The Saga Begins - Guide for Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles

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Star Wars Jedi Power Battles:  For Gameboy Advance

I:  Intro
II:  Characters
III:  Basics
IV:  Levels

I:  Intro
You have been chosen by the Jedi High Council to embark on a most dangerous quest.  
You must stop the greedy Trade Federation from attacking the planet Naboo.  It is 
up to you to play as either Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon Jinn, or Mace Windu.  Good luck, and 
may the Force be with you.

II:  Characters

Obi-Wan:  Qui-Gon Jinn's padawan learner.  He is not as powerful as Qui-Gon or 
Mace, but he makes up for it with his powerful attacks.
Rising Saber Slice:  Double Tap A  Saber Thrust:  Control Pad+A.  Force Swipe:  R+L

Qui-Gon Jinn:  An independent Jedi that attacks using the Force itself.
Overhead Slash:  L  Force:  R+L

Mace Windu:  A powerful Jei that ties in power with the great Yoda.
Saber Smash:  R+L  One-Handed Backhand Slap:  L
(Note:  Only the last move of each character uses force energy)

III:  Basics
A:  Saber
B:  Jump
B in midair:  Force Jump
R:  Block
Start:  Pause
L:  Force Attacks
A in midair:  Saber Spike

IV:  Levels
I:  Trade Federation Ship-Boss:  Tie Fighter
II:  Swamps of Naboo-Boss:  Gungan Guard
III:  City of Theed-Boss:  Turret Droid
(Rescue Five Handmaidens to proceed sucsessfully)
IV:  Theed Palace-Boss:  Two HUGE Droids
V:  Tattooine-Boss:  A bunch of Sith Probe Droids
VI:  Coruscant-Boss:  Giant Robber
VII:  Ruins-Boss:  ???
VIII:  Streets of Theed-Boss:  Ship
IX:  Palace Cliffs-Boss:  None
(Rescue Five Pilots to Win)
X:  Final Battle-Boss and ONLY ENEMY:  Darth Maul

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