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                    THE  TWO  TOWERS
                 By Scott Snell
        Characters for the two towers:
      ARAGORN SON OF ARATHRON:Fast,agile and cunning.Equipped with Narsil,the 
sword that slain Suaron,and a bow,this ranger is not someone to take lightly.
I reccomend beating the game with this guy.I reccomend him for Gates of Moria,
Balins Tomb,Amon Hen,Fangorn Forest,Plains of Rohan,Helms Deep.

          LEGOLAS SON OF THRANDUIL:Fast,agile and accurate.Good for players who
want good ratings.Not the best with his melee,he makes up for it with his archery
skills.I reccomend being Legolas on Gates of Moria,Balins Tomb,Plains of Rohan,
The Westfold,Gap of Rohan ,Helms Deep Deeping Wall.

         GIMLI SON OF GLOIN:Not so hot with his axes,he totally makes up for it 
with his Axe Swinging Action!This Dwarf is dangerous!He is good for staying alive
and defending himself.I reccomend him on Balins Tomb,Fangorn Forest,Plains of Rohan,
The Westfold,Helms Deep Breached Wall and Hornburg Courtyard.

         THE GAME!!!!
    PROLOUGE:Just kill orcs

    AMON SUL:WEATHERTOP:Kill all the ringraiths with the torch.Relight on the fire
when it goes out.

    Gates of Moria:Follow the path and kill all the orcs.When you get to the orcs 
in the water and you have low health,just run away to comfront the Watcher.To kill 
the watcher,parry his attacks and cut of his tenacles with speed attack.Good Luck.

   Balins Tomb:Kill orcs.Once you kill about 45,a troll will come in.Use fierce 
attack on him.When your on the ledge,hide behind the pillars and shoot him with 
your ranged weapon.

  Amon Hen:Kill the 75 Uruk Hia and follow the path.When you get to Lurtz,the boss,
Fire your ranged weapon at him,then run over to a statue and he will get his 
schrimtar stuck in it.Then just slash him with fierce attack.Good luck.

 Fangorn Forest:Go straight and kill all the orcs.Proceed down the log.Be careful,a
Uruk Hia Berserker jumps out,to kill him,let him get you down and use rising attack.
Then Shadow Strike him.Follow the path,Kill the mountain troll .Use fierce 
attack,ranged weapon does'nt work on him.Destroy the fence and go forward.There 
will be a movie with Orcs sittin around a pit.Have fun kicking them into it.After
they are all slain,go in to the water.Kill the 2 archers and shielded orc and 
continue on.Once you get to the cave,kill the mountian troll and proseed down the 
tunnel.Kill the Berserker and continue on following the path.Kill all the orcs.The 
bosses are 2 Big Mean Bloodthirsty Mountian Trolls.Kill them .TIP:Theres a health 
box by the 2 trolls.Continue down the path and your done.Good Job.

Plains Of Rohan:Go into the town and kill all the Uruk Hia.Gandalf opens the door 
for you of the house.Go in and hit the barrel to save the people.Go upstairs after
the guy falls on it.Save every one upstairs and go outside.Kill the beserker and 
save the guy.Shoot your ranged weapon at the barrel on the brige and hack the wood 
up. Save the people and go inside the burning house and go downstairs.Gandalf is 
there.Kill the Uruks and the berserker with your ranged weapon.Destroy the obstacle 
and go into the field.Save the people in the burning house and your done.Good Job

     The Westfold:Just follow the path and destroy the explosives.Shoot the guys 
with the torches.When you get to the windmill,destroy the explosive wagons.

  Gap of Rohan:Kill the Warg and go through the house.Kill the other wargs.When you 
get to the boss,just wait till the warg rears up and shoot him in the belly.

 Helms Deep:Deeping Wall:Kick down ladders!

 Helms Deep:Breached Wall:Hold off all the orcs and Uruk Hia.Shoot every one you 
can with your ranged weapon.When the catipult comes in,destroy with your sword.You 
have to kill about 130 orcs in these level.

   Helms Deep Hornburg Courtyard:Kill the orcs downstairs.Then go upstairs and save 
Legolas.(If your Legolas you have to save Aragorn)Then stay up stairs and kill all
the orcs.Then when they say "Archers on the wall!"Kill all the archers,The Gimli 
will call for help.(Aragorn calls if you are Gimli).Run down stairs and kill 
orcs.Then 2 cave trolls come in.Kill them and your done with the game.Good Luck.

        Tower Of Orthanc:Kill all the orcs and trolls.Good Luck.It was a hard 
game.But you beat it.Nice Job!

         If you need help,Email me a [email protected]
Thats 2 Ls and a 1

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