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                                  Harvest Moon:
                                A Wonderful Life

IV.The town
VII.Crops and trees
VIII.2nd generation
VIV.3rd generation
XI.Making money
XIV.The legal stuff

1.0  October 2, 2005. Just started the walkthrough so it will be updated almost 
everyday to finish what I have at the point. Won't have too much information to help 
anyone yet.

1.1  October 3, 2005. Introduction is now complete. I have also added a little more 
to the chapters section. The tools section is complete. The town section is almost 
complete. More characters were added to the characters section. Finally, the crop 
and seed section is almost complete.

1.2  October 7, 2005. 2nd generation crops and trees is close to complete. Recipes 
will be updated with more recipes later.

You and your father's best friend Takakura talk about your dad's and his dream to 
run a farm. He died before his fulfilled his dream and you are going to take over 
for him. He gives you a tour of the farm. Two stray dogs show up and seem to like 
you. You keep and name one of them. Takakura takes the other dog to find a owner 
later. Takakura will show you were your house and his house. Then, you will be taken 
to the barn were you name a cow. Takakura tells you she had a baby ten days earlier 
so you can milk her. You leave the barn and he tells you to name the farm. He will 
introduce you to the people so, he'll ask for your name. Finally, when he brings you 
home, you meet the harvest sprites. A few days later, you begin.

I.Tim-Is the co-owner of the Inner Inn. His wife and his son live in the in with him.
II.Ruby-The wife of Tim, she is also the co-owner of the Inner Inn. She loves to 
cook for her guest and the best chef in town.
III.Rock-Rock is the son of Ruby and Tim's son. He loves to party all the time.
IV.Nami-She is one of the three girls you have to marry. She is a worldwide traveler 
who moves if you don't marry her. Gemsoil flowers, fossils, and human statues are 
what she likes.
V.Galen-Galen lives across from the Blue Bar with his wife. He moved to Forget-Me-
Not Valley to live the rest of his life peacefully. He moves in chapter 2.
VI.-Nina-Galen's wife, she is kind hearted and loves to be given produce. She dies 
at the end of chapter 1.
VII.Chris-She is Galen and Nina's neighbors. She works hard everyday for her family.
VIII.Wally-Chris's husband, loves to train everyday and his son trains with him.
VIV.Hugh-Wally and Chris's son, he is just as detetmined as his dad to stay very fit.
X.Griffin-The owner of the Blue Bar. He loves to play his guitar when he is not 
working. He can make a wide range of drinks that restore energy.
XI.Muffy-The second of the three girls you can marry. She lives and works with 
Griffin at the Blue Bar. She wants a strong, hard working guy and loves flowers and 
more flowers.
XII.Romana-She lives in a large manor high above the rest of the town. She has high 
expectations for her granddaughter to be the best pianist.
XIII.Sebastian-He is the butler that looks after Romana for a very long time. Romana 
treats him like he is a family member more than a servent.
XIV.Lumina-The granddaughter of Romana, she is a very talented pianist.
XV.Vesta-The owner of Vesta's Farm, she sells first generation crops and trees.
XVI.Marlin-He is Vesta's brother who wants to be an agricultural expert. He came to 
Forget-Me-Not Vally for a healthier lifestyle.
XVII.Celia-The last of the three girls to marry. Vesta took her in as her own. She 
loves people, animals, and caring for plants. She loves to be given flowers and 
XVIII.Kassey-The world's best pyrotechnician, lives with his twin brother in what 
looks like a old water tower.
XVIV.Patrick-The world's second best pyrotechnician, people get him and his brother 
confused with each other so they look for the patch on the back of his pants.
XX.Daryl-He is a crazy scientist. He does tests on different things in the vally. 
His house is right behind the Blue Bar.
XXI.Carter-Carter is an archeologist who digs near the waterfall. He needs help so 
you can dig for him. He lets you keep everything exept stone tablets you find.
XXII.Flora-Dr.Carters assistant who stays with him in the tent. She is dedicated to 
all her research.
XXIII.Gustafa-Gustafa lives near the beach in a yurt. He is a poet that always has a 
positive word and loves to play guitar.
XXIV.Dr.Hardy-He always checks up on Romana, Galen, and Nina. He lives were Galen 
and Nina lived in chapter 2 since Galen moved.
XXV.Van-Van is a traveling merchant who sells items next to the Inner Inn.
XXVI.Cody-He is the tough looking guy with the yellow mohawk. He is an artist who 
loves wandering around getting new ideas. He lives in a trailer like home in the 
back part of town.
XXVII.Grant-Grant, his wife, and his daughter come to Forget-Me-Not Vally in chapter 
2. His is rarely seen because he is always gone to another town.
XXVIII.Samantha-Grant's wife who seems to always try and be better than she can.
XXVIV.Kate-Samantha and Grant's little girl. She takes walks and hang around Vesta's 
farm. She says that her mother always yells at her.
XXX.Nic-The smallest of the Harvest Sprites, he is dressed in blue
XXXI.Nak-The middle size of the Harvest Sprites, he seems to be the leader and wears 
XXXII.Flak-The biggest of the Harvest Sprites, he is dressed in yellow.
XXXIII.Tartan-A humansized two headed plant. If you become friends with him you can 
hybrid and form new crops.
There are only six chapters in the game. I am only half way done with chapter 2 and 
will get to work completing the game.

