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               THE TWO TOWERS

        Aragorn Son Of Arathorn-cunning,fast,strong and agile.Good for none
cheaters who do not want a challenge.I recommend being him on Balins Tomb,
Amon Hen,Fangorn Forest,The Deeping Wall,Breached Wall,Hornburg Courtyard,
and The Tower Of Orthanc

          Gimli Son Of Gloin- strong,slow,and has a very good shield and health
bar.Good for players looking for goods and excellents.I recomnend being him on
The Westfold,Plains of Rohan,The Tower of Orthanc,and Fangorn Forest.
         Legolas Son Of Thranduil-weak,fast,agile and good with his bow.
I recomend him for Gates Of Moria,Balins Tomb,The Plains Of Rohan,The level
with the wargs,Helms Deep Breached Wall.

    Just kill the Nazgul.When your torch goes out relight with the fire.

            GATES OF MORIA
  Just follow the path and hack your way through the orcs.When you get 
to the Watcher in The Water,block and then hit him with a speed attack.
This will cut off his tenacle and cause his head to come up.Shoot it with
the ranged weapon and his head will lose health.Just keep doing this process.
TIP:When you find your self with low health by the part with the orcs in the water,
just run away and comfront the Watcher.

          BALINS TOMB
  Just kill orcs.When the cave troll comes in hit him with Fierce Attack.When 
your on the ledge just hit him with your  RANGED WEAPON.

          AMON HEN
 Just kill the 75 Uruk -Hia as quick as you can.When your fighting Lurtz,
just hit with your bow.PLEASE READ NEXT PART:run over behind a statue and 
hide behind it.He will get his sword stuck in it.Hit him with firece attack 
and he will eventually die.

  Walk foward and kill the orcs.The then go into the log. A 
Berseker Uruk Hia will jump down so watch out .TIP:When your
fighting Bersekers,just block and when they knock you down just
use rising attack.They will fall and just use shadow strike and they
will die.Come out of the log and go strait.You will see a movie were a Mountain
Troll comes out.Kill him with fierce attack (arrows don t work on him.).Then
brake the fence . a bunch of orc will be sitting around a pit.Have fun kicking 
them into it.After you kill them,go into the water and you will see 2 orc archers 
and 1 shielded orc.kill them and continue on.A bunch of Orcs will come up.kill them 
and go into the tunnel.There will be a troll in there .Kill him and walk outta 
there.Kill all the orcs.Then Its the bosses.Two Big Bloodthirsty trolls.Kill them.
HINT:Theres a health box in the corner.Okay just walk  down the path and your 
done.good job.
  Kill the 2 orcs and go into the town.Kill all the orcs.Then Gandalf will say
he has to go (and that the last thing he wants to do is help you).He brakes the 
door of a house.Walk into it and hit the barrel so the people can escape.Then a guy 
will fall on the fire in front of the staircase and put it upstairs and 
kill all the orcs.go outside and kill the berserker.Run up the bridge and by that 
hill. hit the barrel with your ranged weapon and destroy the wood.Run up and inside 
the house.Kill every body inside it.then go down stairs and out the door.
And lo and behold its Gandalf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kill all the guys in the arena and destroy the wood.Go up the bridge and you will
see a movie were you have to rescue these cowards inside a house.Run over to the 
house and let the people get out and kill everybody who tries to stop them.You did
it.Another Mission complete.I got a excellent on this level./

      Plains Of Rohan
   Destroy the explosives,follow the path and when you get to the wind mill this hit
the explosives and the level is over.another job well done.

    The Level after the plains of rohan(i forget what it is called)
      Kill the warg and the guy.Run through the burning house.Kill
all the wargs on the other side.When you get to the boss,when he comes up to you
just run away.And pretty soon his warg will rear up ,so just shoot him in the belly.
Continue with this procces.

         Helms Deep The Deeping Wall
 just keep kicking the laters down.

           Helms Deep:The Breached Wall
Stay by the gate and shoot everybody you can with your ranged weapon.When the 
catapult comes in just wack it with your weapon untill its destroyed.There are
about 130 orcs you have to kill in this level.Good luck.

            Helms Deep Hornburg Courtyard.
   Kill all the orcs downstairs.Then (if your Aragorn or Gimli)Legolas will call 
for help.(if your Legolas,Aragorn will call for help.) Go upstairs and save him.
Then  kill all the orcs upstairs.Then when you hear "Archers on the wall!" shoot
all the archers with your ranged weapon.Then Gimli will call for help.Go down
stairs and go on a rampage.after you kill about 6 orcs,2 Trolls will come in and
kill everybody.kill them and you finished the regular part of The Two Towers.

               THE TOWER OF ORTHANC
   Just kill all the orcs and trolls till you get to the 20th floor.Good Luck.
You finish this level and you are done.Give yourself a pat on the back.Good job.
It was a hard game.

If you need help,just email me at [email protected] 

       Theres 2 Ls and a 1.

            Please put your return address so i can email you back.Thanx.

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