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The Pokemon Registeel
6-28-04 (Version 1.1)
Unkown Kid3 is now known as Deoxys...
T.O.C                              ============*Stats may be different...
=====                              ============
(01)Registeel                      ============
(02)Using Vitamins on Registeel    ============
(03)Moves                          ============
(04)Copyrights                     ============
Registeel is a great Pokemon if you train it to Lv:100!
It's Sp.Def and Def. will skyrocket after L:45.
But it's Sp.Atk and Atk won't go up as quickly, though.
(Sometimes It's speed will go up by 2 points instead of 1 point.)
Mine's Stats:
Def: 345*
Sp.Def: 386*
If you decide to teach it Amnesia and Iron Defense and then use vitamins on it then 
train it to Lv:100, it would be unstoppable!
Using Vitamins on Registeel is a good way to make it stronger, But be Warned:
(1) Vitamins are Permanet!!!!
(2) They cost alot of money!!
(03)    =====)*: I don;t know how much Power Points that move has...
Moves   =====)**: That move doesn't have a type...
        =====)***: I don;t that Level that move is learned at...
(01) Metal Claw (Type: Steel, P.P. 35/35)
(02) Superpower (Type: Normal, P.P. 5/5)
(03) Curse      (Type: ??? (**) P.P. 10/10)(*)
(04) Ancientpower (Type: Rock, P.P. 5/5)
Learned Moves
(01)Amnesia (Type: Psychic, P.P. 20/20)((Lv:42 or Lv:42))
(02)Iron Defense (Type: Steel, P.P. 15/15)((Lv:42 or Lv:42))
(03)Zap Cannon (Type: Electric , P.P. 5/5)((Lv:??))(***)
(04)Lock-On    Type: Normal , P.P. 5/5)((Lv:??))(***)
How to get to Registeel: (COPY THIS INFO ONLY IF YOU CAN'T REMEMBER IT!!!)
(01)Fish up a Wailmer to evovle on Route 122. 
(01,Cont.)go out of Soloptis City and Dive to find a Relcanith.
(02)Go west of Pacidlog Town until you hit a current.
(03)Try to navigate through the curennts until you hit a spot where you can Dive. 
(05)Go East or West (Depending on where you Dived on that spot.)until you see a 
that lookes like it's cracked.
(06)Dive back up ON THAT SPOT, Go to the other side of the room, the wall tells you 
to put your Relcanith in the First Position ana a Wailord in the Last one.
(07)Go east of Fortree City now go South until you see the bridge that Steven gave 
you the Devon Scope.
(08)Go South-West under the bridge until you see a piece of land with a cave on it.
(09)Go in it.
(10)Go to the middle of the room and use Fly.
(10,Cont.)select any place.
(11)Go throgh the wall.
(12)SAVE BEFORE YOU BATTLE Registeel!!!!
You just have to capture him.

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