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	Why waste space on a fancy title? 

	Hi, I’m nightshade777 and this is my guide to the online world of ratchet and
clank up your arsenal for the ps2. This guide will give you the general layout
of maps, as well as strategies and glitches layed about the areas. If you are
looking to talk to me about something, you can usually find me online as
Flareblade, Shadow, or Mccain owns. Ill be Flareblade most of the time.

1. The most basic things about online play
2. Weapons
3. Vehicles
4. maps
5. seige
6. CTF
7. Glitches and special moves ( there’s more that i dont know about, maybe
you’ll discover one!)
8. A Final Word	

	1. The most basic things about online play

There are three types of camera modes you play with. Lock strafe, third person,
and first person. Lock strafe is the most commonly used and the easiest to
handle. Its a nice blend of first person controls with a third person view so
you can see around you. Lock strafe mode is needed to access most of the
glitches in the game. Third person is the control setting you started with in
the 1 player adventure. It feels most familiar to you and you may not want to
give it up, but it does not work well at all in the online world and is all but
impossible to use during flux only battles. First person mode is easier to aim,
but you will have limited vision of your surroundings.
	Nodes are the basic defence mechanism in the game. Capturing them provides
turrets that shoot at nearby opposing players, weapons, health, vehicles, and
spawn points. The weapons that look like giant cannons in some levels are anti
vehicular turrets. Driving by a neutral or enemy turret will alert it to you,
and it will shoot rockets at you intill you’re car is destroyed. Four mini
versions of these turrets are on every main base, and will desroy any enemy
controlled hovership that comes close. Nodes are only in seige and ctf, but you
can turn nodes off while you’re creating a game by going to advanced options.
Here you can turn weapons on or off, unlimited ammo, vehicles, nodes, and charge
boots. You can also toggle the “spawn with weapons” option, which starts you out
every time you spawn, with three different weapons. Otherwise, you start with
the N60 and you have to collect weapons as you go. If you don’t know, there are
hypershot targets in online mode as well, and you can jump towards one and hold
circle to swing off them, just like in the 1 player game.
	Up to 8 players can play in a single game. During the staging time, you can see
other players in staging, their skin, and their team color. When you’re ready to
play, press circle and you will see a green circle. Everyone’s circle must be up
to play, and then the creator of the game will press the start option (not
button). The other option is “invite player, where you can invite recent players
or friends from your buddy list. To add a buddy, you can find their name in the
players column of a city, press x, then select the add buddy option. You can
also see their current rank, their skill level, and their number of wins/losses
kills/deaths. And the clan they are in. Clans war against eachother for
rankings. If you are the leader of the clan, you can select a clan to battle. To
create a clan, simply go to the clan menu and select create clan. From there you
select a name for your clan, (mine is D generation X) And you can invite players
to join your clan.

	2. Weapons

N60 storm: The most basic and weakest weapon, the N60 storm is the same as it
was in the 1 player game. Upgrade it with three kills without dying, and it’s
rate of fire and power will double, making it extremely useful. (By the way,
three kills without dying with any weapon will upgrade it, making it more deadly).

Blitz Gun: The blitz Gun is the equivalent of the shock blaster, but better.
It’s like the shotgun, best at extremely close range, Upgrade it to slightly
increase the rate of fire and greatly increase the power.

Mine glove: This weapon wasn’t in the 1 player game. Press cirlce or R1,
depending on your camera mode, from now on im just saying lock strafe, to throw
out a mine will chase after an enemy. You can throw out 8 mines total. Throwing
out more will cause the earlier mines to disappear. Upgrade this weapon to make
it more powerful.

Mini Rocket Tube: One of the best (some say cheapest) weapons in the game, the
rocket shoots a missile with slight homing capabilities at an opponent. It only
takes 2 shots to kill a player, but they can easily dodge the tubes by jumping
to the side at the right time. Upgrade the weapon to drastically increase its
rate of fire, making it very difficult to dodge for a while, and increase the power.

Lava Gun: The same as the 1 player game, the lava gun shoots a continuous stream
of lava that hurts the opponent. Upgrade the weapon to make it more powerful.