Chapter 1:the beginning
Once you begin this chapter, focus on making money for tools and on one of the three 
girls you like. You start with 3000G so don't worry about using most of it on tools. 
Take care of your cow, talk to it and hug it everyday. On the 3rd and 8th of the 
month you need to buy a brush so you can brush the cow everyday too. Milk the cow 
once in the morning and once in the evening. That should make exactly 600G everyday 
for a while. If your cow has been in a fine mood or happier mood everyday, Takakura 
will bring you a horse in the Summer. The first day of Summer the three harvest 
sprites should tell you to come to their house near the spring. They will give you a 
blue feather for the girl you like. Propose to the one you want when she has four 
red hearts in her diary. Celia's is in her room on her bed, Nami's in her room on 
the table, and Muffy's in a lamp at the Blue Bar. Also, you will need to get a 
fishing rod from Van. If you have cooked enough meals you can get the Hors D'Oeuvres 
recipe to make sashimi. Then you can get an extra 150G per sashimi. If you have a 
lot of money before the end of the first chapter, you should buy a chicken and, if 
possible, a star cow.

The rest of the chapters will be added as I progress through the game.

The town
I.Romana's Villa-A large manor high above Forget-Me-Not Vally. Romana, Sebastian, 
and Lumina live here. 
II.Spring-A place in the woods of the vally. Nic, Nak, and Flak live here. This a 
good place to find wild items and flowers.
III.Carter's Dig-The digging site that Carter will love for you to dig for him to 
find evidence about other cultures long ago. He will let you keep the finds he 
doesn't think will prove anything.
IV.Houses-Two houses where Nina, Galen, Chris, Wally, and Hugh live. In chapter 2, 
there will be three houses. Dr.Hardy moves in were Galen and Nina lived and 
Samantha, Grant, and Kate live in the newly built house.
V.Pyrotechnical Twins-A house that looks like an old water tower. The twins Kassey 
and his brother Patrick live here. If one of them are home, then you can play a game 
that looks kinda like chinese checkers. If you win, they give you a prize.
VI.Blue Bar-Muffy and Griffin work here. They sell a lot of energy drinks they are:
Red punch 100G
Blue punch 100G
Moon trip 120G
Moomoo milk 150G
Cherry pink 200G
Stone oil 300G
VII.Vesta's Farm-Vesta, Marlin, and Celia live here. They work by growing crops and 
selling ranked B crop and tree seeds. See crops and trees for prices
VIII.Cody's Studio-The trailer in the back part of of the town. Cody lives and works 
VIV.Daryl's Lab-Daryl's lives and works here. He tries to make many inventions but 
it always seems to fail.
X.Inner Inn-Ruby, Tim, and Rock live here. Nami lives at the Inner Inn until the end 
of chapter 1.
XI.Turtle Swamp-A swamp near the beach. Flowers grow here sometimes and animals can 
be spotted here as well.
XII.Gustafa's Yurt-Gustafa's home where he plays his guitar, in his spare time, next 
to it by the tree.
XIII.Vans Shop-He opens his shop right next to the Inner Inn on the 3rd and 8th day 
of the month. It also opens between those days as well. He sells:
Brush 500G
fishing rod 500G
Turbojolt 750G
Bodigizer 750G
Bodihyper 1000G
Chapter 2 added items:
Goat 4000G
Blocks 300G
Ball 300G
Toy car 300G
More items coming soon....

