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Hello people of the netheir world,

So you want to know how to learn how to got out of victory road HUH?
then fallow my directoins (and i'm playing through it as i type)!!!
ok now listen first off max any  super repeals do no ok?

Now after you beet your Rivel (right now he's Toru ok?(thats what i named mine))
Go revive your pokemon.Come back and walk through a few people then you'll have 
to surf after you do if you want your pokemon perfect health use cut to get rid 
of the grass know enter the cave!!!Don't ride your bike you run into more 
pokemon that way to!!!Now you'll see two bolders don't move the one on the left 
move the one out in the open and don't go up the stairs the path way is blocked 
instead move the bolder that i said to use strength left then up a bit then 
you'll see a white spot move the bolder over it the space that was blocking 
your way befor is now gone!!!go all the way to the end and stay on the right 
when you move up or you'll have trainer you can go right behind her now enter 
through the stairs you'll see two more bolders go down and you'll see the 
bolder you need to move,move it to the white space again cause the path is 
blocked again!Now after the bolder is over the white spot you can go through 
the path so go through!!!you'll see a trainer fight him if you want but he has 
only three pokemon so if you want to go ahead =/ see if i care!Now keep going 
till you see steps fight the trainer there and go down the steps.Now i warn you 
there is a white spot but no bolder to use (yet).Are you dizzy because i 
sluaghterd the human launguge yet?No.Good then keep reading!Now save and if you 
don't then you'll go right back to start!And then you'll have to read over and 
you'll look like you in a trance!SO SAVE >_

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