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9.Wishing Well

Feng Shui Guide 
In Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Gamecube, certain items have a special Feng 
Shui color assigned to them. An item's Feng Shui color may coincide with its 
actual (visible) color, but eyeballing your furniture is not a particularly 
reliable way of determining the Feng Shui color of your piece. In reality, many 
items have a Feng Shui color that is very different their physical 
appearance.So, why should anyone care about Feng Shui? If you play according to 
the rules of Feng Shui, your in-game luck will increase. Thus it will be more 
likely for you to receive items and money. It will also increase the frequency 
of present balloons in your town.
Colors and Types of Luck

For the purpose of this guide, the northern side of the room should be 
considered the side of the room you face when you enter through the front door. 
The opposite wall is the southern wall. The other compass directions can be 
figured out easily in relation to these, but for the directionally impaired, we 
have provided a diagram of directional colors with the types of luck associated 
with said colors:

How Feng Shui Evolves

The digrams below indicate which parts of your home are under the influence of 
the various Feng Shui colors. Coordinate Feng Shui colored items to match the 
appropriate colored square. These diagrams also indicate how Feng Shui changes 
as you expand your home. 
Special Items

Special Feng Shui items increase your luck no matter where they are in your 
house. However, if you place these special items in the corner of your house 
you will receive double the luck normally provided by that item. These special 
items are listed below. 
Special Feng Shui	
G Logo	Hinaningyo	Luigi Trophy	Mario Trophy	
Angler Trophy	Fishing Trophy	Spring Metal	Autumn Metal	
Samurai Suit	Tanabata Palm	Treasure Chest	Tissue	
Dracaena	House Model	Manor Model	Post Model	
Mailbox	Piggy bank	Festive Tree	Big Festive Tree	
Odds and Ends

If you use Feng Shui properly you will notice various effects in game. For 
example, shiny spots on the ground will yield more money, perhaps finding 
10,000 bells instead of 1,000. Orange, Green, and Yellow Feng Shui will 
increase your ability to collect items. Villagers will be more likely to reward 
you with furniture and Redd will carry more exclusive items.
Items without an assigned Feng Shui color can be placed anywhere in the room. 
These items will not alter your luck. Areas of the room that are left blank do 
not give Feng Shui benefits for any specific colored items. Feng Shui affects 
your first floor for sure, and possibly your second floor as well. Some people 
report Feng Shui also affects your basement.


January 1st, New Year's Day: New Year's Day (if it wasn't obvious enough) is 
held in honor of the New Year. During this holiday, the villagers congregate in 
front of the Wishing Well for the festivities. If you visit the Wishing Well 
between 6:00am and 11:00am, Mayor Tortimer will give you advice for the year 
and a new diary as a present. Make sure you don't stay up partying too late the 
night before--this event is for the early morning only! Additionally, Katrina 
will have a table set up near the Wishing Well where you can play her "sunshine 
lottery" activity. It's worth trying your luck at Katrina's table; this is the 
only time all year where all you stationery completists can receive Fortune 
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February 2nd, Groundhog's Day: Like the real holiday, the entire village will 
gather to see if the local groundhog will predict winter, else the long awaited 
spring. At around 7:00am your villagers will congregate around the Wishing 
Well. Chat with your villagers until 8:00am, when Mr. Resetti makes a cameo 
apperance as "the groundhog." If you talk to Tortimer after the ceremonies he 
will give you one of many flower models in honor of the occasion. You will have 
to attend this event more than once to receive all the flower models in the 
February 14th, Valentine's Day: A week or two before the holiday, your 
villagers will start hinting that they intend to send out chocolates to a 
special someone. Pete, the pelican who delivers the mail, also posts to the 
bulletin board advising you to clear out your mailbox to assure that all your 
Valentines arrive in a timely manner. This is good advice--mail in excess of 
what your box can hold will disappear. So clean out that junk mail!
On Valentine's Day, you will receive letters from all of the animals in your 
town of the opposite gender. Each of the three male or female personality types 
can write two different kinds of letters. Thus, each sex can recieve up to 
twelve different Valentines from their villagers. Each villager will attach a 
gift to their letter. What you receive in the mail depends on your relationship 
with that villager. It pays to be nice and run lots of errands in the early 
part of February; shirts are given for so-so to poor relationships, but 
furniture is given if you and the animal are good friends.
The day after the holiday, Pete will make another post saying that he is done 
delivering Valentines, but wonders when he'll start receiving any.
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March 20th or 21st, Spring Sports Fair: The Spring Sports Fair has a number of 
different events that you can watch. Cheer on your favorite villager as he or 
she engages in races, tug-of-war, or ball. If you show up early enough, you can 
participate in the day's first event, gymnastics. Utilizing the C stick (the 
yellow joystick) will allow you to perform a variety of different tricks. If 
you track down the mayor during the sports fair he will give you the Spring 
Medal to commemorate the occasion. You don't even need to win anything! A 
schedule of events is listed below.
Event Times	
Time	Event	
9am	Gymnastics	
11am	Foot Race	
1pm	Ball Game	
3pm	Tug-of-War	
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April 1st, April Fool's Day: April Fool's is as treacherous in Animal Crossing 
as it is in real life. When you chat with the animals on this day, they will do 
their best to try and fool you with tall tales and a variety of pranks and 
tricks. Tortimer the Mayor is the worst of them all; when you head to the 
Wishing Well he gives you an item called "Super Tortimer" which he claims is a 
playable NES game. However, when you take it to your house to try it out it 
won't work. Way to get our hopes up, Tortimer!
April 5th - 7th, Cherry Blossom Festival: Your town undergoes an incredible 
change during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Regardless of whether or not you 
have planted cherry trees in your town, all decidious trees will burst into 
pink bloom. All your villagers become very excited about this sudden 
transformation and if you visit the mayor he will explain more about the 
festival and its meaning to the town. At the end of his explanation, Tortimer 
will give you the pink tree model.
April 22nd, Nature Day: Nature day is a happy-feely event in honor of the 
general greenery in your town. The mayor will give you sage advice if you talk 
to him about nature, accompanied by a tree model.
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May 1st, Spring Cleaning: When May rolls around thoughts turn to clean houses. 
Today is the day to give your house a thorough cleaning. If you talk to 
Tortimer today, he will give you a model of the dump (an apt reward in light of 
the holdiay).
May (2nd Sunday), Mother's Day: As in real life, today is the day to appreciate 
your mother (who, in Animal Crossing, makes cameos by sending you letters from 
home every now and then). To remind you to call your mother frequently, 
Tortimer hands out the Lovely Phone. The Lovely Phone is an interesting item 
and the only phone in the game; pick up the receiver to hear messages from it.
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June (Second Friday), Graduation Day: Although we typically celebrate this day 
in real life when one graduates from a school, the Animal Crossing holiday is 
for generic graduations. Today is the day where your villagers commerorate all 
the hard work and progress you have made so far in the game. If you talk to the 
Mayor, he will present you with a model of the Ables's Tailor Shop for all your 
hard work.
June (Third Sunday), Father's Day: Although Dad is not quite as avid as a 
writer as Mom, we still remember to appreciate him in game. If you talk to 
Tortimer (the closest available fatherly-type) he will give you a locomotive 
model. Choo choo!
June (Every Sunday), Summer Fishing Tourney: Every Sunday in June Chip the 
beaver will host a fishing tournament where you can win furniture for record 
breaking fish. Chip will give you a prize for every fish you turn in to him 
that beats the previous record for the day. Start with your smallest fish first 
in order to maximize the loot. If you plan to fish on the day of the tourney, 
wake up early in the morning when the big fish are biting. However, fish caught 
before the tourney can also be turned over to Chip for prizes. It's a good idea 
to store fish in advance of the Tourney. If you have the record at the end of 
the day you will receive an additional gift in the mail. Talk to the mayor at 
any time during the Tourney to recieve the angler trophy.
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July 4th, Fireworks Show: Coinciding with American Independence day, your 
Animal Crossing town will hold a fireworks show in the evening of July 4th. 
Head down to the lake between 7:00pm and 9:00pm to see a spectacular fireworks 
display. Crazy Redd will set up a stand at the event where he will sell a 
variety of pinwheels and balloons. If you are interested in an inventory of 
these items, please consult the Master Item List . If you find the 
mayor among the festivities he will give you a bottle rocket for your trouble.
July 25th - August 31st, Morning Aerobics: Speak to Tortimer the Mayor to 
receive a special event card. Every morning during this time Copper will 
conduct Morning Aerobics. Be sure to have your event card stamped every time 
you attend an event. If you get your card stamped at 14 morning aerobics 
sessions Tortimer will reward you with a special aerobics radio that will 
enable you to perform the excerises in your house. A list of aerobics moves 
performed at Morning Aerobics follows (all moves use the C stick)
Aerobics Controls	
Move	Controls	
Straighten Your Back	Down then Up	
Roll Your Arms	Rotate Upper Semicircle	
Straighten Your Side	Hold Up and Left or Up and Right	
Twist Your Body	Hold Left or Hold Right	
Throw Out Your Chest	Hold Down and Left or Hold Down and Right	
Rotate Your Body	Full Rotation	
Leap	Hold Up	
Practice Deep Breathing	Press Down then Up 	
July, (Random Day -- Consult your calendar), Your Hometown Day: Your Hometown 
Day is a fictiona Animal Crossing holiday meant to celebrate your town and all 
its unique aspects. During this day, Tortimer will give you a train station 
model. There are fifteen train station models in the game to match the fifteen 
different stations you could possibly get when you first initialize your town. 
Of course, you will receive the model that looks like your personal train 
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August 12th, Meteor Shower: If you go to the lake between 6:00pm and 9:00pm you 
will be able to watch a meteor shower in the skys overhead. Make sure you talk 
to the mayor on your way home to receive a telescope.
August 21st, Founder's Day: Founder's Day is in honor of the founder of your 
Animal Crossing town. As usual, Mayor Tortimer will have wise thoughts to 
bestow upon you regarding the founding of your village. He has a strange gift 
to give you today: a weed model.
August (All Month), Morning Aerobics: This event started in July and continues 
through the end of the month. See July for more details about this event.
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September (First Monday), Labor Day: The mayor has been keeping an eye on 
your "labor" (progress in game) and would like to offer you the shop model as a 
gift. So make sure you go see him sometime during the day in celebration of all 
the hard work you've been doing to pay off your loan.
September 23 or 24th, Fall Sports Fair: Just like the Spring Sports Fair you 
can't participate in the events except gymnastics, but you can watch the other 
villagers. Make sure you talk to the mayor to receive you autumn medal. During 
the gymnastics you can use the C stick to do aerobics. See the Spring Sports 
Fair event for additional details.
Event Times	
Time	Event	
9am	Gymnastics	
11am	Foot Race	
1pm	Ball Game	
3pm	Tug-of-War	
September (Consult your calendar), Harvest Moon Festival: You'll have to check 
the in-game calendar or the bulletin board to find the exact date of this event 
because it changes every year. This event can occur in September or October. If 
you go down to the lake on the day of the Harvest Moon Festival between 6:00pm 
and 9:00pm you can see the full moon reflected in the water. The mayor will 
kindly give you an enormous model of the moon for your very own in honor of the 
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October (Second Monday), Explorer's Day: A take-off the American holiday, 
Columbus Day, Explorer's Day celebrates exploration of new lands and 
exploration of a more personal nature. The mayor will be at the well today to 
give you a gift appropriate for the occasion: a bottled ship. Make sure you 
talk to him before 6:00pm or you'll miss out.
October 15th - 25th, Mushrooming Season: Every day during Mushrooming Season, 
five mushrooms will appear at 8:00am. Every fifteen minutes after 8:00am a 
mushroom will disappear (as it has been found by a villager). You'll have to 
get up early and look hard if you want to beat the crowd. You can sell 
mushrooms to Tom for 5,000 bells each.
October (Consult your calendar), Harvest Moon Festival: See the September 
listing for details about this event and your personal calendar for the exact 
date. This event can occur in either September or October.
October 31st, Halloween: On Halloween the villagers will dress up to look 
exactly like Jack (the pumpkinhead). Each one wears a blue shirt and a pumpkin 
on his or her head. However, Jack is also in your town. To protect your candy 
from your villagers (which you want to save for Jack) hide pieces in your 
letter slots until you can locate the true "King of Halloween." Unlike the 
other villagers, Jack won't run after you demanding candy. Search around town 
until you find the pumpkinhead who seems to ignore you. If you approach him and 
give him candy he will give you a piece of the Spooky Series. For a full 
listing of Spooky items, check the Master Item List 
How do you get candy, though? You can buy it in Tom Nook's store during 
October. Make sure to buy a lot in order to get the entire set. You can also 
give it to villagers. Villagers who are spurned will play tricks on you, 
however; they change your clothes into rags, or a random item into a jack-o'-
lantern. Make sure that you keep your good clothing and precious items in the 
house tonight! If you correctly identify the mayor he will give you a model of 
Katrina's Tent.
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November (First Tuesday), Mayor's Day: We're pretty sure this is a knock-off of 
election day. Instead of voting, the Mayor does his duty and rewards everyone 
who speaks to him. Today's goodie is a well model!
November 11th, Officer's Day: November is the month for appreciating the town's 
public servants. Today celebrates Cooper and Booker's various deeds and 
contributions to the town. Talk to the mayor to receive a police station model.
November (Every Sunday), Fall Fishing Tourney: Chip will host a fishing 
tournament where you can win big prizes. You will receive a prize as long as 
the fish you catch is bigger than the current record for the day. Talk to the 
mayor on one of those days to recieve the fishing trophy. See the section on 
the Summer Fishing Tourney for more detailed information.
November (Fourth Thursday), Harvest Festival: Today is the Animal Crossing 
equivalent of American Thanksgiving. If you show up at the Wishing Well between 
3:00pm and 9:00pm you can watch a "tasty" story unfold. Franklin the turkey 
realizes he's in trouble when the mayor invites him for dinner; or rather to be 
dinner. Franklin will hide behind things and wait for you to bring him pieces 
of silverware from the banquet by the well. Removing the silverware removes the 
threat of him becoming dinner. For each piece you bring you will recieve one 
piece of harvest furniture. Make sure to talk to the mayor to receive a 
corunucopia item.
November (Fourth Friday), Sale Day: Tom Nook will sell grab bags at his store 
instead of the normal goods he carries. Each grab bag will have three items in 
them. The grab bags may contain pinwheels, items that can only be obtained 
today or during the Fireworks Show. Each grab bag is sold for a low price, but 
the deal, of course varies (what would you expect from a grab bag?). Redd will 
also set up shop selling many different items. If you remember to talk to the 
mayor he will give you the market model.
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December 1st, Snow Day: You may have observed snow in November if you were 
lucky enough, but December 1st celebrates the coming storms of December. 
Usually, December 1st will be the first day of the year you will see snow in 
Animal Crossing. If you speak to the mayor today he will give you a model 
snowman. Snow will not stick to the ground until after December 10th.
December 23rd, Toy Day: Today is a day where everyone receives lots of toys 
(can't imagine what this is supposed to resemble...!). Talk to the mayor at the 
well to receive a miniature car if you are a boy, and a doll if you are a girl. 
Make sure you catch him before 6:00pm.
December 24th, Jingle Arrives: Jingle the reindeer wanders around town from 
8:00pm on December 24th to 1:00am on December 25th. If you track him down he 
will give you a piece of Jingle furniture. If you want more furniture you will 
have to change into a different outfit and talk to him again. You can only get 
a maximum of 10 pieces per town regardless of how many characters you have. 
Once you have talked to Jingle five times in a row in one outfit he will give 
you a piece of the Jingle Series. When finished, head out of the acre and 
switch into a different shirt. Go find Jingle again and he will ask you 
questions; depending on how you reply you will get different furniture. 
Generally, a response of "Printed" or "Woven" will get you Wallpaper, Carpet, 
or a Shirt. You can get doubles so you can easily wind up with less than 10 
unique pieces. Jingle furniture sells very well but it cannot be re-ordered at 
December 31st, New Year's Eve: Head down to the lake to see the big countdown 
clock count the minutes until the end of the year. Between 11:00pm and 1:00am 
there will be a fireworks display at the lake as well. Chat with the mayor to 
receive your very own noisemaker.
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Special Events

