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This is my 1st FAQ so don't be sad if it is bad or it doesn't work :D

                            l  Son Of Marlin  l

If you would like Marlin to be your husband, I think you would like to know the
additude of the son! Well, the sons additude may be like Marlin's..Well Marlin is shy
at first but when you get to know him a LOT he will open up to you..That will be your
sons attitude. 

                             l TAKING CARE OF HIMl
Well..It matters what you want your son to be as a grown-up. Just look at the stats
of your son and see what he likes best..If you want him to be a musision, (i might of
spelt it wrong!) bring your son (as a toddler) to Gustafa's and the owner of the Blue
Inn's place. He would be able to like music that way! As the farmer son keep showing
him farm stuff BUT NOT THE HOES OR STUFF he might get SCARED :) 

                            l If you don't want to read it don't read it l

This is the end..WELL IT's THE STUFF I KNOW OK!? :) Well I hope you liked it..Don't
blame me if it is horrible :( Please vote you like it.. So farewell..Readers..If you
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