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Dan P.
[email protected]
Draggon Warrior Monsters

1.) When you're trying to find Hale make sure you fight a lot. You won't get Hale 
with only Slib. You have to catch a Dracky and an Anteater. Then once you've 
caught Hale get rid of Slib. Then go to the arena with Dracky, Anteater, and 

2.) When you've won in the arena and you're at the next traveller's gate be sure 
to catch one more monster. Keep Hale until you get another monster with a 
healing power. You should have a monster with a healing power but Hale is 
not that strong. You should try breeding Hale with a very strong monster.

3.) When ever you get a really strong monster always breed it. Breed it with 
another strong monster. Make sure that when you breed you don't take three 
level 1 monsters with you. always have at least one monster that can handle 
the monsters at the traveller's gates.

4.) When you go to a boss be sure to bring lots of herbs and lovewaters. when 
you're battleing if the boss gives your monster a lot of dammage just give it an 
herb and then it'll attack right after that(giving a monster an herb doesn't count 
for the monster's  turn).

5.) One good monster to have is an Orc(breed Beanman as the dad and Pixy 
as the mom). Orc is good to have because he has the skill map magic. That 
allows you to see the whole map of your landscape.

6.) When you reach the one eyed brown thing boss the way to get across is: 
Start on the left. Go forward two. Go right One. Go up and you're there!

7.) When you play ro-sham-bo with goopi the combination is: First go to the 
one in the middle. Then your left. Then the middle. Then the right. I forget the 
last one, but I lead you this far so you can figure it out. Once you beat Goopi 
you can see the queen.

Warning: If you get Pixy or Amberweed they don't listen to you.

8.) Every time you get a tiny medal store it in your vault. Then when you have 13 
in your vault take them out and go give them to the guy on the second to top 
level, all the way to the right, and up the  stairs.

9.)  Monsters with capital letters and numbers in their names will be stronger 
than monsters with lowercase letters and numbers in their name.

10.) the combination to get to the boss at the mad doctor's traveller's gate is:
left, up, left, up, left, left, down, down, left,left, left, down, down, right, right, right, 
right, right, down, right, right, up. You're there!!!!!

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