Morph o ray: Same as the 1 player game, the morph o ray shoots a laser that when
held on a player long enough, turns them into a sheep or duck. They will change
back eventually but they will have no weapons. You can hit them with your wrench
to kill them. Upgrading the weapon makes it take less time to morph someone.

Gravity Bomb: Shoots out a bomb that does half damage to a player. Upgrade it to
make it more powerful, with a bigger blast radius.

Flux Rifle: My favorite weapon, the flux rifle is the same as the 1 player game,
a sniper. hold L2 to aim and use the left analog stick to zoom in and out and
the right analog stick to move the scope. Three kills with this weapon will
upgrade it, turning it into the most powerful weapon in the game, a one hit kill.

	3. Vehicles

Turboslider: The car like the one in tyrhanosis. Hold x to accelerate, use the
left analog stick to turn. Press R2 to get in the turret seat and move the guns
and press cirlce/R1 to fire. Two people can be in one turboslider, a driver and
a gunner.

Hovership: I like the car better, but this is more useful. Use the left analog
stick to move forward bakward left right, right analog stick to turn, and x and
square to ascend and descend. Press R2 to stop moving and use the left analog
stick to aim, and the R1/() button to launch bombs on the ground. 2 people can
be in the hovership, a driver/missile launcher, and the bomb dropper.

Turret: This isnt really a vehicle, but what the hell. Aim with the left analog
stick and R1 or circle to fire. If you get hit with weapons while you’re in the
turret, you will still lose health.

	4. Maps

	Bakisi Isles: This map has both vehicles, and is a great map with plenty of
health crates and nodes. The health crates are located underneath all the big
bridges, and on top of the two places with the hovership pads. There is also a
place you cant get to without a hovership, and there is a node there that will
give you a nother one. The tower in the direct middle of the filed is a great
sniping area, and has a good view of both bases.

Haven Gorge: This is where most of the glitches are. This level has drones, 4
little robots that follow you and shoot everything. You can tell your drones to
wait by holding triangle like youre going to select a weapon, then pressing R2
to go in to the next menu, where you can select the hypershot, and change
between persons, and tell your drones to wait and shoot anything that comes
near. The drones are located in front of both the main bases. There are jump
pads leading to higher areas of the level, where there are turrets that can be
used to fire on the opposing base or players. Connecting both the high areas is
an enormous bridge that is covered by cement. The cement can be blown off,
leaving the people crossing the bridge exposed. There are no hoverships in this map.

Outpost X12: This is the biggest area in the game, with hoverships and
turbosliders, as well as drones and turrets. There is one turret in the middle
of the field, and one turret each by the bases. Hoverships cannot get inside the
bases without using an extremely long glitch. The nodes closest to the bases
will spawn to turbo sliders each, but, unless you capture the anti vehicle
turret nodes on the outside, you wont get far. Health is by the magnet boot area
next to both the bases, and scattered on the ground around the area, as well as
next to the main turret. Near the ramp where you can jump with the turbo slider
(like you did to earn the skill point) is a magnet boot area that leads to a
great snipe spot.

Korgon Outpost: This area has a lot of bridges that can only be extended by the
bolt crank. For the bridges that lead to the hover ship nodes, however, you can
use a special move to get in there without turning a crank. You must have lock
strafe or first person to do it. First charge boot towards the bridge, shoot to
stop, then press square quickly. You should do a hyperstrike and be on the other
side. This takes some practice, but not alot. There is a node in the direct
middle of the field. Capturing it tilts the bridges toward the enemy base, so
you can charge boot through and not have to walk on the outside. 

Metropolis: The second biggest area in the game, Metropolis has a lot of perks.
There are no turbosliders, just hoverships. There are also two high towers that
contain drones and a great sniping point. The health crates are in the middle of
the bridge, and the two towers.

Blackwater City: The smallest map you can do seige on, Blackwater City has only
four nodes that go in a circle around the map. There are no vehicles, and the
health is located underneath the paths that lead to each of the nodes (magnet
boot). The only bridge can be destroyed by gravity bombs and exploding mines,
leaving the hypershot targets the only way across. Seiges on this map dont tend
to last long, since it only takes 5 or 6 charge boots to get from one base to
the other.

