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The Ultimate Guide
By B Ford
[email protected]
Last Edited: March 22, 2005


This walkthrough will tell you almost everything about the game there is to know.  
Including every shortcut possible.  As you know there is a lot to know about the 
game so this is a pretty long walkthrough and I better get started.  Some of the 
charts may be skewed if your window is not big enough so maximize your window and 
start reading.

                                  I UNLOCKABLES

              50cc           100cc         150cc            Mirror Mode

Mushroom Cup  Green Fire     Rattle Buggy  Luigi's Mansion  Toadette Kart

Flower Cup    Bloom Coach    Walugi Racer  Turbo Birdo	    Tilt-a-Kart

Star Cup      Para Wing      Special Cup   Barrel Train	    Piranha Pipes/Petey
                                                            Piranha/King Boo
Special Cup   Bullet Blaster Toad Kart/    All Cup Tour     Boo Pipes
All Cup Tour                               Mirror Mode      Parade Kart

                                  II SPECIALS

Mario(M)        Fireballs
Luigi(M)        Fireballs
Peach(M)        Hearts
Daisy(M)        Hearts
Yoshi(M)        Egg
Birdo(M)        Egg
Baby Mario(L)   Chain Chomp
Baby Luigi(L)   Chain Chomp
Koopa(L)        3 Red/Green Turtle Shells
Parakoopa(L)    3 Red/Green Turtle Shells
Donkey Kong(H)  Giant Banana
Diddy Kong(L)   Giant Banana
Bowser(H)       Bowser Shell
Bowser Jr.(L)   Bowser Shell
Wario(H)        Bomb
Waluigi(M)      Bomb
Toad(L)         Gold Mushroom
Toadette(L)     Gold Mushroom
Petey Piranha(H)Everything (based on what course and place you are in)
King Boo(H)     Everything (based on what course and place you are in)

If you are wondering what any of these things are...

Fireballs - Like turtle shells but are sprayed in a shotgun of five fireballs.  
They still bounce off walls. They can be thrown forward or backward, the default is 

Hearts - Revolve around the kart and absorb the next attack giving you whatever it 
was.  Banana, red turtle shell, Bowser shell, etc...

Egg - Seeks the person in front of you just like a red turtle shell but sends three 
items flying when it hits the player or stops rolling, it will only roll for about 
20 seconds.  The items can be bananas, bombs, invincibility, mushrooms, or turtle 
shells.  It can be thrown forward or backward but will not home in if thrown 
backward, the default is forward.

Chain Chomp - A chain chomp just like on Luigi and Mario Circuit but it drags you 
along behind it and destroys anyone in front of it.

3 Red/Green Turtle Shells - Three red or green turtle shells.  They can be thrown 
forward or backward but will not seek if thrown backward, the default is forward.

Giant Banana - A giant banana that, when slipped on will split into three smaller 
bananas.  It can be thrown forward or backward, the default is backward.

Bowser Shell - A gigantic turtle shell that destroys anything in its path.  It can 
be thrown forward or backward, the default is forward.

Bomb - A bomb that explodes three or four seconds after you throw it.  It can be 
thrown way forward, forward, or backward, the default is forward.

Gold Mushroom - Once it is used it will last for four or five seconds.  Keep using 
it and you will keep getting fresh boosts.

                                  III KARTS

                 Driver        Speed    Acceleration Weight
Red Fire(M)      Mario         3        3            3
Heart Coach(M)   Peach         2        4            3
Turbo Yoshi(M)   Yoshi         2        4            3
Goo Goo Buggy(L) Baby Mario    1        5            2
Koopa Dasher(L)  Koopa         2        4            2
DK Jumbo(H)      Donkey Kong   4        2            4
Koopa King(H)    Bowser        5        1            5
Wario Car(H)     Wario         4        2            4
Green Fire(M)    Luigi         4        2            2
Bloom Coach(M)   Daisy         3        3            2
Para Wing(L)     Parakoopa     1        5            2
Bullet Blaster(L)Bowser Jr.    4        3            1
Rattle Buggy(L)  Baby Luigi    2        4            2
Walugi Racer(M)  Walugi        3        3            3
Toad Kart(L)     Toad          2        4            2
Turbo Birdo(M)   Birdo         3        3            4
Barrel Train(L)  Diddy Kong    4        2            3
Toadette Kart(L) Toadette      1        5            2
Piranha Pipes(H) Petey Piranha 4        2            5
Boo Pipes(H)     King Boo      2        4            5
Parade Kart(HML)               4        3            4

                                  IV SHORTCUTS

Some people say they know all of the shortcuts, which annoys me.  I have been 
searching sites for a couple of days for shortcuts that I may have missed and none 
of them that say they have all of the shortcuts have all of them.  I have gone over 
every square inch of every map and here are all that I have found.  I believe I 
have all the shortcuts.  If I have missed any please email me.  I found all of 
these myself. Some are not available in 50cc and versus.

