The Tree Maze & Barrows - Guide for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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To get through the TREE MAZE can be tricky but it can be done. Simply break any
mushrooms along the way to mark the trail. NOTE: the GREEN mushrooms should be left
alone as they are poisonous. There are a lot of loops that end with small rooms.
(lots of goodies) As you retrieve Merry, Pippin and Sam, your way will be blocked by
a tree so you can't return. Good idea to also whack any tree stumps along the way for
extra goodies.

After you find your three companions, locate Ted and help him fight off the nasties.
He'll give you a SWTICH LEVER which you can use when you come to the end of the maze
path. There's a broken switch panel near the gate. Use the LEVER on the panel and
you're out!

Don't hit the tree's trunk, it'll only quicken your friends' demise. Just whack those
annoying weed-branch that keeps appearing out of the ground and good old Tom will
arrive just in the nick of time to save you.

There are more than 12 lillies scattered around the Wihywindle valley so have you
don't have to worry about not finding them. You can start off by following Tom till
he gets to the end of his walk. Then he'll stand there and wait for you to find the rest.
If you want a bit of challenge, there's a secret entrance behind the waterfall that
holds those precious lillies. Where you find spiders is usually a good indication
that there's a lilly plant somewhere. When you find all 12 lillies, give them to Tom
and you'll have a grand old dinner time with him and his wife, Goldberry.

There really isn't nothing to do there. Before you meet up with your friends at the
fireplace, go into the kitchen and pick up 3 CRAM BREADS. Tom will give you his
song-note later.

Random wolves will appear so keep to the high bushes and avoid them as best you can.
When your button flashes YELLOW, it means there's a wolf (or two) nearby so hide in
the bushes till they past. Then sneak back when it is clear. Lots of LEMBAS BREAD and
MUSHROOMS along the way. Up the hill, close to the top, is a cache with lots of

If you look around, you should find a rock close to the wall of the tomb. Face the
wall tomb and go to your left, there should be a small path. There's a tree stump
located here. Get the stump and bring it back to the platform. Here's how it works.
If you put the tree stump onto one of the plates, you'll get a medium size pillar. If
you put a stone on the plate, you will get a large size pillar. This is the same with
your own weight. Put the stump closest to the tomb wall, then put the rock on the
right panel. Stand on the left over panel and wait for it to reach all the way to the
top. Then run and climb the medium size pillar, followed by the large pillar and just
before the last pillar vanishes, you should be able to jump on it and hit the ledge
before you fall. When you get to the top, there should be lots of goodies and a
Westernese Dagger. 

Leave the campfire and wander around. The game will tell you that your friends have
fallen asleep in the barrow. Find them by walking up the path. There should be a
small hill-like structure at the top. Find the door and break it down. Fight the
barrow-wright 3 times and then use the note to call Tom. He'll come in and rescue you
a second time. He'll give you a dagger.

You're on your way to Bree!

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