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                                  Kingdom Hearts

Ok now, before we get started, I would like to say that this is not a walkthrough. 
Nor is it a weapons guide. Yet, it is not even an abilities guide. And it is not a 
boss guide. The answer is D. all of the above. It's basically a Do-It-Yourself 
Guide. If you are having trouble in Kingdom Hearts, simply e-mail me at 
[email protected] with your question/problem. This entire FAQ Guide will be 
published in Frequently-Asked-Questions Format. So, when you e-mail me, I will edit 
this guide with your problem and my answer. When I am done, I will send you a 
confirmation message via email.

                                Table of Contents

- Legal Info

- Boss Trouble

- Mini Games

                                    Legal Info

The only site that I have given permission to post my guide is If 
you see this on any other site, please notify me at once. Also, I give anyone and 
everyone permission to print out this guide and pass it on to their friends, as long 
as there is no fee involved for anyone. If anybody posts my guide on any other site 
as their own and/or without my permission, they will be sued. 

                                   Boss Trouble

Q:I'm having trouble with Gargoyle, the boss at The End of the World. How do you 
beat him?

A:Actually he's pretty easy once you learn his pattern. In fact, he's almost exactly 
the same as Ursula when she enlarges herself. First off, cast your aero/aeroga spell 
on yourself. Then, fly straight towards his head and whack away. Keep attacking 
until he prepares to use his huge flame attack(you'll know when), and then fly away 
as fast as you can. Don't worry about Donald and Goofy. Conserve your mp and your 
time. Also, if you prefer your party members to be very healthy, heal Donald and he 
will automatically heal Goofy. This healing trick was sent in to me by someone else. 
I now ask that person to e-mail me their name if they want full 

                                   Mini Games

Q:I'm having trouble locating the torn pages for 100 Acre Wood. Where can I find 

A:Their locations are as follows.
                         - Agrabah:Cave of Wonders
                         - Atlantica:Ariel's Grotto
                         - Monstro:Chamber 6(requires glide ability)
                         - Halloweentown:Research Lab(check the bookshelf)
                         - Traverse Town:Dalmatian House(present for finding puppies)
Don't forget to finish all the mini games to lock the world and be one step further 
to the special movie at the end.

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