Luigi’s Circuit – (2)

Take the right path around the chain chomp, there are two double item boxes, stay 
to the left of the path when you near the chain chomp it should overshoot you and 
miss completely.  19/20 times the chain chomp will miss you but if you have 
invincibility this is a good time to use it.  By taking this short cut you will 
gain 2 seconds.  This is not accessible in 50cc.  You can get back on the normal 
track or keep going straight and go on top of the wall with the zip pads which is 
much safer but could loose you 3 seconds.

Take a right around the three green pipes and go through a short cut just like the 
last one minus the chain chomp.  It will also gain you two seconds and is not 
available in 50cc.  You can go on top of the wall as with the last short cut but 
may lose up to 3 seconds.

Peach Beach – (3)

At the first turn where you normally turn right turn left onto a paved road go 
through the green pipe and you will be shot out and hit a double item box.  This is 
not a short cut so you will lose about 8 seconds, but if you want items this double 
item box will give you good ones.

Watch for the tide.  You will notice a ramp with speed pads to the left of the 
ocean after you go onto the beach.  If the tide is lowering take this route and you 
will gain about 3 seconds and a double item box.  If the tide is rising take the 
normal route and drive in the shallow water which will not slow you down.

Near the finish line you can take a left around the fountain.  This is a short cut 
a little like the first one mentioned.  There will be two double item boxes but you 
will lose 6 seconds.  Unless you need items very badly do not take this shortcut.

Baby Park – none

Dry Dry Desert – (2)

This is not really a short cut because you can easily see it but if you have 
invincibility the sand monster will not eat you.  If you gain enough speed you 
should be able to go past the sand monster and out of the pit.  This will gain you 
between 3 and 4 seconds.

On your way out of the big open area with cacti and onto the finish you will notice 
that there is a shadow from one of the signs pointing out into the sand.  If you 
follow this arrow through the sand you will cut off a turn and the sand here will 
not slow you down.  This is only available in grand prix (not versus).

Mushroom Bridge – (4)

Right out of the start there will be stairs to your right take them and go down the 
path and into the green tunnel.  You will be rocketed out and into a double item 
box.  This path will neither loose nor gain you time if you have average handling 
if you have above it should gain you about a second if you have below it can loose 
you up to three seconds.

Immediately after the first tunnel (you will not make it if you take the green 
pipe) there is a narrow walkway on the left which is fenced off from turtle shells 
and other hazards including traffic.

After the first tunnel (or the green pipe shortcut) you should see a dirt road if 
you use a star or a mushroom to get up the road you will gain 2 seconds.  If you do 
not have a mushroom or a star and your kart only weighs one star you will gain 
about .5 seconds.  If your kart weighs more than one star you will lose time.

When you reach the bridge you can go up the sides to the bridge where there will be 
zip pads.  This will gain you about 5 seconds if you can stay on the bridge.

Mario Circuit – (0)

Daisy Cruiser – (2)
When you go down the first set of stairs do a 180 drift and you will see a narrow 
pathway around the other side of the pool.  This pathway will save you about 3 
seconds and the risk of being hit by hazards if you can do the 180 drift in less 
than 2 seconds

In the hallway from the dinner room you will see an oval shaped hole.  Drop in and 
go through the orange pipe.  You will get a double bonus box.  This can gain you 5 
seconds if you have a kart with 5 acceleration stars, 3 with 4 acceleration stars, 
and you will not lose or gain time with 3 acceleration stars but you do get a 
double item box, any less acceleration and you will loose time.

Waluigi Stadium – (2)

When you come to the mud pool you can use a boost or invincibility and go through 
it.  This will gain you 3 seconds.  If you do not have an invincibility or boost 
you should be able to ride on the left bank and go the opposite way around the 

On the part with the green pipes and carnivore plants you can go over the green 
pipes instead of weaving around them.  This saves 2 seconds and the slight danger 
of being eaten.

Sherbet Land – (1)

The makers probably did not intend for this to be a short cut but once you enter 
the ice go straight and go off the ice on to a little outcropping of snow (that 
will slow you down) that is just to the left of something built of snow bricks.  
Keep going straight and you will exit the ice without ever having to turn.  This is 
just about one or two seconds faster than the regular route and much safer.  You 
also cut off a second or two not having to make the turns.  So total you save about 
4 seconds.

Mushroom City – (2)

Go straight at the first split and, on your right, there will be a small pink path 
through a building that will give you a double item box and about a 4 second lead.

When you come to the part with the hole in the road you can go the normal route 
through the traffic or you can go straight on a narrow dirt road.  If you have a 
boost or invincibility this road will gain you 4 seconds.  If you do not have a 
boost or invincibility this road will lose you 5 seconds.  If you have a major 
problem with traffic you might want to take this path even without a boost or 

Yoshi Circuit – (2)

After the first turn before the second there will be an opening in the cliff.  Use 
a boost or invincibility to get across the grass and over the jump across a small 
pond.  This requires a boost or invincibility.  It will take about 6 seconds off of 
your time.