Standard tools:
Heavy sickle-starting item                 Cuts down crops, grass, and trees
sickle 600G                                Cuts down crops, grass, and trees
Light sickle 750G                          Cuts down crops, grass, and trees
Watering can(S)-starting item              Waters crops and trees (35 squares)
Watering can(M) 600G                       Waters crops and trees (70 squares)
Watering can(L) 750G                       Waters crops and trees (140 squares)
Heavy hoe-starting item                    Tills land
Hoe 800G                                   Tills land
Light hoe 1000G                            Tills land
Wool shears 400G                           Shears sheep
Electric clippers 1300G                    Shears sheep
Milker-starting item                       Milks cows
Brush 500G from Van                        Brushes animals
Fishing rod 500G from Van                  Catches fish
Unique tools:
Strange sickle-recieve from Gustafa        Cuts down crops, grass, and trees
Weird sickle-recieve from Dr.Hardy         Cuts down crops, grass, and trees
Watering can(W)-recieve from Romana        Waters crops and trees (1 square)
Strange hoe-recieve from Tim               Tills land
Weird hoe-recieve from Vesta               Tills land
Wool clippers-recieve from Wally           Shears sheep
Fishing rod(G)-recieve from Galen          Catches fish
Goat milker-recieved by buying the goat    Milks the goat

Dog-you will get the pointed eared one or the long eared one. If you feed him 
everyday, none of you food you put in the dairy storage room will be stolen.
Cat-If you are friends with Romana, she will give you the stray she finds in chapter 
2. The cat eats from the dog dish so you have to put food in there twice a day.
Chicken-Can be a very profitable animal if you know how to take care of them. Pick 
them up twice a day and hug her.
Rooster-Used to fertilize the eggs,increasing price or to produce another chicken.
Cow-Animals that need a lot of care, brushing them, hugging them, and talking to 
them increases odds for better milk faster.
Normal cow 4000G
Normal milk B 75G
Normal milk A 115G
Normal milk S 150G
Using the food processing room:
Regular cheese 225G made from B and A quality milk
Regular butter 225G made from B and A quality milk
Good cheese 300G made from S quality milk
Good butter 300G made from S quality milk
Brown cow, Marble cow, and Star cow prices and good prices coming soon....

Crops and trees
Crops start at rank B. To upgrade them you need 5 bags of fertilizer per rank or you 
need to hybrid them with an upseed flower. Upseed flowers are faster and a very 
cheaper way to upgrade seeds to ranked S seeds. Mixing seeds with Gemsoil flowers 
lets you plant them in any soil. Mixing them with Happy Lamp flowers make seeds 
plantable in every season. To upgrade tree seeds, you have to place a tree seed 
first than a crop seed rank S to upgrade the tree seed to rank S. The sell price and 
the seed sell price will be for ranked crop B.

Plant name           Cost            Season         Days to grow      Sell price

Tomato               30G           Spring-Fall
Watermelon           60G         Spring-Summer
Strawberry           30G           Fall-Spring
Melon                50G           Summer-Fall
Turnip               20G         Summer-Winter
Potato               40G         Winter-Spring
Carrot               30G           Fall-Winter
Sweet Potato         40G             Fall only

Tree name            Cost       Season Harvest      Sell price      Seed sell price

Apple               820G             Fall
Grapes              900G             Fall
Banana             1500G           Summer              35G               750G
Orange              820G           Summer
Peach              1120G           Summer

Days to grow, sell price, and seed sell price coming soon....

2nd generation
2nd generation crops and trees are produced by combining first generations together. 
Each new crop or tree produces more money then first generations sometimes. This 
will show the prices of the ranked S seeds.

Plant name           How to make them         Season          Sell price

Bashber              Potato+Watermelon       Spring-summer     
Bashota              Potato+Sweet potato     Winter-summer     
Berryber             Watermelon+Strawberry   Spring-summer     
Berryto              Strawberry+Melon        Fall-spring       
Berryto              Sweet potato+Strawberry Fall-spring      
Berrytoma            Strawberry+Tomato       Spring-fall      
Cabber               Carrot+Watermelon       Spring-summer    
Caberry              Carrot+Strawberry       Fall-spring      
Cady                 Carrot+Turnip           Winter-summer    
Camelo               Melon+Carrot            Summer-fall      
Dhibe                Strawberry+Turnip       Fall-spring      
Dhilon               Turnip+Melon            Summer-fall      
Gretoma              Tomato+Watermelon       Spring-fall
Kandy                Sweet potato+Turnip     Winter-summer
Kanro                Sweet potato+Carrot     Summer-fall
Kashry               Sweet potato+Watermelon Spring-summer
Melober              Watermelon+Melon        Spring-summer
Melotoma             Melon+Tomato            Spring-fall
Poberryto            Strawberry+Potato       Fall-spring
Potamelo             Melon+Potato            Summer-fall
Radita               Potato+Turnip           Winter-summer
Raury                Watermelon+Turnip       Spring-summer
Sholo                Melon+Sweet potato      Summer-fall
Tataro               Carrot+Potato           Winter-summer
Tobatama             Tomato+Potato           Spring-fall
Tomacaro             Tomato+Carrot           Spring-fall
Trady                Tomato+Watermelon       Spring-fall
Yamato               Sweet potato+Tomato     Spring-fall

Trees will priced at rank B.

