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I just cleared the train area, in 2 hours, now if your stuck here are pretty much 
every single question you need

Q:I killed the zombies I've seen when i started, WHERE DO I GO NOW?
A:Simple, go down the next door, go down the hallway, and there's a body on the 
side, check the guy and you will find a key, and then there will be a short movie, 
then you'll find out who the fugitive is.

Q:The bug guy is whipping me with his arm, how do I get away from it?
A:Just run all the way to the bar, then shoot, no harm done.

Q:I'm stuck in the room where you need a small sharo object to open the door, what 
do I do?
A:First, hope that Rebecca is in the room. Then go down the ladder, then down the 
stairs, then go through the door. Go to the lift and make Rebecca put the conductor 
key in lift and go all the way to the Conductors Room. Take the briefcase from the 
closet, then hit the red button, go up the ladder. Then a huge shreik comes up, 
just go to the hall way to the nearest door, and drop of the briefcase. Got and 
pick the the icepick. Then go all the way back to the lift, good luck fighting the 

Q:There's a hookshot gun in the back car, how do i get it?
A:Easy, just place Rebecca next the to the gun, and have Billy push the switch, and 
switch characters and quickly get the gun.

Q:I got both rings, what do I do with them?
A:Put them in the brief case, then you get the blue card. (the gold ring is in the 
dog pen car, and the silver is in the jewel box, when you fall in the room before 
the bug guys hatch.)

Q:I got to the brake room, and then there's a bloody time limit, what do i do?
A:First, don't forget the magnetic key, which is in the same room. Then leave who 
ever has the least ammo. Then go all the way where you got the hookshot, and good 
luck with the zombies (if u go with Rebecca, it will show the STARS member who got 
killed as a zombie)then go to your right when you got to the back car. Insert the 
card in the control panel. A number will say 81, push 9 until it gets to 72, then 
push 6, then 3. Then you switch characters all the way to the brake room, then the 
same thing goes. Push 8 eight times, then 2, then 1. There ya go, the only hard 
part I'll say.

You past the train area, maybe when I beat the mansion, I'll post that down I guess 

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