Blackwater Docks: This is where most of the CTF games go on. No seige here, just
DM and CTF. There are two parts to this map. The high part, and the low part. In
CTF the high part is easiest to defend, while the low part can be shot at from
either side. There are two healths, one across the hypershot, and one on the
other side. The diagram forms a square, with two corners being the flag holders,
and the other two being health platforms.

Marcadia Palace: Remember this place? This is where most of the 1 vs 1 games go
on. There are three health crates (i personally think thats too many). One on
the turret platform, and one on both sides of the map.

Command Center: This is the ultimate DM map. There is nowhere to hide, you WILL
die. The smallest map in the game, the entire area forms a globe. There is but 1
health crate, right in the middle of the bottom part. Good luck.


	The object of seige is to destroy the opposing base by destroying the two
gatling turrets, entering the base, and destroying the power core.

	Basic strategies: Nodes are important. During the map guide of seige, which is
coming shortly, I will tell you which nodes to get and where. Placing drones at
either your or your opponents base is a good idea, the drones can attack the
other stuff thats attacking you, while you focus on the gatling turrets. While
attacking a turret, its best to move like this: STEP 1: circle part way around
the turret until its fire almost gets you.
STEP 2: Do a side flip over the fire so you are on the left side it.
STEP 3: Move to the right quickly, before the fire comes down for you, you
should move under the fire.
STEP 4: Repeat, remember to keep shooting the whole time your doing this.

	The missile launchers on the top of the bases will only shoot at you if you are
flying ABOVE the base. If you stay close to the ground, they will not shoot you.
In all hovership levels in seige, the first thing you should do is capture a
node with a hovership, then fly low to the ground and behind the enemy base.
Then rise up slowly, so the gatling turret pops out to shoot you, but the
rockets arent killing you. Shoot at the turret for a second, then pop down
before it actually starts shooting. Repeat with the other turret and they will
both be destroyed with no damage to you or your ship. After that, its easy to
destroy everything else defending the base with the hovership before they
destroy it.
	Lots of people, when both their gatling turrets are gone, will retreat inside
their base and put mines by the teleporter, so as soon as you teleport in, the
mines kill you. The important thing to remember is: You can still shoot when the
mines launch you up in the air. Unload on the core before you die. There is
another way to do this faster, but it requires a teammate to sacrifice himself
to the mines. Have both of you stand by the teleporter, then let him go in. Go
in exactly 1 second after he does, and all the mines that were there exploded to
kill your friend, but you can still run around and shoot the core until its
destroyed. If you are the one cheap enough to be doing that, this is the only
way its actually going to work: Get a holoshield launcher and put it in between
the core and the teleporter. Place NO MORE THAN 3 mines by the teleporter, 1:
because it only takes three to kill them, and 2: More mines means, they get
launched higher in the air, so they can shoot above the shield and still hit the
core. Do this for long enough, and they will all leave, and you will be
considered a cheap bastard by everyone who played with you. Not only that, but
you will rack up a considerable number of kills.

	Area Seige Strategies:

Bakisi Isles: Capture the node with the hovership as fast as you can, after that
dont bother taking the one you can only get to with the ship. Go straight behind
the enemy base and start doing the hovership thing I just talked about. 

Haven Gorge: Two people have to do this. Both of you go straight to the turret
overlooking your enemies’ base and capture that node. Have one of you go down
and make the gatling turrets shoot them, while the other uses the turret to
shoot the gatling turrets. When they are both destroyed, go down and destroy
everything else before teleporting inside and destroying the power core.

Outpost X12: Dont bother with the node closest to your base, go straight to the
one closest to theirs. If only one of them is trying to capture it, then you
should get there in time to kill them and capture it for yourself. Stay there,
and snipe your opponents regular defences: The bot spawner, or the homing cannon
launcher, the galactic rangers. Then take a turbo slider and drive in there,
trying to run over all your opponents, go into shoot mode and unload on the
nearest turret. When it destroys your vehicle, jump up to the turret and unload
on the same turret. When it destroys THAT, use your weapons to destroy the
turret and the other one, before entering the base and destroying the core

Korgon outpost: Use the special move to get to the hovership node and capture it
the fastest. Take the hovership to your opponents base and do the hovership
strategy. Everyone else will probably be after the middle node, so you’re safe.

