The Seceret For Catching The Rare Pok`emon Regice, Registeel, And Regirock - Guide for Pokemon Sapphire

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  The Seceret For Catching The Rare Pok`emon Regice, Registeel, and Regirock

To catch any of these pok`emon you need to start off at PACFIDLOG TOWN and head 
from there and try to stay at the bottom of the screen when you get to ROUTE 134 
should be in shallow water so get to the edge Of the water on the right and then 
save your progress then try surf in different areas in the shallow water sooner 
later you will drift into a small circle of water use dive in the darker spot of 
circle head north from there untill you reach a dead end youll see a message 
chiseled into the rock the message says to use dive so stand in front of the text 
and use dive then youll emerge in a new cavern in the cavern youll find 10 rock 
tablets peppered with visual braille (the 26 letter english alphabet) after you 
how to translate them  read the message on the northern wall youll learn  how to 
break through the wall to reach the 2nd cavern but if you dont know how to 
the message it says to use dig so use dig in front of the text then youll be in 
innermost cavern in the innermost cavern youll be surrounded by seven mounds each 
inscribed with more of the mysterious messages even when translated the message 
remains cryptic once you understand there meaning youll know what to do to 
trigger a 
seismic event to complete the task you may need to go on a pokemon hunt its all 
worth the trouble youll unlock three new areas in HOENN the message tells you to 
a Relicanth in yours teams lead position and a Wailord in the final position 
you complete the task reenter the innermost cavern and approach the northern 
the ground will shake and three ruins across HOENN will break open each contains 
mysteries and a new pokemon that you cant find any where else the first place you 
should go is PETALBURG CITY go west you should be in ROUTE 104 use surf and head 
north until you see land go to the land and then head south till you come to a 
cavern go in it and head north to the northern wall there is a message on it the 
message says stop and wait wait for time to pass twice in other words just wait 
until a passage opens go through the passage there you will find the rare pokemon 
regice next go to FORTREE CITY head east from there then you should be at ROUTE 
after you have passed the second bridge head north until you see a set of stairs 
up them and head north until you see a cavern go in there go to the northern wall 
and there is a message the message says with new time hope and love aim to the 
in the middle in other words go to the middle of the room and use fly a passage 
open go through the passage and then you will see then pokemon registeel next go 
MAUVILLE CITY and head north when you get to the DESERT RUINS head south untill 
see a cavern go in the cavern and go to the northern wall there will be another 
message the message says right right down down then use strength so stay at the 
northern wall and press right right down down and then use strength the last 
will open and you will see the last pokemon  regirock.

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