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I Prologue
II Chapter 1
III Chapter 2
IV Chapter 3
V Chapter 4
VI Chapter 5
VII Chapter 6
VIII Chapter 7
IX Chapter 8
X Partners

I Prologue
Peach finds a treasure map and gives it to you in a letter. You find out that you 
have to go to Rougeport and go on another adventure. 
You go off of a boat in the Rougeport dock and find yourself in the middle of a 
battle with a Goomba with a miner’s hat and a creature that is dark and has an X on 
his shirt you join the Goomba and attack the X thing he has 6hp. You defeat him and 
he calls himself Lord Crump and tries to attack you with about 100 X things, you 
escape unharmed. That Goomba (she’s called Goombella) joins your party. You have to 
go to the west side of Rougeport and talk to a guy called Professor Frankly. Show 
him your treasure map, and he takes you to the underground part of Rougeport (you 
will visit here often) you go to your right and jump on that moving platform.
Go to that first pipe on your right, and go down it. Once you’re down there you 
find a trio of Goomba. Defeat them and destroy those two yellow blocks and uncover 
a pipe, go down it and go to your right, defeat the two Spinias and climb up the 
stairs and go into that room, you find a black chest and it thinks that you’re a 
great hero because you can hear it. Go to your left and fall off the ledge’s SIDE 
(not off the front the side, I did the same thing once) get the black key and open 
the chest, you find out that it’s a curse of a paper airplane. Now when you step 
onto a plane panel you press Y you can turn into paper airplane but, you have to 
control yourself. Step onto the plane panel outside of the room and fly down to the 
door, go into the door and you find this giant door, stand on the pedestal in front 
of the door and a bunch of stars go to your map and reveal the next location of the 
Crystal Star. You go back to the professor’s house and he tells you about the 
Thousand-Year door and why the Crystal Stars are important and where the next one 
is he says it’s in Hooktail’s Castle.

II Chapter 1
You exit Professor Frankly’s house, go down to the underground part of Rougeport, 
go to your right and go on that plane panel fly to the door and jump over the 
platforms go down the pipe and your in petal Meadows keep going to your right until 
you reach Petalburg. Talk to the old geezer in the pink house and he’ll tell you 
about the stone keys. There are two fortresses along the way and creatures inside 
that can only be destroyed by a fire flower or a POW block. Go right until you get 
to a stone thwomp, talk to him and he’ll quiz you and if you win he shows you to a 
way to the stone keys (this is the only way to get the crystal star).
Pick any tunnel inside each tunnel there’s about 2 fuzzies and a stone key, when 
you get both of them there’s a golden fuzzy waiting’ for ya defeat him and go back 
to town first then keep going until you see Koops he’ll join you and go left until 
you get to those stone things by the pipe. Put the Stone keys in the stones with a 
sun and a moon carved in them then two switches appear use Koops ability to stay 
where he is to hit stuff then go to the other switch hit that one then a pipe 
appears and go in to that one to get to the Hooktail’s Castle. Keep going until 
Koops stops you to look at his dad’s bones he sees a letter, read it and it tells 
you how to help defeat Hooktail. Go onto the next left room Defeat the Dry Bones 
and then a whole bunch of Dry bones attack you after you talk to the Red Bones. 
Defeat the horde of Dry Bones and keep going left. The next room has more Dry Bones 
and a little stair challenge. Hints: hit the purple and yellow switches climb the 
blocks before you hit the switches go in front of the first steel block use Koops 
to hit the red switch the stairs switch around climb them and get something at the 
end of the stairs. Hit the switch again and do the things I told you and get to the 
other door. The next room holds a giant green block and a green switch hit the 
switch using Koop’s stay ability to stand green block and hit the switch to get to 
higher ground but, actually you have no business being there, sorry. Go to the next 
left room and you find a paragoomba and Dry Bones, defeat them and use the stay 
ability again to hit that red switch and get inside that cage. Get inside and you 
find another black chest open it with a black key which is in the next room to your 
left. Go all around that maze and get the key which is in the chest then a trap is 
set the ceiling of points is moving down, get out A.S.A.P. and open the chest, it’s 
another curse this time you can turn into a line by holding down R to slide through 
small cracks and bars. Go back to the first room and slide through the bars to get 
that badge (Attack FX 4) equip it to you and then your hammer sounds like a cricket 
and that’s how you defeat Hooktail. Go to the green block and switch do what I told 
you to get to higher ground go up the stairs and open the door keep going to the 
first switch hit it with Koop’s ability and hit the second one with his ability, 
find an open window then jump into it walk across until you see another open window 
jump into that one.
