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Before we go, this is handwritten by me and only me. I have played all the bosses 
and beaten them all. So, you’re hearing help from a pro.

F 6/T Bigfoot: Just run around trying to avoid machine-gun fire and missiles. When 
it’s done with the missiles, hit the cockpit before it takes off. Do that 4 times, 
and you’re done.

Dr. Eggman: Don’t bother with the rings on the side unless you really need them. 
Just run around shooting him, and try to avoid his firing. Easy.

Shadow: A bit trickier than the first two. Don’t fall off the stage, because it’s 
small. Begin gathering rings, and then try to maneuver around Shadow. Homing attack 
him in the back. If he deflects it, than go backwards. Hit him in the back 3 times 
to beat him.

King Boom Boo: The funniest sounding boss in the game. Also the most annoying. You 
run around a big pillar, while he chases you. Don’t run too fast, or he’ll turn 
around. He shoots fireballs at you. Just move around to avoid. Then, he spits fire. 
Run around, and hit the little ghost with an hourglass. The sun will come, and he’ll 
hide in his shadow, which starts moving. Dig into it, and he’ll come out. He’ll 
start to run away. Chase him, and attack him. The King goes down after 4 hits.

Egg Golem: He starts to smash you with his fists. Run around to avoid them. When you 
get in back of him, jump from ledge to ledge. When you see the ledges with the 
yellow markings, homing attack them up to the top. He’ll go down in 5 hits. NOTE: If 
you fall in the quicksand, press A really fast and you’ll go onto a pulley.

Rouge: Pick up some rings before you start attacking her. On foot, it has to be in 
the back. The ground lifts up, and get some rings. When she says “here I come”, 
glide to avoid her attack. When you see what platform she’s on, dive into her. Rouge 
will go down in 4 hits.

Dr. Eggman: There are no rings in this stage. It’s all about maneuvering. Get in a 
few early hits, and start running. Dr. Eggman is about to fire missiles or a laser. 
Run like a madman for he missiles, and for the laser, you’ll hear a powering up 
sound. Try to get in back of him. If you do, you can score a lot of hits. One other 
way to beat him is to shoot the center canister, and try to lure him in the 

Shadow: You always have to be running in this stage, otherwise the ground will 
collapse and you’ll die. Again, you have to homing attack his back. You can do that 
3 times, and then, he’ll deflect all your attacks. Let him run ahead a bit, (but 
keep moving) and when he says “Chaos Spear” Homing attack quickly to get out of the 
way. Homing attack quickly again to hurt Shadow. Do that once more, and you’ve 
beaten Hero Story.

B 3/X Hotshot: Same as the Bigfoot but this guy has crosshairs. Just run around to 
avoid them, and follow Sonic’s guide, and you’ll be fine.

Tails: See Dr. Eggman.

R 1/A Flying Dog: Climb up on the cages to avoid his machine gun fire. Move around 
on the cages to avoid his missiles. After his missiles, he waits around, so glide 
and drill kick his cockpit. Go back on the cages. To finish him quickly, while he’s 
doing the crosshairs, glide and drill kick into him.

Sonic: See Shadow.

Egg Golem: This is a lot different than Sonic’s battle. For starters, you’re not 
Shadow, you’re Dr. Eggman. Press B rapidly until his fist is about to come down on 
you. Before it does, jump off the back of the platform, and hover to the pulley. Go 
back up, and do it again. When a part opens up, lock on it 3 times. Just do my 
little strategy until you’ve got him.

Knuckles: See Rouge.

Tails: See Dr. Eggman.

Sonic: See Shadow.


The colony is crashing to the earth. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Rouge want to save 
the world. Dr. Eggman wants to save his own butt. Shadow wants to keep his promise 
to Maria. They make it to the core to stop the Chaos Emeralds, but a big lizard, 
which is Shadow’s prototype, wants to stop them. Shadow holds him off while Sonic 
and Knuckles go get the Emeralds. Now that you know the plot, here goes.

The Biolizard: The hardest boss in the game. For the first hit, he chases you 
around. Jump when you see the wood divider, or you’ll fall in the water and die. 
(Just another cheap way to die against this boss) Don’t go too fast or he’ll try to 
hit you with his tail. After about 20 seconds, he’ll stop and his pipe will sparkle. 
Grind up it, and homing attack the red life support system. 1 down. He’ll chase you, 
but this time, after chasing you, he’ll fire energy balls. Jump for the low ones and 
somersault for the high ones. (NOTE: the first one is always low.) His pipe will 
sparkle after about 7, and grind up it and homing attack the red life support. 
Repeat once. For the 4th hit, after the energy balls, he’ll make some eggs that 
attack you. Homing attack them up, and when you’re high enough, go for the life 
support. Repeat once. For the 6th hit, he messes up the gravity and puts you in the 
air with some eggs. Move around constantly to avoid the eggs, but try to go forward. 
When you go up really high, aim for the STRUCTURE of the system. When you landed on 
it, homing attack the system. He’s done.

Sonic and Knuckles now have the emeralds, and are about to use the Master Emerald 
when the lizard uses Chaos Control and takes control of the colony. Sonic and Shadow 
transform into their Super forms (What would a Sonic game be without Super Sonic?) 
and try to stop him.

The Finalhazard: If you’ve beaten the Biolizard there’s nothing to worry about. Just 
follow these controls: use the control stick to direct the characters, press A to 
burst forward and up, B, forward and down. You have to slam into his pink swollen 
areas. For the first hit, he puts up some eggs to try to stop you. Then, a beam that 
fires. Then, a sweeping beam. Then, 2 beams. Then, 2 beams and more eggs. Just move 
around a bit and you’ll b fine. If you do almost run out of rings, fly over the 
Finalhazard to switch characters. You’ll kill him in 6 hits.

Copyright 2002 by Zach Yost. Feel free to use this in any way. Happy gaming!


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