The Ultimate Walkthrough - Guide for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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Kokiri Village
The game starts out with Link asleep in bed dreaming. Navi drops by Link’s house 
with a message for him to go meet with the Great Deku Tree. Head out of Link’s house 
and climb down the ladder to meet with Saria. From here, you’re ready to begin your 
quest through the land of Hyrule! The Kokiri sword is located in a small hole around 
the maze of fences. Crawl through the hole and pick up any rupees through the grass. 
Avoid the big rock and circle around the path until you find the big treasure chest 
in the upper left corner of the area. Equip the sword by selecting it on the 
equipment screen of your start menu. You can use your sword to cut grass in order to 
get more rupees. To get the shield, collect rupees from various houses and treasure 
chests and then purchase it from the Kokiri shop. The price of the shield is 40 
rupees. You can hop the three platforms leading to the Kokiri shop for a blue rupee 
and there are other blue rupees lying around the town. Equip the shield by selecting 
it on the equipment screen of your start menu.

Deku Tree
Inside the Deku Tree
In order to save the Great Deku Tree, you will need to break the curse that lies 
inside of him. Once inside, take note of the web in the center; it will be useful to 
you in the future. Climb the vines up to the next platform; you can then either go 
left for a heart on the edge of the log or right to the big treasure chest with a 
map in it.
With the Skulltulas hanging from the vines above the treasure chest, you won’t be 
able to reach the top without being knocked down. Instead, proceed to the right of 
the treasure chest until you reach a door and go through it. The door will lock 
behind you; defeat the Deku scrub by bouncing the nuts he shoots at you off your 
shield. Once you hit him, talk to him and the door ahead will unlock. In the next 
room, get to the other side and open the treasure chest with the slingshot in it. 
Equip the slingshot to one of your C-buttons and climb up the vine that is left of 
the treasure chest to get a heart from a smaller treasure chest. If you didn’t jump 
on the platform on your way in, jump across it to go back to the other side. If you 
jumped on the platform, simply use your slingshot on the ladder hanging above the 
exit. (jump across the platform or shoot the ladder down)
Climb up the ladder and go back through the doors to the vines where the Skulltulas 
are. Shoot each one with your slingshot and climb to the top-right. Once you reach 
the top, go right until you get to a door. In the next room is a switch, 3 
platforms, a torch, and an unlit torch as well as various enemies and treasure 
Hit the switch to raise the 3 platforms and cross directly to the opposite side and 
open the treasure chest to receive your compass. Go back to the switch and hit it 
again but go to the left side -- avoid the spider hanging above. Open the treasure 
chest for a heart. You can exit the room by lighting the unlit torch with the deku 
stick and the pre-lit torch nearby. If you don’t have a deku stick on you, simply 
cross back to the opposite side and kill the deku baba.
Once you’re back to the ring of spiders, kill any one and look down the ledge. Aim 
at the spider web below and jump right in the center. If you don’t hit the center or 
at least near it, you will have to climb back up and try again.
The water that you land in is too deep to reach the high ledges around it. Find the 
shallow water and walk across to the side with the switch. The switch will light the 
torch and burn the web around it. Behind the torch is a chest with a heart in it.
Light a deku stick and walk across the shallow water to the side with the spider web 
blocking the door. Light the web on fire with the stick and then go through the 
door. In the next room is a deku scrub that you should defeat to get a helpful tip. 
Shoot the slingshot at the silver eye above the locked door to unlock it.
Hit the underwater switch by floating above it and hold down the "A" button to dive 
until you hit it. The switch is located next to the second cage on the left side 
from the previous room. Hitting the switch will lower the water; rush back to the 
other side and ride the floating platform to the opposite side. If the water rises 
back up before you make it, simply repeat the process. Kill the Skulltula hanging 
around the box and push or pull the box so that you can reach the ledge to the next 
Light the two torches in the next room to open the locked door. Avoid the deku baba 
plants and cut the grass to reveal hearts or other needed items. Once you walk 
through the door, watch the Skulltula hanging from above the ceiling. Get him out of 
the way and then kill the spiders that drop from the ceiling or you can avoid them 
beforehand and shoot the eggs that hang from the ceiling. Light a deku stick with 
your torch and burn the spider web on the right side. Crawl through the small hole 
into the next room. Push the block over the ledge and light the torch from the other 
side and jump back over and light the web on fire. Be sure to press the "R" button 
to lean over on the web or else it won’t work.
You will fall into a small room with hearts and three deku scrubs. Bounce nuts off 
each scrub in the proper order (2-3-1) to unlock the next door to the boss of the 
Deku Tree.
Boss: Queen Ghoma
Defeating the Queen is quite simple. Simply look above the ceiling until you see her 
eye in the sky. Once she comes down to fight, stun the Queen by either shooting the 
slingshot in her eye or throwing a deku nut. Once she is stunned, take a few swipes 
with your sword. She will retreat to the ceiling where you can either fight off the 
baby eggs she shoots down at you or take another shot in her eye with a slingshot to 
stun her again. Repeat these steps until the Queen is dead; collect the heart piece 
and walk through the portal that takes you back outside.
Kokiri Forest
Walk to the opposite side of the forest to the exit. On your way out, you will talk 
to Saria who gives you the Fairy Ocarina. Head to Hyrule Castle, where you will meet 
Princess Zelda. If it turns dark, fight off the re-appearing skeletons until the 
drawbridge lowers in the morning.

Hyrule Castle
Hyrule Castle Town
Meet Malon in the town center; she is the short red head in the white dress. After 
you talk to her, walk straight ahead to the castle entrance and then exit back into 
the town. Re-enter to the castle entrance and talk to Malon again. She will give you 
a chicken egg. You won’t be able to enter the castle through the gate so you’ll need 
to sneak past the guards.
Climb the vines directly next to Malon and work your way across the cliff and either 
climb down the ladder and exit out of the door or simply jump and roll off the edge.
Go up the path and take a left at the fork; in order to avoid the two guards in the 
way of the path and the other on top of the ledge above, you need to walk up the 
hill anywhere in the middle.
Run across the open field directly to the opposite side. There’s a brick wall next 
to the opening of the castle; climb up the part that looks different from the rest 
and jump to the other side and swim through the water. Once you get to the opposite 
end of the castle, find the shallow water and climb up the cliff. Find the sleeping 
man on the ground. Let the egg hatch overnight to form a chicken.
Select the chicken to one of your c-buttons. Stand next to Malon’s father and use 
the chicken; he will wake up and run away to Malon. With him out of the way, you can 
push the boxes to reach the small waterfall on the other side. Stack the boxes and 
jump to the other side. Crawl through the small hole to an area that is being 
heavily guarded.
Note: you will only be able to enter the castle during the daytime. In order to get 
to Princess Zelda, you need to sneak past the guards. The guards won’t start out at 
the same position everytime so there’s no true pattern to memorize. Sneaking past 
the guards is very easy; there’s no trick to it other than waiting for the guards to 
turn their backs. Never get too close though, or you’ll surely get caught! After you 
sneak past the last set of guards, go to the left and meet with the princess.
Once you talk to her and get the letter from her, meet with Impa to learn Zelda’s 
Lullaby on your Ocarina. Impa tells you to go to Kakariko Village; before doing 
that, go to the lost woods and follow the music to Saria.
Once you arrive in the special maze area of the forest, first kill the wolf to open 
the gate and then walk through it to the other side using your map to guide you. 
Avoid getting hit by the Mad Scrubs. Saria will teach you a new melody that will be 
useful to you later on.
Kakariko Village
Give Zelda’s letter to the guard at the gate and he will unlock the gate for you. 
Before going to the top of Death Mountain, follow the guard’s tip and get your 
Hylian shield from the Hyrule Castle Market.

