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The Starter Pokemon Guide-Red             v1.0 May 7th, 2007
1)This guide is property of me and nobody else.Copyright 2007 K.V.D.

2)Just starting a game and want to know which pokemon to use?Well here’s your 

Type: Grass/Poison
Possible HM moves: cut
Though he may seem good in the beginning, Bulbasaur is the worst of the 
starters.It takes a while for him to learn any good moves (I suggest TMs if you 
do pick him) and he has a large amount of weaknesses (6) to think about, and he 
also has few advantages (4)and his weaknesses hit him HARD!And Bulbasaur’s 
power is pretty minimal ( I suggest proteins and such if you pick him).
Move rating:4
Weaknesses and advantage (W and A) rating:5
Stats rating: 6

Type: water
Possible HM moves: surf
Gym leader wise, Squirtle is pretty good, there is only 2 he’s have trouble 
on.He learns good moves and there are a good amount of TMs that he can learn.He 
has  just 4 weaknesses and 1 of them isn’t that bad.He has 4 advantages as 
well.Squirtle has some really good stats, only a couple need to be enhanced.
Move rating:8
W and A rating:10
Stats rating:9

Possible HM moves: Cut, fly, Strength
Charmander might be hard in the beginning, but he’ll pay off with patience.The 
moves he learns are pretty good, and there are also a variety of good TMs you 
can teach him.He has 4 weaknesses and 4 advantages.He has great stats and his 
final evolution is a dragon Pokemon.Like Squirtle, there are really only 1 or 2 
stats that aren’t very good.
Move Rating:9
W and A rating:9
Stats rating:9

6)Well now that you know a little more about the starters, go choose one!Until 
next time, BYE!Oh, I use to be vgruler.  

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