Camping Season (Summer): Animals may visit your town during the summer months 
to camp out for a while. If you talk to them they may give you some camping 
Bridge Building (Random): The mayor may seek your input on a new bridge once 
your town contains fifteen villagers. There will be two locations to choose 
Igloos (Winter): If there is snow on the ground one of the villagers may decide 
to live in an igloo for the day. Visit them to chat or play special winter 
games. If you spend enough time in the igloo, you may receive one of several 
special snowy gifts.
Lighthouse Watching (Winter): The mayor may ask you to light the lighthouse for 
him for a week during one of the first two months of the year while he is on 
vacation. If you do it regularly you will receive chocolates and a lighthouse 
model when he returns.
Your Birthday: On your birthday you will receive presents in the mail from the 
other villagers. The quality of the presents will improve the better the 
quality of the relationships you have with your villagers. Your mom will also 
send you a special item: a birthday cake.

Happy Room Academy Guide 

Early on in Animal Crossing for Gamecube, Tom Nook asks you if you'd like to 
join the Happy Room Academy, better known as the HRA. The Happy Room Academy is 
a group that inspects your house on a nightly basis and then scores the 
interior design. Many have found it difficult to achieve high HRA scores 
because the HRA never informs you how they judge your house. Below is a guide 
to HRA scoring:
Definitions and Basics

How you decorate your house is up to you but the Happy Room Academy will award 
you with points and prizes if you follow their rules. If you achieve 70,000 
points you will get the house model, while 100,000 points will score you the 
manor model. If you change your layout you will receive a letter, on special 
wing paper, in your mailbox the next day. 
To understand the HRA there are some basic definitions you need to know: 
Series: A large group of matching traditional furniture, with accompanying 
wallpaper and carpet. A series includes such items as beds, lamps, and tables. 
An example of a series is the Classic Series. Series include the Necessities of 

Themes: A large or medium sized group of related items, with an accompanying 
wallpaper and carpet. Unlike series, themes consist of unconventional 
furniture. An example of a theme is the Boxing theme.

Sets: A small group of related items, sometimes containing as few as two or 
three pieces. Furniture sets do not have matching wallpaper or carpet.

Necessities of Life: Bed, table, chair, wardrobe, and dresser OR bureau
The HRA prefers to see a complete series or theme on your first floor. You will 
lose 4000 HRA points per non-matching item on your first floor. The basement of 
your house is never rated and can be used to store anything you want. Furniture 
from sets should be displayed on the second floor only. All items that have a 
function must be able to be used. For example, if you have a chair in a room, a 
player must be able to sit in it without moving it in order to receive full HRA 
points. Items with faces, such as dolls and gyroids, must never face the wall. 
To clarify--yes, items will always face *A* wall, but they must not be placed 
directly up against a wall and facing it. Players commonly place gyroids next 
to the entry way so the player can see their faces as he or she walks in. The 
wall there is invisible to the player, but the HRA can see it. Additionally, 
any items left on the floor that can be put away (such as raffle tickets), will 
lose you 1 point per item. 
Common items, such as those that can be regularly purchased at Tom Nook's shop, 
do not generally bring in a lot of HRA points. Usually, rarer items, such as 
event-only items, are worth more HRA points. Certain rare items, including 
lucky items, are worth a lot of HRA points (the Arwing, for example).
Rating Tables

Bonus Points	
Completed Furniture Series	48,000	
Wallpaper and Carpet of Same Series	10,000	
Wallpaper OR Carpet of Same Series	4,800	
Complete Necessities of Life (same series)	16,000	
Complete Necessities of Life (diff series)	4,400	
Wallpaper and Carpet of Same Theme	10,000	
Completed Furniture Set (per item)	3,000	
Theme Furniture (per item)	7,000	
Theme Furniture (for completed set)	(# of items x 7,000) + 15,000	
Unusuable Piece (per item)	-800	
Unmatched themes/series (per item)	-4,000	
Items on Floor (per item)	-1	

Individual Item Points	
Items From Tom Nook	51	
Items From Redd	412	
Carpets From Saharah	412	
Wallpapers From Wendell	412	
Items From Gulliver	412	
Items From Villagers in Igloos	412	
Items From Villagers in Tents	412	
Items From Tortimer (buyable)	412	
Items From Tortimer (unbuyable)	1,111	
Items From The Snowman	888	
Items From Jack	1,031	
Items From Jingle	2,241	
Gyroids	821	
Lottery Prizes	1,029	
Limited Time Items (ie Harvest)	700	
Clothes/Fish/Insects	3	
Fossils (cleaned)	300	
Birthday Cake	1,000	
Completed Fossil Set	1,000	
Museum completion gift	1,111	
Post office Savings gift	1,111	
HRA gift	1,111	
Fishing Tournament Trophy	1,111	
Animal Island Items	1,300	
Animal Island NES Games	1,983	
e-reader NES Games	1,983	
e-reader Furniture	1,000	
Other NES Games	1,000	
Lucky/Special Items	777	
Full T-Rex Skeleton	14,000	

Island Guide

Hardware you need to connect to Animal Island

-Game Boy Advance
-GBA/GCN Link Cable
How to travel to Animal Island

Turn on your game boy advance and ensure that the link cable is plugged in. 
Then make your way to the dock. You will see Kapp'n there in his boat. Talk to 
him to go to the island. Make sure you leave your GBA turned on for the trip 
over there. 
The Island Cabana

There is a vacant house on animal island. The first time you will visit you 
will see that it contains two Blue Aloha Shirts and two Red Aloha Shirts. This 
is the only way you can get those shirts in the game so if you don't visit your 
island you're out of luck. You can store things in the beach house or decorate 
it any way you like. However, all four human players share the same house so 
make sure no one steals your best stuff.
The Island Flag

There is also a flagpole on the island. You can fly any flag you choose, the 
default flag is plain white. Create a new texture the same way you would for 
clothing then simply head to the island to fly your new flag.