Dodongo's Cavern
Death Mountain Trail / Goron City
Walk up the mountain, killing any red Tektite spiders that get in your way. Turn the 
corners until you get to the red flag. Go to the right at the flag and watch out for 
the rolling Dodongo. Go straight past the circle of rocks (throw and break them for 
hearts and rupees) into Goron City.
Walk across the wooden ledge and jump straight to the bottom. Stand on the rug and 
play Zelda’s Lullaby to open the door to Darunia’s lair. Talk to Darunia and then 
play Saria’s Song to cheer him up a bit. Darunia offers you the spiritual stone of 
fire in return for clearing Dodongo’s Cavern of monsters. He gives you Goron’s 
Bracelet for picking up bomb flowers and other heavy rocks.
Exit Goron City and walk past the circle of rocks. The entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern 
is blocked off so you’ll need a bomb flower. There is a bomb flower to the right of 
the circle of rocks, just outside of Goron City. Pick the bomb flower up and throw 
it off the ledge. If it doesn’t blow the sealed entrance up the first time, try 
again. Jump down the cliff to the entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern.
Dodongo’s Cavern
Pick up a bomb flower from either side of the room and throw it at the cracked wall. 
Dodongo’s Cavern has a left side and a right side, 3 rising platforms around the 
center ring, and a Lizard mouth at the opposite end of the entrance. Unless you 
really need a map, don’t go to the left side of the cavern just yet. If you do need 
the map for whatever reason, it’s behind the cracked wall. Jump over to the right 
side and use the bomb flower to get the beamos out of the way. Note the cracked 
wall, a switch in a room above that can’t be reached, and another cracked wall on 
the right. The left wall only contains a gossip stone so skip over it and blow up 
the cracked wall on the right. Baby Dodongos will appear from the ground. With one 
swipe of your sword, these weak enemies become active time bombs. As you walk 
further down, take out each Dodongo as it appears. Once you get to the blue switch, 
push/pull one of the Armos statues on it to hold it down and unlock the door above.
Pick the bats hanging on the walls off before they get the chance to annoy you. 
Smash the pots and walk across the hall and through the door. The door will lock 
behind you and the Lizalfos brothers attack. Not to worry though, they only attack 
one at a time so you don’t have to worry about watching your back too much. Just 
make sure that you avoid the lava pits. The slingshot is the easiest way to defeat 
them, as you can keep your distance from their sword attacks. There are hearts in 
two of the pots if you need them and the other two pots contain blue rupees. Go 
through the unlocked door after they are taken care of. There’s a bomb flower at the 
end of the hall that you can use on the cracked wall. The Business Scrub behind the 
wall isn’t of much use unless you are out of Deku sticks (which you will need for 
the next part).
There are Dodongos in the next room that could cause problems if not taken care of. 
Don’t get in front of their mouths and watch out for their long tails when the spin 
around. Its armored body is no match for your sword so you need to attack its tail. 
Do a strong sword attack on the tail and back off as it spins around. Walk back 
around to the tail and attack again. Once defeated, it will blow up so back out of 
the way. After you get all the Dodongo enemies out of the way, you’re ready to 
unlock the door. Locate the three unlit torches and light your deku stick with the 
lit torch. Run down the hall and light all three torches to unlock the door. Run and 
hit the switch that will unlock the door on the other side. Jump down and cross over 
to the unlocked door.
Pick up any bomb flower and blow up the cracked wall. There are three Armos statues 
guarding the treasure chest; one is alive. Throw a bomb flower at the center Armos 
and then dodge it when it comes at you. Pick up another bomb and throw it at him and 
then throw another one. The Armos will then become mad; stay as far away from it as 
possible until it blows up. Get the compass from the treasure chest and then go back 
out to the chain of bomb flowers. Place the bomb that is not in the long chain of 
flowers in the middle of the gap of the bombs. The stairs will lower down and the 
path at the top of the stairs will split to the left and right. You’ll end up in the 
same place going either way. Go through the door at the top of the stairs. The door 
will lock behind you; there’s circle of Armos statues. All of them are real Armos 
except for the one blocking the ladder. Kill the flaming bats and avoid the other 
Armos statues. Pull the statue in front of the ladder out of the way and climb up 
and hit the switch. Go through the unlocked door straight ahead and across the 
bridge. Watch out for the flame bats and jump the gap in the middle of the bridge.
Don’t climb down the ladder to the other side or else you’ll be run over by the 
sliding spikes below. Jump in between the two pillars directly in front of you. 
Cross over to the next set of pillars when the spike slowly moves back to the right 
side. Pull the box out if you need a heart; otherwise, climb the ladder and jump 
over to the short platform nearby. Throw or time the bomb flower so it hits the wall 
exactly when it blows up. Or you can throw it so it lands on the small ledge and 
then climb up the ladder to the next room.
To get rid of the fire on the platform, shoot the eye above the door on the other 
side. If you don’t have any slingshot nuts, slice the plant below until it gives 
them up. Kill the baby Dodongos as you walk through the hallway. You’re going to 
have to fight the Lizalfos brothers again so the door locks behind you. There are 
hearts on the last platform across from the door you just came through. This is also 
the best place to fight them so they can only approach from one direction. Just make 
sure you keep a safe distance from the edge or you’ll fall straight down to where 
you fought them the first time. They are a bit more aggressive than the first time 
you met up so you might want to throw a few deku nuts at them to hold them still. 
Through the door is more fire platforms to cross and more eyes to shoot. If you 
don’t have deku nuts this time around, you have to go all the way back to the first 
fire platform where you got them before. Shoot the first eye across from where 
you’re standing. Jump onto the platform where the fire was and turn to the left and 
shoot the other eye. Jump all the way across and jump across the bridge to the other 
side in the next room. Open the treasure chest and get the bomb bag and the 20 bombs 
inside. Don’t waste your time blowing up the cracked wall below; you’ll only find a 
few business scrubs trying to rip you off.
The switch will raise and lower a platform allowing you access to the lower level of 
Dodongo’s Cavern. Kill the flame bat and make your way over to the bridge on the 
right side. The cracked wall at the end of the bridge contains a blue rupee. The 
bridge itself has two holes in it; the lizard below has two eyes. Drop bombs down 
the holes into the Lizard’s eyes and its mouth will open up. Have your slingshot 
ready for a few fire bats that occupy the Lizard mouth. The switch in the middle of 
the room won’t stay without something holding it down so climb up the small ledge 
and work your way down the hall. Jump off the ledge and climb up the ledge on the 
other side. Climb up the box on the ledge and then up the next ledge. Walk across 
the ledge until you get to the end at which point you’ll be able to jump down. 
Collect the items from the pots as you walk down the hall and push the box off the 
ledge and into the hole where the switch is. Go through the unlocked door and place 
a bomb on the different colored part of the ground and then open the treasure chest 
to restock your bombs. Jump down the hole and have your bombs ready for use.
Boss: King Dodongo
King Dodongo rolls around in a repetitive pattern. Stand off to the side somewhere 
and let him roll right past you. When he runs into the wall and turns around to 
shoot his fire breath at you, throw a bomb (or bomb flower) in his mouth. Repeat 
this until he is dead; collect your heart and exit back outside.

Zora's Domain
Zora’s River
Blow up the rocks that block the path to Zora’s Domain. Jump over the gap to the 
other side and past the rock spitting Octorok. Jump over the gap in the river and go 
straight into the water. Swim over to the opposite side and head off to the right. 
Climb the ledge, cross the shallow part of the river up to the other ledge. Cross 
through the water again and climb up the hill. Follow the path across the bridge and 
go over the platforms until you get directly in front of the waterfall. Play Zelda’s 
lullaby and jump over to the entrance of Zora’s Domain.
Zora’s Domain
Walk up the path to King Zora’s Chamber. Go through the entrance to the left and 
talk to the Zoran at the edge of the waterfall. He’ll ask you to play a diving game 
for 20 rupees- accept his offer and dive down the waterfall and collect every rupee 
before time is up. Once you collect the rupees, go back up and talk to the Zoran and 
get your silver scale. Dive down the waterfall and go into the underwater tunnel to 
Lake Hylia. There’s a bottle underwater nearby so grab it and show the letter inside 
to King Zora. He’ll move out of the way to allow you to go rescue Princess Ruto from 
inside of Jabu-Jabu’s belly. Before you can enter, you’ll need to catch a fish in a 
bottle to get Jabu-Jabu to open his mouth.

