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The many buildings of Animal Crossing: Wild World

About Me (again!)-2
The Many Buildings…-3
Town Hall-4
Able Sisters Tailor-5
Nook’s Many Shops…-6
The Museum-7
Town Gate-8
Redd’s Small Tent-9
The House of Fortune-10


As you may know, this is my second guide for Animal Crossing: Wild World.  If 
you enjoyed my other guide, Sami’s Money Making Guide, I hope you will also 
enjoy this guide.

-------------------*****About Me (again!) -2*****---------------------

As I said before, I am a young girl who has too many videogames to keep track 
of.  I’m a complete Tom Boy and love sports, including basketball and 
baseball.  I’m a semi-pro at FAQ writing, and I have a lot of fun with it.  I 
hope that this guide, as with the last, brings you lots of laughs.

-------------------*****The Many Buildings…-3*****----------------

As from the title, I hope (I really hope, if you can’t you shouldn’t be reading 
this guide) that you noticed what this guide was about:
your town’s many buildings.  In this guide, I will list all the buildings that 
appear in your town, and their purposes.  I have (hopefully) conveniently 
organized each building in a different section.  If you can’t read it if it’s 
to “unorganized”, your blind.

-------------------------*****Town Hall-4*****-------------------------

Town Hall is one of the (I say it again!) many buildings of your town.  For the 
beginners, when you first come to your town, you (forcibly!) walk into Town 
Hall.  They help you with all the basics, such as finding your house and how to 
use your map.  If you have played this game before, or are an “Animal Crossing 
veteran” (played Animal Crossing for GameCube)  you can say “Yep!” when they 
ask you if you know about your map.  Also, Town Hall has an entire post office 
in a half of it!  In the Post Office, you can do many things.  You can access 
your bank account, and if you save a certain amount of Bells, you start getting 
interest!  It’s a great way to save up some Bells for that Spotlight Item 
you’ve been wanting!  You can also pay your mortgage to Tom Nook!  Yay (I don’t 
know why I’m putting “Yay!” because this is the worst part of the game, but 
hey, at least you get a bigger house!)!  There is another thing you do: save 
and mail letters!  Isn’t  it soooo exciting!  Yeah, I know, it’s not.  But 
still, sending letters to neighbors is good; especially if they have gifts 
attached!  Time to talk about the other side of Town Hall: the environmental 
side!  Whoooooooooeeeeeeeeeee!  Boring.  Here, you can donate to Boondox.  It’s 
useless, actually, unless you enjoy collecting feathers.  Red feathers, green 
feathers, rainbow feathers, too many feathers to count!  All your hard-earned 
Bells go to Tortimer-your town’s mayor.  You can also ask for comments about 
your town’s greenery.  If you keep your town perfect for two weeks, be sure to 
drop by Town  Hall to pick up your GOLDEN WATERING CAN.

--------------------*****Able Sisters Tailor-5*****--------------------

Are you on a clothing-buying frenzy?!?  Then stop by the Able Sisters and you 
can buy as much as you need!!!  The Able Sisters Tailor is actually a quaint 
store where you can buy, design, or display clothes.  To buy some clothing, 
walk up to the piece you want and either try it on or buy it.  To design 
clothes, talk to Mabel and select “I want to design!”.  To display a design, 
talk to Mabel (again!) and select “I want to display!”.  If you display your 
designs, soon your townsfolk will start wearing your new  line of clothing.  
Here’s something extra you can do: talk to Sable every day and you will soon 
befriend her.  She’ll start telling you about her family and Mabel, and when 
she does, watch out!  Mabel gets mad when her big sis talks about her.  Her 
family story is quite sad actually, but the details, I’ll leave for you to find 

------------------*****Nook’s Many Shops…-6*****-----------------

Ah, Old Man Nook.  Always upgrading his store.  Humble place, actually, to 
start out.  New  inventory every day.  Dependable place.  Good products.  Takes 
anything off your hands.  Good man.  Whoops, my mistake.  Good raccoon.  Old 
Nook is always making money, therefore always upgrading.  The more you spend, 
the more money he makes.  Try to buy at least one thing from Nook every day; 
that way, he’ll upgrade his store faster.  Here is a list of all of Nook’s 
shops and how to obtain them.

