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Q.Where do I get the frog suit?
A.Talk to a frog in the backyard named Freida.
she'll give you it for free.

Q.Where do I get the ghost suit?
A.Use the trauma suit ONE time.

Q.Where do I get the trauma suit?
A.Just run out of battery power.

Q.Where do I get the Drake Redcrest suit?
A.Talk to Drake Redcrest;he'll ask you a question.
Say yes and he'll give one to you but he'll test you
by making you do his special pose (which looks alot like farting)
by pressing Z when he does his pose.

Q.Where do I get the Super-Chibi-Robo suit?
A.Reach Rank 1 in the Chibi-Ranking or revive Giga-Robo.

Q.Where do I get the pajamas?
A.Talk to Mrs.Sanderson when she locked herself in her room (you may have to 
get through most of the storyline) and she'll get her sewing kit out. She 
doesn't have any old clothing to use, so find either an old hankercheif or old 
boxers. (If you get the hankercheif, your pajamas will be pink. The boxers will 
make your pajamas blue.) Then talk to her and she will start making them. Then 
just wait a whole day (1 night, 1 day, vice versa) and she will have them ready 
for you.

Q.Where do I get the Chibi-blaster?
A.You buy it off the online store for 1,100 Moolah in your Chibi-House.

Q.Where do I get the Chibi-radar?
A.Same as above, except it's about 1,700 Moolah.

Q.Where do I get the Spooon?
A.In the kitchen, but you'll need a kitchen ladder which you can buy for scrap 
metal. It is 300 for a ladder.

Q.Where do I get the squirter?
A.First of all, you need access to upstairs. Next, just go into Jenny's room 
and next to the TV on her table, there it will be.

Q.What are Utilibots?
A.Helpful machines that have Chibi-robo's eyes.
They include ladders, bridges, and teleporters.

Q.Where do I get the upgraded blaster?
A.At the end of the storyline, before the final boss, you get
an upgraded blaster to fight off Spydorz and the Queen Spydor.

Q.Where do I get the Alien Ear Chip?
A.Same as question 1 except for about 2,500 Moolah.

Q.Why do my Utilibots not move off counters?
A.If they did, they'd explode. :P

Q.What happens once you get all the frog rings?
A.Give them to Jenny and she'll finally take her frog hat off and talk normally.

Q.How do you get the UFO to come down to the house?
A.Use your radar on the crop circle area in the backyard.

Q.What are Spydorz?
A.Spider-like robots
that don't take kindly to Cheebo.
Mr.Sanderson programmed them to be friends of Chibi-Robo but unfortunately they 
malfunctioned and/or were programmed to destroy Chibi-Robo.

                             I own nothing of
                 Nintendo, it's characters, or music, etc.

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