The Ultimate Guide To Jak 3 - Guide for Jak 3

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This FAQ is under the brittish copyright law so if any one publishes any part of 
this guide without my permission then they will be prosecuted by the full extent of 
the brittish copyrigt law.

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_verion 1.0____date:15/2/05__________


 i will write this guide and all of the other things for it later so if you cant 
wait for the guide to be completed then just e-mail me with you're querie/question

[section 1]
 This section contains all of the qustions that are frequently asked by jak fans.

[section 2]

This section contains the controls for the game (yes even all of the fancy stuff 
and all of the vehicleand weapon controls)

[section 3]

This section contains the full guide to Jak 3 hope you enjoy!!!!^^
[final section ]

I will post any hints or tips that anyone posts me and give them full credit for 
supplying them to me for use on this FAQ.

|FAQ'S (frequently asked questions)|                  

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