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Hello! This is my first Walkthrough. Please give me some credit if you don’t like it
because it is the first one!  Well, here it is.

1. The Beginning
2. Marriage
That’s all that I played to, okay?!?

1. The Beginning

Well, lucky you! You just got your game and you start out with 3000 G. Well, if you
JUST got your game and you filled out all of the information, you do. But if you do
have 3000 G, you’re probably wondering what “G” means, right? Well, I’m just going to
tell you it in a nutshell. G means Gold. If you took some time to think about it,
that’s not that much gold at all! So use the third controller to press START in your
house to get more (duh!). Ok. Now you got more gold. Takakura gave you the cow. Your
life is perfect and while you cut the last square of grass off your pasture with your
sickle, then you get sad. In Harvest Moon: A wonderful life, your grass grows. But
sadly, it does not grow in this game. So you have to go all the way to Vesta’s farm
to get some fertilizer. But it doesn’t just grow more grass the second you put it on,
it takes season after season, struggle after struggle, so what will you feed your
cow? Well, you the third controller’s   Z button to get more stuff. Then, you will be
living a sweet life. And you also might want to meet the people. There’s Nina, Galen,
Romana, Vesta, Marlin, Lumina, the doctor guy Hardy (he moves in when Nina dies in
chapter two), Grant, I think it was Katrina, Kate, (please note: you might not see
Grant, Katrina, and Kate in the first year, but don’t think it’s a glitch in your
game. They move in at chapter two also.) Van (the traveling salesman you get the rock
on clothes from.), Chris, Hugh, Wally, Sebastian, Gustafa, Nami, Celia, Muffy, Nik,
Nak, Flak, Takakura, you, Griffin, Rock, Ruby, Tim, Flora, Daryl, Carter, Cody,
Patrick, Kassey, and, in chapter two, your baby.

2. Marriage.
There are three people you can marry. Rock, Gustafa, and Marlin are the three you can
marry. These are the guides to winning their hearts.

Rock: Rock is a party boy who is always wearing the coolest clothes in town. If you
marry Rock, you might have a high chance of having a rebellious son. But, it’s your
Interests: Rock likes butter and cheese if it isn’t from a goat, statue relics, and
old coins.
Don’t give him: creepy looking fossils, and goat butter and goat milk.
Gustafa: Gustafa is a quiet, peaceful guitar player. If you marry him, you will have
a high chance of having a smart, quiet, and shy son, too.
Interests: flowers, ores, food, and music and fossils.
Don’t give him: fish products

Marlin: NOTE: In my game, I married Marlin, and he is SUCH A SWEET HEART!!!! I have
the most adorable son dressed a cute little purple hat!! Anyways,: Marlin is mean to
you at first, but later on once you get to know him, he is so nice to ya’! Marlin is
a down to earth guy who is very interested in vegetables.
Interests: well grown fruits and vegetables, and the medicines you get from Van.
Don’t give him: anything with tempura.

Thank you!!!!!
I’m adding to this as fast as I can, so next time I will have the toddler section
ready. Thank you!!!!!!!

Please don’t plagiarize. It’s the law and it’s very unkind to those around you. Thank

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