The Ultimate Fantasy Draft - Guide for Madden NFL 08

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Here is what i think the ultimate Fantasy draft is is franchise mode.
Note: you must have pick #1 to do this.

1st pick- Carson Palmer- QB (Dont take peyton manning, Tom brady or brett favre-
they are pretty old)

2nd- Champ Baily- CB

3rd- Randy Moss- WR

4th- Ed Reed-FS or Bob Sanders-SS 

5th- Brian Urlacher-MLB

6- Will Smith-RE

7- Greg Jennings-WR

8- Reggie Bush-HB

9- Antonio Gates- TE

10- Dan Koppen-C

11- Tye Hill-CB

12- Leroy Hill-LOLB

13- Chad Greenway- ROLB

14- Jahri Evans-RG

15- Matt Leinart-QB(take a second QB now incase carson palmer gets hurt)

16- Greg Jones-FB

17- Shayne Graham-K

18- Sean Locklear-RT

19- Travelle Wharton-LT

20- Devin Hester-WR(use him as your PR and KR and for hail Marys)

21- Any good DT Fs, or SS if u dont have one, available

22- S. Weatherford-P
Simulate the rest now

Now that the draft is over, in your franchise menu, go to rosters, trade player,
and trade reggie bush and your 1st and 2nd draft picks for Ladainian
Tomlinson-HB.this actually works.

now your team overall is like 93 which is awsome 
thats about the best fantasy team i could get. i hope you like it and this helps
you. also if u have any questions, email me at [email protected]

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