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Hi, I'm Britnee and I have beaten this game tons of times. So I'm like a master at 
this game. Here are some simple ?'s you may ask.

Q.)How do I get Epona the horse?

A.)First you go to Lon Lon Ranch and pay 10 rupees to ride a horse. Once you're in 
the corral play Epona's song and make Epona come to you. Get on her and ride over 
to Ingo(the man at the gate)and talk to him. He will then ask you to race him for 
50 rupees. Say Yes. Once you beat Ingo, he'll want a rematch for another 50 rupees. 
Say yes. Once you beat him he'll give you Epona, but won't let you out of the 
ranch. So, you have to jump over the gate. Then you have Epona!**TIP**:When you 
race Ingo make sure you do NOT use the last carrot, because it takes a long time 
for all the carrots to load up again.

Q.)How do I get the Scarecrow song?

A.) You go to Bonnaru( the lower scarecrow)as a child and show your orcarina to him 
and then he will want you to play a song. Play a song that you created. Then play 
the same melody to Pierre( the high scarecrow). Then come back as an adult and talk 
to Bonnaru. Show him the orcarina and play the same tune that you did before as a 

Q.)How do I get that giant rolling goron?

A.) Well you have to bomb him by the sign in that cave thing. The prize for getting 
him is a bigger bomb bag that can hold 30 bombs.

Q.) How do I get the Fire and Ice arrows?

A.) Fire: Get them in Lake Hylia by shooting the sun by the pedastal to warp to 
lake Hylia.
    Ice: Complete the Gerudu Training Center.

Q.) Any tips on beating Ganon?

A.) Yes, Once Ganon strikes you can still get him.

Q.)I beat Malon's course, what do I get as a prize?

A.) You get a cow in your house.

Well I hope you enjoy my Faq. Look for more stuff by Zeldagirl94.
PLEASE DO NOT COPY THIS FAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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