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MARIO ADVANCE 4: Super Mario Brothers 3: The ULTIMATE Walkthrough
             WALKTHROUGH INFO:
© Copyright 2003 Jason Ariteu

Game introduction
World 1 Intro
World 1: Level 1
World 1: Level 2
World 1: Level 3

Game Introduction:
I'm gonna get right to the point. Some levels on this game can be challenging,
especially since there aren't checkpoints, but you can beat it if you put
effort into it. You will see the following items
on the MAP SCREEN:

Mushroom House: 
Contains 3 chests. You will be able to choose one, and what ever item that the chest
contains is the item you will get. YOU MAY ONLY USE IT ONCE until your next Game
Over. Then It will reset, but it won't take the item back from you.

Blue Square with the symbol in it:
Contains 3 parts of a picture spinning. If you line one of the pictures up you can 
get up
to 5 lives!!! NOTE: There is a similar Game to this, except the square is red. The
game contains 1 extra picture to line up. If you line up a LEAF, you can get 7-UP!

Square with a number in it:
Those are the levels. Sometimes you will be allowed to unlock two levels at once,
which will allow you to pass through the first level you beat and skip the other.
Thats fine if you skip one, but you won't get a PERFECT BONUS.

Small Gray Castles:
Those can be tough at first. But when you get to the boss, he's EASY! Jump on him,
and get off quick because he will be spiky for a half second. Then on the second 
wait a second because he might fly around. If he doesn't, just stomp on his head 
If he does, then wait until he comes low and jump on his head again. Then he'll fall
to the ground and get spikey again. Then jump on him for a third time and he'll go 

Big Castles:
When you get to one and press A, you will see the king transformed into something
and the guy in front of him will be complaining. Then you will be taken to a ship.
If you die, the ship will appear on the map and move somewhere else. Just go
to it again, and you will appear on the ship again. When you get to the ship,
you'll see the koopa troopa king doing something. He does different things
every time, like rolling and bouncing balls, throwing rings, and others. Anyway,
to beat him, just jump on his head 3 times. Once again, he gets spikey but he also
bounces around for a second. When you kill him he will drop the wand. Touch it
and you'll win.

Use these to get to places faster.

Have you seen the moving guys on the screen blocking paths? To get rid of them,
go to the space they are on, and you will automatically enter a small level.
kill them by hitting them with something or stomping on them when they aren't
throwing hammers.

There is a match game that only appears twice on the map. It only gives
you two chances, and you never get to look at the cards like you do in
MEMORY MATCH, so it is extremely unfair.

You also should use these to help you win:

Press "L" to show the Item Tray. The Item Tray contains all the Items you win
in the Mushroom Houses and other places. To use one, just select it and press

You can only use him during play

You switch characters every time one dies or wins a level.
Note: Luigi Keeps his own tray of Items.

Fill this up by running until it goes up to a "P" and you hear a
bell like sound. Then you will be running really fast and you can jump higher.
(Use Luigi with full power and you can really jump high)
Power Ups (Items)
You Can find these in the Item Tray or in levels:

HAMMER THROWER: Lets you throw hammers
CAT POWER: Lets you fly when you have full power 
CLOUD: Lets you pass by a level you can't beat. NOTE: If you die,
you will be locked from passing by the level again. You must then complete it,
unless you have another cloud.
HAMMER: Lets you break a rock or a block of ice blocking a path or 

You can identify each world by the plant or thing that makes
up the background of the level map. This one you can Identify
by dancing cactus plants.

This is the first level so it should be mainly easy for you.

Level 1
When you start level 1, you will see an enemy coming toward you.
Kill him by jumping on him. Then get the four boxes at the begining.
                                         + ?. + ?*+
                                         +-+-++-+-+               ------------------
                  +-+-++-+-+                                     |
                  + ? .++?.+              -----------------------
                  +-+-++-+-+              |

[ Speaking of which, learn the key below because you might need it to understand
  certain things later.

KEY:    ?.    : Contains A Coin
           ?*   : Contains Power-Up
           B/  : Brick with a P-Switch in it.
           B   : Breakable brick with nothing in it.

After you get the mushroom, keep going until you cross a Koopa Troopa on a platform.
Stomp on him ONE time just so he goes in his shell. Then hold be and go toward him
slowly until you pick him up. Then take it and let it go so it hits the box laying 
on the
ground. Then grab the leaf to upgrade to a Racoon. 

                                                         + ?.+

                                           + ?*+

Then, back up to the block that is on the ground and start runnung
forward. Once your Power Meter Reaches full, keep running until
you are almost at the cliff and jump. Keep Pressing "A" and keep going
higher until you get to a secret area. go along the secret area until you
come to a part that is flat and long again. Then fo to the beginning, run and fly 
Keep going until you can't fly anymore. if you make it to the top of a tube, go
down it. Otherwise, keep going and finish the level. If you don't know what the box 
with flaching images in it is for, see "THE END-LEVEL Box" at the bottom of this

Level 2
When you start you will see a tube laying down on a hill. DON'T GO IN THE FRONT
OF THE TUBE! Enemies Come out of that and you will lose your power ups.
Just keep Going. You Will se a Tube Laying on the tip of another tube. Once again,
don't stick around. Just keep going. You will come to a tube. Keep Going.
You will see some Coins. Do Not Get them. leave them alone.
When you come to this...
                               |                  |
                                 +              +
                                 +              +
                                 +       TUBE   +
                                 +              +

                                  +   B / ++    B  +

...go to the first brick, smash it from the bottom* and hit the P-Switch.
Then go back a little until you see new bricks. Climb on them to get to 
TUBE A ( As Shown in Giagram Above) and go down the tube. When
you go to the bottom you will see bricks. DON'T Leave yet! When the 
P-Switch Wears off in a few seconds they will turn into coins. Grab
the coins and go out. Continue through the level until you get to
Music Note Squares. then hit the second one and upgrade your power up.
Continue until you come to another set of music notes. hit them all until you find
one with a star in it. Then run to the end of the level.