If you spend time out in the sun on the island without using an umbrella your 
character will get a tan. The longer you are out the darker you get. It doesn't 
have any effect on the game though. The tan goes away slowly over time and is 
not permanent. 

The island never experiences winter so many of the game's bugs are available 
year round. To find out which ones check out the collection guide and look for 
the entries with an * next to them. Rumor has it that out of season fish can 
also be found there but it is unconfirmed which ones.
Island Weather

Island weather does not always parallel the mainland. It can be raining in one 
place and not the other. You never know until you get there.
Exchanging Islands

You can trade islands with a friend through the the gba screen's "trade 
islands" option. In this way you can also trade anything that may be on an 
island with your friend. This includes; items, islander, island name, and 
island geography.
The Native Islander

The Native Islander is the biggest feature of the island. Your islander does 
very little on the gamecube island, but is responsible for a lot on the gameboy 
advance island. On the gcn island your islander may ask you to bring him or her 
GBA Islander:
Use the hand cursor to lead your islander along, pick him up, or move items 
around. If you islander cries for help improve it's mood by lifting it out of 
danger. If you leave fishing poles, nets, or shovels on the island your 
islander can use them. By using the net your islander can catch the presents 
that float over the island. With the shovel your islander can dig up items you 
have buried and turn them into rarer items that you want. With the fishing pole 
the islander can haul up deep sea treasures.There are many items that are 
exclusive to the island and it takes a lot of work to collect them all. 
Islanders and Fruit:
Each islander has fruit that it likes and fruit that it is allergic to. If you 
see a skull it means that the islander is allergic to that fruit. Feeding it 
that will only make it less likely to drop money bags. If your islander is 
happy it will drop various denominations of money for you depending on how 
happy he or she is. 
Islander Allergies	
Islander Name	Fruit Allergy	
Ankha	Apples	
Annalise	Oranges 	
Bliss	Oranges 	
Boomer	Cherries 	
Bud 	Peaches 	
Dobie	Cherries 	
Drift 	Apples 	
Elina 	Apples 	
Faith 	Pears 	
Flash 	Peaches 	
Flossie 	Oranges 	
June 	Pears	
Maelle 	Oranges 	
O'Hare 	Peaches 	
Pigleg 	Peaches 	
Plucky 	Cherries 	
Rowan 	Pears 	
Yodel 	Cherries 	
Islander Favorite Fruits: There is much controversy over which fruits are 
preferred by which islanders. It has been suggested that they all like coconuts 
and their favorite fruit is one of the other ones, since none are allergic to 
coconuts. You will have to experiment with what works best for your islanders 
as submissions have been widely inconsistent.

Local Places Guide

Although the layout of an Animal Crossing town varies for player to player, 
there are a variety of places within each Animal Crossing town that are 
universal to all players. Each of these places has a specific function, and 
users should familiarize themselves with the local stores and landmarks to get 
the best out of the game. Below is a guide to the places in your town.
The Train Station  Day: All Week  Hours: All Day 

The train station is the first place you see when you enter your town. It is 
run by Porter, the monkey, who coordinates transportation between villages. If 
you have a card with an Animal Crossing town in both slots of your Nintendo 
Gamecube you can speak with Porter to arrange a trip to another town. There is 
also a map in front of every train station. This is not only useful when you 
begin to run deliveries for Tom Nook, but also when you're visiting a town 
where you are not familiar with the landscape. Also, don't forget to visit the 
train station every Saturday from 8:00pm until midnight when Totakeke (K. K. 
Slider) plays his guitar riffs and hands out free recordings.
Nook's Shops  Day: All Week  Hours: 9:00am - 10:00 pm* 

* Nook 'n Go is an exception to this rule; it is open 7:00am - 11:00pm. 
Additionally, Nook will be closed on days where he is expanding. 
The local market is run by a raccoon (Tanuki in the Japanese version) named Tom 
Nook. His first shop, Nook's Cranny, is very tiny and there is only room for a 
handful of items. Not to fear, however; the more you spend in Nook's store, the 
larger it will become. There are four different incarnations of Tom Nook's 
store: Nook's Cranny, Nook 'n Go, Nookway and Nookington's, the largest. A 
table of these stores and the requirements for upgrading is listed below: 
Nook's Upgrades	
Store Name	Requirements	
Nook's Cranny	Nothing (Starter store)	
Nook 'n Go	Spend 25,000 bells	
Nookway	Spend 65,000 bells	
Nookington's	Spend 150,000 bells and have a friend visit and purchase an 
item from Nookway's.	
There are many items in the game that can be acquired in a number of different 
ways. However, there are some items that you can only buy at Tom Nook's store. 
These times are saplings, paint, candy, flower seeds, signs. Saplings and 
flower seeds must be planted outdoors, and are available for purchase at Nook's 
Cranny and higher. Signs and paint, in contrast, can only be purchased in later 
upgrades. Paint allows you to change the color of your house's roof and signs 
allow you to post patterns within your town. Candy is a seasonal item, and is 
sold throughout October.
Animal Crossing allows you to trade items via codes in addition to trading card 
to card. Of course, you can also get a password to give to a friend as well. 
Speak to Nook to exchange an item for a code. You should have the name and town 
of the intended friend you wish to give the item to when you're ready. By 
simply giving your friend the code, he or she can go speak to Tom Nook in their 
town to receive your gift. 
Trading codes, however, is not the only way to receive gifts from Nook. On the 
last day of every month Tom Nook will hold a raffle for three prizes. The items 
that are raffled off can be difficult to obtain except during raffle days. You 
must give Tom Nook five tickets per chance at winning a prize. You can obtain 
tickets during the month by buying items in Nook's store. Certain items give 
tickets, but others do not. The items that give you tickets are: clothes, 
umbrellas, furniture, wallpaper, and carpet. The items that don't give you 
tickets are: stationery, paint, candy, flowers, saplings, and signs.
One of the more important functions of Tom's shop is buying things from you. 
Some items cannot be sold to Tom, like uncleaned fossils. Other items, like 
tires, he will take off your hands for no monetary compensation. Tom will only 
pay you a quarter of the actual value of the object, and other items you will 
not be able to buy back. Always check your catalog before selling an item to 
assure that you don't sell anything rare.
Checking your catalog, however, is very easy. Speak to Nook and select the 
catalog option. Your catalog contains all the items you have had in your 
possession at one point in the game. Items marked as "Not for sale" cannot be 
ordered from Tom Nook's. Items that cannot be ordered include rare NES games, 
Gracie clothes, Wendell wallpaper, Saharah carpets, items from Gulliver, and 
many more.
Tom also holds bargain sales two or three times a month. He will give out free 
balloons at all his sales. However, only a limited amount of merchandise will 
be available for purchase.
Finally, you can check with Tom for the daily fluctuating price of turnips. If 
you decide to sell Tom will take them off your hands. Make sure you sell them 
by the end of the week or they will go rotten.
The Bulletin Board  Day: All Week  Hours: All Day 

The bulletin board is the place to check for important announcements that 
relate to your town. Villagers often post clues for treasure hunts to the 
bulletin board, and Tortimer also advertises town events here. Be careful what 
you write on the bulletin board because you cannot erase an entry once it is 
posted. At the beginning of the game, you will need to use the bulletin board 
to advertise Tom Nook's shop. The bulletin board is also a good place to leave 
messages for players who visit your town.
The Police Station  Day: All Week  Hours: All Day 

The police station is home to Officers Copper and Booker. Officer Copper will 
tell you about any special visitors that are scheduled to visit your town soon. 
He will also tell you how many items are currently in the lost and found. 
Officer Booker is in charge of the lost and found. The lost and found can hold 
up to 20 items and should be checked regularly. If you leave something laying 
around your village on the ground it will eventually make its way to the lost 
and found. Items lost by villagers will also show up there. You can claim any 
lost and found items as your own.
The Post Office  Day: All Week  Hours: All Day 

The post office is an important town feature. It is the place where you mail 
all your letters. You can mail up to five letters at a time. To mail more than 
five letters at once, simply leave and re-enter. You can also store up to 160 
letters (with presents, if desired) in the post office which is extremely 
useful for storing items that don't fit in your home. If you wish to make a 
payment on your loan to Tom Nook you can also do it here. Once you have paid 
off your debt you can use the post office as a bank to store your extra money. 
If you reach peak amounts of money you will be awarded special prizes:

Post Office Rewards	
1,000,000 Bells	Tissue	
10,000,000 Bells	Piggy Bank	
100,000,000 Bells	Mailbox	
999,999,999 Bells	Post Office Model	
The Farway Museum  Day: All Week  Hours: All Day 

The museum has four rooms, each for displaying a different type of exhibit: 
fish, insects, fossils, and paintings. You can donate an item by talking to the 
curator, Blathers. Fossils cannot be donated to the museum unless they have 
been sent away to be cleaned and identified first. Once you have dug up a 
fossil you wil be sent a letter from the museum. After you receive the letter 
you will be able to mail fossils to the museum for cleanign. Simply attach a 
fossil to an empty letter and address it to the museum. Only one item of each 
kind can be donated, even if more than one player lives in your town. The first 
person to donate the item will have their name put on the plaque. If you 
complete the collection of 40 fish, 40 insects, 25 fossils, and 15 paintings 
you will receive the Museum Model. 
The Dump  Day: All Week  Hours: All Day (Emptied at 6am on Monday and Thursday) 

The dump is the place to dispose of any unwanted items or garbage you find 
while fishing. Garbage placed anywhere else but the dump will effect your 
town's rating, so be sure to drop all your junk off here. Sometimes things 
other than garbage show up at the dump; every morning you will find two useful 
items left there by your villagers. These items may include furniture, 
clothing, paper, or umbrellas. Make sure that your dump doesn't get too 
overcrowded, however. Only sixteen items can be contained in the dump at any 
time, and if you exceed this amount you will not receive the daily "presents" 
left there from your villagers.
The Melody Board  Day: All Week  Hours: All Day 

The town melody board allows you to change the town tune. The town tune chimes 
on the town bells every hour and when you speak to your villagers. You can 
write up to 16 notes worth of a song.
The Wishing Well  Day: All Week  Hours: All Day 

The Wishing Well is best known as the center of festival events. However, it is 
not just a simple landmark, but is a sentient well that can give you advice on 
how to make your town a better place. When you talk to the Wishing Well, it 
will usually give you a cryptic message followed by an acre number. If you are 
told that your village is "perfect" for two weeks you will receive a golden 
axe, presented by Farley the Wishing Well Gnome. If the wishing well tells you 
that the area has "little green" you should plant trees. If it comments 
on "shadows" you should cut down trees. If things are satisfactory, or they 
could be better, thin out your trees. Although weeds do not seem to play as 
large a role as originally thought it never hurts to pull them out. Make sure 
you plant flowers as well, they make your town look better and attract insects. 
The Wishing Well also allows you to apologize for items you cannot deliver. 
This is helpful if you have to deliver an item to a villager who has moved 
away. You may have to wait several days before you are allowed to apologize for 
an item. When you are allowed to apologize you can leave the item at the 
Wishing Well and free up an item slot.
The Lighthouse  Day: When Tortimer Takes a Vacation  Hours: All Day 