Metropolis: Capture the node with the hovership and do the same strategy weve
talked about a dozen times. The End.

Blackwater City: Charge boot up to the bridge and destroy it. Then place mines
on your side of the hypershot targets, and/or use the blitz gun on people trying
to swing, stopping them and killing them. While you’re doing that, your team can
destroy the base.

5. CTF:

	The object of the game is to capture your opponents flag and return it to
yours. There are 2 modes: Normal and Chaos. Normal is the standard CTF. Chaos
means you do NOT have to have possesion of your flag to score. 

	If you are a defender of the flag, some of the best weapons to upgrade are:
Blitz Gun, Flux Rifle, and Mine Glove. Upgraded Flux rifle is a one shot kill,
making it very good to use when defending. Up close upgraded blitz gun is also a
one hit kill. If someone tries to take off with your flag and you have a blitz
gun, and you are close enough to where you can hit them and they will double
back, then dont just hammer on the r1 button, time it so you get them right
after they double back, so they wont be able to move until you kill them. Its
generally not a good idea to rush with an upgraded weapon, because if you die,
your opponents will get it. If 2 or more of your team are rushing(including
you), dont stop to shoot people, its a waste of time and they will just keep
respawning right there. Just go for the flag and immediately get out. Your team
can shoot the enemies, or you can switch roles. Placing mines around your flag
can help, because your opponent will shoot at the mines and you can shoot him.

	Area strategies: (not the big areas)

Blackwater City: Destroying the bridge is a great idea, but only if someone on
your team is committed to guarding it the entire game. If you let no one pass,
they cant get the flag.

Blackwater Docks: If you are on the red team and you are rushing, you can go
over to the edge where the hypershot is, but instead of jumping on to the
platform and then swinging, you can just charge boot towards the target and
press circle to latch on. Wait till you are at the very top before you let go,
or you might not make it. Placing mines near the edges is great, because when
using the jump pads, your opponents cant get away from them. An extremely cheap
way to play, that more and more people are doing (DAMN YOU!) is to go to the
bottom platform by the hypershot behind the small ledge. This is best in FP
mode. You can still see the people by the blue flag, and you can just aim for
them, then jump slightly and shoot, which makes it extremely difficult for them
to hit you back. Some cheapasses I’ve seen do this are: Lil’ John, ArCaDe, NeLo,
Panic, and many others.

Marcadia Palace: If you get your opponents flag, its best not to go the straight
route to your flag. Go around the area behind the turret platform, because its
not straight, so the people behind you are less likely to hit you.

Command Center: This is the most pointless place to have a CTF battle, it only
takes one charge boot, and boom your there. The only thing that makes this
difficult is the fact that you probably wont escape your opponents fire and
mines. Its possible to get over 100 flag caps in ten minutes. I know, I’ve done
it. I calculated the time it takes from spawning, to capturing your opponents
flag, and I found that if you do it perfectly, it takes about 6 or 7 seconds.
Yes, i sometimes do stuff like that.

	6. DM

	The object of the game is to kill. Simple as that. Kill a lot. Try not to die.
Upgrade weapons and use them. If you are on a team, its best to try to stay
close to at least one person, so if either of you gets killed, the other one can
avenge. In free for all, find the weakest person in the game and whenever he
crosses your path, stop whatever your doing and kill him. If theres rockets in a
level dont use FPM, use LS so you can see around you. You can dodge mini rocket
tube shots by jumping to the side at the last second. If you have an upgraded
weapon and someone kills you, dont be a bitch. They deserve your weapon pack, so
give it to them. Packholding is one of my worst frustrations in the game, and if
you’ve ever played with me, you know that I dont just give up, Ill stay right on
top of you until you let it go. Some of the worst packholders I know are:
+BallsBalls+, ALex, xxxxx, and probably a whole lot more. One way to trick a
packholder is to stay on them for a few seconds, and then charge boot away, as
if to leave. The way the respawn system works is that you respawn close to the
player who killed you, so if they think you’re gone, they will respawn and race
back to get it. As soon as you see that weapon pack, go for it. Then when the
player who pack held it comes back for it, pop out and kill them with their
upgraded weapon. That will really piss them off! Another group of people that
drive me insane are the healthrunners, the people who will break off a fight and
immediately run for a health crate. If you are a good sniper, pull out a flux
and take them out as they run. That’ll teach them. Another, more common form of
healthrunners are the people who hang out by health crates so the minute they
take damage, they just break it open and fill up. There’s really no way to make
people stop healthrunning, but everybody should know that, along with
packholders, its a very serious and annoying problem. Some healthrunners to
watch out for are: Ninja Assassin, BLOOD..., Herman Lee, Captain Ichicago, xxxxx
(he does everything), and many more.

