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Ok look beating sephiroth isn't all its made out to be.
he's not that hard unless your below level 65
If your on level 65 and above this is for you but you do have to have some kind 
of skill.
so these are the only things you need to kow how to do:
Dodge Roll
Aerial combos
heal(shortcut list recommended)
Aero(shortcut list recommended)
note-all other magic is useless and a waste of mp
MP rage
MP haste
combo plus
sonic blade
ars arcanum(attained after beating Riku in Hollow bastion which is also where 
you find the oblivion Keyblade on the wall across from where you fought in a 
weapon oathkeeper,oblivion,or ultima keyblade if you have it or can get it
you should have elixers in your item slots or hi-potions and ethers
and now your ready.

this is what you do when you begin the fught don't go after him just jump away, 
but only when he does an attack where he jumps foward and slashes when he 
slashes standing still thats when you jump over it and slash him with a four 
hit aerial combo then right when you touch the groung jump away. (although it 
looks like your not taking away any life you are its just that he has extra)
after he swings 3 times and ends with a regular slash for a fourth attack dont 
hit him, roll away because he uses a fire pillars move instead and hes 
invunerable while doing so
this is the best time to heal yourself or get mp if needed
repeat this process until he taunts you towards him when he does this dont go
he disappears and reappears somewhere else when he disappears hurry and lock 
back on to him and roll towards him as fast as you can and hit him
if you dont he cast some spell on you and if he does succeed run away and keep 
running in 3 second you'll have 1 HP and no MP this is where the elixers and hi-
potins and ethers come in
i trust you know what to do then but be quick about it or your dead
now repeat this process but dont attack unless he's trying to do that spell on 
you other than that keep your distance
after he gets a little lower on life the screen will go dark hurry and cast 
aeroa which you should have then  roll like crazy when hes done quickly cast 
curaga(which you obtain from talking to aerith in the Hollow Bastion Library 3 
times) or cura if you dont have it
now you repeat what you were doing
after a little more bashing on sephiroth he'll make giant meteors come from the 
sky and all you have to do is roll and heal if low on health and cast aero
then he throws a big one which is east to evade, the only hard thing in this 
battle is evading his combo
after he does that bash him with sonic blade or ars arcanum to take more damage
but yoou shuld play it safe with sonic balde bedause for 1 he cant hurt you 
while your raveing and two if he teleports when you lock back on you'll 
automatically hit him but you cant mess up the rave when you lock back on
then he goes blue and taunts you when he does he will not power down so dont 
count on it when he taunts you sonic blade him
repeat this process and he'll be dead before you know it
make sure that everytime you get a power up,AP up,Defense up you give it to 
sora only,then when he has a little bit of health go ahead and release that 
good ol' ars arcanum on em and he'll be dead- you'll level up 3-5 times 
everytime you beat him up to level 85 then maybe once or twice
have fun!!!! from your own Mr.BeatAGame

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