During the winter the mayor may ask you to watch the lighthouse while he takes 
a vacation. It will be up to you to enter the lighthouse and turn on the light 
each evening while he is away. If you do a good job Tortimer may give you 
chocolates and the lighthouse model when he returns from Vacation.
Animal Island  Day: All Week  Hours: All Day 

Visiting Animal Island requires the use of a Gameboy Advance and a Gameboy 
Advance/GCN cable. If you visit the dock while your GBA is hooked up to your 
Gamecube Kapp'n will take you to the island in his boat. The GBA must be turned 
on and must not contain any cartridges to successfully meet Kapp'n. The first 
time you meet Kapp'n you will be asked to name your destination (your local 
island). The weather on the island does not necessarily correspond to the 
weather in your town; for example, it can be raining there and not on the 
mainland. Additionally, the island has a year-round summer and you will be able 
to catch many out-of-season bugs there. You will find coconuts growing on the 
island as well as a beach cabana. The cabana can be decorated like your house 
in the town, but must be shared with any other users also living in your town. 
Additionally, you can also design a pattern for the island's flag.
The island is also home to an islander that you can interact with on your 
Gameboy Advance. When you leave the island to go home, Kapp'n will ask you if 
you want to save a copy of the island to your GBA. If you agree to this, you 
will be able to give items to your villager on your GBA. You can feed fruit to 
the islander to receive bags of money. Your islander can use tools if you leave 
some behind on the island when you leave. Often items float over the island, 
these can be retreived by getting your islander to use a net. If you bury items 
your islander can dig up new ones. Your islander can also fish for special 
The Tailor Shop  Day: All Week  Hours: 7:00am - 2:00am 

Sable and Mabel Able run the local fashion shop. You can design patters there 
for a small material fee. These patterns can them be applied to clothes, the 
island flag, your door, signs, walls, floors, or umbrellas. You can use any one 
of sixteen different palletes to make your design, each containing fifteen 
colors. There are also some pattern and fill tools to use. If you use your 
Gameboy Advance at the Able's shop you can design patterns free of charge. 
While you can only carry eight patterns with you, you can store 96 other 
designs at the shop.

6/NES Games Guide

Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Gamecube has a special feature; NES items 
obtained in game are actually playable. Thus, many users have requested a guide 
to the classic NES games. Here's everything you always wanted to know about NES 
games but were afraid to ask.
Index and Legend

Game Availabilities:
Standard = grab bags, trading, Redd, etc.
Island = GBA island
Promo = available only from a Nintendo giveaway
Unknown = not yet found, but confirmed to be in game

Available: Standard
Feng Shui: None
Price: 3000
Control Pad - Activate left flipper
A/B Button - Activate right flipper 
Results of Scores:
Over 50,000 points - Extra Ball
Over 100,000 points - Invisible Flippers
Over 150,000 points - Flippers Re-appear
Game Concepts
Keep the ball in play! Rather simple concept isn't it?
In the lower part of the screen are three eggs, if you break them all open 
there will be blockers on either side of the lower flippers. On the left side 
of the screen are seven numbered panels. If you break them all open it will 
open a secret passage to transport your ball back to the plunger. Shoot your 
ball through the upper left lane to activate two seals. They will volley a ball 
giving you 100 points each time. If you manage to get your ball into the red 
hole you will go to a special Mario and Peach bonus stage. To open Peach's cell 
you must hit matching numbers. If you succeed you will earn 10,000 points. 
There is a set of 5 cards in the middle of the screen. If you shoot the ball 
over them and reveal a royal flush a blocker will show up between the bottom 

Available: Standard
Feng Shui: Red
Price: 3000
Control Pad - Up/Down chooses club, Left/Right aims shot
A button - Swing
Timing your shot:
The line below your player is the swing meter. To begin your swing tap A once. 
The second tap of A will determine the strength of the shot, while the final 
tap will determine the accuracy. Stop the shot in the white area for the best 
Course Flaws
Patches of the course will often appear discoloured. These patches can alter 
the speed and direction of the ball. The amount of marks on a course varies but 
you must always be ready to compensate for it.
Course Strengths	
Club	Fairway	Bunker	
1Wood	262	131	
2Wood	240	120	
4Wood	230	115	
1Iron	213	106.5	
2Iron	191	96.5	
3Iron	180	90	
4Iron	170	85	
5Iron	159	79.5	
6Iron	142	71	
7Iron	126	63	
8Iron	109	54.5	
9Iron	89	44.5	
SW	66	33	
PW	33	16.5	
Balloon Fight

Available: Standard
Feng Shui: Yellow
Price: 3000
Control Pad - Control your player
A/B Button - Tap to float up
Game Concepts
Float around and try to pop the enemy balloons by landing on them. To brake 
press the control pad in the opposite direction. You can get a huge (but out of 
control) speed boost by bouncing off the top of the level.
Pink: Slow and Easy to break the balloons of.
Green: They move from side to side around the same altitude
Beige: Fast and tricky. They might chase you around the screen.
Fish: If you get too close to the water they might try to nip at you.
Bonus Game
If you are able to complete three levels you will be allowed to play a bonus 
game. Balloons will come out of pipes for you to pop. If you pop all 20 you 
will get a perfect score.

Available: Standard
Feng Shui: Yellow
Price: 3000

Control Pad - Move player
A Button - Serve/Hard Shot
B Button - Lob 
There is a total of five different difficulties to play on. If your opponent is 
far back use the hard shot to slam it at him. If he plays tighter to the net 
you best bet is to use the lob to send it over his head.
When you are serving you will throw the ball in the air. You must swing and 
connect before it hits the ground or you fault your serve. If you miss again 
you will have a double fault and your opponent gets a point. The best time to 
swing is when the ball is just above your head. In doubles decide before the 
match how you are going to split up the court. Either let one person play left 
and another right, or have one person play back and another forward.

Available: Island
Feng Shui: Red
Price: Sells for 750 but can't be bought back
Controls (Offensive):
Control Pad - Move batter in box, Choose base when running
A Button - Swing/Return to Base
B Button - Advance on Base/Steal
Controls (Defensive):
Control Pad - Decide on kind of balls, Decide which base to throw to
A Button - Pitching/Throwing
B Button - Check the runner
Game Concepts
Choose from six different teams. Teams D and R are the best. Team Y is merely 
okay. If you are trying to advance press the control pad in the direction of 
the occupied base and press A. If you are trying to steal press the control pad 
toward the occupied base and press B as the pitcher releases the ball. If you 
are pitching you can choose four different pitches using the four directions on 
the control pad.
Donkey Kong

Available: Standard
Feng Shui: Red
Price: 3000
Control Pad - Move
A Button - Jump
Game Concepts
Donkey Kong will throw barrels to hinder your progress towards the top and the 
rescue of your girlfriend. You can jump over barrels or whack them with 
hammers. Be careful though, you cannot climb a ladder if you are holding a 
hammer. You can also climb a ways up a ladder and let a barrel roll under you. 
This is not without risks though, sometimes barrels roll down the ladders 
Donkey Kong 3

Available: Promo
Feng Shui: Red
Price:Sells for 750 but can't be bought back
Control Pad - Move
A/B Button - Use the spray
Game Concepts
Use your spray gun to shoot insects and protect five flowers from Donkey Kong. 
Your objective is to kill every insect or push the big ape to the top of the 
screen. When you do so you will advance to the next round. If all five flowers 
remain you will get a bonus.
Three Floor Stage: Stay in the middle and focus on DK.
Two Floor Stage: Ignore the worm and only take out the bugs if they steal the 
Three Floor Stage w/ broken parts: Head for the top and attack DK or stay on 
the bottom and attack the bugs.
Wario's Woods

Available: Island
Feng Shui: Red
Price: Sells for 750 but can't be bought back
Control Pad - Left/Right move, Up climb, Down drop
A Button - places all bombs or enemies in a row
B Button - place a single bomb or enemy
A Button + Control Pad - Kick
A + B Buttons - Escape or set an item down
Game Concepts
Arrange falling enemies and bombs into diagonal, vertical, or horizontal lines 
to clear them. After each level you clear you move on to the next and earn a 
bit of Wario's gold. If you choose option A you will battle against monsters. 
If you choose option B you will fight a boss every 10 rounds.
Game Mechanics
If Wario makes the ceiling fall you will have to quickly rearrange anything 
that might get crushed. If you become surrounded by enemies and bombs press A 
and B to escape upwards. Hold the control pad or the control stick in the 
direction you want to go to run up the sides of enemeies. If you clear five or 
more enemies at one time a diamond will appear, catch it to make all enemies of 
like color vanish instantly. To make the ceiling rise you must match three 
pieces diagonally or match four pieces in general.
Fuzz/Spud/Squeak: Place at least two of these guys and a bomb in a row 
horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. These are the easiest to eliminate.
Beaker/Scram: Plae at least two of these guys and a bomb in a diagonal row to 
eliminate them. The only other way to get rid of them is with a diamond.
Dovo: These guys change color at random so you will have to eliminate them 
Spook: Put two of these guys and a bomb in a row to make them flash. Then while 
they are flashing hit them with another bomb to destory them.

Available: Unknown, has been unlocked through Action Replay
Feng Shui: Red
Price: Sells for 750 but cannot be bought back
Control Pad - Left/Right to dodge, Down to guard, Down twice to duck
A Button - Right body shot
Up + A - Right head shot
B Button - Left body shot
Up + B - Left head shot
Start or Y- Uppercut (must have star to perform)
Each boxers has his own special move that can easily to major damage. You can 
tell when they are about to perform these moves by looking for clues like 
raised eyebrows, twitches, and shuffling feet. If you fight a boxer twice 
expect him to be a lot harder the second time around.
If you manage an awesome counter punch or stun your opponent you will earn a 
star. Press start or the Y button to perform a huge uppercut. The uppercut does 
major damage to your opponent. However, when you use it you are vulnerable to 
counter attack. If you are punched when you have a star you will lose it. 
Uppercuts can be particularly effective on boxers with lots of health or 
stunned opponents.
Special Codes
075-541-6113 : A fun code that lets you hear a Japanese telephone.
267-853-7537 : Changes your record to 89W-2L-89KO
007-373-5963 : fight Mr. Dream
135-792-4680 : enter Another World Circuit
106-113-0120 : see credits
Your opponents

Piston Honda: If his eyebrows twitch he is about to jab, you should dodge his 
blow and respond with a head shot. If he blinks red and then draws his arm back 
dodge left and hit him with a body shot. When he jumps around the ring he will 
unleash a quick series of punches block four times then retaliate with head 

Don Flamenco: Start off by hitting him in the body once. Then wait for his hook 
shot. Once he tries this alternate hands with a flurry of head shots to knock 
him out.

King Hippo: Carefully dodge his punches until he pulls his fist up to his 
mouth. Then punch him in the head followed by eight jabs to the stomach.