	7. Glitches and special moves (should be in lockstrafe for all of these)

	I love glitches. I’ve discovered my fair share of them, and I’ve learned a
bunch of them that people have showed me. Some are pointless, but others are
extremely useful.

Any map: This is a little something I like to call HSS, the hyperstrike shot
glitch. Face a hypershot target and pull out the hypershot, you have to actually
have it out or else it wont work. Charge boot towards the target and hold
circle. Press nothing else. When you get to the very top of your swing to the
point where you stop moving up, press square and your player will do a
hyperstrike far and away into the air. This is most handy for a quicker way to
get onto the turret platform in Haven gorge, and another glitch there.

Special move number one: the charge strike. Charge boot through the air above
ground, while repeatedly pressing square, and you should do a hyperstrike that
will shoot you a little farther.

Special move number two: Charge stop. While charge booting you can shoot any
weapon you have and you will immediately stop.

Special move number three: Charge shoot strike. While chargebooting through the
air shoot either the flux rifle, blitz gun, or gravity bomb and then immediately
press square. This lets you control the charge strike.

Special move number four: The charge jump. This is extremely complicated and
takes a long time to master. Find a short place that is slightly above the rest
of the ground and do the charge shoot strike, then as soon as you hit the
ground, do a side flip by holding R2 and left or right and pressing X. You
should continue at charge boot speed while you’re flipping. You can combine more
of them by holding R2 and left or right and pressing X after each jump.

Bakisi Isles:

Walk through walls: Get in a hovership and go down to where you’re as close to
the water as you can get. Press triangle to get out of the ship, but right
before you hit the water, press triangle. You should be back in the ship. You
can now walk through almost anything. If you die you have to start over. This
glitch works in both of the outposts too.

Haven Gorge: The mother of all glitch areas

Glitch #1: Use the HSS to get on top of the turret platform.

Glitch #2: Go to the blue base and partly destroy the bridge, so it doesnt have
sides to it. Face the hypershot target to the left so it lines up with a small
ledge you can see above and next to that huge yellow light. Do the HSS and you
should be on the ledge, but not really. You’ll be falling, but in the same
place, but you can still aim and shoot. To get down, just keep press ing the X
and square buttons while moving to the right.

Glitch #3: Go to the blue base and go slightly to the right of the right
hypershot target. Turn slightly to the right until you are facing what looks
like a dangerously small ledge. Do the charge shoot strike to get onit. The
unfortunate part is that there is no way to get out without dying.

Glitch #4: This glitch lets you get on top of the bridge. Use your wrench to
destroy all the bottom panels of the sides of the bridge. then find a part that
wont be destroyed that you can jump on. Slide a little over to the left so you
are facing a type of structural rod thing shaped like a circle. Double jump
towards it and press square, and repeat quickly until you are on top of the bridge.

Glitch #5: Go on the turret platform by the blue base and go to the right of the
turret entrance. You will see a fat ice incline that leads to the top of the
entrance. Do the same thing that you did to get on top of the bridge to get up
on the entrance. It may take a while to master, and you might accidentally do a
hyperstrike at the end which will make you start over.

Glitch #6: This one of three ways to get on top of the blue base. Go to the back
of the base and see what looks like a triangle shape on the back of it. Go to
the left of the triangle and start running towards it with your wrench out, as
if trying to run up the thin incline. Your camera and analog stick have to be in
a very precise location for this to work. You will slowly run up the incline.
When you cant climb any higher, single jump backwards a little, then double jump
and hyperstrike onto the base.

