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________        San Francisco Rush        ________
The Unofficial Guide Book
E-mail: Michael

1. Secrets
2. Codes
3. Keys and Bonuses
4. GameShark Codes



Secret Tunnel
Level 2: Drive through the course as usual until you come to the freeway
overpass that can be jumped. Now, instead of jumping down to the road beneath
angle the car so that it is going from right to left. If you go off the
freeway just right you'll fly across the gap to the other side of the freeway
where a secret loop and two keys await.

Pappy Land
Pappy Land, a secret stunt course hidden in track 6, is located at the bottom
of one of the many mountains in the level. To  find it, follow the pathway
which passes a white citadel (at top of mountain) and then leads into the dirt
path which, if taken wrong, can send cars barreling over the edge of the
cliff. Pappy Land is located directly over the mountain's cliff facing away
from the citadel. It's at the bottom of the mountain right next to the ocean, 
so be careful making the trip down.

The Formula 1 Race Car
By placeing 1st or 2nd on every race in a circuit, you can aquire the F-1 
car. You then have to press the Z button four times on the track selection
screen.  You then can choose the new car, but you can not have all the bonus
cars at once. The F-1 car will replace the Taxi Cab after entering the code.
When you re-enter the code, the Taxi Cab will replace the F-1 car again. 
You can do this repeaditly.

Track 7
The secret to the 7th track involves controller tricks on several screens. It
does NOT involve placing 1st in every race in a circuit. The code has not 
been released yet, but I will send it to anybody who asks me. Email me at
[email protected] with your request.


{  Codes  }

Attempt to Resurrect in Place
Setup screen: Hold Z (C-Left, C-Right, C-Right, C-Left)
Now when players crash they will be resurrected in place and not miles

Auto-abort Disable
At the Setup screen: C-Up, C-Up, C-Up, C-Up (quickly)

Change Back Tire Size
From car select screen: C-Right, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right

Change Front Tire Size
From car select screen: C-Left, C-Right, C-Right, C-Left

Change Gravity
From Setup screen: Holding Z, press UP, Down. Then let go of Z and

Gravity can be changed again and again by repeating the process.

Change Viewing Distance
Hold L and press up or down on the control stick.

Cycle Random High Score Names
At the Fast Times or Best Laps records screens, hit: L, R, L, R, L, R,
L, R. Now the computer generated names will be cycled around.

Disable Car Collisions
From Setup screen: LEFT, RIGHT-(C-Right), C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, Z
Now you can drive right through an opponent.

Enable Foggy Night
At the options screen during gameplay select 'extreme fog' with all
four C buttons held down. This will give gamers the impression of playing
through races at night.

Fog Color
At the car select screen hold Z and press C-Down, C-Down, C-Down.
This code changes the color of the fog in the game.

No Game Timer
This turns off the game timer in Rush, leaving the courses completely free 
to explore.

Setup screen: Hold Z: C-Down, C-Up, C-Up, C-Down

Turn Car into Mine
Note: All cones show up as mines, too.  If car is a mine and runs into
another vehicle it will blow up.

From car select screen:  C-Right, C-Right, Z, C-Down, C-Up, Z, C-Left, C-Left

Turn Off Track Textures
From Setup Screen: (C-Right)-L, Z, (C-Right)-L, Z
This turns off most of the textures in the game.

Change Car Size
From car select screen: C-Down, C-Up, C-Up, C-Down (quickly)

Drive the Cab
Acquiring half the keys on any course in a regular race will unlock the cab.

Note: Keys can be saved using the memory pak. Six to eight keys are hidden in
each track. Hidden cars are exclusive to the track in which they have been

Drive the Hot-rod
Acquiring all the keys on any course in a regular race will unlock the

Note: Keys can be saved using the memory pak. Six to eight keys are hidden in 
each track. Hidden cars are exclusive to the track in which they have been

Turn Cones into Mines
From Setup screen: L, R, L, R, L, R (quickly).
This code turns all th cones in San Francisco Rush into huge mines that blow
up anything that touches them.

Turn Tracks Upside-down
From Setup screen: Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left.
This code enables players to race the game upside down.

Re-center the Screen
Hold L & R while you move the stick around.
Release it to keep the new position.


{  Keys and Bonuses  }

In every track of SFRush there are five to eight keys. Collecting these keys
while you are driving in a real race, not practice, gives you special cars.
You do not have to collect all the keys at once. Once you grab a key it will
no longer show up on the track. Use a memory pack to save your key progress,
otherwise it will be lost. Here is a listing of the loctation of the keys, 
how many are on each track, and the three bonus cars. If you do not understand
what I am trying to say, email me (address on bottom) and I will send a more
detailed description with pictures.