Great Tiger: When the jewel in his turban blinks hit him with a head shot or 
duck. Once he pulls back and spins around the ring you must block, then release 
and block five times or you will be knocked down.

Bald Bull: When he runs to the back of the ring wait for him to bounce forward 
and on the third bounce, hit him in the stomach just before he swings.

Mr. Sandman: He will spin his gloves beofre a jab or a swing. Dodge then hit 
him with one head shot and three body shots. If he flashes dodge three times 
and give him a head shot followed by hard body blows.

Soda Popinski: Dodge when you see him windup for a punch. When he shuffles his 
feet you will need to prepare to dodge three jabs and then give head shots.

Super Macho Man: Wait for him to punch, dodge, then counter. If he tries to do 
his spin punch dodge left over and over. He is the last opponent before you can 
take on Mr. Dream.
Donkey Kong Jr. / Donkey Kong Jr. Math

Available: Promo/Standard
Feng Shui: Red/Green
Price: 3000, Sells for 750 but can't be bought back
Control Pad - Move
A Button - Jump
B Button - Cancel an answer in DKJrMath
Climb vines and avoid baddies to rescue Donkey Kong from Mario's clutches. In 
Donkey Kong Jr. Math you must solve Math problems as you climb. The enemies in 
Game B are harder than the ones in game A.
Stage 1: Avoid the snapjaws and use the islands and vines to make it to the lef 
hand side of the screen. Then climb up to reach the platform DK is on.
Stage 2: Watch out for birds as you use the springs to cross the large gaps. 
Make sure you don't hit your head on the moving platform.
Stage 3: Jump over the sparks to get 100 points. Sparks will move back and 
forth on the platforms.
Stage 4: Push six keys up the vines to free Donkey Kong. Once you do this you 
will start over with harder enemies.
It is faster to climb if you use two vines. Use the control pad to aim where 
you are going when you jump. If you drop a piece of fruit on an enemy's head 
you get 800 points. 

Available: Promo
Feng Shui: Red
Price: Sells for 750 but can't be bought back
Control Pad - Move player/choose target
A Button - Shoot
B Button - Pass
Game Play
Choose from seven different teams with equal skill levels. You have to stop 
moving if you want to pass the ball. Run into an opposing player to take the 
ball away.

Available: Standard
Feng Shui: Red
Price: 3000
Control Pad - Move bike
A Button - Accelerate
B Button - Turbo
Game Play
You must finish in third in each race to move on to the next one. You do not 
get any second chances. Turbo makes you go faster but you might overheat. Only 
use it for steep ramps and near the end of the race. Try to land on both wheels 
when you jump. You can do a wheelie by pulling back on the control pad to go 
over small obstacles.
Clu Clu Land / Clu Clu Land D

Available: Standard/Promo
Feng Shui: None/Red
Price: 3000/Sells for 750 but can't be bought back 
Control Pad - Push in the direction you want to go
A or B Button - Shoot a stun beam
Race around the screen to uncover gold ingots. Avoid the sea urchins. Your 
character, bubbles, can grab poles to swing herself around and shoot beams that 
momentarily stun enemies. Once you reveal all the gold ingots by moving over 
them you move onto the next level. The gold ingots often form shapes so you 
will be better off if you can notice a pattern.
A bonus timer will freeze all enemies in place. Bonus flags will give you an 
extra life. There is a black hole in the middle of every level where the 
enemies appear. You can swing through the hole as long as you don't land on it.
Mario Bros.

Availabilty: eries 4 e-Card #N02 Mario Bros
Feng Shui: Unknown, speculation is Special
Price: Sells for 10,000 but doesn't appear in the catalog
Control pad: Moves Mario/Luigi left and right
A Button: Jump
Game Concept
While doing some underground plumbing, Mario and Luigi come
across some strange creatures coming out of the pipes. Bump an
enemy from below by jumping up, then kick the enemy when it's on
its back. For every enemy defeated, a coin comes out of the
pipes for a bonus score. Play alone or compete with a friend to
see who can get the highest score.
Shellcreepers: Small turtles that plod along and take one hit
from underneath to be stunned. If not kicked in time, they get
back up, change color, and move faster. (Green = Normal, Red =
Quick, Blue = super fast) 
Sidesteppers: Fast moving crabs that take two bumps from below
to be stunned. Kick them before they get back up. (Red =
normal, Green = Quick, Pink = super fast)
Fighter Flies: They hop around the board slowly, and can only
be knocked from below while they're touching the ground. When
Flies recover from being stunned, they hop around twice as fast,
but a color change isn't seen.
Slipice: A moving icecicle that can be defeated simply by
bumping it from below. Don't let it linger or it will freeze
the floors. You don't get a coin bonus for defeating it.
Fireballs: Red fireballs bounce slowly around the screen, while
Green fireballs fire in a straight line across the screen. CAN
be bumped from below to be defeated. You don't get coins for
stopping fireballs.

Coins: Every time you defeat an enemy, a coin appears. Collect
them for extra points.
POW Block: The POW block is at the bottom of the board. Hit it
from below, and all enemies touching the ground will get bumped.
When all enemies are stunned, move quickly to kick them all!

Bonus Stage
When you come to a bonus stage, you have a limited time to
gather ten scattered coins. Collect them all for a super
Super Mario Bros.

Availabilty: Legitimate method unknown, has been aquired through Action Replay
Feng Shui: Unknown, speculation is Special
Price: Sells for 10,000 but doesn't appear in the catalog
Control Pad: Moves Mario/Luigi left and right
A Button: Makes Mario/Luigi jump. Press and hold for a higher
B Button: Hold B while walking to run; shoot fireballs while in
Fiery mode.
Start: Start game/pause game
Select: Choose one or two player game.

Game Concept
While doing some underground plumbing, Mario hears a call for
help from within one of the pipes. While investigating the
source of the sound, Mario is warped to the Mushroom Kingdom,
where he is asked by the citizens of the kingdom to save
Princess Toadstool from the evil Bowser. Jump on top of enemies
to defeat them, or collect Fire Flower power to fry them with
fireballs. Travel through 32 levels to rescue the Princess. 
Power Ups
Super Mushroom: Found in ? blocks and bricks, Makes Mario twice
his normal size. While in Super form, Mario can break bricks. 
He can also survive one hit from an enemy. While in Super form,
you can power up further by finding a Fire Flower.
Fire Flower: Found in ? blocks and bricks only when you're in
Super form, this allows you to shoot fireballs at an enemy with
the B button. One hit from an enemy, and you revert back to
normal mode. (NOTE: Not ALL enemies can be beaten with
Starman: When collected, it will make Mario flashing and
invinceable for about ten seconds. During this time, any enemy
that Mario comes in contact with will be defeated. 
Coins: Can be found in ? blocks, in bricks, or floating in mid
air. Collect 100 coins for an extra life (1-Up). 
1-Up Mushroom: Found in bricks and hidden blocks, this green
mushroom gives you an extra life.
Warp Zones
Going through 32 baddie-infested levels can be tough. In three
different levels, you can find secret access to a Warp Zone
which can push you ahead to later levels. (Hint: They're only
found in underground levels)

Some enemies you'll encounter:
Little Goombah: A mushroom gone bad. One stomp puts him away.
Koopa Troopa: A turtle soldier in Bowser's army. One stomp
makes a koopa retreat into his shell. While in his shell, you
can kick it and send it into other enemies. For each successive
enemy hit by the shell, the score will get higher. Hit enough
enemies in a row with a Koopa shell, you get a 1-Up (Green
Koopas walk straight ahead. Red Koopas walk back and forth on a
single platform)
Koopa Paratroopa: Koopas with wings. Green ones hop along in a
straight line. Red ones fly vertically, up and down. Stomp on
them to take their wings away, then treat them like regular
Buzzy Beetle: A large black bug with a tough shell. Stomping
on him will send him into his shell, and you can kick him like a
Koopa. His shell can resist fireballs.
Bullet Bill: Fire out of a cannon and fly in a straight line. 
Can be defeated with a stomp, but not fireballs.
The Hammer Bros: Two large Koopa Troopas that hop around and
throw hammers at you. They can be stomped or shot with
Lakitu: Floats above the world, hurling Spiny eggs down from
his cloud. Find a high enough ledge to get up there and stomp
Spiny: They hatch from thrown Spiny Eggs. They can be beaten
by fireballs or kicked shells, but they CANNOT be stomped due
to their spikey backs.
Bloopers: A squid that swims quickly after Mario. Only
fireballs can stop them.
Cheep-Cheeps: While underwater, they swim in a straight line
through the ocean and can only be defeated by fireballs. Above
ground, they fly up at you and can be stomped on.
Podaboos: They appears in Bowser's castle, popping up out of
the lava. Time your jumps to jump over them, or while they're
still in the lava. They can't be defeated.
King Bowser of the Koopas: A giant reptillian beast keeping
Princess Toadstool captive. The only way to beat him is to get
behind him and pull the lever that drops him into the lava. You
can also use a few fireballs, if you manage to get to him with
firepower. Bowser attacks with flames and sometimes by throwing
multiple hammers.
The Legend of Zelda

Availabilty: Legitimate method unknown, has been aquired through Action Replay
Feng Shui: Unknown, speculation is Special
Price: Sells for 10,000 but doesn't appear in the catalog
Control Pad: Moves Link up, down, left, and right. Use
diagonal directions in conjunction with the boomerang to throw
it on an angle.
A Button: Stab with your sword
B Button: Use your secondary item
Select Button: Pause
Start Button: Bring up inventory to choose a secondary item, or
check on your Triforce progress.
Game Concept
The evil Ganon has kidnapped Princess Zelda in an attempt to
combine her Triforce of Wisdom to his Triforce of Power. In an
act of Desperation, Zelda seperates the Triforce of Wisdom into
eight pieces and hides them around the land of Hyrule. While
Zelda's aide Impa was being attacked by some monsters, a young
boy named Link happened along and fought them off. Impa asked
this courageous boy to find the missing Triforce, defeat Ganon,
and save Princess Zelda!
Game Play
Arm yourself with a sword and start searching for the dungeons
that hold the Triforce. There are eight dungeons (Levels) in
all. Some are out in the open, and some have a secret entrance.
Each dungeon contains one piece of the Triforce of Wisdom, and
at least one weapon for Link to add to his arsenal. Each piece
of Triforce is guarded by a boss monster that Link must defeat. 
Once Link collects all the missing Triforce pieces, he can enter
the 9th and final dungeon to confront Ganon.
A few weapons and items:
Sword: You start the game weaponless, and must find the Wooden
Sword right away. You can later upgrade to the stronger White
Sword, and the strongest Magic Sword.
Boomerang: Can be thrown to retrieve distant items, or stun
enemies. The Magical Boomerange flies further than the Wooden
Candles: Used to light dark rooms or burn certain bushes. The
Blue Candle can only be used once per screen. The Red Candle
can be used multiple times on one screen.
Bombs: These are used to blow holes in walls and damage
Bow and Arrow: The arrow can be bought, but the bow must be
found in a dungeon. For every arrow you shoot, you are charged
1 rupee.
Rings: The Blue Ring decrease damage by 1/4, while the Red Ring
decreases damage by 1/2. The Blue Ring can be bought, the Red
Ring must be found.
Heart Containers: Adds an extra heart to your life meter,
allowing you to take more damage and live longer. They can be
found in secret caves, and after you beat a dungeon boss.
Rupees: These appear when you defeat enemies. Flashing rupees
are worth 1, blue are worth 5. Use these to buy weapons and
Hearts: Replenish one empty heart in your life meter.
Fairy: Fountain Fairies replenish all lost life, fairies
released after defeating enemies replenish a few hearts.
Ice Climbers

