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The Perfect Livestock Guide The Perfect Livestock Guide The Perfect Livestock Guide
          |Author: marjo5858                         |
          |Title: The Perfect Livestock Guide        |
          |Game: Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life|
          |Version: 1.0                              |
          |Date Of Creation: April 30, 2006          |
1. Updates
2. Sheep
3. Cows
4. Horses
5. Chickens
1. Updates
April 30, 2006: This Guide was made!
2. Sheep
Sheep require 1 fodder serving each day. Once you have clippers, you can shear your 
sheep. It will take 10 days for the wool to grow back. There are different types of 
wool, which sell for different prices.

Wool Type    Price    Description                    Requirements
Dull Wool    ?????    Worn-Out, Dirty wool           Poor care, not brushing
Wool         ?????    Plain White wool               Good care, brushing sometimes
Golden Wool  600G     Golden, highly valuable wool   Great care, brushing a lot

Sheep purchase description is below.
Gender      Price     Description                    Requirements
Male Only   1500G     If clipped, wool can be sold   Fodder, Brush

Sheep cannot use the Miracle Potion. I do not know why, but partly because there 
are only males. Why are there only males, then? I have no idea. When purchasing a 
sheep, you must consider how many animals you have. A barn can only hold 8 animals. 
Choose their feed box when purchasing. I put mine across my horse on the end, then 
the other cows in the other spaces. 

Sheep can be sold for 600G.
3. Cows
Cows require 2 fodder servings every day. A milker is automatically in the Tool 
Shed, so no need to buy one. Cows can be milked in the morning and in the night. 
The first cow that comes with the game can milk, but only for one year. In order 
for any cow to milk, they must have a Miracle Potion. Bulls cannot use Miracle 
Potion. You don't need Miracle Potion if there is a male and female. Miracle Potion 
makes a cow, usually female.

Cow milk description is shown below.
Milk        Qty. Price Qty. Price Qty. Price          
Normal      A    ????? B    ????? C    ?????
Brown       A    ????? B    ????? C    ?????
Marble      A    ????? B    ????? C    ?????
Star        A    ????? B    ????? C    ?????

There are 4 different types of cows: Normal, Brown, Marble, and Star. Star, for 
example, would make Star milk. The chart, going from up to down, shows lowest value 
to highest value of milk/cows.

Cow purchase description is shown below.
Gender   Type    Price   Description 
Male     Normal  3000G   Bull. White and black spotted.
Female   Normal  4000G   Cow. White and black spotted.
Male     Brown   3000G   Bull. Brown coloring, cocoa nose.
Female   Brown   4000G   Cow. Brown coloring, cocoa nose.
Male     Marble  4000G   Bull. White and black spotted, like normal bull.
Female   Marble  5000G   Cow. White with brown and yellow spots.
Male     Star    5000G   Bull. Brown coloring, like brown bull, with a star on head.
Female   Star    6000G   Cow. Brown coloring, like brown cow, with a star on head.

Cows can use Miracle Potion. Chart below.
Gender       Product          Price
Female Only  Miracle Potion   Young cow: 1500
Female Only  Miracle Potion   Older cow: 3000

Cows sell varying upon age, type, and gender.
4. Horses
Horses require 1 fodder serving a day. Unlike cows, chickens and sheep, they don't 
make produce to be shipped. You can ride them, but that is it.

Horses cannot be purchased or sold. A male horse is given to you in the summer of 
the first year.

Horses can be brushed and fed, but nothing more. Also, they love to be cuddled.
5. Chickens
Chickens require a sack of bird feed. The amount of time the sack lasts depends 
upon how many chickens there are.

Chicken purchase chart below.
Gender   Price    Description
Female   1500     Lays eggs every day if its not sick.
Male     1500     Can fertilize eggs laid by females.

Egg selling chart below.
Egg         Price  
Egg         ?????
Fertilized  ?????
Golden      300G

If placed in the incubator, fertilized eggs become chicks.

In the 3rd year, you can buy the chicken yard. If you do so, the locked building 
will be torn down, and in its place will be a little fenced area outside for 
chickens. Don't worry about food out there, because they will eat grass on the 
That is all. 

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