Tips on how to beat Sephiroth - Guide for Kingdom Hearts II

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Skills required: Aerial Recovery, Once More, some sort of way to get an extra 
attack in, Charge, Cura, Berserk, the skill that allows you to use Cure even 
when attacked (forgot the name)
Optional Skills: Scan, magic
Level Required: at least 50
Items Required: Elixir/Megalixir X4, High Potion
Equipment: Dark Resistance armor, Fire resistance armor, Decisive Pumpkin
	Note: Some of these require exact timing.
First off, he always starts with his blockable skill, so press triangle to 
block it, and then attack with a charge. If he knocks you in the air, regain 
your balance immediately and attack, because you have about 1 second to do so. 
When he says “know your place” he will eventually teleport away and surround 
you with some annoying dark spheres, so try to knock them away (he is also 
faster, so be careful). When he decides to use his skill Heartless Angel 
either: 1) Go to your magic and use Cura just before the attack hits (this will 
require exact timing), or 2) use an Elixir. After he uses it he will use his 
blockable skill, so press triangle to block. When he uses his Nova skill (Fire 
surrounds him, damaging and sucking in just about anything), if you get hit 
right at the beginning of when he uses it, RUN, because it will suck you in, if 
you get hit multiple times, with once more equipped, use Cura so you can 
berserk him afterward. When he powers up his attacks will be longer ranged, he 
will be even faster, and his attacks will be even more powerful, and he will 
summon even more of those annoying dark spheres, so try to (it is hard, mind 
you) knock them away. When he teleports to the sky away from you, RUN because 
he will summon Meteors from the sky to damage you. The least amount of times I 
got hit by that is once. Last of all, avoid his sword slashes, pray that he 
doesn’t use Heartless Angel much, and attack at every opportunity and you could 

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