Available: Series 4 e-Card #N01 Ice Climber
Feng Shui: Unknown, speculation is special
Price: Sells for 10,000 but doesn't appear in the catalog
Control Pad- Left/Right moves Popo Left/Right
A Button- Causes Popo to jump up
B Button- Causes Popo to use his hammer
Game Concept
Guide Popo through the various levels of the mountain by smashing through the 
blocks while simultaneously fending off attacking enemies with your hammer. 
scaling the mountain, you'll attempt a bonus stage where you must collect 
types of foods and try to get to the top of the mountain and defeat a giant 
however, if you fall you receive no bonus points. If you obtain the high score, 
score will appear next to the "I" mark on the title screen.
2-Player Mode
Grab a friend and select the 2-player mode, which is identical to the 1-player 
except you and your friend will be cooperating to reach the top of the 
mountain; if
yours and your friend's combined score have obtained a 2-player high score, it 
appear next to the "II" mark on the title screen.
Topis- Small, white creatures that scurry across the screen and repair ice 
that you have smashed; they can repair two blocks at a time.
Small Birds- These birds fly up above you and attempt to swoop down and attack 
Icicles- These form off the bottom of the ice blocks; if you are standing under 
when it falls, you will lose a life.

Animal Crossing (GCN) Special Character Guide

Special characters are characters that are universal to every town. They 
perform various functions or appear on special occasions and give gifts/provide 
services. This is a guide to the special characters in Animal Crossing for the 
Nintendo Gamecube.
Chip  Day: Every Sunday (June/Nov)  Hours: 6:00am - 6:00pm 

Chip is the beaver that chairs the fishing tourneys held every Sunday in June 
and November. Chip sets up tent early in the mornings (at 6:00am sharp) and 
waits for players and villagers to bring him different types of bass (small 
bass, bass, and large bass) to measure at the weigh-in station. If you bring 
him an eligible fish, Chip will measure it by chewing it up inch by inch. Every 
time you bring Chip a fish that breaks the current tourney record for the day 
he will give you an item as a prize. Thus, to maximize the number of items you 
can receive from Chip, be sure to give him the smallest fish first. You do not 
receive prizes for fish that do not beat the record. If you hold the biggest 
fish record by 6:00pm Chip will send you an additional reward in the mail. Chip 
will always post the winner of each tourney to the bulletin board. 
Franklin  Day: 4th Thursday (Nov)  Hours: 3:00pm - 9:00pm 

Franklin the turkey realizes he's in trouble when Tortimer the mayor invites 
him for dinner, or rather to be dinner. During the Harvest Festival, Franklin 
will hide behind obstacles (such as trees) and wait for you to bring him pieces 
of silverware from the banquet. Franklin believes that if you pilfer the 
utensils, your villagers will be unable to serve him. For each piece you bring 
you will recieve one piece of the Harvest Theme (including the 
wallpaper/carpet). If you talk to your villagers during the Harvest Festival 
they'll talk about where they've sighted Franklin. You can get a letter and a 
number clue each time you talk to them. Sometimes it is hard to see Franklin 
when he hides behind buildings. If you bury an item and dig it up, the game 
will temporary "ignore" large obstacles allowing you to see clearly behind them.
Gracie  Day: Random (Sun - Sat)  Hours: All Day (6:00am start) 

Gracie is the stylish giraffe fashion designer with a flashy car. Gracie is 
much disliked by Copper because she consistently breaks the local parking laws. 
When she comes to town, Gracie will park in a random acre. If you find her 
(talk to Copper for a hint) she will ask you to buff her car for her. You can 
do this by rapidly tapping the A button. Depending on how well you do Gracie 
may bestow a rare gift on you. If you do the job to her satisfaction you get a 
limited edition Gracie shirt. If however, you do a so-so job Gracie will only 
give you normal clothing. If you do a terrible job you may get nothing at all. 
Gracie will let you retry washing her car until she gives you an item.
User Tips: Try rubbing a capped pen as fast as you can over the A Button, use a 
turbo controller, or use your index finger to tap the button.
Gulliver  Day: Random (Once a week)  Hours: 6:00am - 12:00pm 

Gulliver (after Gulliver's Travels by Swift) is a sailing seagull who has 
difficulty staying on his ship. He washes up on shore once a week and remains 
unconscious unless you wake him. It may take numerous times to wake him up so 
don't give up. Once you wake him up he will tell you a tall tale about how he 
came to be on the beach and give you a foreign gift as gratitude. You won't 
find the gifts you get from Gulliver anywhere else and you cannot re-order them 
from your catalog. So make sure if you hang onto the pieces that you like. If 
you are short on cash you can always sell them to Tom Nook for some profit. 
Jack  Day: Oct 31st - November 1st  Hours: 6:00pm (Oct) - 1:00am (Nov) 

Jack, the King of Halloween and pumpkinhead extraordinare makes a cameo visit 
in your village every October 31st. If you find Jack during the Halloween 
celebrations and feed him candy, he will reward you with a piece of the Spooky 
Theme. However, on Halloween all your villagers look like Jack-look-alikes. 
Here's the catch: only Jack and Tortimer will refrain from running you down and 
stealing your sweets. Normal villagers will chase you and try to steal your 
candy. On Halloween, candy should be stored in spare mail slots until you can 
establish whether or not you're speaking with Jack. Unfortunately, if you do 
not appease your villagers with candy they will transform your clothing into 
rags and your items into jack-in-the-boxes or jack-o'-lanterns. Thus, make sure 
that you keep all your furniture items at home when Jack hunting. Jack will do 
the same if you choose not to give him candy. However, you want to save all 
your candy for Jack. Once you get a piece of furniture from him leave the acre 
and search for him again. Continue to do this until you have the complete 
Spooky Theme.
Jingle  Day: December 24th - 25th  Hours: 8:00pm - 1:00am 

Jingle the reindeer wanders around town and if you track him down he will give 
you a piece of Jingle furniture. If you want more furniture you will have to 
change into a different outfit and talk to him again. You can only get a 
maximum of ten pieces per town unless you time travel regardless of how many 
characters you have. Once you have talked to Jingle ive times he will give you 
something. Head out of sight, but not out of acre and change into a different 
shirt. Make it as different a pattern as you can and talk to him again. He will 
ask you questions and depending on how you reply you will get different 
furniture. Generally a response of "Printed" or "Woven" will get you wallpaper, 
carpet, or a shirt. You can get doubles so you can easily wind up with less 
than ten unique pieces. Jingle furniture sells very well and cannot be re-
ordered or traded.
Joan  Day: Every Sunday  Hours: 6:00am - 12:00pm 

Every Sunday an elderly boar named Joan comes to your town to sell turnips. She 
will wander around so you'll have to look carefully if you want to buy turnips 
from her. You can buy turnips at the current market price in lots of 10, 50, or 
100 turnips. Buying turnips lets you play the "stalk market" by selling the 
turnips you bought to Tom Nook at current asking price; hopefully you make a 
profit. Tom Nook will not buy turnips on Sunday and the price he will pay 
varies from town to town and day to day. If you wait a whole week and don't 
sell your turnips they will spoil, so make sure you sell them Saturday night at 
the latest even if you will lose money by doing so.

Katrina  Day: Random (Sun - Sat)  Hours: 9pm - 9pm the following day 

Katrina is a mysterious feline fortune teller. If you give her fifty bells she 
will tell you your fortune. You may get a normal fortune, in which shes "some 
good things and some bad things" or you might get a special fortune with 
strange effects. If you get a normal fortune you can choose to pay another 
fifty bells to hear another one. The special fortunes may have good or bad 
Katrina Guide	
Love	Villagers of the opposite sex will take a liking to you	
Unpopular	Villagers will act coldly toward you	
Lucky Finances	You'll earn and find more Bells than normal	
Lucky Materials	It will become easier to acquire (and you may in fact be 
guaranteed to find at least one) rare item(s) (lottery and redd exclusives)	
Unlucky	You'll fall down a lot	
K. K. Slider  Day: Saturday  Hours: 8:00pm - 12:00am 

Every Saturday night at the train station the musical dog Totakeke will be 
waiting for you. You will have the option of requesting a song from him if you 
choose. Remember you must type the name of the song exactly including 
punctuation, spaces, and capital letters. Three songs (K.K. Song, Two Days Ago, 
I Love You) will never be sung unless you request them. If you have no request 
Totakeke will play you a random song. While he sings you will be able to see 
the credits. After the performance he will present you with an aircheck, which 
you can put into any stereo to hear the tunes at home. 
K. K. Songs	
Aloha K.K.	K.K. Etude	K.K. Song	
Café K.K.	K.K. Faire	K.K. Soul	
Comrade K.K.	K.K. Folk	K.K. Steppe	
DJ K.K.	K.K. Fusion	K.K. Swing	
Go K.K. Rider!	K.K. Gumbo	K.K. Tango	
I Love You	K.K. Jazz	K.K. Technopop	
Imperial K.K.	K.K. Lament	K.K. Waltz	
K.K. Aria	K.K. Love Song	K.K. Western	
K.K. Ballad	K.K. Lullaby	Lucky K.K.	
K.K. Blues	K.K. Mambo	Mr. K.K.	
K.K. Bossa	K.K. March	Only Me	
K.K. Calypso	K.K. Parade	Rockin' K.K.	
K.K. Casbah	K.K. Ragtime	Señor K.K.	
K.K. Chorale	K.K. Reggae	Soulful K.K.	
K.K. Condor	K.K. Rock	Surfin' K.K.	
K.K. Country	K.K. Safari	The K. Funk	
K.K. Cruisin'	K.K. Salsa	Two Days Ago	
K.K. D & B	K.K. Samba	 	
K.K. Dirge	K.K. Ska	 	
Redd  Day: Random (Once a week)  Hours: All day (6:00am start) 

Crazy Redd runs the roving Black Market tent that appears in your town 
sometimes. Some of the things he sells are rare collectables that you won't 
find anywhere else, while other items are junk which he sells at four times the 
price of Tom Nook's Shop. After you have made a purchase from Redd you will be 
able to buy back the items from your catalog. Good feng shui may make it more 
likely that Redd will sell you a rarer item. 
Saharah  Day: Random (Sun - Sat)  Hours: All Day (6:00am start) 

