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!The Complete Pikmin Walkthrough!
Table of Contents
1:Game Controls
The Pikmin

1 Game Controls
L:Change Direction of camera
R:Zoom in,zoom out
Control Stick:Move Olimar,toggle options
D-Pad:Down:Make Olimar invincible
C-Stick:Assign Pikmin to tasks,move Pikmin
B:Call Pikmin,cancel options
A:Throw Pikmin,punch(with Olimar,accept options
Y:Access map
X:Turn all Pikmin idle

2 Characters
A miniature man from the planet Hocotate who has crash landed on a planet
and is now using Pikmin to help him get back to planet Hocotate
The Pikmin
Red Pikmin:
The abilities for red Pikmin are:
Fire Resistance:May move into fire with no trouble.
Power:Red Pikmin Are the most powerful in terms of fighting.This is why they 
are best for most fights.
Yellow Pikmin:
Yellow Pikmin are the second Pik's you get whose abilities are:
Bomb Rock-Able:Of all the Pik's Yellows can pick up Bomb Rocks.
Bomb Rocks:Little rocks with red cracks that make a massive explosion.
Very Light:This lets Yellow Pikmin be thrown the highest.
Blue Pikmin:
Blue Pikmin have useful abilities,but both abilities involve water,which are:
Water  Resistance:May move into the water.
Lifeguard:If there are idle Blue's in the water,and Red or Yellow Pikmin fall 
in,they will attempt to throw them on to land.

3 Walkthrough
Now it is time for the walkthrough.I will lead a step by step guide that will 
ensure victory.
Day 1  Impact Site
All you need to do is walk around and get the Red Pikmin from the onion and a 
tutorial will tell you everything to do.Remember to get ALL the Pellets in the 
End of the day report
                  Today      All
Sprouted:25              25
Died:        0                  0
Left behind:0              0
Day 2    The Forest Of Hope
Object 1:The Wall
Ok,take out all 25 Pikmin and knock down the Pellet Posy and get two more 
Pikmin,making you have 27 Pikmin. Go to the grass next to the clovers and the 
Pikmin will pull up nectar,which makes them Flower Pikmin,who can run 
faster and are stronger.
When all your Pikmin are flowers,knock down the wall by going up to it and 
use the C-Stick in the direction it's in.
Object 2:Harvesting
You will see a Bulborb ahead of you,throw a pikmin on its head to kill it,then 
send 3 Pikmin to carry it back to the Onion.Kill all enemies in the area(except 
giant Bulborb).
Now harvest all red  pellets.
Object 3:The Shock Absorber
Many think you cannot get the Shock Absorber until you get the Blue 
gather up ALL your Pikmin and head to the ledge you got the 5 Pellet. Throw all 
your pikmin onto the ledge and head into the water without the and climb up 
the tree branch into a new area.
Head right at the rock formation and sneak past the Big Bulborb to your Pikmin 
you threw up there.Get all your Pikmin and go kill the big Bulborb.
Interception:Big Bulborb
OK,your first big fight! Sneak to his back and toss your Pikmin on his 
back.Careful! This guy can swallow up to 10 Pikmin a time!When hes finished 
off(and you have 50+ Pikmin),send 10 Pik's to carry him back.
Object 3:The Shock Absorber
Use 30 Pikmin to carry the Shock Absorber back to base,and head back to 
base to pluck all of your Pikmin and to get prepared.
Object 4:Eternal Fuel Dynamo
Go to where the big Bulborb is,and pick up the thing that looks like a 
battery,and carry it back to base.(Note:It takes at least 40 Pikmin to carry the 
Eternal Fuel Dynamo).Now kill the Big Bulborb and carry him back.
Object 5:The Next Wall
Gather up all of your Pikmin and attack the wall that was behind the 2nd Big 
Bulborb,then kill the 2 Bulborbs behind the wall.
Object 6:Yellow Pikmin
Go up to the black object behind the two Bulborbs and it will be a Yellow 
Onion. Get the one free yellow you get and have him gather up all the pellets in 
the area,now press start then Go to Sunset.
End of the Day Report
Left Behind:0

Day 3
The Forest Of Hope
Object 1:Harvesting
Get out all of your Yellow's and go collect ALL pellets in the area. When you 
have a fair amount of Yellow Pikmin,go to where you found Yellow Pikmin.
Object 2:The Rock Wall
I will also refer to Bulbors as Grubdogs,for that is their japanese name.
Anyway,when in the area you found the Yellow Onion,go to the wall the right of 
the entrance to the area, and get the bomb rocks under the wall. 
Throw a Yellow at a bomb rock to have him pick it up. Send 1 Yellow to pick 
one up and then throw the Pik with the bomb rock at the wall. He will cause a 
chain reaction and blow up the wall.
Object 3:The Whimsical Radar
You will see 1 large Grubdog and two miniature ones,kill the miniature 
Grubdogs and the Sheargrubs that come out of the ground. Careful! If you flee 
from a small Grubdog and he's in the presence of a big Grubdog,he'll cry out 
waking him up!
When everyone is dead(kill the big one),go to the ledge the big Grubdog was 
guarding and toss some Pik's up there,go back to base and get some reds 
and intercept the Piks traveling with the Whimsical Radar,and mix it so that 
both Red and Yellow Pikmin are carrying it.Go to the can filled with bombs 
closest  to base,and get 3 Yellow piks armed with bombs.
Object 3:The Next Stone Wall
Take your 3 Bomb piks to base and set their bombs(one at a time)next to the 
wall,when its knocked down,the whimsical radar should be back,so gather up 
everyone(roughly 90) and go into the new area you made.
Object 4:Blaster Ho!
Kill each and every Grubdog,and knock down the wall,move through and kill 
the next Grubdogs.
TRICK:Throw a Pikmin directly on top of a small Grubdogs head to kill it 
Collect the Nova Blaster(30 Pikmin)(NOTE:The Nova Blaster is and optional 
piece,it is not needed to finish the game). Make the RED PIKMIN CARRY IT 
Finish the day after you got the Nova Blaster,if you wanted it.
End of the day report
Left Behind:0

Day 4     The Forest Of Hope
Object 1:Infinite Can
Collect up 40 yellows and head to where you got the Nova Blaster,send 9 Piks 
to carry bombs from the can,thiscan will now be refered to as the Infinite 
Can,and then go back to the clearing and head into the clovers.Kill all the 
Sheargrubs in the area and get to the wall.
Object 2:the Extraordinary Bolt
Send the 9 Pikmin to blow up the wall,then send all 40,(30 is nesesary)to pick 
up the Extraordinary Bolt.
Object 3:PikPik Brand Carrots 
Head back to base and get more Pikmin for your arsenal,get both Yellows and 
Red,get pellets to get more and dont end the day until sundown.

Final Notes:This walkthrough is only part 1 of how to beat the game,this guide 
should give you enough confidence to be brave.6 Pieces gathered,24 to go.4 
Days passed,26 to go.

LAST MINUTE TRICK:Press down on the D-pad and some piks will carry you 
to the onion and you get to see fireworks!
(Don't worry you won't die!)


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