Walk keep walking until you see Hooktail. Make sure you have that badge on. Defeat 
Hooktail and Koop’s father jumps out of Hooktail’s belly and he gives you the star. 
Your Star power goes up to 2 and you learn Earth Tremor. You go back to town and 
Koops and his father catch up on old times. Then your controlling Peach go to the 
door on your right you find a shower, take one and you have a different hair style 
(it only lasts until you’re out of the shower room. The door on your left opens go 
through it and keep going until you see the left door it opens go through it then 
you meet a talking computer ( its name is TEC) He talks to you about your situation 
and about him and about he’s so perfect then he asks you about “love”. Then you 
send a message to Mario. Then he asks you to go back to your room. After that you 
get to control Bowser (pretty cool eh?) you go to a room and the guards tell you to 
wait in the back walk to the back then a Magikoopa appears(hag) and he’s your right 
hand man and she tells you about another evil organization after the Crystal Stars 
too. He gets super mad and goes down to Rougeport after the Crystal Stars. You get 
to play like a little Mini-game and that’s the end

You go back through the pipe to Rougeport Sewers and go back to the Thousand-Year 
Door after you’re there stand on the pedestal and then all the special effects will 
happen after that you’ll immediately and then he’ll talk about where you are going 
and identify that location after that go to the pipe to Rougeport Sewers and go 
through the gate guarding the pipe and down the pipe go through the other gate and 
you’ll see the other pipe go down that one and then you’ll see something small go 
into the crack in the wall you see that gate slide through that and then you’ll see 
that small thing again he says he’s from a tribe called The Punies he’ll activate a 
secret switch and then a bunch of holes in the wall appear that you can go into go 
through them. And you’ll find a pipe to Boggly Woods go into it.
III Chapter 2

 Then keep going to your right until you see The Great Tree. Go through it to get 
to the Great Tree and when you get there Punio says that there’s a secret entrance 
to the tree that’s invisible and only an air spirit named Flurrie can open it and 
go right until you see a house find the pipe that takes you there and go to the 
house you’ll find that Flurrie is talking to you through the door. She recognizes 
Punio and says she can’t go anywhere without her favorite necklace she asks you to 
find it say yes and go find it, you'll have to go all the way back to the Shadow 
Sirens and battle them for the necklace. Defeat them and go to Flurrie's house 
again, give Flurrie the necklace and she'll join your party, after that go to the 
Great Tree again and use Flurrie's wind power to open the secret entrance, Punio 
will then open the red door at the bottom, go through it and Punio sees that there 
are about 10 Punies hiding from Mario and there's this chubby one, called Puniper 
that says he only helps him if you start the revolution. You'll then go up the up 
pipe and see that the Punies are captured in a red and blue cage. The Puni Elder is 
in the red cage and the rest of the tribe is in the blue cage including Punio's 
sister you'll need to find the blue and red keys to rescue everyone. After that go 
down two pipes and you'll find a door that can't be opened right away you'll need 
to find the control panel and then open the door. That door leads to the main 
entrance to the Great Tree, the other way goes to another pipe on the left side of 
the room the pipe leads to a room with bushes and monsters keep going and you'll 
find a pipe that goes to a room that holds another room with a narrow path and big 
turns one is another that's close to the pipe. The one on the right is a room that 
has a squadron of 10 jabbies the one on the left has a squadron of 100 jabbies (DO 
NOT TRY TO BEAT THE SQUADRONS, Because you don't have enough punies) you find the 
red key, and rescue the elder, bring him to the 10 punies, they argue a bit and 
then they join you, go back to the squadrons, challenge the 10 squadron and beat 
them, and the punies explode the hive and you find a door big enough for you and go 
through it find the blue key and rescue the other 90 punies they join you challenge 
the 100 squadron beat them and the punies explode that hive and go through that 
door and you see a line of stone pillars in a pattern, memorize the pattern and go 
to the other room and the left and you see 4 switches, keep pounding them until 
they're in the pattern as the other pillars you saw earlier. Something amazing 
happens go to that new door that just appeared and keep going down the tree until 
you see that Lord Crump has returned and trapped you, go down the pipe right next 
to the cage and go find a giant chest open it and you have Super Boots and a new 
ability that let's you smash boarded holes, like the one in the cage go back to the 
cage, smash the hole and with Flurrie's help you get all the punies down the hole, 
if you don't do that there going to be stuck there and make sure you get ALL of the 
punies, after that keep going down until you get to the Crystal Star you approach 
it and another trap made by Lord Crump traps you, Lord Crump gets the Star and Lord 
Crump activates a detonator, you only have 3 minutes to get out, don't worry about 
the punies. After you get to the main entrance you see that Lord Crump has been 
stopped by the Puni Elder they argue about getting out and then he spies you and he 
get a giant X-Naut machine and you battle. Defeat him and you get the Crystal star, 
you learn Clock Out and your star power goes up to 3. After that you talk to the 
Elder and blabbers out about his life and you he's grateful for clearing out their 
home. After that TEC calls Peach in to talk to her, TEC wants to know about love. 
