting the 
wall until Legolas or someone else needs help then run to help them turn around go 
up the stairs then run left until you reach him then pick them off double tap 
the   /\    button then finish them with R2 after that run like crazy back to the 
wall and defen again till someone says "Archers on the wall"!!!! then run back up 
to the wall and start          the archers on the other side and keep going left 
until they are all      then run back to the wall and defend until to cave trolls 
come kill one with arrows or the Forrest troll  trick then injure the other fairly 
good until the movie comes on.  Congradulations!!!!! You beat the main part

                            The Tower of Orthanc

                           Characters: are Whoever you beat the game with.
   The mission is to kill all the orcs and survive.

          Well this mission your pretty much on your own heres a little list to 
help get you prepared though.

                      Floor 1/20: Uruk-Hai from Amon Hen will be your enemys.
                      Floor 6/20: Archers.
                     Floor 10/20: Warrior Uruk-Hai.
                     Floor 15/20: Trolls and White painted with no shirts
             Floor 20/20: Archers and trolls one cave troll and 2 Forrest   

     There you have the secret character you can see who he is yourself.

                         The Tower of Orthanc

                   Character: The secret character. The mission is the same as last 
time just do the same thing and youve beat the game. HURRAY You can use cheats 
after you beat the game I suggest to use them with the guy you beat the game.

                       Part 4: Cool Stuff

                       Here are some cool things in the game.

              Flaming sword at cave troll in Balins Tomb: You do this as Aragorn or 
the secret character to to this you must have the upgrade of devastating attack 
where your sword is on fire. Ok then when the Cave troll come in charge up your 
sword quickly and hit him until he is      make sure you keep your sword on fire. 
Then when your running in the movie to jump up to the ledge his sword will be on 
fire. Cool huh.

                     Movie like sequence of Legolas:

                 Character: Legolas
           This is on the Amon Hen level you know that little stone thing in the 
back climb up the stairs. Then shoot your arrows like crazy youl make a hit almost 
every time Then usally a group of Uruk-Hai will come up the stairs Shoot them with 
your arrows instead of your sword.P.S. its alot more fun if you have Dragon Fire 
Arrows and Mithril Arrows. 

                         Cool Pit kick:

                  Characters: Any in the game 

               Ok this is on Fangorn forest at the part where the orcs are dancing 
around the pit quickly run behind one and kick or push it in with  O Button. It 
will fall in and be eaten then fight the rest that meens YOU fight the rest.

                    Cool waterfall kick: Characters: Any in the game
              Ok another fangorn level thing. This as at the river right after the 
pit kill the shield orc then push of the 2 archers with O ok good then youve done 

                    More stuff will be added soon

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