Saharah is a camel carpet salesman from a distant land. She will ask you for an 
old carpet and three thousand bells in exchange for one of her rare carpets. 
The only catch is that the price goes up the next time you ask her. Saharah's 
carpets aren't found anywhere else and each of them matches one of Wendell's 
wallpapers. Her carpets are not tradable and can't be bought back from the 
Snowman  Day: December 25th - February  Hours: All Day 

You will find two small snowballs on the ground each day regardless of whether 
it is snowing or not, although if you break both of them they can be reset by 
saving and quitting. By pushing them around they will start to grow bigger. 
Snowballs will break if they fall into water, off cliffs, or are shoved into 
things. Once you have a large snowball made, roll another one half the size 
into it. If you snowman is well made you will get a piece of Snowman Furniture. 
Your second ball must be half the size of the first, make sure you push the 
smaller ball into the bigger one. Both balls must also be the right size to get 
anything. Your gift will arrive by mail the next day. Even if you break the 
snowman after, as long as it was wellmade you will get your item. If you 
approach the made snowman with empty hands and press A you can talk to it. 
Equip a tool to smash it or walk into him. You can also break the snowballs or 
push them into the water. The item you get is random. The snowmen stay around 
for 3 days, getting smaller each day, until on the 4th day they disappear. It 
has been suggested that the bottom ball should be around 3/4 of maximum size 
(the point where it won't get any bigger) and the second snowball should be 
between 1/2 and 3/4 the size of the first snowball.
Wendell  Day: Random (Sun - Sat)  Hours: All day (6:00am start) 

Wendell the walrus is a travelling wallpaper salesman. If you give him a fish 
he will give you wallpaper. Wendell only gives away three wallpapers per day (1 
per person to up to 3 players) so make sure you get to him early. Wendell's 
wallpapers are one of a kind and you won't find them anywhere else. Every one 
of his wallpapers match one of Saharah's carpets so if you are looking for a 
set you'll have to talk to both of them. His wallpapers cannot be re-ordered 
and cannot be traded.
Wisp  Day: Random (All week)  Hours: 12:00am - 4:00am 

You may encounter Wisp if you wander around late an night (around midnight to 
4am). He will ask you to help him find 5 spirits and catch them in the net. If 
you complete the task, he will offer to; pull all the weeds in your village, re-
paint your roof, or give you a gift. You won't be able to see Wisp until you 
enter his acre and are a few spaces away, then he will call your name. Wisp 
will only appear if there are quite a few weeds growing in your town. The items 
he gives out are not generally rare and unless you have not weeded for about 2 
weeks or more it is easier time wise to pull your weeds by hand.


Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the Tip and Tricks page. Here you will find various tidbits of 
information that you might find useful while playing Animal Crossing for the 
Nintendo Gamecube.
Tip #1: Dealing with Clutter

Problem: Out of space? Is your basement full and it's come down to deciding 
between the Grand Piano and your bed?
Solution: Why not try storing those extra items in envelopes? Bet you thought 
they were just good for letters but you can use them to store your extra items. 
Simply drag and drop any item, providing it's not "living", in an open letter. 
You can also store the letters with the items in them at the post office, this 
creates a ton more space for storage and is a good way to store items that you 
can't reorder in case you want them later.
Tip #2: Finding the Golden Shovel

Problem: Can't find that Golden Shovel that's all the rage?
Solution: Well, money may not grow on trees but shovels do. Head over to Nooks 
and pick yourself up an extra shovel. Take that shovel and bury it in 
the "glowing" spot. With any luck you'll have a full grown Golden Tree in your 
village within a few days. Simply shake your new tree and voila..........a 
golden shovel will fall.
Tip #3: Bug Catching

Problem: Does it seem that the insects are more afraid of you than you are of 
Solution: Try pressing and holding the "A" button with the net equiped and 
you'll go into sneak mode. Now you can creep up and capture those wily insects 
before they fly away.
Tip #4: Too Much Money?!

Problem: Have you finally paid off your mortgage only to find that you don't 
have any room for all the free and clear money you're pulling in?
Solution: Take a visit to the Post Office after paying off your final loan and 
you'll find that a savings account has been set up for you. Deposit enough 
money and you just might get a reward from the Post Office.
Tip #5: Eternal Summer

Problem: Do you yearn for summer weather year round?
Solution: Connect your GBA to and head to the dock. Didn't know your town had a 
dock? Well it does and you can find it on your map. You'll see a turtle (Kappa) 
called Kapp'n in a rowboat. Kindly speak to this chap and he'll offer to take 
you to the Island, free of charge no less. Once on the island you can enjoy fun 
in the sun year round.
Tip #6: Need a Paint Job?

Problem: Are you tired of your current roof color? Do you need the number of a 
good painter?
Solution: Well unfortunately getting a new paint job isn’t as easy as making a 
phone call. Luckily for you there are a number of ways to go about getting your 
roof painted. Every time you upgrade your home you will be presented with the 
option to select a new color for your roof. If you frequently converse with the 
locals they might surprise you by painting your abode in a color of their 
choosing. Lastly after the town store has been upgraded a number of times you 
will be able to buy a can of paint and Nook will through in the labor for free.
Tip #7: Mail Maniacs

Problem: Does it seem that the Post Office is a little on the lazy side??? 
Solution: Ew, five letter limits. Well if you’re sneaky there is a very simple 
solution for all you bulk mailers. Once you’ve sent out the first batch of five 
letters simply step outside and then re-enter the Post Office. By using this 
method you can send as many letters as your heart desires.
Tip #8: Shopping Selection

Problem: Are you frustrated with the lack of items Tom carries?
Solution: Well if you want Tom to help you then you’re going to have to help 
him. No this doesn’t mean you have to apply for a job, you will have to come up 
with some money but that’s a whole other story entirely. You will find that if 
you support Tom by purchasing and selling items he’ll close down for a day and 
renovate his store, and the bigger the store the more items available. As well 
if you manage to bring some outside business to in to town (IE: a visitor from 
another town) you just might find that Tom will surprise you with a Department 
Store chock full of goods.
Tip #9: Lost Items

Problem: Did you accidentally sell that gorgeous Cabana Dresser that you got 
from Mitzi only to find that Tom doesn’t have any in stock???
Solution: Fear not, if you speak with Tom he will present you with the option 
to view your catalog. In this catalog is a list of every item you have 
possessed throughout your Animal Crossing Journey. Now you can order just about 
any item you have encountered for the standard retail price (unfortunately you 
will encounter some rare items that can’t be ordered from the catalog) To order 
something simply select it and Tom will quote you with the price, free shipping 
of course. Now you’re half way to getting that lovely piece of furniture back. 
As soon as Pete gets a free moment you’ll find that your item(s) is waiting for 
you in your inbox. Free same day delivery, you just can’t beat that service. 
Keep in mind that if you’re patience are running thin and you don’t mind a 
little “cheating” just save your game, quit, and reload and you’ll find that 
any items you have on order will have magically appeared in your mailbox.

Problem: Do you often wonder what in the world Pitfall, an old Atari game, has 
to do with Animal Crossing?
Solution: Well regardless of what you may think, this is a different kind 
of “pitfall.” In Animal Crossing a pitfall is a naughty little item used to 
play tricks on the unsuspecting. If you manage to come by a pitfall find a good 
place, preferably a high traffic area and bury it. Now when an unknowing party 
walks across the spot where the pitfall is buried they will be sucked into the 
Tip #11: Stalk Market

Problem: What is the “stalk” market all about and why would I want to “stalk” 
any of my fellow villagers?
Solution: Worry not, participating in the stalk market doesn’t require any 
stalking whatsoever. If you want to take a little fiscal risk then make sure to 
wake up early on Sunday morning and track down Joan the Sow. If you speak with 
her she will offer to sell you turnips at whatever the growing rate is for that 
particular day. Here is where the risk is involved if you want to turn a 
profit. If you see Tom and discuss “other” things he’ll tell you his buying 
price for turnips. If his price is higher than the original purchase price then 
selling is a good idea, but if his price is lower than the original purchase 
price you’ll probably want to hold out in hopes that his buying price will 
increase. Be warned that if you hold out and neglect to get rid of your Turnips 
before Joan comes back to town that they will have gone bad and all of your 
money will go down the tubes.
Tip #12: How do I get the Golden Axe?

Problem: Is there a Golden Axe? 
Solution: You’re in luck, there is. Unfortunately attaining this fabled axe is 
a much more difficult task than just planting an extra axe in the ground. To 
get the Golden Axe you must get the Wishing Well to acknowledge that your towns 
status is “perfect.” If you think getting your town to the “perfect” status 
just try keeping it that way for two weeks as that’s what you’ll have to do in 
order to get the axe. Once you’ve completed the daunting task of maintaining a 
perfect town for two weeks go speak to the Wishing Well and Farley will pop out 
of the well and reward your dedication and hard work with the Golden Axe.
Tip #13: Eliminating Debt

Problem: Are you in so much debt you can’t imagine seeing yourself through??? 
Are you afraid your little guy or girl is headed towards bankruptcy???
Solution: Keep you head held high because there is a simple solution to 
clearing your debt... Pay Your Bills. Easier said than done obviously, but here 
are some basic ideas for rolling in the big money. Grab all the fruit in your 
town and head over to the Island and drop it for your Islander, you’ll find 
that he is so grateful to have something other than coconuts he’ll reward you 
buy dropping bags of money. Believe it or not if you find your Islanders 
favorite fruit there is a chance that he’ll drop bags of money worth up to 
$30,000. Don’t want to travel that’s fine as there are many options to make 
money in town. Try your luck at the “stalk” market, fish, sell items to other 
humans in your town, and sell any items you no longer need at Nooks. Now you’re 
on the road to a steady income and becoming debt free will follow suit.
Tip #14: More Golden Items

Problem: Golden Fishing Pole? Golden Bug Net? Huh?
Solution: To get the fishing pole you’ll need to catch one of each of the forty 
fish that can be found in your towns river, ponds, or down at the ocean. 
Granted this may seem like a simple task in theory it can be very difficult. 
Not only are some fish only in season at certain times of the year which means 
you’ll more than likely spend a nine or ten months just to catch these little 
guys in season. If you want the net you’ll have to catch one of each of the 
forty insects that can be found in town. Like fish, bugs go in and out of 
season so you’ll spend a considerable amount of time just tracking down some of 
the seasonal insects.
Tip #15: Locating Special Event Visitors

Problem: Are you tired of constantly hearing about people visiting your town 
only to find that you’ve missed them or worse you’ve searched the town over and 
still can’t find them?
Solution: This is where you friendly local Police Station can come in quite 
handy. Drop by the Police Station and speak with Copper. Not only will he 
inform you of any travelers headed to your town but once these visitors are 
setup in your town he’ll direct you to the exact acre where they are located.
Tip #16: Things that go Bump in the Night