You talk to TEC about love; he lets you use the communicator to talk to Mario. 
After that Bowser wants the Crystal Stars then you get to control Bowser in a 
little video game and then he gets to Rougeport looking for Mario. Then go back to 
the Thousand-Year Door stand on the pedestal and then another location appears. You 
take it back to Professor frankly and he says that the next location is Glitzville 
a floating island in the sky; you have to ride a blimp but, its ticket only! You 
have to go to the item shop on the east side of Rougeport and buy a Dried Shroom 
and a Dizzy Dial or its the other way around and then the shop owner says you want 
to meet Don Pianta, she unlocks the door on the right side of the store go through 
it and you meet Don Pianta he wants you to do him a favor, find his daughter and 
her boyfriend, they're on the harbor go get them and tell them that their dad wants 
to see them, they go to Don Pianta's office go their and they argue about who's 
fault it is. When their done Don says go anywhere I don't want to see you anymore 
go go!! Then he gives you a blimp ticket go to the blimp, exit the item shop and go 
north to the blimp the fish wants to see your ticket go into the pipe and jump in 
the blimp press A and you're going to Glitzville. 

IV Chapter 3
You arrive to Glitzville, go to the Glitz Pit talk to one of the guards guarding 
the door he says to go see Grubba the promoter in his office go there and he talks 
to you about how to wrestle and he takes you to the Minor League room. He tells you 
how to schedule a battle after that you keep wrestling until you get to about #15 
and a guy named X tells you to listen to his instructions, follow his directions or 
you won't find the Crystal Star, after King K. says to try the new hot dog outside, 
go outside and the hot dog manager needs your help getting this jumpy egg go to the 
juice bar you see a blue switch hit it and some stairs to the top of the juice bar 
appear go up the stairs and jump on the trampoline, use the plane panel and fly to 
the top of the hot dog stand. Get the egg you get to keep it, keep battling until 
it hatches, (you need this egg if you want to get into the major league) after it 
hatches it needs a name, you get to name it, the yoshi joins your party, you can 
ride on it, it goes faster than you, and it can fly over gaps that you can't jump 
over. In battle it can Ground Pound and it can eat its enemies and spit it out at 
the other. Now you get your 1st instruction, go to the juice bar and the owner 
gives you a Super Hammer now you can smash big yellow blocks by pressing a hold it 
and rotate then let go. Then he says to go smash the blockade in the minor league 
room smash the big yellow block, jump to the top shelf and fly across to the top of 
the lockers in that room, Jolene comes in and confiscates the piece of paper. Then 
go back to the room and keep battling. X soon gives you the key to the storeroom, 
there are boxes, blow them away and a switch appears hit it and a secret stairway 
appears climb it and the door is locked. Go on a box and fly to the others to get 
something. You see a grate, slide through it you hear someone, listen to them and 
you find out its Grubba and Jolene, Grubba hears you say Meow and he thinks you’re 
a cat in the roof. Now you know that he's behind the disappearing fighters. After 
you get probably #3 you get a letter to go to a room and hit open the giant block 
in that room smash it and you find Bandy Andy and King K. smashed to the floor they 
say to never go to the arena when no ones there. Then you see Jolene running away 
go back to your room and keep fighting till you challenge Rawk Hawk, Hint: he'll 
sometimes jump and hold onto the ceiling. Defeat him and you win the champ belt, 
you find out the star on it is not the real Crystal Star, then you get a cake (1st 
=good 2nd bad) after the bad one you get a key to the 2nd room in the storeroom, 
open it and you find out it's a passage through the air duct, after you get to the 
end you hear someone say to lock this room up pretty good. Break through the end of 
the air duct to find it's Grubba's office, check his desk drawer and you'll find 
blueprints to a power sucking machine. Then Grubba sees you and runs away. Chase 
him to the arena. Then he brings up his power sucking machine and you see the real 
Crystal Star is powering the machine. Grubba uses the machine to transform himself 
to Macho Grubba Hint: he'll sometimes raise his attack or defense power 
occasionally, defeat him and then a guy pops out of the Crystal Star, Jolene comes 
in and says she’s been helping you and that she’s X, she did it because she thought 
you were the only person that could challenge Macho Grubba and so she could see her 
brother Prince Mush again, then Prince Mush gives you the Star. You learn Power 
Lift and your star power goes up to 4. TEC then calls you in again, he asks you to 
dance, he uses a hologram of you to dance with you, presses the buttons on-screen 
to dance. You then use the communicator to send a message to Mario. Bowser then 
looks for Mario in Petalburg and the Koopa that’s in front of the entrance tells 
Bowser that Mario already got the Star, he gets very mad and goes look somewhere 
else. You go back to Rougeport Sewers and go back to the Thousand-Year Door and 
smash that big block and a trampoline will be appeared, bounce on it, (it’s a 
clever shortcut) and go to the Thousand-Year Door stand on the pedestal and reveal 
the next location. Go back to Professor frankly’s house and he talks about his 
research of the door and where the next one is, he says it’s in Twilight Town. Go 
to the east side of Rougeport and slide down the grate fly over the gap at your 
left and go through the door, and go down the pipe but, the pipe rejects you. Go 
back to Professor frankly’s house, talk to him, and he says you have to find a guy 
named darkly go to the wall on the left of the shine sprite building. Go through 
the wall and go behind the building to find a guy in the shadows and he’s Darkly 
tell him you need to get to Twilight Town, he writes your names on your clothes. Go 
to the pipe again and go down it.