Inside Jabu-Jabu
Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
You might want to equip your deku shield for Jabu-Jabu’s belly; it will be helpful 
to have to kill the Octorks. Kill all of the enemies inside the mouth of Jabu-Jabu. 
Hit the switch on the ceiling, just in front of the door, to unlock the door. Kill 
the Biri (jellyfish) and walk across to the next door. You’ll find Princess Ruto on 
the right side of the room. She’ll fall down the hole down below; follow her down 
and talk to her again. Talk to her one more time and then pick her up. Walk through 
the nearby door and put Ruto down to pop the bubbles if they get in the way. Jump 
down into the water and throw Princess Ruto up to the other side. Hit the switch and 
join her on the other side of the water and watch out for the underwater Stingers. 
Watch out for the bubbles as you walk down the next tunnel and shoot the switch on 
the ceiling with your slingshot. Kill the Octorok and wait for the platform to lower 
down. Jump over to the platform with Princess Ruto and go up.
Go back through the door into the room where you originally met Princess Ruto (take 
note of the blue tentacle in the floor). Cross to the other side, being careful not 
to fall through any of the holes on the ground. Kill all of the Tailpasarans in the 
next room and head to the right.
The switch on the right needs your weight and the Princess’ weight to press it down. 
Don’t leave the princess outside or you will have to back to her original spot to 
find her. Set the princess down at the inside of the door and kill the stingers to 
claim your boomerang. Pick her up and take her back through the door to the opposite 
side. Set the princess on the switch to hold it down and go through the door without 
Kill the tentacle above with your boomerang; keep circling around it to dodge its 
tail or it will swing at you and deliver a powerful blow. Get the map from the hall 
and go meet Princess Ruto back outside. Take the next left near the switch. The 
tentacle blocking the door is gone so carry the Princess through the door and set 
her down somewhere inside. Pop all of the bubbles using your boomerang within the 
given time limit. Get the compass from the treasure chest and take Princess Ruto 
down the hall to the opposite side where you got the boomerang. Kill the tentacle in 
the room the same way you killed the first and go to the right across the hall from 
where you originally came in. Kill all of the jellyfish and the tentacle.
Go out to the room where all the holes are in the floor and jump down where the blue 
tentacle used to be (the small hole on the very right from where you just came in.) 
Take the Princess through the door and throw her on the platform to get the spirit 
stone. The platform will rise up and an Octopus (Bigocto) will come down in place of 
Princess Ruto.
Boss: Bigocto
Chase Bigocto around the circle being careful not to touch the spikes. Once you get 
close enough behind him, throw your boomerang at him to stun him. Swipe him with 
your sword until he is no longer stunned. Continue doing this until you kill him. He 
will switch directions sometimes so be prepared to run if he gets too close! Once 
you defeat him, take a ride up the elevator.
There are two deku nuts in the pots as well as a fairy behind the elevator. Kill the 
jellyfish in the hall and go through the door. The unstable platforms will do more 
than just throw you around; they will electrocute you if you touch them. Throw your 
boomerang at them to stabilize them one at a time and cross over to the other side. 
Jump over to the platform to activate the elevator. You don’t have princess Ruto to 
hold the switch down this time around so take a box from the other side of the ledge 
and place it on the switch. Kill all of the Biri floating around and climb the vines 
to the top. There is glass in front of the switch preventing you from being able to 
hit the switch. Face the glass and take 3-4 steps back and then throw your boomerang 
at it. This will unlock the door on the opposite side.
Boss: Barinade
Circle around Barinade in order to avoid electric shock from its tentacles. At the 
same time, lock onto him with "Z" targeting and throw your boomerang until it hits 
him. Once he is hit, you will normally lose the target so you have to lock on again. 
After a few hits with the boomerang, the jellyfish will swing out from his body; 
stun him and then take out the attached jellyfish using your boomerang. The 
jellyfish will grow back and you will have to repeat this all over again. Before you 
can take out the jellyfish, you have to stun the central part. Once he is stunned, 
slice the jellyfish off one by one. Once all of the jellyfish are gone, it’s just 
you versus the central part of the Barinade. Stun him and slice him with your sword. 
Repeat this until Barinade is no longer.

Temple of Time
Hyrule Field
After you've defeated Barinade, walk up to the bridge of Hyrule Castle. Ganon is 
after the Princess and the Ocarina of Time. Zelda and Impa race out of the castle on 
a horse and Zelda throws the Ocarina of Time into the water. Ganon, the King of 
Thieves, realizes he has lost them and asks Link which way they went. Link draws his 
sword and Ganon sets him straight with a quick blast of magic. Ganon races off after 
Zelda and leaves Link behind with the Ocarina of Time nearby. Retrieve the Ocarina 
from the water where Zelda threw and take it, along with the three spirit stones, to 
the Temple of Time, which is accessible from the market square. Play the Song of 
Time in front of the altar at the Temple of Time to open the door to the Master 
All Grown Up
Ganon has taken over Hyrule as the King of Evil. The Light Sage Rauru gives you the 
first medallion but it’s up to you to collect the other five medallions from five 
dungeons. Only then will the six sages be able to join together with the Hero of 
Time to overthrow Ganon’s evil reign.

Kakariko Graveyard
The Graveyard is located in Kakariko Village, across from the chicken pen. You’re 
going to need the Hookshot before you go any further in the game. Pull the first 
tombstone on the very left side of the graveyard out to reveal a secret entrance. 
Jump down the hole and race the old man in the grave.
The old man throws a trail of fire behind him so be careful and avoid it. All you 
have to do is keep up with him; you do not have to beat him so keep him in your 
sights at all times. As a reward for keeping up with him, the old man will give you 
the Hookshot. Go through the door to where the boxes with the Door of Time symbol on 
them. As one final obstacle, the door will lock behind you, leaving you trapped. To 
move the boxes out of the way, play the Song of Time and climb up the stairs back up 
to Kakariko Village. Talk to the guy playing the music box to learn the Song of 
Storms. Head off to the Saria’s secret place in the Lost Woods to save her from the 
monsters of the Forest Temple. Play Saria’s Song to get past Mido in the Lost Woods. 
Use your Hookshot to shoot yourself up to the limb and enter the Forest Temple.

