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This will tell you how to win easier, how and when to use moves, and a couple of
other things.

                    "The Stratagy to Winning"


1: The stratagy to winning

2: How and when to use certain moves

3: The upside of being small

4: The secret of Uub

5: Things about characters that you should know about

6: Helpful hints

7: Frequently asked questions

8: Special thanks

9: Copyright 

   Chapter 1 
The stratagy of winning battles is to:
1: Try your hardest to keep away from being paralized. To do that, don't go into
hyper mode, and not do Dragon Rush or an Ultimate Move during that time. If you do
get paralized, use
both analog sticks and move them side to side as fast as you can.

2: Try to keep hitting your opponnent. Don't let your opponnent get up a lot after
he/she has fallen.

3: Use Death Moves as close to the opponnent as you can, because if you do it far
away, the opponnent will have a better change of side-dodging. Also, make sure that
you NEVER run out of energy. Trust me, I've battled my cousins and if I'm out of
energy, they beat me up. But if I don't run out of energy (if at all out, not by
much), I can beat them.

   Chapter 2
When you use a ki blast, make sure your opponnent isn't expecting it. When you use a
Death Move, make sure your opponnent is either flying towards you, or charging and
not planning to side-dodge. When you use an Ultimate Move, get the amount of energy
you need, turn into whatever form you need to be in, and wait for your opponnent to
get paralized from hyper mode. Then, turn hyper mode and use it. Or, if the person
won't go into hyper mode, then use an Ultimat Move when they can't move. Use punches
and kicks anytime.

   Chapter 3
When you're small, you don't get hurt as much by being hit by a kick as you do
getting hit by a punch. I know this because when I trained with my cousins, they were
being Broly, and I was being Cell JR. They punched me then kicked me, and the punch
did more damage. Note: I'm not big people a lot. I'm usually Uub, Cell JR, Saibamen,
and Kid Goku. So I don't know if big people don't get hurt as much by the kicks too.
The other good part of being small is that you have a quicker attack than most big guys.

   Chapter 4
Uub is a very good person on Budokai 3. I made up a little stratagy with him that I
wanted to share with you guys. Use Fierce Flurry on opponnents JUST BEFORE they get
up. That way, when they do get up, wait awhile, and they'll start getting hit.
WARNING: Sometimes they get a chance to hit you. Use Ki Cannon to knock them down to
use Fierce Flurry. That's about it of my secret of Uub.

   Chapter 5
Uub is a fast character. To defeat him, dodge his Ki Cannon attacks, and when he uses
Fierce Flurry, fly back then dodge the Ki Cannon at the end of it and just attack
him. Broly is a strong character. Eventhough he is strong, he's slow, so it's easier
to avoid his attacks. But be careful about his Gigantic Meteor. It packs an EXTREMELY
powerful explosion. Buster Shell is nothing too hard to side-dodge. And Gigantic
Press can only be used when Broly is a Legendary Super Saiyan, so don't let him turn
into one. And finally, Omega Shenron. I don't have him yet, but when I do, I will
update this. So far, from my "cheat book" (I put it in quotes because it doesn't tell
you EXACTLY how to get characters. For example: It says below a capsule for Omega
Shenron: Found: Goku Senario. WOW! What help! NOT!), I found out that his Minus
Energy Blast thing is a power beyond words. Be EXTREMELY careful about it. His Dragon
Thunder I know from expirience is a strong move, but pretty easy to dodge.

   Chapter 6
Here are some helpful hints about CHARACTERS: With Uub, good combos are: PPPPE,
PPPPP, KKRKKK (R=Right L=Left U=Up D=Down), KPPPP, RPPPPE, RPPRPP (These might not be
real combos. I'm writing them at my mom's and the PS2 is at my dad's. Just tell me if
they're wrong when you get the chance if you want), and RKKKK. When you're Broly,
these are pretty good: PKKKK, PPPPE, RKKRKK, RPPRPP, KKRKK, and KPPPRPP. Here are
some helpful hints about CAPSULES: These are some REALLY good capsules: Senzu Bean,
Bibidi's Pot, (Remember, this is at my mom's house) Buster Shell, Super Saiyan
(everyone), Super Saiyan 2 (everyone), Super Saiyan 3 (everyone), Super Saiyan 4
(everyone), Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Super Saiyan Gogeta, Cooler's Spaceship, and
Frieza's Spaceship. Here are some hints about DRAGON UNIVERSE: If you play on Very
Hard, (at least what I remember) if you finish it, you get Z1. If you finish it in
Z1, you get Z2. If you finish it in Z2, you get Z3. And if you finish in Z3, you get
a trophy thing I think. If you want Zenie, but can't play Tournament, look for
sparkles on the ground and go to them. You might find capsules, zenie, the dragon
radar, or a scene (like if you're Goku, and you go to one, you might talk to Mr.Popo).

   Chapter 7
Here are questions that keep being asked:

   Chapter 8
Special thanks goes to:

Hot_Chick_123 for helping me get this correct in most parts
This faq is my soul possession. If you put this on another website, I MUST GET
CREDIT! If you put this on another website and I don't get credit for it, I WILL HUNT
YOU DOWN WITH THE LAW BY MY SIDE! UNLESS, you email me and ask if you can put it on
another website and YOU get the credit, I will NOT let you put it on another website
without me getting credit. I might reply "yes" or "no", or I might not reply at all.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Made by: Lieviax *Will be updated with more information later*  Feel free to ask me
ANY questions about the game. I might tell you "I don't know", but I PROMISE to ask
someone else if they can answer your question, and they WILL get credit.

                 I hope this information has helped you out.

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