Problem: Feeling Brave??? Brave enough to go on a ghost hunt???
Solution: If you’d like to play the role of a paranormal detective then lets 
hope you don’t require to much sleep as your search could last until the wee 
hours of the morning. While it’s true that if you town has become polluted with 
weeds you’ll be more likely to find Wisp but don’t worry if you’re a 
perfectionist and aren’t willing to leave the weeds as you still have a chance 
of spotting Wisp. If you find this friendly ghost he’ll explain that he’s in a 
bit of a mess. He needs you to help him capture some escaped spirits with your 
butterfly net. He’ll ask that you catch them, five in all, before 4:00AM and if 
you do manage to find them all he’ll reward you. If you manage to capture them 
all before time runs out then he Wisp will reward you with one of three 
different things. He’ll offer to pull all the weeds in town, paint your roof 
any color you desire, or give you a random gift.
Tip #17: Money Trees

Problem: Wouldn't it be nice if money grew on trees?
Solution: Well with Animal Crossing our dreams have come true. If you run 
across a “golden spot” you can bury a bag of money ($100, $1000, $10000, or 
$30,000) there, and if your tree reaches full size it will produce three bags 
of money each of which will be equal to that of the original amount you buried.
Tip #18: Travel to Another Town

Problem: Is it time for a vacation? Want to do some shopping in another town?
Solution: Thankfully if you have friends you can go visiting. If you’d like to 
visit a friends town simply stick their town memory card into slot two and head 
to the Train Station. If you speak with Porter he will ask you of your 
intentions and if you tell him you’d like to travel he’ll get you all setup and 
on the train headed for your friends village.
Tip #19: Fruit Uses

Problem: Did your mother send you a peach and you can’t decide whether to eat 
it or sell it to Nook?
Solution: Have the best of both worlds, start up a peach orchard then not only 
will you have plenty of peaches to snack on but you’ll also have yet another 
steady source of income considering Tom will pay $500 for each piece of non-
indigenous fruit. If you want to start a fruit orchard or just a fruit tree 
then all you have to do is pick a spot and bury a piece of fruit. Fruit trees 
produce three pieces of fruit each harvest and each tree will produce every few 
days after it has been picked clean.
Tip #20: Museum Donations

Problem: Have you amassed quite the collection of fossils, insects, paintings, 
and fish in your basement? Are you wondering if there is something better do to 
with your collection than let it collect dust?
Solution: The best thing to do is head down to the local museum and start 
making some charitable donations. By donating items to the museum you’ll give 
everyone a chance to view these items and more importantly you’ll have the 
satisfaction of knowing you helped bring some culture to your tiny town. If you 
manage to complete all of the museums collections Blathers will give you a 
little reward to commend your efforts.
Tip #21: Fame!

Problem: Want to see your name in lights? Want to have your own star on Animal 
Crossing Blvd.?
Solution: Well sorry to say but you can’t, however if you are a dedicated 
member of the community and you manage to completely pay off every last one of 
your mortgages you will be rewarded with something just as good. After you’ve 
made your last payment go back and speak with Tom. He’ll be so pleased with all 
of your hard work and your sense of responsibility that he’ll reveal he has a 
special surprise planned for you. In a day or so head to the train station and 
see if you don’t see something that strikes your fancy on the way to the 
station platform.
Tip #22: Late Night Activities

Problem: Suffering from insomnia? More into the nightlife than the hustle and 
bustle of the daytime hours?
Solution: While your village rolls up the streets pretty early you still find a 
number of things to keep you busy during the night. For starters you’ll notice 
that there are one or two animals in your village that choose to stay up all 
night so you can stop by and chat it up with them. You can always fish or do a 
little bug hunting. If you’re in the mood for a new outfit only to find that 
Tom has closed up for the day you aren’t completely out of luck, just head over 
to the Able Sisters Shop which is open until 2:00AM every day. Now you can 
design until the wee hours of the morning. On top of that if you’re feeling 
brave why not wonder around town in hopes of finding some paranormal entities.
Tip #23: Portable Play

Problem: Would it not be wonderful if you could play all of the great NES 
classics contained in Animal Crossing on your GameBoy Advance?
Solution: Well, Nintendo must’ve thought so, as playing NES games on your GBA 
is an extremely easy task to pull off. First make sure your GBA is hooked into 
one of the open controller ports, now walk up to one of your NES systems and 
press “A”, select Advanced play and follow the onscreen prompts. You’ll be 
playing Golf, Excitebike, Tennis, and all the others on the go.
Tip #24: News Hound

Problem: Do you want the inside scoop on what’s going in on town? Want in on 
all the latest gossip?
Solution: You can learn a lot from talking to your villagers. Find the time to 
just walk around and converse with your villagers, you’ll become closer with 
them and you’ll also have the inside track on what’s going on in town. If 
you’re looking for a weather report or information on a treasure hunt then try 
checking out the town message board, you know that big thing in the middle of 
your housing complex. As well if you love getting mail but the only things 
you’ve been getting recently are fossils from the museum and the occasional 
sale flyer from Tom then you should try writing letters to your villagers. They 
appreciate long, easy to read, grammatically correct letters. You might even 
consider enclosing a gift, if you’re close to your villagers they just might 
send you a present in return.
Tip #25: Dancin' Fool

Problem: Have you ever found a gyroid you like, but you worry that it will 
sound off-beat with your music?
Solution: Don't worry! The gyroids automatically speed up or slow down to the 
beat of the music! So jam with your gyroids without fear!
Tip #26: Hidden Shirt

Problem: Need a change of clothes in a pinch?
Solution: If you drag a shirt down to the second to last slot in your 
inventory, and instead of moving the last slot, move down--you'll find that you 
can swap the shirt you're carrying for a "Big Dot Shirt." Even better, whatever 
shirt you swapped for becomes the new background to your inventory screen.


Wishing Well Guide

For those of you are confused as to why your local well babbles nonsense at 
you, we've produced a guide to make life easier. The Wishing Well can be pretty 
confusing, but ultimately, deciphering what it wants is the only way to get 
your hands on that elusive golden axe. It's a shame that you really have no use 
for it once you've humored the well, but if you're a completist, it's a must 
have. Anyway, here's the how-to on the most asked after part of the game. 
The Messages of Doom

This is a key to what the Wishing Well wants when it says those various cryptic 
phrases that make us all go "Huh?"
"Yes..yes. Things feel as they should. This is certainly a satisfactory level 
of prosperity..but with just a little more effort, things could be even better."

Chances are your tree levels are right but you may need to thin them out a bit 
to achieve a perfect rating. 
"Things aren't too bad...but with just a little more care and attention, 
everything would be much, much better."

This message means you have a slight weed problem. It is not as bad as it could 
be, but it's getting there. 
"When there are too many weeds...and acres in need of care and attention...a 
town feels very unsettled."

This is a more severe weed message. The solution is blissfully simple, pull 
those weeds.!
It appears that things fare well,by and large. If you were to search out areas 
where there are too many, or not enough, trees...then thngs would be faring 
even better."

Thin your trees out more so they are not touching at all. Plant more trees in 
sparse areas and cut them down in thickly wooded areas. Dig up any wilted trees 
or stumps. 
"Trees are things of extraordinary beauty but too many trees..."

The well will mention an acre. Simply cut down a few trees until you no longer 
get that message. It has been suggested that having over 16 trees triggers this 
"In areas where there is little green...a feeling of despair overshadows all 

The well will mention an acre. Simply plant more trees until you no longer get 
this message. It has been suggested that having less than 9 trees in an acre 
triggers this message.
"...too many weeds"

This message unlike the other weed messages supplies an acre. It seems to 
indicate taht there are more than 3 weeds in that acre. Might as well pull them 
all while you're at it.
"Everything is perfect! [town] is a very livable place."

Congratulations, now keep it that way.

Thinning Trees

A common problem preventing perfect town status is trees that are too close 
together. These trees can be next to each other in any direction, even 
diagonally. If you cannot dig a hole on every side of the tree then the other 
tree is too close to it. You can easily check by walking in a circle around the 
tree. Note: it is possible to get a perfect rating and still have trees 
touching, but it is more unlikely. 
Stumps and Wilted Trees

No one is sure exactly how stumps factor into the perfect town guide but they 
do not have a positive effect and should therefore be removed. Wilted Trees 
appear to count as weeds. They seem to negatively impact your town and should 
eb removed also.
Partially Grown Trees and Healthy Sprouts

Partially grown trees and healthy sprouts seem to increase your tree count. It 
is unknown how trees that are stuck at a certain stage of growth affect your 
perfect rating, it sometimes seems to make no difference but why take the 

Having more than 30 weeds in your town will prevent you from having a perfect 
rating. More than 2 or 3 weeds in an acre can have the same effect. New weeds 
appear every day and should be pulled. Your best bet is to just get rid of all 
the weeds you can.

Flowers are not necessary to have a perfect condition. It appears that they may 
help boost your rating a bit, but trees are the main issue. Flowers do not seem 
to be as important as originally thought, but they may help a bit. They also 
make things look nicer and attract bugs so they couldn't hurt. 

The tree requirements per acre may not apply to some areas such as, the lake or 
the area with the 4 houses. No one is sure what acres are exempt or have lesser 
requirements. There may also be a total required number of trees in town, or a 
total maximum. However, you must for sure meet the acre requirements.


Items like cans, tires, or boots count as trash. You cannot have trash in your 
village if you want a perfect rating. The well gives you a message about trash 
as well. Your best bet would be to sell it to Tom, as the wishing well seems to 
count trash in the dump as trash in general. 
Farley and the axe

If you keep your town perfect for 15 days Farley will show up at the well the 
next time someone talks to it and give you the golden axe. The golden axe can 
never break unlike regular axes. Golden Axes are unbuyable and untradable. 
Enjoy your reward.

HRA ratings and perfect town ratings are not connected. End of story. 
How the Well Calculates the Rating

Scoring Some time ago, tcromis posted some information on our boards, which was 
originally discovered by ArchonBasic at gamefaqs who used trial and error to 
find out the way perfect towns are scored. This information may not be 100% 
accurate but it should give you a far better idea of how the perfect town 
rating works.
The perfect town rating is based on a point system, not on a series of 
conditions. This means you can make up for the points you lose in some areas by 
scoring higher in other areas. You need to achieve a score of 14 points to get 
a perfect rating.
The Acres
In your town there are 30 acres, 20 of these are normal acres, and 10 of these 
are special acres. The following are special acres: the lake, the well, your 
houses, the train station, the museum, and the five beach acres. Every other 
acre without exception is considered to be a normal acre. 
Acre Scoring System

Normal Acres:
11 Trees or less = 0 Points
12-14 Trees = 1 Point 
15 or more trees = 0 Points 

Special Acres:
9-11 Trees = 1 Point
12-14 Trees = 2 Points
15-17 Trees = 1 Point
18 or more Trees = 0 Points
Weeds and Flowers
One flower cancels out one weed. Otherwise weeds can give you negative points. 
The details are very complex and it is easier just to pull out every weed you 
see anyway. You get no points for flowers other than them cancelling out weeds. 
Stunted/Shrivelled/Touching Trees
The well imposes no penalty for these trees and continues to count them toward 
your total for that acre. Unlike previously thought you can achieve a perfect 
rating and still have trees that are diagonally touching. While you may want to 
thin them out for ease of movement, you do not have to to get the golden axe. 
Trees can also be next to fences, rocks, and buildings without a negative 

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