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      Well, hello, this is Ketty with the Ultimate Guide to the game. This is 
only my first Guide, so if it is lousy, too bad, as long as it helps you win 
the game.

OK, If you are an expierenced player skip this section below, new players will 
gain a lot of information from this.
A Button: Used to Jump, Continue conversations, Select option
B Button: Attack ,Close Menu, Cancel option
Arrow Keys and Top Analog Stick: Use to Sneak, Walk, or Run, and select 
locations and spatula missions in menu.
C Stick: Camera mode
Z Button: Display inventory
L Button: (Spongebob) Cruise Bubble
R Button: Start Conversations, Continue to new areas, Read signs
Y Button: (Spongebob) Bubble Bash
X Button: (Spongebob, Patrick) In air, do a Ground Pound. (Sandy, on Ground) 
Lasso Robots. (Spongebob, on Ground) Bubble Bowl
Start Button: Opens Menu, Pauses

   Wooden: Easy to bust, found about everywhere, you can lift them as Patrick 
stand on them and stack them.
   Floating: Common as well, usually has other tikis on itself, used to reach 
tough areas, but tough to land on when moving.
   Thunder: The worst disposition EVER! Just by being close causes him to get 
steamed. Self-destructs within 3 seconds, anything in range gets damaged, if 
you, you lose one health.
   Shhh: You have to have Spongebob sneak up on them to get close enough to 
destroy, otherwise, they shrink.
   Stone: Destroyed only by the blast from a Thunder Tiki or a Cruise Bubble.
    Arf: Tough guy act but has a irrational fear of Bubble Bowling Balls.
    Arf-Dawgs: Tough lil' critters who self-compust.
    Bomb-Bot: Little tyke whom blows up after 5 beeps of his light.
    Bzzt-Bot: Shoots green to yellow gamma rays which damage you within time.
    Chomp-Bot: These bots are sick as can be, they try to release their germs 
by hacking at you.
    Chuck: These annoying creeps always shoot water missles at you. VERY 
    Fodder: One-wheeled bots who have tasers.
    G-love: 7 hands, all which to spank you with.
    Ham-mer: Has a Ham Hammer to hit you with.
    Monsoon: Soft guys who love shocking you.
    Sleepy Time: Harmless unless woken, use Cruise Bubbles or Tikis to destroy.
    Slick: Loves oil sooo much, he's created a bubble soap out of it.
    Tar-Tar: Blast wats of tar-tar sauce at you, worse, it's out of date.
    Tubelets: Shoots flames and spins, destroy all together to destroy.


Bus Stop: Not really an item, but you can switch characters with it.
Freeze Fruit: Freezes Goo so you can skate.
Golden Spatula: 100 in all, opens up new worlds.
Shiny Objects: Currency, opens new areas in worlds.
Signs: Gives information on obstacles and enemies.
SpongeBall: Transforms Spongebob into a ball for quick travel.
Texas Shaped Hitchs: Used by Sandy to swing across chasms.
Special World Items: Collect to get Golden Spatula.
Golden Underwear: Adds one extra underwear pair.
Underwear: Adds health, cannot be collected at full health.
Socks: Collect for Patrick for Golden Spatulas 100 in all.

Tips before beginning the game.

1. Save frequently, wouldn't want an accident to happen after all your hard 
2. Use shadows to see if you can land on a surface.
3. Learn to use the Camera Control Stick.
Bikini Bottom, Posidome, Industrial Park,(8 Golden Spatulas and 8 Socks)
SpongeBall Arena**
Downtown Bikini Bottom (11 Steering Wheels, 8 Golden Spatulas and 9 Socks)
Sea Needle*
Jellyfish Fields (8 Golden Spatulas, 14 Socks and 1 King Jellyfish Jelly Bottle)
Jellyfish Fields*
Jellyfish Rock*
Jellyfish Caves*
Mount Spork*
Goo Lagoon (8 Golden Spatulas, 11 Socks and 5 Children)
Goo Lagoon Beach*
Sand Castle*
Sea Cave*
Lagoon Pier*
Goo Lagoon Island*
Rock Bottom (8 Golden Spatulas, 9 Socks and 6 Paintings)
Rock Bottom Downtown*
Trench of Advanced Darkness*
Sand Mountain (8 Golden Spatulas, 10 Socks 8 Snowmen)
Sand Mountain Ski Lodge*
Guppy Mound*
Flounder Hill*
Sand Mountain*
Mermalair (8 Golden Spatulas, 4 Socks and 4 Security Buttons) 
Mermalair Main Hall*
Mermalair Security Tunnel*
Mermalair Rolling Ball Room*
Mermalair Villian Containment Center*
Kelp Forest (8 Golden Spatulas, 7 Socks and 6 Campers)
Kelp Forest*
Kelp Swamp*
Kelp Caves*
Kelp Vines*
Dream Land (8 Golden Spatulas, 5 Socks and 4 Dreams)
Sandy's Dream*
Mr. Krab's Dream*
Squidward's Dream*
Patrick's Dream*
Flying Dutchman's Graveyard (8 Golden Spatulas, 3 Socks and 2 Ships to salvage
Graveyard of Ships*
Dutchman's Ship*
Dutchman Platuae*
Chum Bucket Lab
The Small Shall Rule...Or not***
*Areas in Worlds
**Available after completing game
***Name of Spatula Retrieval Level
Handy Dandy Inter-Section Tip: Don't forget to save frequently!
Now, the moment you have been waiting for, the unveiling of the Ultimate Guide 
Area Clearal Device! Tah-Dah!

Bikini Bottom, Posidome, Industrial Park, SpongeBall Arena

Bikini Bottom Part 1:
Spatula #1: On top of the Pineapple
Spatula #4: In the closet costing 60 shiny objects.
Spatula #5: Annoy Squidward

In the beginning, you will view a cut-scene where robots attack you. Afterwords 
you land in your living room and Gary gives you your first ever advice from 
After talking with Gary, enter Kitchen, you will automatically read a letter 
from Mr. Krabs saying you get a promotion to collect shiny objects for Golden 
After reading the note, jump around and collect shiny objects. Then explore the 
remainder of the Pineapple. You will collect additional shiny objects to pay 
for new rooms in the house.
Golden Spatula Update!
Golden Spatula #4 has been spotted in Spongebob's closet, if you have enough, 
shiny objects, then you may keep Golden Spatula #4!
After collecting the Spatula, exit the Pineapple. Plankton will request help 
with the robot army. You quickly agree.
Golden Spatula Update!
Golden Spatula #1 has been spotted on the Pineapple's roof, to collect, use 
your Bubble Bash on a Switch held by balloons, find another switch on the 
ground and use a ground pound on it. These release platforms leading to the 
roofs of the houses, leading to the Spatula! If you collect Spatula #1, you may 
keep it!
Enter Squidward's House
Golden Spatula and Patrick Sock Update!
Golden Spatula #5 is being held up by Squidward, if you jump around and create 
havoc, he will use the Spatula as a bribe. Collect it to keep it. Now continue 
destroying everything, a Sock will eventually pop out.
Now head to Patrick's Place.
Patrick Socks Update!
At Patrick's place, Patrick asks for you to collect Socks for Golden Spatulas.
After the conversation, you can collect the Sock beneath his feet. Enter 
Patrick's Rock and destoy his sofa and chair, a Sock reveals itself to you!
                                To be Continued...

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