Okage: Shadow King

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The Second Swallow

Chapter 3

Two new characters will enter the game this chapter.

Gutten Kisling:  He is a ghost expert.  You met him briefly in Chapter 1, and he can 
be quite strange.  He loves clipping toenails for no particular reason and also 
seems to stalk pretty girls and uses the excuse that he's doing field work.  He is a 
usable character.

Princess Marlene:  She is the Princess of the world you are in. She makes you partly 
her slave and partly Evil King Stan's.  She is not a usable character, even though 
she enters dialogues a lot.

The adventure begins:
After you fight the Sewer Evil King and get through all the dialogue you will 
finally be in Chapter 3. Before you go and leave the place, I recommend talking to 
everyone in the city. As soon as you leave the city, Kisling comes along and joins 
your team. Travel right down the map to the beach and Rashelo. When you first get 
there, the hotel may not be open for business. Just talk to everyone and witness the 
Bubble Evil King incident where Princess Marlene is kidnapped. Of course, Evil King 
Stan wants you to kidnap her too, so, since you are forced to do what Stan tells you 
to, you oblige. To go to the ruins, just go around the trees to the guy in the 
sailor suit.  I recommend buying supplies first, though, incuding the Nameless Sword 
and nuts. The urns are no problem when you fight them. They never took me more than 
two hits. Refill your health often, though, at the dungeon diary. After both grates 
are open walk to the grate on the second floor and fight the Bubble Evil King. To 
make it easier, attack his helpers before him. Refill your health often, as your 
health may get low if, as it always happens to me, everyone attacks only your 
character. If you fight well, Evil King Stan may decide to help, too. Afer you beat 
the Bubble Evil King, you will encounter dialogue and Princess Marlene will join 
your team, although she won't fight. So that K of Clubs weapon is not accessible yet.

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