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ãcopyright2003 James Richards: [email protected]: Titanic: Adventure out of 
Time: Walkthrough: The Titanic is not enough for me: Version 1.0: Made on 12/5/2003-

   This is my walkthrough for Titanic: Adventure out of Time. I have beaten it 4 
times in 2 days, so I hope you like my info.
Chapter 1: The London Room; 4/14/1942
Chapter 2: Onboard the Titanic
Chapter 3: The wireless room and Conkling’s task
Chapter 4: The Rubyiat
Chapter 5: The Purser’s Requests and Willy
Chapter 6: The Painting
Chapter 7: The REAL Necklace
Chapter 8: The Fight with Vlad
Chapter 9: The Notebook (until Vlad knocks you out!)
Chapter 10: Regaining the Notebook
Chapter 11: Getting the Lifeboat Pass
Chapter 12: Getting off the ship
Special Chapter: How to regain items you might have been too slow for


   When you start the game, you are in a room. Just click on the Titanic model, 
memories book, London poster, the desk, and the watch on the desk. Then just wait 
for an alarm to go off. A bomb will blow you up, but instead of dying, your watch 
brings you back in time to the titanic.

   When you are starting your game on the Titanic itself, click on the watch, the 
bag on the bed, and all of the drawers and the note inside one of them. It says to 
meet Georgia on the deck. Go out of your room. A steward named Smethles will give 
you a message to meet P.P. in the gymnasium. 
   Go out to the grand staircase. Go up to the boat deck and go through one of the 
doors that says boat deck. One of them will say the gymnasium is to the right. Turn 
right and enter the gym. Click on the person in there. She is P.P., your chief for 
the mission.
   She will explain the Rubaiyat situation and Colonel Zeitel. Go out to the boat 
deck. Click on the guy wearing a brown coat. He is Max, and when you talk with him, 
go to the smoking room with him. It’s next to the A-deck part of the aft grand 
staircase. You can play cards with the guy sitting down if you want, even though you 
don’t have to, for now.
   Then, you can talk to others in the smoking room before you leave. After you are 
done talking, go down to B-deck of the aft grand staircase and enter the café 
parisan. Colonel Zeitel will be in there. Don’t bother talking with him; he’ll just 
ignore you.
   Go down to F-deck’s second-class stairs, and walk over to cabin F-34. P.P. will 
tell you to go to the wireless room. Go up to boat deck and talk to Max again. After 
talking with Max, go to A-deck promenade. Go to the most aft part of it and talk to 
Georgia. She will give you a necklace. Check it in at the Purser’s office and then 
go back to where Georgia was. She will ask you to meet her in cabin B-70.
   Go to B-70 and talk to her and Charles. After you are done talking, go to the 
smoking room. Talk to Charles. He will tell you that the necklace is fake. He is 
   When you finish talking to Charles, go talk to officer Morrow on the officer’s 
promenade. Then, go back near to back of the boat deck. Right before the second 
class stairs, click on the binoculars. Go back and give them to officer Morrow. Ask 
if you can visit the wireless room. He’ll say yes. Turn right and enter it.

    Once inside the wireless room, all you have to do, is click on the papers all 
the way to the right until you see one that starts with the letter A and then has a 
bunch of other letters bunched together. Click OK once it is shown, then, you can do 
Conkling’s task.
   Go to Scotland road, and soon you should run into a certain Andrew Conkling. He 
will talk about a letter. Go to B-deck in the second-class stairs and go to the poop 
deck. Talk to the two people who will demand $5000.00 for the letter.
   Talk to the Conklings in cabin B-59 and tell them about the $5000.00. Andrew will 
ask you to go to F-59. To get there, go to Scotland road again and go as far forward 
as possible. Go down the stairs to the F-deck third class cabins. Find F-59 and 
knock on the door. Then, talk to the maid and go back to Andrew Conkling. He will 
thank you for trying. Now you are ready to move on.