Forest Temple
Climb up the vines on the right side to the tree ledge above. Cross over the branch 
to the other branch on the other side. Open the treasure chest and get the key and 
then go back down. Kill the two Wolfos and go through the door to the inside of the 
temple. Kill the Skulltula hanging above with one hit with the Hookshot. Three Poes 
steal the light from the torches in the room. This makes the elevator inactive; you 
must defeat the four Poes throughout the course of this level to light all of the 
The temple is divided into many different rooms. Go to the room straight ahead and 
kill the Blue Bubble. Defeat the Stalfos in the next room to get the key; there is a 
heart and a fiary in the two pots. Play the Song of Time to move the blue box that 
is blocking the door. Kill the big deku baba plant that is blocking the way and walk 
over to the vines on the right. Kill all of the Skulltulas that hang on the wall 
with your Hookshot. You won’t be able to hit the one at the very top so you’ll have 
to sneak by it instead. Make sure that the Skulltula has his back turned before you 
make any attempt to pass; otherwise, he will charge at you, sending you down to the 
ground. Kill the Blue Bubble to unlock the door ahead and get the map out of the 
treasure chest.
Kill the deku baba and use your Hookshot to pull yourself across to the other 
balcony. Hit the switch to drain the well and climb down the vines next to the 
balcony. Get the key from the well and go up the other side into the door to the 
room where the Poes stole the flames from the torches.
Unlock the door at the top of the stairs. Climb up the two ladders and note the 
arrows on the floor in the next room. Pull the box on the left out onto the arrows 
and then push it in the direction of the arrows until it hits the wall. Go through 
the tunnel where the box was and take a right at the end of it and locate the box 
again. Continue to push the down the path until it locks into the hole. Find the 
ladder in the hallway where you originally found the green box and climb up. Find 
the red box and push it to the wall. Go back and climb down the ladder and climb on 
the green box up to the next level. Push the red box down the hall until it locks 
into place and climb up. Take a right at the end of the hall and climb up the 
ladder. Unlock the door and walk down the twisted hallway. Watch out for the hand on 
the ceiling; jump on the floor and wait for the circle shadow to form around your 
own. Run around until the hand hits the floor and then slice him before he runs back 
up to the ceiling. Jump over the platforms and unlock the door on the other side. 
Walk down the stairs to the room with the hole in the middle of the floor. Kill the 
first Stalfos to lower the platform. Kill the two Stalfos and get your bow and 
arrow; if you don’t kill the second one fast enough, the first one will piece back 
together and you’ll have to fight it again.
Exit to the opposite side of where you entered and find the three paintings on the 
steps. Two of the paintings are black and the other has a picture of a Poe in it. 
Shoot the picture of the Poe with your bow and arrow. The picture will disappear and 
the Poe will move to another picture. Repeat this process until you shoot the Poe is 
released from the last picture. Go downstairs and fight the Poe. Lock onto her and 
shoot her with your bow and arrow. Don’t get too close or she will spin like crazy. 
She will disappear after every shot with the bow and arrow; take the opportunity to 
shoot her every time she appears. Open the treasure chest and get the compass.
Go to the opposite side where another three paintings are with a red Poe. Do the 
same thing to the red Poe as you did to the blue one. Get the small key from the 
treasure chest. Go back upstairs and untwist the hallway by shooting the eye above 
the entrance with your bow an arrow. Go through it and open the Gold colored 
treasure chest to get the boss key. Jump down the nearby hole and kill the two blue 
bubbles to unlock the door. Kill the big deku baba open the door on the right side, 
just before the door ahead. Kill the Floormaster and its babies before they grow 
into big Floormasters. Open the treasure chest and take the key. Go through the door 
and then to the door on the right. Climb back up the ladders and boxes to the room 
before the untwisted hallway. Shoot the eye again to twist the hallway back.
Go back up the stairs where the blue Poe was and unlock the door at the top. Jump 
down below to kill the hand hanging from the ceiling when he drops down. Climb up 
the ladder to the other side and walk down the hallway. Kill the two green bubbles 
and unlock the door. Jump across the spinning platforms to use Din’s Fire on the 
frozen eye. If you don’t have Din’s Fire, circle around the platform and line your 
arrow up with the flame and the ice. For more info on how to get Din’s Fire, see the 
Great Fairy section of the guide. Shoot the eye to twist the hallway and jump down 
the hole.
You’ll land in a room with a tiled floor. The ceiling above is collapsing and you 
won’t be able to cross over to the other side in one setting. Look at the ceiling 
and note the holes in it. Let the ceiling drop once and then immediately run to the 
tile with the switch on it. Let the ceiling drop again and then immediately run to 
the tile with the treasure chest on it. Open the treasure chest and get the arrows. 
Let the ceiling drop one more time and then run to the door.
Shoot the painting with the green Poe in it. Blocks will fall from the sky and 
you’ll have to piece them together. One of the blocks will not be used so either 
ignore it or push it off to the side somewhere if it’s in the way. You’ll have a 
minute to piece the blocks together; if you run out of time, the blocks will 
scramble and you will get another chance with more time added to the clock until you 
piece them together properly. After you piece the blocks together, the Poe will come 
out to fight. Defeat it the same way you defeated the others and go through the 
door. Shoot down the Skulltula on the ceiling and go through the door. Jump off the 
balcony to battle the final Poe.
This Poe fights a little more differently than the others do. She will split into 
four different Poes and you have to figure out which one is real. Shoot the Poes 
with your bow and arrow and figure out which one is real by elimination. Repeat this 
until the Poe is dead.
The elevator will rise back up taking you down to the boss. Before you can fight the 
boss, you have to go through one more puzzle. The room is divided up in a series of 
pillars, cages, and switches. Push the pillar around in either direction. Depending 
on which way you push it, you might reveal an entrance to a switch, an enemy, a 
cage, or a room with nothing in it at all. Push the walls until you hit two 
switches. Once two switches have been hit, reset the room to its original position 
and hit the last switch to open the gate blocking the boss’ door.
Boss: Phantom Ganon
Walk in the room; nothing happens? When you attempt to walk out, the gate will close 
in front of you. Link turns around to a very big surprise: Phantom Ganon. Ganon 
jumps into one of the paintings. Stand in the very center of the room with your bow 
and arrow drawn. Two Ganons run down from two different paintings; one is real, the 
other is not. Choose your target to shoot; when one pops out of the painting, shoot 
it. If it’s not the right one, turn around as fast as you can and shoot the other 
one before it hits you!
After doing this for a few times, Ganon will give up on the paintings and dismount 
from his horse. Ganon will then float around high above where you can’t reach him. 
When he shoots magic at you, shoot it back at him. If he hits it back, you hit it 
back; hit it as many times as it takes to hit him. Once he’s on one knee, cut him up 
with your sword! Repeat this until Phantom Ganon is defeated.

Fire Temple
To get to the Fire Temple, you're going to need to head over to Goron City again, 
this time as adult Link. On the third level is a rolling Goron that you want to 
place a bomb in front of to stop it. As a present for stopping him, you'll receive 
the Goron Tunic, which will allow you to enter extremely hot places. Go ahead and 
equip the clothing now, and then head down to the Goron King's room. Go to the back 
of the room and pull on a statue that just obviously wants to be pulled; the 
entrance leads to the inside of Death Mountain. Make sure you've got your hookshot 
handy, and cross the broken bridge with its help. Once again, you'll meet Sheik, who 
will now teach you the Bolero of Fire. Now you can enter the Fire Temple.
Go up the set of stairs before you, and then take a left through that door and meet 
the King of the Gorons! Here, you're going to want to jump from platform to 
platform, making your way to a cage on the left with a trapped Goron inside. To free 
him, just step on the switch and make sure to open the treasure chest that's in the 
cage (it contains a small key). On the other side are some pots with bombs and 
fairies. Now backtrack and exit this section from the way you came out.
As you walk out, you'll see a locked door in front of you. Walk straight and enter 
the door, which leads to a great hall. Using the platforms and bridges, your 
objective now is to make your way to the left side of the hall, where there is a 
small hallway and a door there with a blue block above it. Going through this door 
and the subsequent hall will lead you to another trapped Goron. Set him free, make 
sure to grab the key that's in the treasure chest, and go back to the great hall. 
Now, make your way to the right side of the hall, where you will want to place a 
bomb by a place on the wall that looks discolored to get to another Goron and key. 
Go back to the large chamber and go through the locked door on the opposite wall of 
where you first came in.
Here, you'll want to make your way down the wooden plank and up the fence (right by 
the entrance, to the left if you're facing the door). There, you'll kill two bats; 
then, drop to the platform below, where you'll push the large, movable block off the 
edge. Fall down onto the block, and you'll shoot to the next room. Go through the 
locked door and enter a dingy greenish room. Here on the left, you'll want to climb 
up the platforms and kill the fire slugs. Move towards the torch on your right where 
you see a switch and another large, movable block. Jump to that ledge and push it 
off the edge, then drop down and pull it until you can use it to make your way to on 
top of the Goron's cave and up the shorter fence. From this upper level, toss a bomb 
down to the switch. This will make fire blocking a pathway disappear, allowing you 
to climb up to another door, but hurry before the fire reappears!
Go through this door, which leads you into a room with boulders. Avoiding the 
boulders, make your way to your right until you see another trapped Goron. Same 
deal, don't forget the key! Exit his cage and follow the left wall, past a locked 
door, and towards another trapped Goron in a small tunnel after a door. Now turn 
around, and go through that locked door you passed earlier.
To the right, unlock the door with an arrow on the eye switch, and you'll find a 
Dungeon Map. Turn around, and now go to the locked door of the room. Run to the 
other end of the room and be careful for the wall of fire following you. Enter the 
door above you, and jump onto the ledge in front of you (be careful for the little 
flame slug), and place a bomb on the crack you see. Drop down the opening, free 
another Goron, and grab another key. Go back up from the hole you came through, get 
to the platform with a switch on it, and push the switch. This opens another cell 
with a Goron and a key on the right side of the room (facing away from the door you 
entered). Now go back to the end of the room where you came, and enter the door to 
the left.
Now go across the platform, and be sure that, instead of going back to the end of 
this hall, you jump halfway through onto a ledge to your right, and enter that door. 
Go through another door. Eventually you'll come to a fire maze (careful for the 
false doors). On the right of the room is a Compass, while the left side has a 
locked door you'll want to go through. Pass the Goron in this room, and go through 
the door to get to the other half of the room. Get to the switch, hit it, and hurry 
across the fire curtain that just disappeared. Remember to be careful for the fire 
You'll want to place a bomb by this false door, and then enter the real door after 
the bomb explodes. In the next room you'll face a mini boss who you'll want to 
defeat with Z-targeted bombs, and hacking at the little bomb man that appears. Now, 
climb onto the platform and you'll be going to the fourth floor. In this room, climb 
up the fence and hit the switch below with the bomb, and climb the other fence, 
climb the fence now available to you and enter the door. Step on the switch and run 
up the stairs for the Megaton Hammer!
Equip the hammer, and go down the stairs. Use the hammer on the small platform and 
you'll go down the hole. Break the statue with a hammer, hit the statue on the head, 
and you'll see a set of stairs come down. Now pick up a box and set it on top of the 
switch, then enter the door to the next room.
Now, hammer the platform to descend onto the floor. Above you, hit the rusty switch, 
go through the door and jump the gap to reach the blue block. Get your Ocarina out 
and play the Song of Time to move the block and allow a switch to appear. Hit the 
switch, go into the pit, and you'll free another Goron and key. Climb up blue block 
to go back to the other side.
Jump to the platform and hammer it to fall a couple of levels. Go through the door 
that leads to the entrance of the temple and go down the stairs to a statue. Hammer 
the statue and enter the next room. Kill a few enemies there and enter the next 
room. Go through the door and defeat a shield eater, then a mini-boss (you can use 
the hammer this time), then enter the next door.
Activate the switch and you'll be able to free the last Goron and grab the Boss Key. 
Leave the room, go up the stairs again and enter the left door. Open the Boss Door 
and you'll meet Volvagia.
Boss: Volvagia
Volvagia will peek out of the floor and swing a large whip of fire. Just make sure 
to dodge the attack, and hit him on the head with the hammer a couple of times. Now, 
he's going to throw fire and rocks at you. All you can do is dodge that attack as 
well. He'll then revert back to the original attack, and you should just use the 
hammer on him again. Repeat the cycle until he is defeated.

