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Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance.
Version 1
By Daniel Nieweglowski.

b. Version Info
c. Copy right info( A good idea to read this)
d. Iformation on the series.
e. What needs to be done.
f. Questions and Answers

Well this my first faq so if you have any problems just email me at 
[email protected] I will not answer any questions that was in this faq.

Version info
Again this is my first. I will try to update as soon as possible.
I recently updated the pictures on the tanker epesode.

Copyright info
You CANNOT! use or distribute this in any way without my promission. If you wish to 
use this for a website or anything you must email me first.

Info on the series
Well it all starts out when the hero snake must infiltrate a tanker heading for New 
York also holding a weapon of mass destruction Metal Gear Ray. Metal Gear is a 
weapon capable of destroying an entire city! Snake aka david had destoy a hell of 
alot of those units in the past. Here are som names of all the metal gear units he 
had to destroy. Im not sure if they are all right.
1. Metal Gear.
2. Metal Gear 2 
3. Metal Gear Rex.
4. Metal Gear Ray. 

Any ways snake boards the tanker with an outstanding entrance and his partner otocan 
aka. Hal Emrick( Snake met the scientist that was forced into creating Metl ear Rex 
when He was bieng attacked by a cyborg ninja.) He gives you a brief intro duction on 
your weapons. So that leaves snake sneaking into the tanker decks. Soon he sees the 
place being taken over by russian soldiers killing the marines. He snaks around and 
encounters a russian woman named Olga Gulocivioch and tranqulizers her because he 
doent have real weapons but takes a pistol from her. He sneaks in and recieves word 
from Otacon that Metal Gear is bieng held in hold 3 while the commanders giving his 
speach you must take pictures of metal Gear. He is then ambushed but manages to kill 
every one. He sneaks through all 3 holds takes the pictures but metal gear is then 
hijacked by Revolver Ocelot aka Shalashaska And Sergi Gulockovich. Snake then 
uploads the picture to the computer not bieng caught and sends them to Otocan. 
Shalashaska then says to sergi Mother Russia could rot for all i care and gets into 
metal gear and while in it he is bieng take over by his arm which was cut off in 
Metal Gear solid and who took him over? Liquid Snake! He was in that arm and 
hijacked Ray. Those marines are shooting but that no good. Ray braks through the 
tanker and escapes before the tanker sinks. But there is no sign of snake. he is 

What needs to be done
Were to get pictures in the Plant eposode idf anyone knows.
And the Story of what happens next. I only rented the game.

All people that help me out will get credit for this faq.

The pictures
If you are reading this you must be 15 year old.

Tanker Picture.
Areas Were the pictures are found.
1. Deck-A Crews lounge in front of the bar table
2. Deck-A Crews Quarters in the locker room. One of the lockers has it.
Plant Pictures
1. Strut-C Dinning hall there are 2 of them there. you cant miss them.
 Sorry tell Me if i Missed Any.

Questions and answeres.
There are no questions and answers now but email me at [email protected] for 

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