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Game Walkthrough 

This is only a game walkthrough, if you want to know other things look at 
something else. 

Mission 1: 

File 1: Talk to Uncle Hayseed to unlock
Give Uncle Hayseed the family album in you pocket
Then raise your relationship with Uncle Hayseed to 30.

File 2: Talk to Uncle Hayseed to unlock
Get something to eat- go into the house and make a meal
Take a nap
Take a shower

File 3: Talk to Uncle Hayseed to unlock
Go to the backyard and pick up the rooster statue, the bed, and the biker 
couch. Repair the refrigerator and the television, if you get electrocuted 
then go out front and tune-up the tractor and then try again. If you don’t get 
electrocuted then still tune-up the tractor after you fix the refrigerator and 
the television you will need that skill point later. Then put the furniture in 
the barn. * You can change the colour of your furniture by selecting it while 
it is out and pressing the R button*  

File 4: Talk to Uncle Hayseed to unlock
Fix the refrigerator and the television- HAHA you already did that!
Tune-up the tractor- You did that too
If you listened before you will be finished with this file

File 5: Talk to Uncle Hayseed to unlock
Mow the Lawn
Get a promotion- to get promoted you will need:
Mechanical skill: 1
Body Skill: 0
Game score: 50

Mission 2:

File 1: Talk to Uncle Hayseed
He will tell you that his chickens escaped and that you have to find them and 
find out who let them out.

There is one chicken on the staircase in the barn
 There is one chicken in the barn bathroom
There are two chickens in the orchard outside the farm
There is a chicken in the lad plot next to the Burning Spoke
There is a chicken in the bathroom of the Burning Spoke
There is a chicken across the street from the general store
There is a chicken in the parking lot next to the general store
Then find Det. Dan D. Mann and talk to him
Then Talk to Uncle Hayseed

File 2: Talk to Uncle Hayseed to unlock
Sell the biker couch to the bartender at the Burning Spoke
Buy a shower from the general store and put it in the barn
Then talk to Uncle Hayseed he will tell you that Det. Dan D. Mann is looking 
for you

File 3: Talk to Det. Dan D. Mann to unlock
Get a relationship of 10 with Nora Zeal-Ott
Check out the auction at the general store from 5 PM-7 PM- you will have to 
participate but you don’t have to buy anything

File 4: Talk to Uncle Hayseed to unlock
Talk to Dusty Hogg
Get a relationship of 25 with Dusty Hogg
Return Dusty’s Helmet- it is in the lot across from the general store
Fix Dusty’s Bike

File 5: Talk to Dusty Hogg to unlock
Bartend at the Burning Spoke
Then Talk to Dusty Hogg
Paint Dusty’s Bike
Find 5 Aluminum Cans and bring them to VirtuChem
Then go talk to Dusty

File 6: Talk to Uncle Hayseed to unlock
Get Help from Giuseppe Mezzoalto- Talk to him
Make 1 friend
Give $500 to Uncle Hayseed
Earn a 2nd Promotion (Bartend or Mow the Lawn)

Mission 3:

File 1: Talk to Old Salty to unlock
Talk to O. Phil McClean
Get a relationship of 40 with O. Phil
Get a fishing book at Nikki Knack’s Bric-a-Brac shop
Buy a fishing pole at the general store
Then talk to O. Phil

File 2: Talk to Vernon Peeve to unlock
Get Body skill of 2
Get a relationship of 40 with Eddie Renalin
Pay $200 for Membership

File 3: Talk to Hester Primm to unlock
Destroy all 15 bookworms- there are worms in the library, to kill them walk 
over them.
Get 3 books from other Sims- 
Talk to Misty Waters to get a book
Talk to Clair Clutterbell to get a book
Talk to Daddy Bigbucks to get a book
Then give them to Hester Primm
Then get a cooking skill point

File 4: Talk to Bucki Brock to unlock
Get permission from original owner-talk to Maximillian Moore
Get a relationship of 30 with Det. Dan D. Mann
Pay $1,000 to Maximillian Moore
Buy 10 flyers from Nikki Knack’s Bric-a-Brac and give it to random people

File 5: Talk to Giuseppe Mezzoalto to unlock
Acquire a crowbar- talk to Uncle Hayseed
Find city blueprints- go into the clock tower and go upstairs there will be a 
trapdoor, go down it and there will be the blueprints
Lower the maintenance ladders-go to the manhole in front of the Country Café, 
go down it and there will be a button, press it and the maintenance ladders 
will lower. Then give the blueprints to Giuseppe

File 6: Talk to Nikki Knack to unlock
Make 4 friends
Give $3,000 to her
Earn 2 promotions (Bait Flinger or Power lifting)

Mission 4: 

File 1: Talk to Clair Clutterbell to unlock
Pick Rusty lock (you will need at least 4 skill points in mechanical)
Find ghostly gift- go into the sewers and somewhere down there, there will be 
an urn, give it to Ephram Earl
Learn Crazy Talk- get a logic skill of 4
Answer the ghost’s riddles:

How many sides does a circle have?