Ice Cavern
In order to get to the water temple, you're going to need the Zora Tunic and the 
Iron Boots. Go to Zora's Domain and pass the frozen King Zora to the area where Jabu-
Jabu used to be. Cross over the series of unstable ice platforms to an entrance on 
the left side. Break the icicles on the floor and watch for falling ice above.
Kill the enemies in the room with the spinning spike to open the door ahead. Watch 
for falling icicles as you walk down the next hallway. In the room with the iceberg 
with two bladelike extensions, collect all the crystals to open the gate above the 
two small ledges.
Cross down the next hall, avoiding falling icicles and spikes. When the Freezzard 
spits its freezing breath at you, wait for it to stop and slice it up before it can 
recover. Go down the steps and watch out for the flying ice bats above. Climb the 
ledge on the right and kill the Freezzard on top. Get the hearts if you need them 
and jump over the ledge to the blue flame.
Capture the blue flame in a bottle to use on the 'red ice' covering various things 
in the level. The pot further down the way has a purple rupee in it and the treasure 
chest contains the map.
Have all of your bottles filled with the blue flame and go to the room with the 
spinning iceberg. To the room on the left is a hallway with a compass and a heart 
piece along with another blue flame to refill your bottles. Watch out for incoming 
bats, though.
Go back out and find the second wall covered with 'red ice.' Walk through this 
hallway to the room with the big block sitting on the floor. Kill all of the bats 
that are flying around first and then push the block so that it doesn't fall off the 
side. Make sure you have your bottles filled with the blue flame and push the block 
to the entrance on the left side where you just entered. Cross the hall and kill the 
two ice statues while dodging falling icicles. Once you get to the small red 
icebergs, pour the flame on them and enter the door.
Fight off the Ice Wolfos the same way you'd fight off a normal one. Get the Iron 
boots from the treasure chest and go through the hole behind the chest for a short 
exit to the level. Make sure you have one bottle of blue fire before leaving.
Pour the fire over King Zora and he will give you the Zora Tunic in return. Using 
the Serenade of Water melody that Sheika just taught you, warp to the Water Temple.

Water Temple
Lake Hylia's Water Temple
From the get-go, drop into the water and swim along the right wall to a ledge. When 
you get there, equip your Iron Boots and drop down to the floor. Go to the tunnel 
lighted by the torches, and you'll see Ruto swimming upwards. Go to the spot where 
she started swimming upwards, and take off your boots.
Eventually, you'll see a triforce symbol on the wall, and that's your cue to play 
Zelda's Lullaby to force the water level lower. Go through the door and grab the 
Dungeon Map from this room. Go back and drop down and you'll be in a room with two 
unlit torches and a lit one. Light the other two torches with your magic or with 
arrows. Go through the now unblocked door, and kill the clams in there. Now go back 
into the main room.
Hug the wall to your left, bypass the tunnel and go to the next tunnel with a block 
in your way. Push the block forward until it drops, then jump down and go through 
the tunnel and on to the other side. Activate the little diamond switch, and use the 
geyser to boost yourself to the other side of the room (if you fall, use your 
hookshot to get back up). In this next room, you'll see a very large whirlpool. Put 
on your Iron Boots again, and stand on the pipe facing the stone head.
You'll see a gem switch in the large mouth, so use your hookshot to activate it. 
Then turn and aim your hookshot to the underwater tunnel. Go to that tunnel, take 
off your boots and go up to grab a key. Use your hookshot and equip your Iron Boots 
to allow yourself to get out of the tunnel, then take off your boots and get out of 
the pool. Now, get back to the main room.
Use your hookshot and get out of the hole, and make your way back to where the block 
you pushed is still on the floor. You can use your hookshot from here to get out.
Now go through the locked door that leads into the tower of the main room. Hookshot 
your way to the Triforce symbol, and play Zelda's Lullaby again to change the water 
level. Equip your Iron Boots, and now you'll see a block that was on the floor, now 
floating above a passageway.
Go through this tunnel and hit the switch you'll find in the room with a hookshot 
symbol. Be careful, as enemies start to fall from the ceiling. Kill them all to open 
another gate in the ceiling. Float to the surface by taking off your iron boots, 
then collect the key from the chest.
Equip your Iron Boots, and go back to the Triforce symbol near the place you met 
Ruto. Use a bomb and open the crack that's on the wall to get another key. Now go 
back up the water level in the main room, and go through the next locked door. Here, 
you'll need to stand on a geyser and shoot another switch with your bow and arrow. 
Go through this door, and play Zelda's Lullaby again in front of the Triforce symbol 
you see in the next room.
Go into the water and go through the next locked room you see. Here, you'll want to 
hop down a couple of times and onto a moving block. Wait until you're pretty low on 
the block, and use your hookshot to aim for the targets you see as you make your way 
up the next side.
Hookshot the switch in the middle of this room to raise the water, then hookshot the 
statue close to you. Shoot the switch again, and the water level will change. Walk 
to the corner of this platform and hookshot the target on the wall to proceed to the 
next platform. You can just climb the statue, and shoot the switch again, raising 
the water level. Hookshot the next statue to move on, and hit the switch again, 
lowering the water. Get yourself on top of the statue, and hit the switch again to 
allow you to move on.
Killing various enemies, you're going to want to hookshot the target placed on the 
ceiling, and then you'll go through a door taking you to one of the more 
breathtaking scenes of the game. I don't think I should spoil this part of the game 
for you, because this is a great part of the level. The enemy you'll encounter is 
tough, though, and you'll need a combination of your hammer and sword for a 
stun/attack combo. If you get the chance, you should also try and unleash some Din's 
When the enemy is defeated, you'll now see the illusion disappear, revealing a door 
that contains the Longshot. Equip your Ocarina now, and look behind the Longshot 
treasure chest. The Song of Time song should make that block evaporate, allowing you 
to drop down a hole. Now you're at a river. Equip your Iron Boots to get through the 
river, making sure not to get sucked in to the pool. On your left, you'll find 
another platform you can get on by shooting yourself up with the longshot. Equip 
your arrows, and shoot the switch you see on the other side of the room so you can 
access a treasure chest soon.
Hookshot the chest and open it to get a key. Go down the tunnel and you'll be able 
to get yourself back to the main room. Equip the Iron Boots again, and go back to 
the Triforce symbol near where you met Ruto to change the water level again using 
Zelda's Lullaby. Now, get yourself back to the main room.
Get into the tower and make your way to that particular Triforce symbol, and play 
Zelda's lullaby once again. Now get out of the tower, and make your way to the last 
side of the room you haven't been to yet. Hookshot your way over there after using 
an arrow on the eye switch. Go down the tunnel until you get to another mobile 
block. Push it forward and the key on your right. Now go the other way and Hookshot 
up the ceiling and go down the hall and into the main room again.
Equip the Iron Boots and go to the bottom level. Go to the section located on the 
top part of your map. Hookshot yourself over the spikes and unlock the door.
Here, kill the spiders using any means necessary, though I find the arrows work the 
best. Equip the Iron Boots to go to the other side of the room, and go through that 
Go down to the ledge next to you, on your right, and use a bomb to blow up the crack 
in the wall. Before you go through the newly opened wall, you'll want to swim across 
to the left platform and blow up the off-color bricks. Go through this passage, and 
push the big block in front of you, and then pull the block by going to the other 
side of the passage. Go to the other side of the passage again, and push the block 
until it falls on a switch, which will rise the level of water. Swim up and go 
through the door with steps in front of it. Step on the switch, and geysers will pop 
up. Jump to each of these geysers to make your way onto the other side, though you 
can usually make the jump from the second geyser if you're running out of time.
Be careful for the boulder here and head against the current and drop down (using 
the Iron Boots) the small opening below where the boulder usually lands. Go through 
this tunnel, and, at the end, swim up and go through a locked door, which is where 
you'll get a Boss Key. There are two fairies in the pots behind the boss key 
treasure chest. Make your way back to the main room again.
Now, go through the door that has a red block in front of it. You'll now see a 
target to which you could use your Hookshot. Go through the door in the back, and 
you're close to the boss. Just try to make your way past a few moving spikes on an 
incline (time your run appropriate to the movement of the spikes, you'll get it 
soon). Go through the Boss Door.
Boss: Morpha
Morpha is the boss in this level, and it's not as tough as others you've already 
met. With this boss, just avoid the tentacle that will try to grab you by using your 
hookshot to get back to the outer edge of the room. When you do that, and when the 
tentacle is retreating, use your hookshot and target its heart (the red pulsing 
thing). When you do that, you'll be able to hack at it with your sword. Repeat the 
cycle, and you'll soon be done.