V Chapter 4

When you get to Twilight Town you see that has some residents and pigs. You have to 
find the elder of Twilight Town. The elder tells you that Twilight Town has been 
CURSED!! Every time the sanctuary bell rings someone in Twilight Town is turned 
into a pig! Then go to the far west of Twilight Town and you talk to the gatekeeper 
and he says that you need permission from the elder to pass the gate. Go back to 
the elder and before you get there you hear the bell ring, go to the elder and you 
see that he's the one that got turned into a pig. Go back to the gate and you hear 
the bell ring again, go all the way to the gate and you see the gatekeeper got 
turned into a pig. Go through the gate and into the stable on the side of the path 
and inside you find a black key, keep going down the path til you come to a 
collapsed tree on the other side you see a storeroom key, get it with Koops. Go 
back to the item shop and open the storeroom and you see three items and the black 
chest get the items and open the chest, you get cursed with the ability to turn 
into a paper roll (hold R and rotate the control stick). Go back to the tree and 
roll under it, after that keep going til you come to a pile of hay, blow away the 
hay bale with Flurrie. You uncover a pipe go in it and go into the forest and go 
into the little crack in the grass. Keep going til you see a blue switch. Step on 
it and a tree with an entrance to the other side of the forest go to it and use 
Flurrie to blow away the cover to the hole, go into it and push the rock. The other 
rock will move and uncover a hole. Go into the hole you just uncovered and you will 
pop out the other hole. Go till you get to Creepy Steeple, go under the wall and 
into Creepy Steeple go to the south door and you find a red switch keep hitting the 
switch until the stairs are on the far south. Go up the stairs and keep going until 
there’s a gap use your yoshi to get across the gap and get the steeple key. Go back 
to the stairs and this time make the stairs go to the far north, climb the stairs 
and unlock the door go in and go all the way up the stairs. You find a ghost-like 
creature, defeat him and then he steals your body and leaves you as a purple 
outline of yourself and he jumps out the window. Go back to Twilight Town and 
before you get back to Twilight Town he wants to fight but first he wants you to 
guess his name (his name is Doopliss, IT HAS TO BE A CAPITAL D AND LOWERCASE 
OOPLISS OR IT WON’T WORK) after that he runs back to the Steeple, go to Twilight 
Town and Vivian of the Shadow Sirens is looking for a Superbomb she joins you and 
you go back to the steeple go back up the stairs just how you did the last time and 
you see Doopliss wanting a fight and he has all of your partners, just before the 
fight Vivian runs away from you because your Mario but, in between the fight Vivian 
fights by your side again, defeat Doopliss and he gives you everything back and the 
Crystal Star. After that your Star power goes up to 5 and you learn Art Attack. 