   So, now you can finally get the Rubaiyat. All you need to do to start is go to 
the Turkish bath. Click and turn on the sink, then go click on the mirror in the 
back. It tells you where the Rubaiyat is. Report to P.P. She will complain about the 
boiler rooms. Go to the café parisan. Look for a pipe and get it. Then go back to F-
deck. Right before P.P.’s cabin, turn right and go down the stairs. Enter the 
turbine room and then enter the command room. The seaman will ask you to fix the 
   Now, go into the engine room and find the boiler rooms. Go to boiler room #3. 
Talk to the guy named Vlad. He will ask for a package. Say you will help him. Then, 
go down the steps behind him. Find the black coal-filled coal chute numbered 4 and 
click on the little box. The Rubaiyat is inside. Grab it and hide it in coal-chutes 
    After you have hidden the Rubaiyat, go to cabin A-14 and ask Sasha for Vlad’s 
package. He will hand it to you. Go back to boiler room 3 and give Vlad the package. 
He will thank you and leave. NOW you can retrieve the Rubaiyat from where you hid it.
   Go give the Rubaiyat to P.P. and then check it in with the purser. That will 
complete the hunt for the Rubaiyat. J(Yeah!) 

   Now, go talk to Smethles. He will tell you to meet Willy in the squash court. Go 
there and fence with him for fun. Try to win, and then he will talk to you about 
fire and ice. Go to Smethles and take the ring Willy wanted to give you. Go to P.P. 
and report it to her. Give the ring to Trask and it will show Willy die.
   Give the ring to the person in cabin D-19. Now check out the scene in the 
electric bath. Take the piece of paper and go to Scotland road. The guy will give 
you another paper. Go to the café partisan and get the cigarettes. Give them to Max 
in the smoking room. He will tell you about the person on the smoke stack. Tell P.P.
   Before you can get the painting, you have to complete some tasks for the Purser. 
The first one is to send a telegram. Go to the Purser’s office and agree to send Mr. 
Thayer’s telegram. To send it, go to the wireless room and follow the directions in 
the drawer to send a telegram. Once it is on, type in “arrange” and report back to 
the Purser.
   He will leave after you tell him you sent the telegram, allowing you to check the 
brown book (or cargo manifest) and click on the right page twice and then you will 
see where the painting is located. Click OK and leave the Purser’s office. Go right 
back in and he will ask you to find Straus’s cufflink.
   Go down the stairs and look at the chair to the left of the screen. Click on the 
golden thing. It’s the cufflink. Give it to the Purser and he will leave with the 
wooden door open. Click on the fancy looking keys.


   Go down to forecastle deck and enter the cargo room. Use the keys you took a 
while ago. Once inside the cargo room, go forward 3 times and then turn right and 
enter through the door. Turn on the car lights and turn around. Click on the box. 
The painting should be there. If it isn’t, you’ll get it when the ship is sinking, 
so don’t worry. Give the painting to P.P. and she will give you a knock out pen. 
Then check the painting in at the Purser’s office.

   Go to where A-14 is. Talk to the electric guy. Then click on the box and turn off 
the power. Wait till Sasha leaves his cabin, then turn on the power and enter his 
room. Click on the doll in the back of his room and decode it. Next, click on its 
head 3 times and take out the real necklace. Take out your map and warp out of the 
room. Or, if you have the fake necklace, replace the real one with the fake one and 
leave his room.

   Go to P.P. and she will say the only way to enter the smokestack to get the 
notebook is to go into the engine room. Go to the command room and do the same thing 
you did before to fix the turbines. Go up the stairs in the engine room and you will 
see Vlad. He will fight you, but all you have to do is click on the center of the 
screen and then the right or left quickly and repeatedly until he faints.

   Go up the smokestack and click on the notebook. Zeitel will hold up a gun and the 
Titanic will strike an iceberg. “Give” him the pen, and he will faint. Go down to 
the engine room and Vlad will knock you out and steal all of your stuff you are 
carrying. You will lose the notebook, too!

   P.P. will knock on your door when you wake up in your cabin. She will give you 
the Rubaiyat, painting and the real necklace if you left them with the Purser. Go to 
the first class lounge and take the shawl from Mrs. Limehouse and then go to the 
turbine room. Go down the steps and talk to Vlad. Trade the shawl for the notebook 
and get to the smoking room to play blackjack with the guy sitting down.
LOSE! Once you have

   This is it. Just talk to officer Morrow and he will let you on a life boat. Then 
just watch and enjoy the credits!

   If you didn’t get the painting, go to C-deck of the second-class stairs and talk 
to the people there when the ship is sinking. They should have the painting and talk 
about a baby.

ãcopyright2003 James Richards  

   I’d like to thank the other walkthroughs for helping me find the Rubaiyat!!! JJJ  

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