Bottom of the Well
Lens of Truth
After completing the Water Temple, go through Hyrule Field to Kakariko Village. 
After learning the Nocturne of Shadow from Sheika, go back to the Temple of Time and 
change into young Link. Make sure you have learned the song of storms from the guy 
inside the windmill before going back.
Go inside the windmill of Kakariko village and play the song of storms to the guy. 
This will cause the well to drain, allowing you to enter. Go through the small 
entrance and kill the Giant Skulltula. Walk through the fake wall ahead and go to 
the right along the water. Once you come to the big head with the Triforce symbol on 
the floor, stand on it and play Zelda’ Lullaby.
Go back to the beginning of the level and go down the hole where the water used to 
be. To the left of the cage is another small hole that you can crawl through. Go 
through it and defeat the boss and the four hands. Stay away from the four hands and 
swipe the boss when it gets close. If the boss disappears, you might need to let one 
of the hands grab you to make it reappear. Get the lens of truth from the treasure 
chest and go to the shadow temple.

Shadow Temple
Make sure you have enough Magic to use your Lens of Truth in this level. Walk 
through the hall, make the corner, and Hookshot across the pit. Walk through the 
wall in front of you, make a left, follow that wall past two face tiles and you'll 
notice another place you can walk through. Go down the hall and through the door, 
and go through another false wall. In this room, go to your right and follow the 
wall until you get to another false wall. Enter the door, get out your Ocarina, and 
then play the Song of the Sun to stun the zombie and allow you to kill it, and be 
careful and kill the bats in that room. Now you'll get the Dungeon Map.
Go back outside and head right, hugging the wall, through a false wall, and to an 
opening (pots should be in either side). Go through the tunnel and you'll come to 
another room. Here, you'll want to head to the corner on your right (another pot is 
by it). Go through the door and you'll face a familiar enemy who'll give you the 
Hover Boots after you defeat it. Now go back to the room with the large statue in 
it, and smaller statues in a circle around it.
Now use your lens to see the real skull on the set of statues before you. Push the 
handle of the statue until it is facing the correct skull. If you stop, though, 
you'll fall through the floor, so keep pushing until it gets to that statue.
Equip the Hover Boots and now you'll be able to make the jump/walk across the pit 
and to the door. Go through the door, down the ramp, and make sure to kill the Eye 
Laser enemy with a couple of bombs (Z-target it). If you want a Big Fairy to 
replenish all of your energy, go to where the Eye Laser was and play the Song of 
Now go to your right and through the false wall. Kill the zombies and you'll get the 
compass. Exit back to the room you came from (get the Fairy again if you want) and 
go straight, through another wall on the other side.
Be careful for the large blades, and maneuver your way to all silver gems in the 
room. They're pretty easy to get, with the only tricky one necessitating a Hookshot 
on the ceiling. Go through the now opened passageway and grab a key.
Go back to the room that had the Fairy in it and use a bomb on the other wall. Here 
you'll go through a locked door that will lead you down a long passage that is 
littered with Skulltulas waiting to drop down on you. Just watch for shadows.
Drop to the ledge after this hall, and be careful for the blades and another 
Skulltula. Finally, you'll get to a huge room. Jump the pit in front of you, avoid 
the blade, jump another pit, avoid another blade, jump another pit, avoid yet 
another blade, avoid a Fire Skull, and avoid another blade.
Now, you're going to face a Stalfos; defeat him and play the song of storms to get a 
big fairy. Equip your Hover Boots and use the Lens to see the hidden platform to the 
left. Go to it, then the next platform, and go through the door. Be sure and watch 
out for the invisible blades spinning around the room. Kill the large slug and three 
bats to open the door.
Open a treasure chest with some Rupees in it, and use your Lens to find arrows in a 
chest. Go back to where you killed that Stalfos, grab the Big Fairy again, and hover 
forward as far as you can go to land on the moving platform. Wait until it's at its 
peak and hover to the next big platform.
Grab all the silver Rupees and go through the door that opens up. Now you'll 
eventually be in a room with falling sets of spikes. Using the Lens, move the big 
block you see on top of the marked tile so the spikes will hit the blocks and not 
the floor. Grab the arrows in the small cage, and keep using the block to allow you 
to allow you to climb to the upper level on the left. Now use the spikes to get to 
the other side of the room, and grab the treasure. Hit the switch and grab the key 
from the treasure chest that just appeared. Now go back to the large room.
Look to the left corner of the platform you're on now, and you'll see a ramp that 
will lead you to a platform with a falling blade. Equip the Lens and you'll see more 
platforms behind the blade, which you'll want to maneuver through to get to the 
locked door in the distance.
Using your Lens in this room, you'll see hidden spikes on the floor. Make sure to 
defeat the zombies that are in here for a chest, and get the silver Rupees. Make 
sure you remember to use the Lens to find hidden targets to Hookshot. A door will 
now open, and it'll close behind you. Kill all the enemies in this room to reopen 
the door.
For now, climb the stairs, pick up a bomb plant, and toss it into the giant skull to 
grab a key. Go back to the room you came from, and use your Lens and check out the 
hidden target. Hookshot it and go through the locked door before you.
Be careful about the fans in the next room. To avoid falling down, you're going to 
have to equip your Iron Boots. Walk until you get to a small pit, be patient and 
wait for the fan to stop blowing, and use your Hover Boots to get across, equipping 
you Iron Boots after you get through the pit.
Go to the ledge, cross the bridge, and enter the door. Kill the eye that's shooting 
fire at you with your bow, and you'll soon come across zombies. In that same spot, 
you can uncover yet another Big Fairy. You'll also find an invisible chest with 
arrows in it.
Now leave the room, and use your Lens to see an opening in the wall to your right. 
Equip your hover boots, and run towards that opening, using the fan to blow you 
towards that gap. There should be a door there to go through.
Look to your right, and blow up the pile of dirt you see with a bomb. Using the 
Lens, look for a chest in there containing a key. Kill the zombies and go through 
the locked door. Pull the block onto the marked tile under the ladder or use the 
hookshot to pull yourself up the ladder. Go to the ship and play Zelda's Lullaby on 
the Triforce marker. Careful, there are two Stalfos you'll face as you sail. When 
the boat stops, it'll start sinking, so quickly jump off the left side onto a 
platform, and go through that door.
Using the Lens, navigate this invisible maze. There are three other doors in this 
room. The one to your left contains a key that appears when you kill the enemies 
there. The one further to the right contains a lot of rupees after you blow the 
three pots up. The room to your right contains the Boss Key after you use Din's Fire 
to burn the walls.
After you're done, go back through the door you came from (with the boat) and to 
your right will be a platform. Use the Scarecrow song to get up there, or just toss 
a bomb plant at the statue creating a bridge to the other side. Go through the 
locked door, and use the Hover Boots and Lens to get to the Boss Door.
Boss: Bongo Bongo
Get away from the hands and use your bow to shoot one of them. Then do the same to 
the other hand. Use the lens, take out your sword, and hack the eye! Just repeat the 
process until you're done.