When TEC lets Peach in again TEC is worried that Grodus is finding out that he’s 
helping Peach. They talk about that and he lets you use the communicator to contact 
Mario. Bowser is heading off to Glitzville but, he accidentally falls off the blimp 
and into the ocean you get to play another little arcade game, Bowser gets to 
Glitzville and he finds out that Mario got here and left. Then you talk to the 
elder about how grateful he is that you defeated Doopliss. Go back to Rougeport 
back into the Sewers back to the Thousand-year door and this time, all the flashy 
effects happen and the next location appears and you go back to Frankly’s house and 
he tells you that the location is Keehaul Key an island off the south, talk to that 
pirate guy who likes his red skull gem and he helps you get to Keehaul Key the boat 
is docked in the harbor. When you get there the pirate says he needs a navigator in 
his crew, he tells you that there was once the greatest navigator in all the land, 
he lives here in Rougeport, go to the far west of Rougeport go under the fence up 
the crates and go east until you get to the last chimney slide down it and you find 
Bobbery he says he’ll never sail again. Go to the inn (the place with the bed sign) 
talk to the manager on the 1st floor he’ll give you a letter that his wife wrote 
him, give it to Bobbery and he joins the crew, he goes to the boat and he inspects 
it for travel then you go to the sea.
VI Chapter 5 
 Bobbery keeps a journal and he lets you see it every day, but on one day a bunch 
of blue flames surround the boat and they’re PIRATE GHOSTS they sink the ship and 
in about five days you wash ashore Keehaul Key. One of the crew members shows you 
to their camp. They talk to you about Bobbery’s disappearance and that you have to 
get him. Keep going until you get to a bunch of stairs. There are a couple gaps 
that you have to fly over with the yoshi after that keep going until you see 
Bobbery fighting two blue flames. After the battle he looks like he’s dead, but hit 
he with your hammer he woke up then Bobbery joins you. Keep going until you see a 
dead end then go back to the camp and talk to the pirate and he goes with you to 
see this rock go back to the mysterious rock and he gives you his skull gem. Put it 
in the rock and the rock’s mustaches are glowing do what that pirate’s singing then 
throw Bobbery up in the hole at the top of the rock the rock explodes and you can 
go through it into Pirate’s Grotto, go west until you see spikes that come out of 
the ground use Vivian’s disappear ability to get pass the spikes keep going until 
you see an intersection with north and west, go north until you see a door go 
through it and you see an elevator use Bobbery to blow the switch to make it work 
and grab the key. Go to the gate that you saw locked use the key to unlock it. Go 
through the door and Go passed the spikes just how you did the last time (or you 
can roll under them in paper roll form) you go through the door and go inside the 
sunken ship and there is someone that tells you that the black chest is guarded by 
something. Then the something appears you battle it and the black chest appears 
open it and you’re cursed with the ability to turn into a paper boat. Go back to 
where the first spikes were but this time you have to get on the boat in the south 
side of the picture you have to get that handle on the boat and when you’ve done 
that you go back to where that chain contraption is when you’re there you put the 
handle in the contraption and use it then the gate opens you have to get to where 
the start of the waterfall is. Once you’re there use the boat panel that’s near to 
that spot goes down the waterfall and in through the gate. Once you did that you 
see a corridor and find the nearest boat panel turns back into Mario and you have 
to save all those toads that are further west to the corridor. Once you’ve did that 
you have to climb those stairs on the east side of the screen and once you’re there 
you see a plane panel use it and fly to the far west of the screen. Go into the 
cave that leads to that old pirate leader’s boat climb on the boat and go in the 
captain’s room keep going until you see a room full of gold and jewels. Then a 
creature with a skeleton’s head appears, defeat him Hint: he goes into three 
different forms after you defeat each one of his forms, there’s also a bone pile on 
the bottom of the stage you can attack that too and it hurts the skeleton. After 
that he disappears then he reappears and he says his soul is connected to his 
treasure, you cannot defeat him then you say you only want the crystal star and he 
gives it to you. Then get back outside the cavern by going back to the toads and 
blowing up the cracked wall with Bobbery. The entrance leads back to the beginning 
of Keehaul Key, once you’re out the pirate guy wants to know how it went with the 
battle and one of the crew members appear with his own boat then he takes off his 
disguise and he’s Lord Crump he starts blasting you and then the pirate says that 
the pirate skeleton had a boat right then you have to go back to the pirate 
skeleton. The skeleton and the pirate talk about the pirate’s ancestors taking the 
skull gem from the skeleton. The pirate gives the skeleton the skull gem and the 
skeleton says he’s so glad he can haunt the seven seas again. The skeleton plus his 
ember army get on the boat and you go out to fight Lord Crump Hint: he’s much 
stronger than before. . You defeat Lord Crump and the skeleton lets you take the 
boat back to Rougeport. TEC lets Peach in again and this time TEC wants Peach to 
take a quiz for using the communicator. Answer the questions and TEC lets you use 
