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                       The Ultimate Budokai Guide
3.World Tournament
4. What About....

 The Ultimate Guide

          You'll start the game off by taking on Raditz. Raditz is a huge discrase 
to this game plus he's very easy. In my opinion use either kamehamehas or deal with 
him the old fashioned way. After you're finished with Raditz it shows a cutscene 
showing Raditz get on top of you after you were on top of him. Next, you have to 
wiggle the sticks to get Raditz in the line. This is quite easy so try your best!
          Next you'll have to deal with Nappa. Nappa likes to block so after he 
finishes his strikes then you throw in your own strikes. Be sure to block too. 
Remember to use kamehamehas too! 
          After that you'll take on Vegeta. Vegeta is the first person who uses his 
ki power. Remember to block and use Kamehamehas. Vegeta can use a power punch and 
will not hesitate too so hit him when he powers up for a power punch.
          After that you're Gohan and you fight Vegeta! Gohan is stronger and 
smaller so try to use masenko and kamehamehas and block too.
          After you beat Vegeta you're Goku and you have to work out. I don't have 
any tips for this so do what the instructions says. 
          After you work out you go to Namek where you take on Recoome. Recoome is 
one of the first strong people so he will come in and hit you so block and give one 
of your other combos a try.
           Then you have to take on Captain Ginyu. Ginyu is very tough so block 
because he can hurt you pretty bad. I suggest taking Ginyu on the old fashioned way.
           You'll be Ginyu next so get used to this. Use the Milky Cannon a lot and 
give it all you got.
           Frieza is next. Frieza can do terrible damage with his feat so watch out. 
I think you should do this with ki so you can do long range attacks.
           Next you take on Frieza again he's worse so be careful. Block and kick to 
           Finally you fight Frieza as a super saiyan but he's at his 100% final 
form! Use kamehameha a lot put punch and kick also.
           Next you fight Android 19 with a heart disease so you'll lose health. 
Don't let him hit you. Give him all you've got and don't hesitate to hit him.
           After that you're Piccolo and you fight Cell. Cell is very powerful but 
Piccolo's Destructive Wave and Special Beam cannon will be good for Cell. 
           When you beat Cell you have to fight Android 18. He is very strong so 
block and use Destructive Wave a lot.
           Then you're Goku and you fight Cell. Cell is strong so give him all 
you've got. 
            You're Gohan and you fight Cell. Cell deals damage with everything at 
this point so block a lot and use a lot of combos.
            After that, You fight Cell Jr's. Cell Jrs. are soooooo easy. just kick 
and use kamehamehas.
            It's the final battle. Cell is at his strongest so be careful. Block and 
kamehameha an awful lot.

2. The Gag

   Be Krillin and choose Android 19 as you're opponent. Destroy Android 19 and 
Krillin will yell " Android 19 I Love You!"

3. World Tournament

Novice: I would use Kid Gohan. Kick a lot and and kamehameha a lot and you'l;l 
unlock adept mode
Adept: Vegeta is you're best bet. Final Flash a lot and do a kick every so often. 
Prize: Hercule
Advanced: I think Hercule is great for this. Use Dynamite Kick Present For You.
Prize: Great Saiyaman, Gohan's Final Form

4. What About.....

Fusions: There are no fusions in Budokai but there will be in future DBZ games.
Majin Buu: He's way to powerfuil for Budokai and there is NO cheat code for Majin 
Buu so don't waist your time searching for one.
Mystic Gohan: No such thing for Budokai
Uub: Too recent to be put in a DBZ game.

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