Glitch #7: This the second way to get on the blue base. Stand on the teleporter
of the blue base facing the base, and turn to the left so you are facing some
pipes. Tap the X button so you do a low jump and press triangle as if to
teleport inside the base, but charge boot towards the pipes instead while
repeatedly pressing square. You should do a hyperstrike that will land you in
front of the pipes. Go in between the second and third one, and jump onto the
little edge of the pipe, then jump on the next highest one. press X,X, square,
X, X to get higher on the pipe. Then do a single jump to the right, aiming for
the very left of the edge of the third pipe. Then face the orange and press X,X,
square, X. Its important to do a single jump at the end or you may be forced off
the pipe. Then turn around and charge strike onto the base.

Glitch #8 part 1: These parts are the three different ways to get on top of the
huge green around the blue base. Part 4 is the extra part that continues the
glitch. Okay, the hardest way is first. Stand on the blue base teleporter and
turn left to face slightly to the right of the pipes. Do the charge jump, and
then 2 added side flips to that, and do the hyperstrike at the end to the left.
You should be at a point where you can go behind the pipes. Jump behind them and
into the firrst gap. Jump from edge to edge and get on the middle pipe. Then do
the same thing to get up the pipe as you did in Glitch 7. Turn to the right and
aim for the very left of the edge of the pipe. When you get on the edge, DO NOT
JUMP. RUN up the middle of the pipe to get in front of the green. Go to the very
right and run up the green at a left angle, then when you get halfway up, swing
your wrench and double jump to get all the way up. From here you can charge boot
on top of the base if you want, or continue the awesome part of the glitch,
which will be mentioned in part 4.

Glitch #8 part 2: You need another player on your team for this. Go behind the
blue base and inbetween the first two pipes. keep running forward and have your
partner single jump on you. He should go through and you both should be in the
exact same place. Then tilt your analog stick diagonally up and right and you
will go through the invisible wall. Jump on the right edge, then the left, then
the right edge again. From here you can go one of two ways, doesnt matter which
way. You can go to the left, by jumping to the very right of the edge of the
pipe, and then getting up to the green, then go to the very left of the place
and run at a sharp left angle up, you will slowly run up the green. Or you can
go to the right by doing pretty much the same thing.

Glitch #8 part 3: Get a turbo slider and drive it to the blue base and next to
the pipes as far right as it can go facing them. You have to be in the exact
right spot, and then when you get out you will be able to jump behind the pipes
and do the glitch.

Glitch #8 part 4: Okay, so you’re on the green. Go to the right and jump up on
the snowy part. Go to the very top left of the platform, then turn and aim for
the small platform far out there. You have to be aimed the exact right angle.
Charge boot there, you will stop in mid air. Charge boot again to get over
there. Once again, go to the very far top left of the platform. You should see a
platform out there that looks to be too far for you to reach. If you rotate your
camera correctly, you should see a little stick thing that seems to stick out.
Aim for the very edge of that, but not touching it or you will die. Charge
strike over there, and when you land immediately get out the gravity bomb. Use
the target as a guide to where you can safely step without falling or dying. If
you touch any wall you automatically die, so be careful. Rotating the camera
around causes your surroundings to keep changing. Follow the path to where you
can see the jump pad, but dont try to touch it. You are back over there, by the
node closest to the blue base, and it looks from other people, that you are
inside the platform, which you are. You can shoot through the wall, but dont
walk through it. You cant get out of this glitch without dying.

Glitch #9: Go to the red base and look at the hypershot target overlooking the
turret platform. Do HSS as if you wanted to get on top of the platform, but
press square a little bit sooner then you would. This doesnt work all the time,
but if it does, you will go through the wall, and either on a little platform,
where you can shoot people without being able to die, or throw mines up onto the
platform. Either that or you will miss the platform and just fall until you die.

	Outpost X12: There’s a fair number of glitches here too.

Glitch #1:  Get a hovership and go to the very top and left of a base, where you
can see the little platforms on either side. Drop out of the hovership and turn
your character so that they will grab the ledge, then shimmy as far left as you
can go before jumping up.

