The ways of the Rock - Guide for Lego Rock Raiders

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This is my first Faq, and i'm going to tell you some hints and cheats

this isn't very long yet but
6:why i made this Faq

One of the most needed things in the game, you need to have miners with pusher 
gun,buildings that a apart but get power,and sheilds
How to get a sheild is easy, you get some shields and you put them around your 
buildings,and wahla, you need to have power though
Miners with guns, i think you can do this at your supply station,or training 
train your mineres to hold more itams and give the a gun,and when a rock monster 
comes capow!
If you keep your buildings apart a rock monster will have a hard time catching your 
buildings and you can attack

always have at least 2 dudes with guns while mineing.
if you have a big carven build supply stations alaong the way to where your mineing

doing all that drilling can drive someone insane, so get a drill velical, the 
bigest on can cut through, dymante walls
if you can't get a car at least have an exploseive dude on your team
its fun when you drill and you find a new carven,but there are usely a lot of 
monsters in there

 4:Cheat Codes 
Enter one of the following codes at the main menu to activate the corresponding 
cheat function: 

Level select			         lrrwarp
All vehicles			         lrrve
Rock Raiders become Rock Monsters	 lrrmonty

5:Cars and stuff
Ultra useful,get across, lava,lakes,and ground with planes,water with boats,and 
rock with drillers
They may take a while to build, but they are soo worth it,so make 'em quick

6:why i made this
I was sick one day and i saw this game and in about 4 hours I mastred it snd i rote 
this Faq

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