Original Shop-Nook’s Cranny     How to obtain-don’t need to

First Upgrade-Nook ‘n Go     How to obtain-spend 25,000 Bells

Second Upgrade-Nookway      How to obtain-spend 90,000 Bells

Final Upgrade-Nookington’s       How to obtain-spend 240,000 Bells and have a 
wi-fi visitor buy one item

Wow!  That was a lot of work to get a small, quaint store turned into a mega-
sized department store!  I know spending all that money may take a while, but 
it sure pays off!  Nookington’s even has three floors!  The first and second 
floors are filled with furniture.  Tom Nook’s nephews-Tommy and Timmy-run the 
second floor.  Wow, the family takes after the crazy uncle!  The third floor is 
a barber shop ran by a poodle named Harriet.  Okay, enough about the upgrades.  
Let’s start talking about what’s in the store!
If you’ve never noticed the little ATM looking machine in the corner, it’s 
Nook’s Point System.  This little robot records what you’ve bought and how many 
points you have.  What are points?  Ask the machine.  How do you earn points?  
Ask me.  You earn a point every 100 Bells spent.  Some people may think “Who 
cares about points?!?”.  Guess what.  I do.  Points are your ticket to a 
membership.  A membership means discounts.  Big discounts.  Here’s a list of 
discounts and how to earn them.

300 Points-Nook’s Cranny Model and Membership
3,000 Points-Nook ‘n Go Model and 5% Discount
10,000 Points-Nookway Model and 10% Discount
20,000 Points-Nookington’s Model and 20% Discount

Another thing inside Nook’s is items.  He sells carpets, wallpaper, 
medicine, “note in a bottle”, letters, furniture, roof paint (once you’ve 
obtained Nookington’s) and hold items such as the shovel or slingshot.  Nook 
sometimes carries Spotlight Items.  Spotlight Items only appear at Nook’s shop-
and rarely at that.  When you see one, you should buy it immediately.  Also, 
during holidays such as Christmas, Nook has Limited-Time Offers.  My opinion-
get them while they last!
Nook is the “garbage disposal” of Animal Crossing: Wild World.  He takes 
anything from fish to Old Boots.  He is the main Bell-maker of the game.  Sell 
him anything you have, unless it’s a first-time catch-then, donate them to the 
Museum (later discussed in section 7).  Well, that’s all about Nook’s.  Next 

------------------------*****The Museum-7*****-----------------------

I love the refreshing sight of the museum.  Some coffee, late-night jazz by 
K.K. Slider, good times, good times.  The museum is the place to donate 
fossils, fish and bugs, where you can also drink coffee and listen to music.  
As I said before, I think you should donate first-time catches (bugs and 
fish).  That way, eventually, you will have donated all the 40 bugs and 40 
fish.  And you know what that means!  You don’t?  Ugh.  Ok, once you’ve donated 
every bug, you get the GOLDEN BUTTERFLY NET.  Who cares?  I do.  Again.  The 
GOLDEN BUTTERFLY NET is 2x bigger than the normal butterfly net, making bug-
catching much easier.  Once you catch all of the fish, you get the GOLDEN 
FISHING ROD.  The GOLDEN FISHING ROD adds 5 seconds to your “reel time”, so if 
your thinking “I don’t care!” again, you are weirder than me.
Besides donating living creatures, you can donate dead ones.  Yes, you can 
donate fossils!  Wow!  Sooooooooooooooo amazing!  Snore…   Once you complete a 
fossil, Blathers, the museum manager, will go into all-out lecture mode.  
If you walk upstairs, you will see an owl standing next to a jumbo-sized 
telescope.  The owl is Celeste, Blathers sister.  She will help you create 
constellations, stargaze and, well, that’s all she does.  Creating 
constellations is fun-and when you visit someone else’s town, some of your 
constellations will appear there!
As I mentioned before, you can drink coffee in The Roost.  The “legendary” 
Brewster-an old (You guessed it!) rooster-makes the coffee.  And boy, is it 
good!  Well, at least that’s what your character says.  If you buy the “java”, 
as the Brewster calls it, once a day, you’ll soon befriend him-just like 
Sable.  He will then start talking more and ask if he can add special 
ingredients.  Also in The Roost, on Saturdays from 8:00 to 12:00 p.m., K.K. 
Slider is seen taking requests.  After you listen to him, he will give you the 
bootleg for that song.  Yay!  You can now listen to his tunes at home!  Here is 
a full list of K.K. Slider’s songs.