Which does not belong in this group: Apple, Grape, Banana, or Pear? 

How many letters are in THE ALPHABET?

What letter fits in the following series? BCDEIKOX

When I am filled I can point one way. When I am empty, nothing moves me. I 
have 2 skins, 1 without and 1 within- What am I?
-A glove

When you have completed all of these things then go to the yard of the haunted 
house, at the far end of it there will be a trap door, go down it and there 
will be a lot of furniture, you can take it all and put it in your house. 

File 2: Talk to Daschell Swank to unlock
Navigate the maze to Lover’s Leap- go to your map and fin the Turing 
Labyrinths highest point that is Lover’s Leap.
Paint a beautiful seascape- at Lover’s Leap there is an easel, paint on it, 
you will need a creativity skill of at least 5 or 6.
Then find Daschell and sell your painting to him

File 3: Talk to Mel Odious to unlock
Find a place to jam- talk to Uncle Hayseed
Get noticed- get a popularity of 25
Develop a look- get creativity of 3 and charisma of 2
Acquire one cool guitar- buy one from Giuseppe’s van that is parked near the 
dock late at night on some nights.
Impress the local band leader- raise your relationship with Vera Vex, I don’t 
know to what though.

File 4: Talk to Lottie Cash to unlock
Befriend the cook-get a relationship of 60 with Chet R. Chase
Prove your Worth- get a cooking skill point of 5
Pay the show entry fee- Lottie will tell you how much that is

File 5: Talk to Daddy Bigbucks to unlock
Catch Veloci-Rooster- When you find it (it is the rooster that knocks you out) 
select it and choose “catch” from the menu.
Beat the Bull Riding Record- get a body of 6, and you will have to be very 
happy, once you are just ride a bull in the Country Café.
Knock out “Mad” Willie Hurtzya- he is the guy in the gym in  the boxing rink, 
you have to got up to him while you are perfectly happy and then rapidly press 
the A button.

File 6: Talk to Daddy Bigbucks to unlock
Make 8 friends
Earn $10,000 and give it to Daddy Bigbucks
Get 3 promotions (Jam session or Pizza Pandemonium) 

Mission 5: 
File 1: Talk to Det. Dan D. Mann to unlock
Find sculpture’s name- Talk to Daschell Swank
Collect 30 Aluminum cans
Gain a popularity of 50

File 2: Talk to Misty Waters to unlock
Find the Cliffs- They are the staircase next to the Country Café that have 
always been blocked off (you first have to pester Misty)
Pester the Lifeguard- Get a relationship of -50 with Misty 

File 3: Talk to Nora Zeal-Ott to unlock
Give $10,000 to Nora
Gain popularity of 60
Get O. Phil McClean to drop out- get a relationship of -50 with him

File 4: Talk to Maximillian Moore to unlock
Make a significant discovery- go to the bathroom of the barn, a trap door will 
appear. Go down it, there will be a rocket, repair it and put it in your pocket
Get a grant from Daddy Bigbucks- get a relationship of 80 with him, this is 
practically impossible
Get a logic skill point of 7

File 5: Talk to Vera Vex it unlock
Convince Det. Dan D. Mann to set up sting- get a relationship with him of 60
Acquire a camera- you can buy a camera at Nikki Knack’s Bric-a-Brac shop
Get a picture of the crime- go to Uncle Hayseed’s house, Giuseppe will be in 
the midst of a robbery, talk to him

File 6: Talk to Uncle Hayseed to unlock
Make 13 friends
3 promotions (Mad Scientist or Cliff Divers X)
Move the rocket to the mansion- go out the side door of the mansion, there 
will be a yard (not the one with a pool) then there will be a launch pad 
somewhere in the yard.
Then Talk to Uncle Hayseed, he wont be at the farm, he will be inside the 

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