Glitch #2: Get a hovership and fly down to the water, heading to the blue base.
Just before you can see the base, there should be a big spike on the left hand
side. Move your hovership directly to the right of the spike, and then ascend as
far as you can go without moving the ship forward or backward. Jump out of the
ship and press up so you wont fall. Get the other hover ship and bring it to the
same place, fly it to where it is directly on top of the other hovership. press
triangle to exit the top hovership, then press it again before you die to enter
the bottom one. The weight of the top one will push you down under the water, so
fly, or swim, to the blue base and you can go inside. Fly the hovership through
the tunnel thing and you have a hovership by the base.

Glitch #3: Go to where the health is by the blue or red base. From here you can
do 2 things: 1. Aim for the base and do the charge strike. You will either land
on the base, grab the ledge of the base, or drown in the ooze. 2. Turn towards
the magnet boot area that got you up here from the ground, and charge boot right
over it. You should tilt and land inside the bulge in the wall. You can shoot
and lay mines, but you will die as soon as you try to get out.

Glitch #4: Get a turboslider and drive to a base. Go to the left of the base and
inch the turboslider over the edge, so that its front ski things are dangling
over. Exit the car. Jump over the car as if to commit suicide, but right before
you hit the water, press triangle to get back in the car. Keep doing this untill
you hear a splash like you just hit the water. Then go to the front of the base,
the big glowing color line in the very middle. Keep jumping towards it, as if
trying to go through it. You should go through it, and the inside of the base
and the water, and end up inside the base. Teleport out, and you can now walk
through walls. If you try and charge boot up a slanted surface you will go
through it and fall in the water. Sucks.

	Korgon Outpost:

Glitch #1: Go to the red base and up on the ceiling of the magnet boot place. Go
up to the very left corner, to where you are surrounded by rocks. Double jump
forward and to the right, and you should land in between some rocks. If you move
around too much, you will automatically die, but you have a good view of the
teleporter for capture the flag defending.

Glitch #2: This is a pointless glitch. Go to the right magnet boot platform near
the center of the island. Stand on top of the health crate in the center
platform and turn right. Do a charge shoot strike and look to the left. You will
see some rocks next to a pool of water. Do the charge shoot strike and you
should land on top of them, but this leaves you vulnerable and good luck making
it out alive.


Glitch #1:  This is a good glitch for taking out your enemy’s power core, if
they are being cheap with defending it. Go to your teleporter. Stand on it and
press triangle, but then charge boot so you’re still outside the base. Go to the
stairs leading to your opponents base and stand on the little platform to the
left of the stairs. Face forward, and do a side flip off the platform. Move your
analog stick up, as if trying to go through the wall, and aim your camera down.
It should look like cloudy sky. For a couple of seconds, you will see the inside
of your opponents base. Shoot at the power core until you die.

Glitch #2: Go to the tower overlooking the blue base. Go to the hypershot part
and stand on a bush to the very right. face to the right of the hypershot
target, and double jump off, so you are close to the side of the tower. Do a
hyperstrike as soon as you get to the top of your second jump, and you will land
on a little edge of the tower.

Glitch #3: Go to where a hover ship pad is and face the hypershot target. Get
your hypershot out, and then charge boot towards the target while holding
circle. You should grab on to the target, and now you can swing up to the tower.

	Blackwater Docks:

Glitch #1: This is the perfect glitch for a normal capture the flag. Get out
your wrench (or the opponents flag) and stand on the health platform that
connects to the blue flag place. Go to the slight right of the platform and face
the corner where the bridge connects to the blue platform. Sorry, this is kind
of difficult to explain. Aim for that corner, there’s a little metal ball thing
you can see at the far end. Aim a little to the right of that, and charge boot
there, while holding the analog stick to the left. You should go through the
wall and land on a small platform thing on the bottom. If you have the flag, and
its on the Normal setting, you can just stay there until your opponents get fed
up with you and leave. then you can suicide with the flag, and it will
eventually return to their base, where you can finish the game with no opposition.

	8. Final Word

	There are more glitches I have seen that I dont know how to do, like getting
inside the blue turret platform in Haven Gorge, or swinging through the floor in
Blackwater Docks. If you know how to do them, or some other glitch I dont know,
please contact me on UYA online. Remember my user name is Flareblade, and I’m
always on for at least an hour everyday. Thank you for reading this and have fun
playing online!

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