the communicator to contact Mario. Bowser comes to Rawk Hawk’s special training 
room and takes the belt buckle off the champion’s belt and he drops it and it 
breaks in half. Mario talks to the crew and the Piñata couple about them staying on 
the island. The skeleton takes back to Rougeport. You go back to the Thousand-year 
door all the flashy effects happen, a new location is revealed, you go back to the 
professor’s house and he tells you that the new location is Poshley Sanctum, and 
about his research. You have to take a three-day train to get to Poshley Heights 
but, you need a train ticket. You go back to Don Pianta and he’ll give you a train 
ticket unless you get her daughter and her boyfriend back to him. Go back to 
Keehaul Key and find the couples tell her that her dad misses them. She comes with 
you back to Rougeport and brings her to Don Pianta and he gives you a train ticket 
go to the train and board it. The conductor shows you to your room and after you do 
something on the train there’s a robbery in the kitchen the passengers are crowed 
at the crime scene and the penguin makes you an official detective. Your 1st crime 
is to find the culprit of the missing stew pot, after that you see your 1st clue: 
stew prints follow them to the culprit when the prints end at the cabin check his 
drawers and you find the stew pot bring it back to the kitchen. Then talk to the 
people that are missing something the waitress, the toad in cabin 2 and the 
conductor. The waitress is missing a couple shell earrings, the conductor is 
missing a blanket and the toad is missing a gold ring. The blanket is in the cabin 
with no one is in it, disappear into the floor and a toad’s ghost appears talk to 
the ghost and he wants his diary and he think he left it in the cargo hold. Go get 
it and give it to the ghost and he’ll give you the blanket. Give it to the 
conductor and go to cabin 6 and three people are in it, the mouse guy was going to 
a business meeting but, he lost his product a super-charged Honey Syrup and he says 
that if someone mixed in some shells from shell earrings and a bit of gold from a 
gold ring it’ll reach explosive properties. Someone is planning to destroy 
everyone; you have to find the culprit to the case of the missing honey syrup. (If 
you want extra cases go to cabin 8 and the bom-omb wants what he wants for his 
birthday) (Which is the driver’s autograph) (Give it to him and you get a star 
piece) The honey syrup is in your cabin, go to your cabin and disappear then a toad 
pops out of your bed and then reappear and give the honey syrup back to the mouse 
and you get the shell earrings and the gold ring, go back to your cabin and get 
some shut eye. The 2nd day: the fueling stop when the announcement goes over the 
intercom you can go outside but, when you get outside you see the drawbridge is up. 
You need to go to the conductor and he’ll give you the key to get inside, go inside 
and you find a switch inside the bars go hit it and stairs will appear to go to a 
new room of gears and a key at the other end. You need to pass the gear puzzle to 
get the key first roll under the first one and you need to climb into the gears 
with the windows and once you’re at the top use yoshi to get to the key, go back to 
the beginning of the place and unlock the door go to all the way to the dead end, 
use Flurrie to blow away the paper. Go in the door and you see a caged badge 
(you’ll get that later) go in the next door and you see three red switches with 
numbers on them, hit the switches as many times as the switch’s number is. And 
stairs appear, go up there and you find a giant chest open it and Ultra Boots 
appear now you can super jump hold A and rotate the control stick. Go back to the 
caged badge and use the super jump to grab the pipe and get into the cage use the 
super jump to hit the platform under the badge and the badge flies off the 
platform. Get it and get out, you have to find the elevator key, once you find it 
use it on the elevator go to the next floor and you see a group of black gear 
things, beat them up and you see a lever, use it and stairs appear, hit the switch 
and the drawbridge goes down, get back on the train. Get some shut eye. Day 3: This 
is the unloading day, go talk to the driver, then the black things appear all over 
the train, the driver wants you to check on the passengers go to the back of the 
train and you see more black things, beat them up and the conductor and waitress 
appear, all the black things go out to the top of the train. Follow them and you 
see about 100000 on the train. Hit them a lot and then all the black things form a 
monster and it has the passengers, defeat it and you get unbounded go to the 
sanctum and then the penguin shows up and he’s the sanctum manager he unlocks the 
sanctum and the shadow sirens and doopliss take the crystal star but, it was a fake 
you have to find the real one. Use the super jump every time you see a star panel 
in the floor, after the last one hit the switch and a pipe appears. Go in it and 
you’re in the picture go in the sanctum in the picture and the real star is in 
there get it and you get out of the picture. TEC lets Peach in again they talk 
about how close Grodus is to finding out about there little get together. Then 
Grodus comes in and they’re going to shut down TEC they take Peach somewhere and 
TEC LOVES Peach! Bowser then gets to Keehaul Key and finds out you’re not there and 
took the Crystal Star with him, he gets all mad and starts stomping his anger out 
of him. Mario talks to the penguin and you go back to Rougeport on the train then 
you go back to the thousand-year door and all the flashy effects happen and a new 
location is revealed you go back to the professor’s house. (There’s something 