Now it's what I was talking about earlier. Before You enter the next level, go walk
to level 3. Then go back and walk to level 4. See, you can reach 2 levels at once.
I would do three and four to get the perfect bonus when you complete the
world. Do what you want, But I'm going to talk about level 3 next.

Level 3
At the beginning, you can see a Koopa Troopa Walking toward you.
Knock him into his shell, grab it, take it and throw it at the guy ahead.
if you don't hit him, then wait until he throws two boomerangs and jump on him
to kill him. Keep going until you find a lot of bricks and some music notes. Get
the koopa troopa at the top into his shell, pick him up, and throw him behind you.
He will destroy a lot! Continue and you will find a part like this...

             +     +
             +     +                                                             +-
             +     +                                                             
+     +
             +     +                                                             
+     +
             +     +                                                             
+     +
             +     +---------------------------------------------------+       +

.. With a taller stack of blocks and a shorter stack of blocks. Nudge the
top block on the shorter stack and out will come a leaf. Look For more
of those in other levels of the game. Anyway, grab the leaf, and go further
and you'll come to a boomerang guy again. just kill him and make your
way through the rest of the level.

Level 4
I will now introduce you to a new level, a level I sometimes
call a moving level. These levels move the screen slowly,
regardless of where you are. So, if you get too far behind, you'll
be pushed. If you get stuck between the edge of the screen and
an object, you'll die no matter what power up you have.
Anyway, at the beginning of the level you'll see bricks. just use them to
stand on top of until the platform comes. When it Comes, hop on and off
quickly, because it falls in a second of being on it. In fact, all platforms
on this level are like that. This level I think is pretty easy, so I'll leave it
up to you. It's pretty hard to explain in a text document anyway.

 Mushroom House 1
The Chests are random, so just do your best!

Ok, the mini castle. It isn't hard, but here it is.
Go up the stairs and jump over the lava. once you
get to a floating platform with a box over it,
open it and get the power. Jump over the lava pit.
Then you will see fireballs rotating. Just keep going. Don't Touch them.
Then jump over all the lava pits and get to the box, open it and get the
power. Jump on the skelaton turtle and go in the door.
A ceiling will start to come down. Get to the part where the ceiling is
too high to squish you and once it comes up go. You then have enough
time to get to the wall. stay against the wall until the ceiling goes all 
the way up and go in the door behind you. You will come to a hallway.
Go down the hallway until you see a guy.Once He starts moving, do 
the following:
Jump on him, and get off quick because he will be spiky for a half second. 
Then on the second one, wait a second because he might fly around. If he
doesn't, just stomp on his head again.If he does, then wait until he comes
low and jump on his head again. Then he'll fall to the ground and get spikey
again. Then jump on him for a third time and he'll go away.

At this point in the game you might see a moving square somewhere on the
screen. If you don't, go on to Level 5. If you do see it, go to the square and
click on it. It it the MATCH GAME I was talking about earlier. Play it
for a chance to earn stuff.

Level 5:
You will start on a big hill. Press and hold DOWN on the + pad and hold
"B" at the same time. You will go down the hill fast and kill any enemies in the 
You will then drop in the water. Get out and keep going. When you get to an
upside-down tube, wait until the flower goes up and run past it, or kill it if you
want. Then when you come to a two-way split, use the top one. Then You will
come to a pet that goes straight up. Find the hidden box by jumping toward the 
left side of the opening. You will find a music note box. Hop on top of it,
and you will go very high into a secret area. Grab all of the coins in the secret 
and once you get to the end, go in the tube. You will come out at another opening.
Go up the wall, kill the Koopa Troopa and go down into a tube area. None of the
tubes are open, so just keep going. Once again, watch out for the flowers that
come down. Go to the end of that area, go up the last tube, and finish the

Level 6:
You will start on a platform.  Jump platform to platform until you get to a
mowing one. Wait until you are sure you will make it and jump.
Then jump from there onto the music note boxes. They can make you lose
your balance, so jump off them and you will land on another platform.
Jump off that one until you see a lot of bricks. Smash the middle one in
the group of bricks in the air and you will get a 1-up. Then keep jumping onto the
next platform until you get to a little hole.
go down it and you will land on a platform in front of another one. Jump on the 
next one
and it will move. Watch out for the flying koopa troopa along the way and when
the platform is almost at the end of it's line, Jump off unto another platform. Jump
on the next ones until you see another moving one. when it hits the bottom, jump
off onto the ground and finish the level.

World 1: Big Castle
In the first one, the king should have been transformed into a snake.
Press A to start the level.
Now, all ships are moving levels, so make decisions quickly!
Also, every ship has a lot of cannons, fire throwers, and
other stuff. dodge it all!

When you start, keep going until you see a cannon. if it shoots a bullet in
your way, you can jump on the bullets to kill them. You will see another
cannon, then you will see cannon after cannon after cannon. Dodge
them, knock em down, do whatever you need to so you can get past them.
If you see a box, open it to get a power up. then move quickly, because
there is a rotating cannon in front of you. Dodge the next three cannon things until
you get to a tube. Go down it and fight the boss. This time, he throws rings at you.
Dodge them, jump on him and then get out of the way because he will bounce around
for a second. then get him two more times, and go to world 2!

About the level ending boxes:
The flashing boxes at the end of the levels help
you. When you touch it, it will stop and you will get a square. If you collect
3 squares straight with out getting a game over, then you will get lives.
You will also get a chance for a bonus somewhere on the map.

Copyright 2003 Jason Ariteu.

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