After the first tunnel look at the fence on your left.  There will be a small 
break.  Go through this break and into the side of the island where there will be a 
tunnel.  This tunnel will take you up about where Yoshi’s spine would take you if 
it were there instead of going around each one of his spikes.  It will also give 
you a double item box.  You must use a boost or invincibility when going off the 
side of the island and into the tunnel.  This path can cut of up to 12 seconds.  It 
is very hard to get into so you may want to practice it a lot before actually using 
it in a race.

DK Mountain – (2)

If you notice, on the rocks after you are shot from the cannon, going off of the 
light grey path onto the dark gray will not loose you any time.  After the jump 
with the item boxes begin to get closer to the mountain and hug the mountainside.  
This saves you about 4 seconds.

In the green area with the windy roads on the side of the broken part of land, just 
next to the barrier parallel to the gorge, there is a not jagged piece of land that 
you can jump to the other side with.  The best way to get here is to drift left 
where you normally would, missing the empty parts of the fence, and then 
immediately drift right which should put you up on the side of the mountain, facing 
the same direction you were when you were going down the mountain, and ready with 
enough acceleration room to clear the jump.  Heavy karts have extreme trouble 
making this jump.  This saves you about 7 seconds.

Wario Stadium – (1)

Go straight up the zip pad when you get to the part with a hole in the middle.  
This saves you about 4 seconds.

Bowser’s Castle – (1)

When you come to the part where Bowser is shooting fireballs at you keep going 
straight and over the lava.  Turn instantly or you will go through another hole in 
the wall and into lava on the other side.  This saves you 4 seconds and a difficult 
and risky turn.

Dino Dino Jungle – (2)

When you come to the bridge go right instantly and there will be a smaller bridge 
with a zip pad.  This bridge is hard to stay on and is a much safer short cut for 
heavy karts.  It will save you about 2 seconds.  You will also receive a double 
item box.

If you are on the normal bridge take a left and go on a thinner bridge that is 
harder to stay on.  If you are a light kart this will save you the risk of being 
pushed off by a heavier kart.  There is also a double item box.  This route will 
lose you about 1.5 seconds.

When you come to the room with the geysers take a right and go up a ramp with a 
boost or invincibility.  You will need a boost or invincibility to make it across.  
This shortcut can save you up to 6 seconds and the risk of the geysers.

Rainbow Road – (0)

                                  V MISCELLANEOUS

If you are wondering what Luigi's Mansion and Tilt-a-Kart are, they are battle 
arenas.  Luigi's mansion is a three story mansion and Tilt-a-Kart is an 8-bit Mario 
that tilts and item boxes roll with it while others come from the sky.  Also if you 
fall you will be put on the platforms you are put on in the classic Mario game.

If you don't know what mirror mode is yet it is the mirror image, what is normally 
left is now right, of the courses on 150 cc.

There are a few good ways to prevent being hit by a blue winged turtle shell, 
lightning, or a red turtle shell.

There is actually only one way to consistently dodge a blue winged turtle shell, 
other than invincibility.  On rainbow road when you are on or near the spiral ramp 
with all the zip pads if you use a power slide boost or a mushroom boost the shell 
will not hit you.  Also in Bowser's castle I was making a left turn before the last 
turn and did a power slide boost and the turtle shell hit the wall.  If a blue 
turtle shell is ever coming for you try to boost and maybe it will hit a wall or 

You can dodge lightning if you are in either the shoot on Daisy Cruiser, the canon 
on DK Jungle, or in the suction elevator on rainbow road.  You can also be slipping 
on a banana peel, being hit by a turtle shell, etc...

You can dodge red turtle shells by placing a banana behind you, or throwing turtle 
shells, eggs, fireballs, etc... behind you.  You can also dodge them by boosting by 
a wall or just by traveling really close to a wall.

If you are looking for the ultimate character combination here it is:

King Boo and Donkey Kong in Boo Pipes
King Boo will get you in first place with all of his specials and Donkey Kong will 
keep you there with his giant bananas.

If you don't have King Boo yet use Toad and Diddy Kong in the Toad Kart
Toad will get you in first place with the gold mushroom and Diddy Kong will keep 
you there with his giant bananas.

If you don't have Toad either use Parakoopa and Diddy Kong in the Koopa Dasher.
Parakoopa will get you in first place with his turtle shells and Diddy Kong will 
keep you there with his giant bananas.

If you are in first place keep Donkey/Diddy Kong in the back.  If you aren't let 
them drive.

Also if you are ever Bowser or Bowser Jr. use your giant turtle shells carefully, 
you dont want them coming back and killing you.

Questions or comments, missed anything please e-mail me.

I couldn't care less if you use this information elsewhere as long as it is still 
under my name.

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