Gerudo Valley
Using Epona, make your way to Gerudo Valley and jump the bridge to get to the 
fortress. If you talk to the head carpenter there, you'll find out that his workers 
have been imprisoned in the fortress. Continue on to the fortress, and walk towards 
one of the guards. They'll throw you in a cell. Use your hookshot on the opening the 
left for you at the top of the cell. Now you'll be back outside. Look to your left, 
and go through that door. Go through that hall until you get to a cell. Talk to him, 
and you'll face a guard you'll have to defeat. Z-target and block and slash attacks 
are optimal. You can use your own style, though, as this is more of a fun fight than 
anything (as long as you win!), but she does have the ability to throw you back to 
jail. Grab the key she leaves behind, and free the first carpenter. Continue on the 
original way, and go outside. Go through the door on your left. Turn right at the 
corner, and use an arrow to shoot the guard down (if you don't see her, wait a 
little, she'll come). Continue by where you shot her, and look down the next hall 
into a room with two guards you'll want to shoot. Grab a Big Fairy with the Song of 
Storms in this room, and go up the ramp on the far side of the room.
Now you're outside, so turn right, drop down to the next level, and go through the 
door. Be patient with your arrow ready, because a guard will pass by the doorway 
soon. Now go to your right, turn left at the corner, and go right towards another 
cell (with another guard to fight). Two down, two to go.
Go back from where you came, and drop another level. Go left, and you'll notice some 
vines you'll want to climb up. Go to the door right in front of you, and there will 
be the third carpenter (and guard).
Go back from where you came. Now, aiming for the ground floor, shoot the three 
guards keeping watch. Go to your left and go through the door furthest from you on 
your left. You don't have to worry about that one guard by the fence, she won't 
bother you.
Go down the hall and go to the last carpenter (and last guard). Now you'll get a 
Gerudo membership card, which will let you roam the grounds without the guards 
bothering you. There's a very cool horse archery game too you should check out. 
Also, the carpenters will finish the bridgework, making it easy to move among that 
area! By the way, the Training Ground shouldn't be taken on until after you get the 
Silver Gauntlets at the Spirit Temple.

Spirit Temple
The Desert Colossus
As adult Link, when you're done with Gerudo Valley, go to the large gate and climb 
the ladder to get the gate open. Walk into the desert and follow the flags. You 
could ignore the sign pointing you to the Bombchu seller, since it's more expensive 
than normal. Eventually, you'll get to a stone structure. Walk up to it and read the 
sign there. Use your Lens to see the ghost you have to follow. Then you'll get to 
the Desert Colossus. Look for some Fairies by the small pit if you play the Song of 
Storms. Walk into the temple and then walk back out. You'll meet Sheik and you'll 
learn a new song, the Nocturne of Shadow. Use the Prelude to Light song to get back 
to the Temple of Time, turn into Young Link, and then go back to the Spirit Temple 
using the song.
Take the stairs and head left. Talk to the person there and say "Nothing," "Really," 
and "No," to get asked to grab a treasure. Crawl through the hole and kill the bats 
and the Armos to unlock the door on the right. Light a deku stick with the torch, 
and light the torches on the inside of the door on your right. Go back into the 
other room and light the door on the other side, defeat the enemies (a Stalfos and 
skull), and hit the switch with your boomerang. The fence will now fall to make a 
bridge. Cross the bridge, watch out for the pots, and go through the door.
Walk along the bridge and use Din's Fire to defeat the enemy in this room. Now go 
through the door, get the key, and grab all the silver Rupees to make a bridge. Go 
the first room and through the small hole between the two torches. Go through the 
locked door, kill the Skulltula, and climb the wall.
Go forward into the room and fight two Lizalfos. Boomerang the switch above you and 
open up the treasure chests. Use a Bombchu to hit the boulder above you. Go through 
the way and push the statue on your left off the edge and onto a switch. Go up the 
steps, light a deku stick with the torch, and light the two torches in front of the 
big statue on the lower level to get the Dungeon Map. Go back to the place you lit 
your deku stick, and go through that door. Go to the next door, kill all the enemies 
in the room, and collect the silver Rupees. Use the newly-lit torch to light all the 
others, and grab the key inside the chest.
Move the blocks in the middle of the room around so the one with the sun on it is 
below the light coming from the window. Go through the door that unlocks, go up the 
stairs, and go to the next room. Slash at the metal figure sitting at the throne, 
and be ready for a battle. Just Z-target and slash after he attacks. If you need any 
hearts, lure him next to one of the brick pillars, and let him smash it open for a 
few hearts. Keep doing that several times until he dies.
Now open the door and you'll be outside, where you'll get the Silver Gauntlets. Now 
it's time to go back to the Temple of Time (play the song) and become adult Link.
Get back to the temple by playing the Requiem of Spirit song on your Ocarina. Get 
inside the temple, and push the large gray block to your right. Go through the 
passage, kill the Laser Eye and activate the switch on the ceiling with your bow.
Enter the door to your left, kill the Wolfos, and go to the Triforce symbol and play 
Zelda's Lullaby to make a chest visible. Hookshot the chest, grab the Dungeon 
Compass, and go back and through the door to your right. Here, collect all the 
silver Rupees, using the Hover Boots when appropriate. Now go through the newly 
opened door, and grab the key from the chest. Go back to the room where you killed 
the Laser Eye and hit the switch, and go through the locked door.
Careful about the fake pots and the enemy that'll fall from the ceiling. Now climb 
the ledge, and kill the invisible monster (use your Lens). Now use a handle on the 
statue to rotate it around the third sun symbol from the left. Go through the 
passage it opens, and be careful about the small statue next to you when you enter, 
it's alive!
Swing over to the ledge with the treasure chest on it and hit the switch you find 
with your hammer and a door will open in the lower level. Go through the newly 
opened door, maneuver the blocks around, and hit the switch with your Hammer to help 
you navigate through the main room.
Go to the main room (with the big statue) again, and Hookshot the target above the 
door you had first come through so you can climb up the stairs and jump onto the big 
hand of the statue that has the Triforce symbol on it.
Here, you'll want to play Zelda's Lullaby to make a chest appear, and you'll want to 
Hookshot over to it to get a key. Now climb up the stairs above the door you came 
through and to through the locked door.
Now, kill the Laser Eye with a Bombchu, and kill the other enemies by shooting them 
with fire arrows or by burning them with Din’s Fire. Go through the open door, and 
go next to the door on your right. With your bow and arrow, shoot one at the statue 
far away from you. When it hits the door switch, quickly go through that door, go up 
the stairs, and use your Lens to look for invisible chests. Go through the next 
door, and you'll be against another one of those iron guys in the throne room.
Killing him with the same method will work, and it should be easier with Link as an 
adult. After you kill it, go through the door and grab the Mirror Shield!
Now go back and to the room with the four statues in it, and you'll want to stand in 
the sunlight with your shield out, and hit the sun symbol on the wall. Go through 
the newly opened door and grab a key. Go back to the room with the floating enemies 
you had to kill with the fire arrows or the fire pit. Go through the locked door in 
that room. Kill the Laser Eyes, and Hookshot to the top of the wall so you can skip 
past climbing the wall.
Be careful of the two more Laser Eyes, and go through the door. Take out the Ocarina 
by the Triforce symbol, and play Zelda's Lullaby to open a door. In here, all the 
doors are fake, and you'll want to blow up the one to the left of the treasure chest 
to reveal a gold eye, which you'll want to shoot with an arrow. Hookshot the target 
on the ceiling, get up on top of the block, and use it to jump onto the switch, 
which will allow you to grab the Boss Key.
Get out of the room, and go into the door to your right. Dodge the pots, and hit the 
switch through the cage. Go through the next door, kill the enemies, and use your 
Mirror Shield to reflect light onto a sun symbol. Blow up the wall next to the 
statue, and now rotate the statue so light fills up the newly made hallway.
Go through that hall, and maneuver the statue so light will shine through the other 
room. Now, stand in the light of the room the light is in, and use your Mirror 
Shield to shine light on the wall to be transported to the main room.
Now, use the Mirror Shield to direct the light onto the face of the statue. Hookshot 
over there, and enter the Boss Door. You'll face a large Iron Man now, and he's a 
little tougher, but you're experienced enough to deal with this one in the same 
manner you dealt with the others. After he's dead, go through the door, and stand on 
the platform to face the boss.
Boss: Twinrova
Jump onto a side platform, and keep your eye at both the witches at the same time. 
When one attacks, use your shield to direct her beam to the other witch. You may 
have to move to a different platform or the middle platform at times, but just 
continue attacking like that. Soon, they'll combine into a larger enemy. This larger 
enemy will shoot either a fire or an ice attack. What you have to do is absorb one 
or the other three times to fire it at her. Just remember that you have to absorb 
three of the same attack to get her…dodge any of the opposite attacks. Soon, you'll 
finish off this lengthy boss.
Congratulations, you’ve collected all six spiritual stones! Head back to the Temple 
of Time to save Hyrule… and to reveal the answer to a question Link has long been 
seeking the answer to.