Agent K.K.        	K.K. Faire          	K.K. Steppe
Aloha K.K.        	K.K. Folk           	K.K. Swing
Cafe K.K.          	K.K. Fusion        	K.K. Tango
Comrade K.K.   	K.K. Gumbo       	K.K. Technopop
DJ K.K.             	K.K. Jazz            	K.K. Waltz
Forest Life         	K.K. Lament      	K.K. Western
Go K.K. Rider       K.K. Love Song   	King K.K.
I Love You         	K.K. Lullaby        	Lucky K.K.
Imperial K.K.       	K.K. Mambo        	Marine Song 2001
K.K. Aria           	K.K. Marathon     	Mountain Song
K.K. Ballad         	K.K. March          	Mr. K.K.
K.K. Blues          	K.K. Metal          	My Place
K.K. Bossa          	K.K. Ragtime        	Neapolitan
K.K. Calypso        	K.K. Rally          	Only Me
K.K. Casbah         	K.K. Reggae         	Pondering
K.K. Chorale        	K.K. Rock           	Rockin' K.K.
K.K. Condor         	K.K. Rockabilly  	Senor K.K.
K.K. Country        	K.K. Safari         	Soulful K.K.
K.K. Cruisin'       	K.K. Salsa          	Steep Hill
K.K. D & B          	K.K. Samba          	Surfin' K.K.
K.K. Dirge          	K.K. Ska            	The K. Funk
K.K. Dixie          	K.K. Song           	To the Edge
K.K. Etude          	K.K. Soul           	Two Days Ago

----------------------------*****Town Gate-8*****----------------------

Welcome, thou patriots!  Arte thou lostith?  Does thou need helpith?  Thou 
needs to leaveith town?  That is reasonable enoughith, young man.  I shall open 
the gate, nowith.  Yes, I am talking in a Medieval voiceith.  Why does thou 
askith?  Ok, I will answerith.  Yes, I shall also stop talking like thisith.  
I’m talking like this because the Town Gate is a Medieval theme.  Copper and 
Booker run the Town Gate.  Copper is a gutsy guard, while Booker is shy and 
wimpy.  If you talk to Copper, he will either open the Town Gate to let 
visitors in, or search for nearby friends.  Booker will (shyly) show you the 
lost-and-found, tell you who has entered your town, or help you change the flag.

---------------------*****Redd’s Small Tent-9*****--------------------

Crazy Redd’s!  Crazy deals!  Buy!  Buy!  Buy!  Crazy Redd is a sly fox who 
sells items for crazy prices.  The prices are crazy-as in crazily overpriced!  
Normally, I would never suggest buying these items-but (I must be going crazy!) 
I am.  These are rare items and this is the only place to get them.  He sells 
different types of furniture, and one painting.  This painting may be forged, 
and it may be real.  You have no way of knowing this, but I would take the 
risk.  Paintings are not sold at Nook’s, so this is the only way to obtain 
them, and the only way to complete that beloved museum.  To get into Redd’s, 
you must first obtain the password.  You obtain the password by speaking to  
neighbors or by mail, sent by Redd himself.  To be able to shop and get the 
password by mail, you must become a member.  To become a member, speak to Redd 
and treat him respectively.  You may have to speak to Redd several times, but 
he will eventually give in.  This is quite pricy, at 3,000 Bells, but it’s 
highly recommended.  By whom?  By me.  Here’s a tip-if you buy insurance 
(Don’t!  Ever!  This is a horrible life choice…) from Lyle, speak to him and 
request a date for Redd to come.  Ah hah!  The two sleazy skunkbags work 

------------------*****The House Of Fortune-10*****----------------

Heyah ah-mota!  Heyahn a-liyka.  Huya!  The mighty, spirituous Katrina sets up 
her tent in front of Town Hall.  When you speak to her, you can choose to have 
your fortune, or test compatibility, with a person from this game, or not 
(oooooooh la-la).  She uses her “magic cards” and “gives you your fortune”.  If 
you get an unlucky card (this means you have bad luck-you get stung, no 
presents, etc.), she’ll ask you if you’d like your “spirit cleansed”.  No.  You 
don’t.  Trust me.  Seriously.  Don’t.  It cost a whopping 10,000 Bells, and bad 
luck goes away the next day.


You can’t use this on a different website without my permission…  Snore…Guess 
what…You can’t…Don’t bother asking…

Author-Me                                      Everything Else-Me

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