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1)whats the game about.
2)how to get speacials faster.
3)how to get out of cage matchs faster.
4)break out of hell in a cell.
5)mess up the divas and superstar so you can win easier.

1}whats the game about.
H)its getting the titles and creating new divas and/or superstars.
Q)why are the enrantce moves for hbk and there is no hbk.
H)you have to create hbk to get hbk.
Q)how do you do speacials.
Q)why are there those other titles and why is it so hard to get them.
H)because the game would be to short and it would suck. you can get the answer
to that last one in 5.
Q)how can i get andre without getting all the titles that matter and dont matter
less than 24 hours.
H)if you ask me it is a impossible code. just get a gameshark.

2}how to get speacials faster.

H)punch. then a+b at the same time and sit back and watch the person you are facing 
go down but make sure you get the little flashing thingy in alittle color like red.

3}how to get out of the cage matches faster.

H)take your time in cage matches. but if you would like to laught in a cage match 
get the person you are fight hung up and the rope and punch him. it make the person 
look retared. but also try to get 3 speacials and the blinking light is red. if the 
person is down and your blinking light is red you can get out of the cage faster 
just hit x to get on the cage side and hold the joy stick up until the match is over.
Q)why cant i get the person humg up on the rope. i put him in the corner.
H)no you cant get the hung you on the rope in a corner. if he or she falls just 
press x and the person you are will get him or her up. just keep on punch and 
getting them up until you can get him or her hung up on the rope(also try punching 
him or her to the titon tron then you will see it better).

4}break out of hell in a cell.

H)its easy just have as many speacials you want to but you need 1. first get out of 
the right after you get the speacials. then knock the down. use grapple and run at 
the same time. you will need to push grapple and run 2 times. after you hit 1 cage 
panel 3 time you can get out. puch x when you get to the side of a cage panel and 
just point your joystick up then you can get up top. then if you want to push the 
person you are fighting off just punch them when they are coming up or if you are 
rvd and has a speacial. i think you can pull off the 5 star fog splash from the top 
but maybe maybe not i never tried it yet. but if you would like to have fun and let 
the person come up well go to the middle 4 cage panels(i use kevin nash for this). 
do 2 grapple and check if the cage corner is hanging. then do a speacial that can go 
throw like pedigree,jackknife,last ride,rock bottem,maybe stunner,chockslam. just 
make sure you go down with the person. then you can get right up and pin.

5}mess up the divas and spuerstars and win easier.

just go to create a superstar and pick custumize or something like it and pick 
whatever person you want to mess up. once you get all the titles in the game just go 
back to what ever person you messed up and hit defalt. that make the person back to 
what the use to be.

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