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titanium bolts

  1. Go to the second gadgetron vender jump off the platform and hover there until 
you are able to land and the floor below. A bolt will be there.
  2. In the path of death, go to through and when you get to the second spot with 
falling platforms, stop on the first stable platform after you have cross some of 
the falling ones.  Turn left and there will be an area that you can jump across to 
with a bolt.  

Starship Phoenix
  3. Beat all of the vr training levels, excluding the gadget training level.
  4. Beat the vr gadget warm up level.
  5. Get all the tokens in quark vid-comic 1.
  6. Get all the tokens in quark vid-comic 2.
  7. Get all the tokens in quark vid-comic 3.
  8. Get all the tokens in quark vid-comic 4.
  9. Get all the tokens in quark vid-comic 5.

 10. After the first pool of water, the far right of the next area will have a jump 
slot which will lead to a bolt.
 11. Count rooms while in the laser defense area. The 11th room there is a grav 
boot path leading to a laser beam. Use the refractor and go back to the 9th room 
and use another grav boot path to use the refractor again. This time a door will 
open leading to a bolt.  
 12. Keep count of rooms, the 12th room there is a grav boot path leading to a 

Annihilation Nation
 13. The first bolt can be found in any gauntlet that goes left to start with. It 
is up on a platform that you pass right before you go into the cave-like area.
 14. On "Maze of Blaze”, the bolt can be reached between the 2nd and third arrows. 
Jump up on the left platform and jump to the bolt. 

 15. The bolt is under the second bridge Skidd has to use the hacker on. Just fall 
of into what you think is a pit. The bolt will be on the far side of where the 
bridge is.  
 16. Go to the second swimming area. While swimming, swim back towards the room you 
where in. the bolt should be there.  
 17. After you get the hacker, go to the first area after the first bridge.  Turn 
to the left and there will be a hacker machine. This is probably the hardest hacker 
that you will have to beat so dont get frustrated.
 18. You will need to have the grav boots. In the sewers, go to the bridges between 
the sewage river. You need to be on the third story. You must hypershot between the 
third and forth bridge from the right. The bolt is between the two.
 19. This bolt is in the very top and center of the map in the sewers. You can only 
see where it is on the map if you have the mapper. You need the grav boots to reach 
 20. When you are destroying the 4 cannons, drive over the gap, turn right. The 
cannon the farthest right is enclosed in a building. on the right side of that 
building s where a bolt is located.
 21. Go to the second gadgetron vender. Then go inside of the cave. There is a 
secret spot within the cave that is only accessible by hypershot.  

 22. Go to the building where you watched the Courtney Gears video. Go out the side 
you did no come in and turn right. There will be a series of jumps and hypershot 
platforms you will have to do correctly. This will take you to an island with a 
 23. Go on the path top the facility computer. After you cross the gap go into the 
second room and press the button on the ledge. This will open the door in the first 
room, but only for a short time. You must have charge boots, which you get in Daxx, 
if you follow the path on the island you are on to begin with.

Obani Gemini
 24. When you are at the first moon, look for a circle with fourths on the map 
(bird's eye of the moon)go there, but before you activate the hypershot cross lava 
pools to look for a tunnel with a jump pad pointing left as you enter. Active the 
hypershot a walk through the tunnel. After the tunnel ends walk straight until you 
find a cave with a bolt inside.
 25. At the second moon, go across the first bridge and kill all the enemies. Jump 
on the first jump pad, but dont land on the building, go to the right and land on 
the platform below it. That is where the bolt is located.

Holostar Studios
 26. When you are playing as ratchet and you enter the casino scene, as you enter 
look up at the audience chairs to the right. Above the rows is a bolt. 
 27. At ratchet's ship, there will be a grav boot path. Follow the path until you 
get you get to a part of the path that is zigzag. Once the path goes back flat, 
jump on a ledge to your right. Then jump to the grav boot path you couldn’t get to 
earlier. The bolt will be very close to where you should land. 
 28. After you get the bolt from #27, finish going through the secret area. There 
will be this huge room with a tall grav boot path. At the top is a bolt and a 

Zeldrin Starport
 29. Go to the first room with the jets attached to the pipes. The 2nd jet on the 
right has a bolt beside it.
 30. Go to the room with the spinning gears. Jump on the platform on the left and 
then jump to the one on the right. That is where the bolt is. 

 31. Go to the fisrt room and take a left. Hop up on the ledge and bust the window 
with your wrench. Walk straight and hypershot to the bolt.
 32. After you are ambushed by the dropship and the two 'noids with jetpacks,turn 
to your right and there will be a ledge that will lead to a bolt. 
 33. This bolt can be found while playing the ranger missions.  Go to the tower 
farthest right tower on the map. Go to the south side of the tower. (you can tell 
what side you are on with the map). The bolt will be next to a grav boot path. 

Crash Site
 34. Near the nose of your ship, there is a grav boot path. The bolt is on the path.

 35. Beside te largest bridge there is a grav boot path. The bolt is under the 
middle of the bridge.
 36. You must play the ranger level,"endgame", to get this bolt. As you enter the 
enemy base area, turn to your right and look for a grav boot path. Follow the path 
to get the bolt. It is behind the base. 

Quark's Hideout
 37. Enter the cave near your ship. After that follow the path until you think you 
are able you land on a small platform. Thats where the bolt is.

 38. After the gap, climb up the boxes, which are used for stairs. Turn left and 
walk on the stable part of the platform. Hop over the fence and that is where the 
bolt is. 
 39. the next bolt is in the fisrt tower on the left. Go to the far side of a 
ladder. The bolt is inside. 

Command Center
 40. After you climb the wall,got to the left edge at the top. Jump twice then 
while in mid air go around the corner. Land on the box with the antenna and jump to 
the bolt.  

If you need any help on bolts email me at [email protected]

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