The Cars

There are three bonus cars.

The Taxi Cab -   Requires half of the keys on a track
The Hot Rod  -   Requires ALL of the keys on a track
The F-1 Car   -   Requires 1st place in a circuit

How many keys are there?

Track 1 :  6
Track 2 :  7
Track 3 :  8
Track 4 :  8
Track 5 :  8
Track 6 :  8
Track 7 :  ? (Please send me them if you know!!)

The Key Locations
Using the no time limit code, you will be able to get the keys a lot

Track 1 :
1.There is a key right behind you if you turn around and drive to the
left, rear of the tunnel.

2.The second key is right after the "Mace" billboards at the start of
the race. The only way to grab it is to drive half-way across the
Goldengate bridge and turn around. Then drive back towards the starting
line. As soon as you get off the bridge turn left onto the sand. You
should see the key at the top of the screen get lined up as quickly as
you can and a hidden bump will send you tumbling through the air and
into the key (If you have lined up right).

3. This was a tough one. As soon as you get off the Golden Gate bridge
you will go through a checkpoint. Right after the checkpoint, turn left
and head for the hill. If you hit the hill just right and at almost
full speed you will again tumble into the next key.

4. Just after the first tunnel there is a brown fence at the left side
of the road. A few seconds after you exit the tunnel there is a place
where the fence is pushed back and you can break the fence there. This
is a shortcut. If you drive along the far left side of the shortcut you
will find this key.

5. Right after completing the first lap there is a very small tunnel
directly left of the finish line. Go through the tunnel. Just as you
pull out of the tunnel slow down and turn left. There is a key right
against the wall.

6. After finishing a lap, there will be a part of the grass on the left
side of the track that raises up above the road. If you follow it along
the side of the road you will find a key on the ledge just before it
drops off.

Track 2 :

1. The first key is located on the broken highway. (The one with two-tiers,
and the wires hanging down.) Ignore the warnings and go through the cones. As
you approach the edge, slow down to about 8 mph. Fall of the edge and you will
land on another road. Turn and head the opposite direction (towards the wall)
and the key is located along the road.  (Use the resurect in one place code 
and it will be much easier to get)

2. When you get to the truck, turn and keep your tires on the ground. Stay on
the road and head towards the fountain. If you hit it at the right angle,
going about 100 mph, you should fly into a secret room hidden inside the
building. The walls are covered with DANGER signs, and the key is located in
the middle of the secret room.

3. The third key is very difficult to find. Under the truck is a ramp. Hit the
ramp at about 85 mph and you will fly onto a building. Drive to the next ramp,
but do not use it. Instead drop down to the alley way. Located in the alley is
the third key.

4. This key is very easy to find. Drive past the truck, and down the hill.
Right before the fountain there is a road that splits of the main road and
goes left. Take this road slowly into the cave. In the bottom-right corner
will be the fourth key.

5. The next key is found in the secret tunnel. Fly over the broken area of the
bridge and keep going straight. Instead of taking the loop, turn right. There
is a hole in the wall at about the middle. Drive up the wall, and into the
hole to collect the fifth key.

6. The sixth key is also located in the secret tunnel. Drive as fast as you
can to the second loop. Go up and around the loop. Try to stay in the middle.
The key is located  at the very top of the loop in the middle of the road.

7. The final key is located in a fountain. Not the fountain used to get the
second key, but another. Head down past the first fountain and make the turn.
The second fountain is located in the grassy area just after that turn. You 
need to drive very slowly onto the fountain, and you will fall through. This 
key requires a lot of luck, but you can get it if you just keep trying.

Track 3:

1. As you race down the starting straight away, stay to the far left. There
will be a line of trees. Slow down and head straight through them. There will
be a flight of stairs after the trees. Go up them slowly and make a left turn.
The key will be right there!

2. There is a key suspended in air underneath one of the CHECKPOINT signs.
Drive past the checkpoint and around the corner towards the Coit tower. Turn
around and proceed back up the sharp up-hill turn at a high rate of speed to
jump into the key.

3. To the left of the Coit tower are small white buildings.  Drive between the
buildings and enter a dirt half-pipe.  The key is suspended in air on the 
right even with the first rock obstruction. Simply drive up the side of the
half-pipe to reach it.

4. In the center of the huge tunnel before the long down-hill jump a key is
suspended in air.  Simply drive to the bottom of the hill, turn around and
drive at a high rate of speed to jump into it.

