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//////////Super Mario Sunshine

Version - 1.0

| : Introduction
|| : Basic Controls
||| : Coins, Shines, & Other Items
|V : Enemies
V : Nozzles and What They Do
1 - The Delfino Airstrip
2 - The Delfino Plaza
3 - Bianco Hills
4 - Ricco Harbor
5 - Gelato Beach

////////// | : Introduction
Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to Super Mario Sunshine! In this guide, I will 
not only give a walkthrough, but give a list of about everything else too.

////////// || : Basic Controls
A - Jump
B - Dive
C stick - View Angle
R - FLUDD Command
Control Stick - Move
Z - Map

////////// ||| : Coins, Shines, & Other Items
Gold Coins - The basic and most common coin found. Collect 100 for a 
surprize. Also restores 1% health.
Blue Coins - A rare coin found normally in hidden places, like sewers. Collect 
at least 10 to buy Shine Sprites.
Red Coins - A coin only found in "Red Coin" levels. Also restores 2% health.

Shine Sprites - Just like stars....only their not stars. Shines are what keep Isle 
Delfino bright and happy. Shines are rewarded for beating a level, getting 10 
Blue Coins, or finding secret areas.

+Other Items
Bananas - A fruit. Doesn't do much.
Coconuts - Another fruit. Just sits still.
Chilis - See above.
Durians - A soccer ball-like fruit. Fun to kick. ;-)
Pinapple - See bananas.
Squash - See bananas.
Water Bottle - Restores half water
Large Water Bottle - Restores all Water

[[[[[[[[[[[[[Under Construction, More coming soon :-)

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