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Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2

These are tips on how to use some ninjutsu from all of the characters in the 

I'll start with Naruto Uzumaki.
A good way to use his rasengan or power strike is to lock on to one target and 
get up close to this enemy. This way you will get more hits on the enemy as the 
jutsu goes on.
There are a couple of good ways to use shadow clone jutsu.
1. You can use it for as a decoy to get away from a big group of enemeis.
2. The really good way is to use it after you have the infinite chakra chip. 
This way you can send in an army of clones.
For Uzumaki Barrage try to wait for a lot of enemies to get in one spot. That 
way you get more than one person with this.
For the sexy/harem jutsu never use this while there is a kunoichi in the area 
she will always attack while this happens.

Now for Sakura Haruno
For her shock wave blossom try to time it when there is a group trying to gang 
up on you.
For her shock wave thrust Try to get two people standing together and use it 
this way you will get two of each orb.
The Sakura Blizzard try to get them in one group that way the explosion tags 
can surrond them and get them all.

Now Kakashi Hatake
For the shadow clone only use this for looking for objects and to use as a 
decoy. Untill you get the infinite chakra chip. But be cautious sometimes the 
clones will bring the enemy behind you leaving you wide open in the front.
For his lightning blade never use lock on because once he hits the target the 
jutsu will stop. If you do not have lock on on you can hit numorous enemies.
For his sharingan try not to use with more than one enemy on the feild.

Now Sasuke Uchiha
For the phenix flower try to only use when you have low health and you don't 
want to get up close and personel in a fight.
For the chidori get up and close up to the enemy to get in a extra hit or two 
plus before you jump up it gives off a lot of damage.
There is no good tips for Sasukes lions barrage

Now Neji Hyuuga
For Nejis' gentle fist try to tap the square button as fast as possible.
For Nejis' Palm Rotation try to use this like in the tv show when they are 
coming at you with a punch this way they always get hit.
For Nejis' 64 palms try to use this when they are really low on health this way 
as the hits go one you can hear virtue coming to you(if you have the orb 
absorb). Plus if you pause while you hear the orbs are attaching or whatever 
you will see his virtue count will go up on his display.

Now Rock Lee
For Lees' and Guys' leaf hurricane/whirlwind try to use this in a group of 
For Lees' and Guys' dynamic entry try to get your enemies in a line like 
For Lees' and Guys' primary lotus try to get them in one group and then hit the 
enemy that is probablly closest to every enemy that way when it you come down 
you makes like a shockwave and hits any enemy that is to close.
The same for Lees' and Guys' hidden lotus

Now Garaa
For his sand wall don't have the lock on on cause then it will only go after 
one enemy while if you don't have it on it will stop the nearest enemy from 
getting near you. Also try to get one or two enemies together so you can hit 
both of them.
For his sand drizzle try to use this when an enemy when he is down on the 
ground (like on his back).
for the sand coffin try to aim for a enemy that is next to a few others.

Now Kankuro
For his air strike use it when there is many enemies in one spot. Plus also if 
you lock on to your target and when you use this crow/kankuros' puppet will 
target only him. This way you can focus in on one person.
For his wild shot for when the kunais are going sideways try to use this on a 
group of enemies. While when it goes up and down try to use this when an enemy 
tries to use a air attack.
For his wild dance tap both ninjutsu buttons to keep crow spinning and at the 
end crow will shoot off a couple of kunais, also shoot him (crow) into a big 
group of enemies. These guys are stupid they actually try to attack crow while 
he is spinning and hurt themselves.

Now Choji
For his human boulder target a enemy and as your hitting the enemy will stay in 
the air but be cautious use this in a big area otherwise your just going to end 
up keep bashing yourself into a wall but you don't have to worry if you have 
the infinite chakra chip.
For his partial exspansion just try to hit as many enemeis before getting hurt.
For his exspansion wait for an enemy to try to hit you then use that.
Bonus: If you noticed in the game if you have a computer allie as choji he can 
use a jutsu called diving boulder jutsu he will start to bounce while using 
human boulder. If you want to use this jutsu just find a place that is off the 
normal ground (like say your on a building). If you perform human boulder and 
you go off this building you will land on the ground but instead of rolling you 
will bounce.

Now Shikamaru
just try to get the infinite chakra chip then your set to start taking out many 
guys with shadow possesion.

Note: If your wondering on how to get the infinite chakra chip you have to do a 
couple of things first.
1. Beat story mode a couple times like 3-5
2. Beat all missions. And I mean ALL from D-rank missions to S-rank missions.
3. Beat Kakashi saga.
4. Buy all chips.
5. Buy it for 80,000 RYO

Thats all now go kick some puppet.

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