5. After passing through Chinatown proceed up the road through several up hill
turns.  At the last right hand turn there is a gap in the wooden fence behind
the building.  Go through the gap to find a tunnel entrance to a room that is
entirely sky textured.  The key is in a corner of the room.

6. Drive through the cones at the Chinatown turn and up to the top of the
hill.  Instead of jumping to the top of Lombard street slow down and turn
right onto the side street at the last jump.  A key is on the next corner.

7. As you head downhill towards the starting straight-away there is a small
platform on your left near the tunnel exit.  Simply drive close to the
building and onto the platform to reach the key.

8. Just past the finish line is a trolley on your left.  The key is on the far
side of the trolley.

Track 4:

1. In the fenced off area by the starting point is the first key. To get this
key is difficult.   Go into the skate park (there is a fountain and a piece of
weird art) and stop at the end.  Turn around and head towards the fountain.  
Hit it at the right angle and speed, very fast, and you will land inside the 
fenced area, and will be able to get the key. Use the reserect in one place 
code and it will be much easier.

2. The second key is in mid-air, just beyond the skate park. Take the main
road, until you reach the first turn. Now turn and face the hill that is below
the key and hold down the accelerator. This key usually requires multiple
tries, but can be achieved fairly easy.

3. This key requires a lot of work. Stay on the main track, until you reach
the turn that leads to the tall building with blue on the bottom. Instead of
turning, there will be an opening in the building straight ahead. Go through
the hole and follow the path. There will be a small, green ramp at the end.
After you hit the ramp you will fly onto one of three levels. Hit the ramp
traveling 95 - 100 MPH and you will land on the second level. When you near
the end of the gangway, slow down and land on the roof of the building. The
key is located on the roof.

4. This key requires a lot of luck. Hit the ramp, explained in Key 3, as fast
as you can to land on the third level. Then follow the path to get the key! 
If you use reserect in one place code, it will make this key much easier.

5. The fifth key is any easy one to collect. At the t-juction just back from
key three is a small alley-way between two buildings. Drive through very
slowly, and at the end will be a key waiting for you. Don't try to drive out
of the alley, just hit the abort button (default top-c)

6. After passing the area that has the three level jump, there will be a bus
station with a bus sticking out. Instead of going through that way, stick to
the main road. Follow this road until you come to the place where you drop
down onto the track. Instead of droping down, take the small gangway. It looks
like a walkway, but you fit. Drive very slow down the gangway into the parking
garage. The key is on the farside of the garage.

7. This key requires a bit of luck. Drive around the track, past the bus
depot, to an area where there  are two ramps, and the main road. It is by a
water-fall looking thing. There are two jumps, you want to take the one
closest to the wall. It is smaller. Aim a little to the right as you go up the
ramp. You should fly to the right of another ramp.

8. The last key seems easy enough to collect, but there is one problem. The
alley way that it is in is so narrow, that the slightest wrong move could kill
you. The alley is located in the last squared section of the track.  Where the
road splits in two, take a left. The alley is between a blue building and a
brownish building. Take this alley caustiously, and you will get the last key.

Track 5:

1. Head through the Fort Mason area and down to the docks. Follow the cliff
down to the beach until you can't go any further. Now turn around and head
toward the buildings, going about 100 MPH when you hit the edge of the beach.
You will the hit the roof of the first building, and fly to the second. The
key is located on the fourth building, and is difficult to collect. Use the
reserect in one place code to make this easier.

2. Go back to the beach again for the next key. The key is located on the roof
of the first dockside building. Hit the beach ramp at about 90 MPH to land on
the first building. You then should be able to see the key at the far end of
the building, on a little rise.

3. The third key is on top of a building in the Marina residental area. There
is a turn after the docks that has hazard signs. There is a gap between two
signs. Drive through the gap driving as fast as possible on the left side of
the trees. Hit the first jump and aim towards the building with a slanted
roof. Hit this and fly onto another building, stoping on the roof. The key is
on this roof. Use the reserrect in one place code to help you with this key.

4. Once agian, drive through the Marina residential area. Take the same path
you did for key 3, but don't use the jumps. Instead, keep going left until you
reach a main road. Drive a little ways and there will be a small gap in
between two buildings on the right. The key is waiting in the alley way.

5. When the track splits at bottom of the map is your starting point for key
5. At the bottom of the hill stay to the left and get up to about 115 MPH
going up. Hit the ramp, and angle your car towards the right. If this is done
right, you will fly through two buildings and straight into the key.