Tree name    How to make them    Harvest season    Sell price    Seed sell price

Lanmuge      Peach+Orange        Fall
Jurum        Peach+Grape         Fall
Orahge       Orange+Grape        Summer
Magenge      Orange+Banana       Winter
Gehju        Grape+Banana        Fall
Magerum      Banana+Peach        Winter
Appage       Banana+Apple        Fall
Phurum       Apple+Peach         Fall
Oraphu       Apple+Orange        Spring

Sell prices and tree seed sell prices coming soon....

3rd generation
Coming soon......

Recipes are an important part of the game. They help you last a long time without 
eating. They also help bring up your strength which lets you work longer without 
getting tired.

Salads                Ingredients                    Sell price

Dhibe salad           Dhibe+Tomato+Berrytoma         35G
Egg salad             Egg+Tomato+Berrytoma           25G
Fruit salad           Apple+Orange+Tomato            40G
Light pickles         Turnip                         25G
Marinade              Fish+Tomato+Mugwort            35G
Melon salad           Melon+Apple+Orange             25G
Pickles               Trady+Raury                    25G
Potamelo salad        Potamelo+Apple+Orange          35G
Red salad             Trady+Dhibe+Tomato             35G
Tomacaro salad        Tomato+Carrot                  35G
Tomamelo              Tomato+Melon                   35G

Hors D'Oeuvres

Fried Mushrooms       Potato+Mushroom+Butter         80G
Fried Veggie          Tomato+Carrot+Butter           70G
Grape pie             Grape+Butter+Egg               50G
Melon pie             Melon+Butter+Egg               50G
Sashimi               Fish                           150G
Sashimi(S)            Fish+Different species fish    200G
Smoothe Veggies       Potato+Turnip+Carrot           175G


Curry                 Potato+Carrot+Ruby Spice       150G
Gratin                Cheese+Butter+Milk             200G
Meuniere Set          Fish+Butter                    250G
Mushroom Curry        Potato+Mushroom+Ruby Spice     200G
Mushroom Gratin       Cheese+Butter+Mushroom         150G
Omelet                Egg+Butter                     200G


Earth Soup            Potato+Carrot                  100G
Fish Stew             Potato+Carrot+Fish             250G
Good Soup             Potato+Tataro+Fish             250G
Stew                  Potato+Carrot+Milk             200G
Tomatoma Soup         Tomato+Carrot                  90G
Yam Soup              Sweet potato                   110G


Carrot Cake           Carrot+Milk+Egg                150G
Cocktail              Berrtoma+Phuju                 190G
Dhibe Cake            Dhibe+Milk+Egg                 1675G
Fruit Juice           Peach+Grape+Milk               50G
Good Juice            Carrot+Berrytoma+Grapes        100G
Grilled Yam           Sweet potato                   75G
Ice Cream             Brown Milk+Star Milk           110G
Kashry Ice Cream      Kashry+Brown Milk+Star Milk    150G
Love Cocktail         Watermelon+Grapes              200G
Magenge Jam           Magenge                        45G
Orahge Jam            Orahge                         40G
Peach Tart            Peach+Butter+Egg               125G
Phurum Jam            Phurum                         40G
Pound Cake            Butter+Milk+Egg                175G
Rich Juice            Banana+Peach+Star Milk         75G
Strawberry Cake       Strawberry+Milk+Egg            190G
Sweet Cocktail        Oraphu+Gehju                   200G
Sweet Potato          Sweet Potato+Butter+Egg        150G
Veggie Cake           Tomato+Milk+Egg                150G
Veggie Juice          Carrot+Berrytoma               50G

More coming soon

Making money
Coming soon......

Coming soon......

Coming soon......

The legal stuff
This walkthrough has been copyrighted 2005 by me, Joe1290.
If you have any questions for my FAQ or find something wrong in my walkthrough,
contact me at my other email [email protected]
And a special thanks to for letting me post my first FAQ!

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