special about this location) He says the next location is THE MOON!!! He tells you 
that he’s completed his research and about it. You need to go to the east side of 
Rougeport and slide through the grate and smash the gray block, go down the pipe 
and go west to Farr Outpost. You need to get the cannon in the middle of the town 
working again talk to this green bom-omb long enough for him to tell you that you 
need permission from Gold Bob and the key from a stashed bom-omb, you’ll find Gold 
Bob in Poshley Heights find a room with a giant grey block but, first you’ll need 
to go to the middle of Rougeport and use the super jump under the giant chest to 
get it off and open it and you’ll get Ultra Hammer go back to that room and smash 
the giant block with your new hammer technique and activate both pipes find the one 
that goes to Poshley Heights and talk to the yellow bom-omb in that bom-omb family 
he’ll give you the permission now the tricky part you have to follow Great White 
all over Mushroom Kingdom now go back to Farr Outpost and talk to the green guy 
again and find out where Great White went first then go there find a guy that tells 
you where he’s gone next keep doing that until you’re back at Farr Outpost (you 
HAVE to follow the trail Great White’s went in or this won’t work) once you’re back 
at Farr Outpost you talk to the green guy again and in the distance you see Great 
White go in his house and keep trying to wake him up. Once he’s awoken talk to him 
you need the cannon and you get loaded and he’s preparing to fire you, you’re fired
(before you get fired into deep space you should probably stock on items because 
when you’re on the moon you can’t come back until your mission is finished.) into 
the space go to the space where they’re more enemies defeat them and explode the 
cracked rocks until you find a pipe, go in the pipe and go into the dome building 
then you don’t know where this is but, then two X-nauts appear and want a fight, 
defeat them and you find out that this is the X-naut fortress. You have to find 
elevator and go down it, you have to look for the card keys for almost every card 
key room that you find there’s an electrical puzzle and if you walk on the wrong 
path to get the Crystal Star. Go west to find the first Card Key, go to the 
sublevel 2 and find an elevator key to unlock an elevator and look for the card 
keys. In a big room that you see Grodus in often, go to his office and you’ll find 
a card key. Go to the west door to find the last card key then go to the east door, 
a thwomp and he gives you a quiz, pass it and he gives you an elevator key go to 
the locked elevator and unlock it go to the third level and three money machine 
type things are there, put the three keys in there and there is a factory maze, you 
see a blue switch that you can’t get to, use Bobbery to blow it up and the conveyor 
belt starts working go through the fence and use Vivian to go under the fence and 
go through a pipe to go to the other side of a fencing complex well that’s what it 
looked like. You have to find a switch that makes stairs to the door. You have to 
get to that door and once you do you have to have a blue card key to open the door. 
You open the door and Lord Crump is waiting for you. He gets into the new and 
improved Magnus Von Grapple 2.0!! You have to defeat him once you do out of the 
smoking rubble of Magnus Von Grapple 2.0 the Crystal Star appears and it’s called 
the [Crystal Star] ironic huh. So after that TEC activated a detonator that’s going 
to blow up the X-naut Fortress but he leaves enough power for you to use the 
teleporter to Rougeport. Go to the Thousand-Year Door and stand on the pedestal for 
the last time. Once you do the special effects happen but this time cracks appear 
around the door and it opens and a dark portal appears to the Palace of Shadow 
climb into it. Before you go in the door go get lots of money and spend it on Ultra 
shrooms in the Rougeport Sewers Item Shop
IX Chapter 8 

This palace is full of puzzles and traps. The first room isn’t much just big and 
empty. The second one is a big down staircase and three Swooplas. The next one is a 
three level corridor with about seven enemies. The next one has two flame puzzles 
the first one is five flames in a row spinning around in a circle the middle has a 
Phantom Ember and 10 flames spinning. The second puzzle has five flames in a row 
coming at you when they’re on the ground you have to jump over them, when they’re 
in the air you need to use Vivian to disappear under them. The next room has a 
spike puzzle you have to walk past while getting the badge and defeating the 
Swooplas. The next room has another three level corridor just like the one you saw 
earlier. The next one is the biggest room in the Palace of Shadow there’s two chain 
chomps and when you get to the far west of the room, you’ll be challenged to a 
battle by Beldam, Marilyn and Professor Frankly?!? Just kidding the Professor turns 
into Doopliss. You defeat them and go to the west door and you see a dragon that 
looks like Hooktail but it’s black and its not Hooktail it’s Gloomtail, and 
Hooktail is his sister??! You defeat him and your prize is a star stone, go back to 
the chomp head things throw Bobbery in both of them and a pipe appears. Go in the 
pipe and hit the switches on the other sides and two boat panels appear, go on the 
panel to get to the building in the north of the screen. Go to the top of the 
building and put the star stone in the star shaped hole then there are eight 
pedestals with keyholes you have to find the keys. Go into the doors in the last 
two floors and solve the eight riddles the riddles are on billboards in the wall. 
