The Two Legendary Birds - Latias and Latios - Guide for Pokemon Emerald

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The Two Legendary Birds - Latias and Latios
by:Pokemon #1 Fan


So, you want to get Latias and Latios? Well your in the right place. Ill tell you 
how to get Latias and Latios if you keep reading.

First of all , you gotta beat the Elite Four. After the wasting-time credits go by, 
the main title will appear. Just continue your story and you'll be in your room at 
the house. Go downstairs and talk to your dad then watch TV. Itll say that a "BZZT" 
colored pokemon is flying about. Your mom will ask you what the color was. You will 
have 2 options: Red and Blue.

Latias - If you want Latias, pick red.
Latios - If you want Latios, pick blue.

Once you pick, there's not really much I can tell you. Just that if you find it, 
you should probably have someone like trapinch in front so it doesnt run away. If 
it does, don't worry. Look in your Pokedex and look for it. Dont fly there because 
it'll just fly away somewhere else. Go to a town or city near it and keep searching 
and you will eventually find it (I hope you have trapinch with sand trap in front). 

To get the other one, you have 2 options (that I know of at least).

1)If you have an Eon Ticket and an e-scanner, swipe it through and an Island will 
appear, holding the opposite of which you got (don't worry, the only Pokemon on the 
island is the opposite and it doesn't run away).


2)If you have Ruby and/or Sapphire versions, then your in luck. If you picked red 
and have Latias, get Latios on Ruby version. If you picked Blue and have Latios, 
get Latias on Sapphire version.

You have now gotten both Latias and Latios!

                              I hope you liked this!
               Coming soon - How to get Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza

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