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Hi, this is marjo5858 here to inform you of some very cool, must-have cheats for 
Mario Party 
 Tip 1: If you want to get the epilogue in the Miracle Book, you must first get all 
20 of the pages and look at 
 Tip 2: A good way to get stars is to play the boards in Solo Mode, because you get 
lots of coins and coins= 
 Tip 3: Don't pay 50 stars for the 2 player Block Star, its a dumb game and a waste 
 Tip 4: In Bowser's mini-game, Dizzy Rotisserie, try to stay near the sides of the 
walls to get to the end faster and to also avoid contact with other characters and 
 In Solo Mode, after a while mic mini-games will start appearing and you use the 
mic and the Koopa Kids try to dodge stuff that you do to them, so in this mode 
always have the mic near 
 If you land on a Bowser Space in Solo Mode, and you beat his Koopa Kids at the 
mini-game, then he'll say: 'Koopa Kids, no playing with your Mario Action Figure 
for a MONTH!'  I thought it was very funny. 
 New Characters: Pink Boos, Toadette, Twila, 
 Prologue: The Mario Party is having fun until Brighton asks Twila 'who's better: 
you or me?'  Twila says she is, Brighton says he is, and they start a fight.  They 
divide the Mario Party world into half, each getting 2 modes, each sharing 2 
modes.  Twila gets Option and Mini- Game Modes.  Brighton gets Mic and Solo Modes.  
They both have to share Party Mode and the Star Bank.  The Mario Party gang watches 
the two leaders fight.  Mario (of course) comes up with a plan to end the fight.  
Here's the plan: Mario and his friends fill up the Star Bank with stars by playing 
games in Mario Party world.  Hopefully, all of the dazzling stars would make 
Brighton and Twil stop their argument.  And indeed, the plan works 
 Marjo5858's Favorite Mode: Solo 
 Marjo5858's Favorite Mini-Game: The Battle Mini-Game Strawberry 
 Marjo5858's Favorite Character: 
 I highly recommend that if you don't own this game, get 

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