Go back to the pedestals and put a key in each keyhole and the orb thing gets some 
rings and a staircase appears where Gloomtail was.  Go down the staircase and into 
the door in the wall climb the stairs and use yoshi to float to the door. Go in the 
door and use Koops’s stay ability to hit the switch get to the big gap and hit the 
switch. Go jump over the platform and go into the door. Then a you see a green 
block in the east use yoshi to float across the gap and fall down the second gap 
hit the switch and get on the purple block quickly then use yoshi again to float to 
a hole in the wall, turn into your tube form and jump over the gap. Go to the door 
and open it and a trap appears you have to spring jump to a pipe above the first 
yellow line climb it to the end. Go to the second yellow line spring jump to the 
pipe and climb to the end. Go in the door and go up the stairs throw Bobbery to the 
switch in the gap and a temporarily platform appears. Jump to the platform and on 
the other side but, be careful there’s a Chain Chomp when you get past the chain 
chomp you see stars engraved in the wall, remember them. Go to the wheel and use 
yoshi to float to the bottom platform and use Koops to get the key. Jump down and 
go to the locked door when you get there you see seven switches and stars above 
them, the switches light up the stars make the stars look like the stars you saw 
earlier. When you do that the wheel starts moving, go on the wheel to get to the 
other side, go to the door and you see a boarded hole, break it and you see a door. 
Go through it and you see a trap, the trap is a narrow path you have to pass it you 
see a door and when you pass it you see a plane panel fly to the door on the other 
side. Go through the door and you see a giant corridor. Go through the door on the 
other side (you probably won’t think you’ll lose because of the ultra shrooms you 
bought, right?) and you see Grodus on a throne. He told you his plot and you fight 
him hints: He has four Grodus X’s to start with and they attack and protect him 
just like the Yuxs. Defeat him and he shows he has Peach and he throws lightning on 
you (don’t worry it doesn’t hurt your HP) then Bowser lands on him and he sees 
Peach and you and he wants a battle. Hints: Kammy Koopa protects Bowser, you have 
to defeat Kammy Koopa and Bowser, you have to use your ultra shrooms in this 
battle. Defeat him and Grodus escapes with Peach into a secret passageway, follow 
him and when you get there you see Peach in front of a crypt. Grodus awakens The 
Shadow Queen and when she awakens all of Mushroom kingdom gets a quake and the sky 
turns dark. The Shadow Queen possesses Peach and she destroys Grodus but, leaves 
his head, then the Shadow Sirens and Doopliss appear and they’re her servants.  
Then she spys you and you battle her in her human form hints: she’ll once be 
unhurtable ande you have to use ultra shrooms and jamming jellies. She then see she 
is weak and turns herself into her real form then you can’t hurt her. Then the 
Crystal Stars go to the town they have been found in and deliver the people’s 
wishes and positive energy to the room you’re in. Then Peach’s spirit brings your 
stats to the max and you can hurt her, defeat her and Peach turns back to normal. 
Then you go back to Rougeport waiting for your boat to bring you back home and all 
of your partners tell you their good-byes and what they’re going to do with their 
lives. Then Goombella sends you an e-mail of what everybody’s life is like now and 
Peach comes back telling you that she found a real treasure map and you go back to 
Rougeport to do stuff that you wanted to do.
X Partners
Goombella found when she was with Lord Crump attacks: Headbonk, Tattle and Multibonk
Koops found on the way to Hooktail’s Castle attacks: Shell Shot, Power Shell and 
Shell Sheild
Flurrie found getting her necklace attacks: Body Slam, Gale Force and Lip Lock
Yoshi found hatching from the egg from the hot dog stand attacks: Ground Pound, 
Gulp, Mini Egg and Stampede
Vivian found looking for the Superbomb attacks: Shade Fist, Vial, and Fiery Jinx
Bobbery found in a locked house attacks: Bomb, Bomb Squad, Hold Fast and Bomombast 
Mrs. Mowz found looking for the badge Attack FX B attacks: Love Slap, Kiss Thief 
and Tease
I hoped you enjoyed this walkthrough if there’s anything else I should put in my 
next one just please send your comments to [email protected]

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