Ganon's Castle
Walk up the stairs to the broken bridge of Ganon’s Castle. The six sages will use 
their powers to build a new bridge so that you can walk across to the entrance of 
the castle.
Walk down the stairs and kill the two beamos at the bottom. In the next room, you 
will notice six light barriers preventing you from entering protect the main tower.
Forest Barrier
Defeat the Wolfos that appears in the center of the room to reveal a treasure chest. 
Light the main torches on the floor and shoot the final one above the door with a 
fire arrow.
There are four fans in the next room with a beamos in the middle. Hover over to each 
platform when the fans stop and collect each rupee. When the fans start spinning 
again, put on your iron boots so you don’t fall off the ledge. The switch will make 
a pillar rise up from the ground so you can hookshot to the last silver jewel that 
was previously unreachable.
Shadow Barrier
If you can, take out the green flame skull in the middle and the slimy thing on the 
other side. If you need a little bit of money, there is a blue rupee in the treasure 
chest to the left. The unlit torch on the right can be lit by shooting a fire arrow 
at it. Jump over the platforms to the other side; if you didn’t kill the skull, he 
might become a slight problem for you.
Once you get to the other platform in the middle of the room, jump over the next 
platform to the next big platform. If you’re short on time, don’t risk it and turn 
around and shoot the torch again. You’re definitely going to want to wait on this 
platform before jumping down the blocks to the switch. From the corner of the big 
platform, shoot the torch again and work your way down the blocks to the switch. 
Stay on the platform and grab on to the big treasure chest that just appeared with 
your hook shot. Open the treasure chest to get your Golden Gauntlets.
Using the Lens of Truth, walk across the ledge to the rusted switch and hit it with 
your hammer. Work your way back across to the now unlocked door still using your 
lens of truth to cross the invisible ledge.
Fire Barrier
Once again, you’ll need to collect silver rupees to open up the door. Put on your 
Goron Tunic and jump across the platforms. Make sure you don’t stay on any one 
platform for too long or it will begin to sink into the lava. Watch out for the 
flaming head jumping out of the lava and the slug at the opposite end of the 
The only really tricky ones to get are the one behind the spinning flame and the 
other that is far in the distance and can’t be reached from any of the platforms. 
For the one behind the spinning flame, simply jump over to that particular platform 
in and jump up in between the gaps of the flame. Follow one of the flames, being 
careful not to get hit by the other, and grab the jewel. In order to get the one far 
in the distance, get the Golden Gauntlets from the shadow barrier if you haven’t 
already and lift the huge pillar to throw it in the lava to get the jewel underneath 
and the jewel across the way. In order to reach the unlocked door, stand on the huge 
platform and shoot your hookshot over before the platform sinks into the lava.
Water Barrier
Break the icicles around the blue flame and capture the blue flame in a bottle. 
Defeat the two frozen statues to unlock the door. There’s a heart in the treasure 
chest on the right but the one on the left is a trap. Make sure you have a bottle of 
fire before going into the next room.
In the next room, there are two blocks. Push the further one into the square hole 
and maneuver the second one to the area with the blue fire. Hit the rusted switch 
with your hammer and crawl up the small cliff to the Water Sage.
Spirit Barrier
Bomb the Beamos in the center of the room to get him out of the way. The rest of the 
room is filled with spikes and Armos statues. The spikes block the path to the 
rupees so pull the statues out further away from the wall to give the spikes more 
room to travel. This way, you’ll have more time to get the rupees in the spikes’ 
path. All of the rupees can be collected this way, except one, which is above the 
Beamos’ head.
Kill the slugs in the next room and hit the switch near the cage to reveal a chest 
with Bombchus in it. Take note of the hole at the top of the cage. Aim a bombchu 
through this hole so that it will hit the switch in between the two torches. Using 
your fire arrows, burn the spider web above to allow light to enter. There are four 
suns on the ceiling; aim your shield at the first one on the left to unlock the door.
Light Barrier
Using the Golden Gloves, lift the pillar that blocks the entrance to the Light 
Barrier. In the next room, use the lens of truth to find the Skulltula in the middle 
of the room and the bats scattered throughout. There’s a ring of treasure chests, 
some with prizes, others without… from left to right: blue rupee, freezing ice trap, 
heart, freezing ice trap, bundle of arrows, and freezing ice trap.
Stand on the triforce symbol in the next room to reveal a treasure chest with a key 
in it. In the next room are two boulders spinning around in a circle. Go around the 
circle with the boulders and collect silver rupees around the central part of the 
room. There are rupees located both inside and outside of the circle, some in 
small ‘caves.’ The final rupee is on top and can be accessed by standing inside one 
of the outer ‘caves’ and shooting your hookshot at it.
In the next room where it appears there should be the Light Barrier, it’s nowhere to 
be found. Use your lens of truth and enter the fake wall to the real light barrier.
The Tower
Kill the flame bats or simply ignore them altogether. Climb up the stairs and defeat 
what looks like Lizalfos’ cousins, Dinolfos. Kill them in the same manner that you 
would kill the Lizalfos and go into the door that unlocks. Climb up the stairs and 
go into the next room. In here, defeat the two Stalfos while avoiding the fire in 
the middle. Get the boss key from the treasure chest and go into the unlocked door.
Climb up another set of stairs to a room with two Iron Knuckle knights to defeat. 
Defeat them the same way you defeated the others in the Spirit Temple and go through 
the unlocked door. Walk up to the stairs to your final challenge: Ganon.
Or so you thought. Don’t get to pot crazy and destroy all of the pots because you 
might need them later on. Enter the door to the right of where you just came in up 
to the final set of stairs.

The Final Battle
Boss: Ganondorf
Navie can’t help you with this battle so you’re on your own as far as targeting is 
concerned. Stand on one of the outer blocks and Ganon will start to shoot 
electricity at you like his phantom did in the Forest Temple. Shoot his electricity 
back just like in the Forest Temple and shoot him with a light arrow once he is 
stunned. After you hit him with the light arrow, jump over to him and swipe him with 
your sword. If you need health, jump down to the bottom where the pots are and get 
the hearts from them.
Escaping the Castle
Follow Zelda down the castle tower to safety. Your main obstacle is falling rocks 
and time. You only have a few minutes to hightail it out of the castle so hurry as 
fast as you can. You’ll reach a point where Zelda will be surrounded by fire and 
you’ll have to fight off two Stalfos to free her. If you don’t beat the second one 
fast enough, the first one will reappear and you’ll have to defeat it again. Once 
Zelda is free, hurry out of the castle.
Boss: Ganon
Give Ganon a blow in between the eyes with your light arrows. When he is stunned 
walk around him and slice his tail up (you can also use the hammer if you don't have 
the Biggoron Sword). If you don’t have magic, get it by walking behind any of the 
remaining walls of the castle and let Ganon slice right through them until you get 
some magic. Once you beat Ganon once, get your master sword back and swing at him a 
few times. He will get up again, upon which time you’ll be able to repeat the same 
process as the first time using the master sword instead of your Biggoron Sword. If 
at this point you don’t have magic and there’s no place to get it, slip through 
Ganon’s leg to his tail swipe him a few times with the master sword. Once the king 
is down, deliver the final blow to him while Zelda holds him still.

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