The Southern Swamp - Guide for The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

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1.About Me
2.Southern Swamp:Magic hags Potion Shop
3.Woods of mystery
4Deku Palace
5.Woodfall and woodfall temple.

1.About me
Hi im jonnie hosler and this is my second guide.Here i will tell you all about the 
southern swamp.

2.Southern Swamp:Magic Hags Potion Shop
After you read this come back to this and read all of it.
Once you get to the real swamp go into the first building you see.Then talk to the 
chubby man.He'll tell you that they have a pictograph box givaway.Go to the other 
counter and discover no ones there.go outside and turn into deku link.Go across the 
lilypads until you come to a dock.Go up that path batteling the two creatures and 
then your at the magic hags potion shop.You discover that an old hag comes out of 
the roof.READ ON THEN COME BACK TO THIS PART.After you give koume the red potion 
head to the first building you saw when you came here.Go to the second counter and 
say yes.Then you'll be at deku palace dont forget to snap a picto graph of the big 
octo for anohter free boat cruise or twenty rupees.

3.Woods of mystery.
Here you'll meet the one witch that flew out when you came and her sister.
There are three different paths for each day.
Day 1 path.When you enter go left,up,right,right,up then left you'll come across 
hag#2.She needs a red potoin go back to the one where you saw the witch on the broom 
tell her you found her sister she'll give you your first bottel filled with red 
potion DONT USE IT FOR YOU.Go back to sister with the potion equiped and give it to 
Day 2 path.First you go right,up,up,left,down,left.
Day three path.go up,left,up,right,right,and down.

this is all i have right now


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