6. Take a right where the track splits instead of using the ramp. There is a
gas station with key six in it. Drive around the gas station and into the
entrance, the key will be waiting for you there.

7. Key seven gives you two ways to collect.

 a.) This is the easiest way, play the track backwards. Just before you reach
     the first corner, don't stay on the main track. Instead, go through the
     secret entrance in the building on the right. Speed down through the
     tunnel as fast as you can so you will fly over the pit.  Keep going and 
     you will reach a ramp, don't use it. Instead, go around it, and you will 
     see the seventh key.

b.) The harder way, play the track normal. At the bottom of the map, at the
    right corner, the road turns sharply to the left. Follow the track, but at
    the next road on the right, drift over rightward. Race through the
    building on the right side. There will then be a grassy area with a single
    road cutting through it. Take this road at about 100 MPH. You will fly in 
    the air, onto a secret area. Stop on this area, and turn around. The
    seventh key will be waiting.

8. The final key is located in a secret under-ground garage on the right side
of the final straight away. It is a blue building with blue windows. Drive
into the gap between the two buildings, then through the holes in the wall.
You will find your key there!

Track 6:

1. Head down the starting straightaway. There will be a building with a fence
in it on the right side of the road. Head through the fence, and turn right to
find the first key.

2. The second key is by the lake nestled in the trees. Drive around the
bend, and through the second checkpoint. Drive almost to the next bend, but
instead of staying on the road, turn left onto the grass. Head towards the
water, and you should see it. It is close to a timber fence, hidden in 
the trees.

3. After heading back up the straightaway again, and starting the turn, stop
at the first house on the left. Drive around the barriers and turn left. Then
drive down the grassy slope, by the buildings. There is a small indention in
the buildings, the key is there waiting for you there.

4. The fourth key is located near the third key, but will be much difficult to
collect. It is out on an island in the bay. To get this key, you have to start
your approach from the top of the hill. Aim towards the purplish rock by the
right of the houses. Drive about 80 MPH towards the island with the key on it.
If you aimed right, you should fly right through the key.

5. Head up the hill from the islands. After the breakable glass, drive around
the building to the parking lot. The key is in a corner near the far building.

6. Drive past the building with breakable glass, around the bend, and up the
hill. There will be a white building, drive into the entrance. The key will be
inside the building.

Keys seven and eight are located in Pappy Land. It is an underground stunt
course. Here is a description of how to get to Pappy Land: Pappy Land is 
located at the bottom of one of the many mountains in the level.  To find it, 
follow the pathway which passes a white citadel (at top of mountain) and then 
leads into the dirt path which, if taken wrong, can send cars barreling over 
the edge of the cliff. Pappy Land is located directly over the mountain's 
cliff facing away from the citadel. It's at the bottom of the mountain right 
next to the ocean, so be careful making the trip down.

7. The seventh key is located in the center of the loop. There are two ways to
   collect it:

  a.) Drive through the loop, and at the top hit the brake. If you are
      positioned correctly, you will fall right through the key.

  b.) Drive all the way to the right of the loop, and turn around. Line up 
      with the center of the gray ramp, and hold down the accelerator. You
      should fly through the loop, and collect the seventh key.

8. The eighth, and final key is located in the secret pool at the top of Pappy
Land. You will need to drive up the wall and you will probably see the higher
level. Go to the center of the stunt area, and drive towards a side wall.
While driving up the wall, turn towards the back of the stunt area. If you
were positioned right, you will then fly up into the secret pool area. It is
not a pool that has water, but more like a skating pool. The key is inside of
the grey barriers.

{  GameShark Codes  }

Code                              Effect
88100050 0006       ALCATRAZ stage. (pic) [at stage select screen, press GS
800F4090 0001       Activate Stop Timer
800F4078 0001       Activate Auto Abort Disable
800F3DA0 0001       Activate Change Track Textures
800F3F88 0001       Activate Cones to Mines
800F4050 0001       Activate Disable Car 2 Car  Control
800F4080 0001       Activate Resurrect in Place
800F4061 0001       Activate Upside Down Mode
800F3D91 00XX       Gravity Modifier

Replace XX with the following #'s
00 - A Balloon & 2 Weights   01 - Normal    
02 - 1 Weight                03 - 2 Weights

800F40B1 00XX        Car Type Modifier
Replace XX with the following #'s
00 - Normal Car              01 - Flat Car   
02 - Fat Car  03 - Giant Car


If you have any questions or comments e-mail me at [email protected]

|THANX}---Codes were from:  N64 Code Center ->"{THANX|

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